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blue green algae

  • 141 准许

    permit; allow
    * * *
    allow; permit; sustain
    【电】 enable
    相关词组: 准许进入
    * * *
    green light; permit; sustain
    * * *
    n. consent, leave
    v. allow, grant, permit, authorize
    * * *
    zhun3 xu3
    to allow, to grant, to permit
    * * *
    zhǔn xǔ
    permit; allow:
    儿童没有父母带领不准许进电影院。 Children are not permitted into the cinema without their parents.
    准许延期付款 extension of time for payment;
    准许装货单 shipping permit
    * * *
    准許|准许 [zhǔn xǔ] to allow to grant to permit

    Chinese-English dictionary > 准许

  • 142

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. withered
    v. wither
    * * *
    * * *
    (草木花叶枯萎脱落) wither; fade:
    苍松翠柏,常绿不凋。 The pine and the cypress remain green all the year round.
    瓶中的花凋了。 The flowers in the vase have faded.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    凋雪 Diao Xue
    * * *
    凋|凋 [diāo] withered

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  • 143 凝花菜

    ning2 hua1 cai4
    gelidiella, tropical and sub-tropical red algae
    * * *
    凝花菜|凝花菜 [níng huā cài] gelidiella, tropical and sub-tropical red algae

    Chinese-English dictionary > 凝花菜

  • 144 初出茅庐

    just come out of one's thatched cottage—at the beginning of one's career; young and inexperienced
    * * *
    young and inexperienced
    * * *
    young and inexperienced
    * * *
    chū chū máo lú
    (初入社会缺乏实际经验) just come out of one's thatched cottage -- a green hand; a green-horn; at the beginning of one's career; be wet behind the ears; completely inexperienced in society; fledgeling; just having one's first experience in life after graduation; make one's world debut; new-fledged; yellowing-beaked; young and inexperienced
    * * *
    初出茅廬|初出茅庐 [chū chū máo lú] venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time (idiom) young and inexperienced novice greenhorn

    Chinese-English dictionary > 初出茅庐

  • 145 初步

    initial; preliminary; tentative; rough
    * * *
    fringe; introduction; principium
    【法】 opening
    相关词组: 初步措施
    * * *
    accidence; fringe; introduction; principium
    * * *
    adj. preliminary, initial, initiatory, abecedarian, elementary, preparatory, rudimentary, inchoate
    n. rudiment, accidence, principium, introduction, Abc, alphabet
    * * *
    chu1 bu4
    initial, preliminary, tentative
    * * *
    chū bù
    (开始阶段的; 不是完备的) initial; first step; preliminary; tentative:
    初步方案 a tentative programme;
    初步交换意见 have a preliminary exchange of views;
    初步设想 a tentative idea;
    获得初步成果 reap first fruits; get initial results;
    体格检查是参军的初步。 A physical examination is a preliminary to joining the army.
    初步报关手续 initial custom house entry;
    初步拨款 initial appropriations;
    初步抽气机 rough pump;
    初步测试 preliminary checkout;
    初步澄清 predefecation;
    初步处理 {土} primary treatment; tough handling;
    初步措施 preliminary measure;
    初步打眼 {工} primary drilling;
    初步地层学 propaedeutic stratigraphy;
    初步电离事件 {物} preliminary ionizing event;
    初步读数 preliminary reading;
    初步煅烧 preliminary roasting;
    初步飞行训练 ab initio training;
    初步分馏塔 prefractionator;
    初步分配 predistribution;
    初步分析 preliminary (introductory) analysis;
    初步辐照 {物} preliminary irradiation;
    初步概算 initial budget estimates;
    初步估计 preliminary estimates;
    初步规划 preliminary scheme;
    初步过滤 prefilter;
    初步计划 rough plan;
    初步计算 preliminary calculation; preliminary computation;
    初步加工 initial processing;
    初步校准 preliminary calibration;
    初步教育 propaedeutics;
    初步阶段 elementary step;
    初步勘探 scouting;
    初步控制 primary control;
    初步冷却器 primary cooler;
    初步瞄准 coarse setting;
    初步粘合 green tack;
    初步平衡 rough balance;
    初步平衡计算 preliminary balance computation;
    初步清除 primary cleaning;
    初步熔炼 primary smelting;
    初步设计 preliminary design;
    初步设计阶段 concept(ual) phase;
    初步试验数据 preliminary test;
    初步锁闭 preliminary locking;
    初步调整 initial readjustment;
    初步统计 rough (preliminary) estimates;
    初步推定有此条款 primafacie existence (of a clause);
    初步推定有损害 primafacie case of damage;
    初步吸收 initial absorption;
    初步消化 protopepsia;
    初步小规模生产 pilot-line production;
    初步修剪 transitory pruning;
    初步压块 pre-compaction;
    初步液化器 pre-liquefier;
    初步折扣 initial allowance;
    初步值 provisional value;
    初步蒸发器 pre-evaporator;
    初步蒸馏 predistillation
    * * *
    初步|初步 [chū bù] initial preliminary tentative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 初步

  • 146 制服

    uniform; fatigue;overwhelm, subdue; check; bring under control
    * * *
    subdue; override; overwhelm; tame; uniform
    【机】 uniform
    相关词组: 抵制服兵役者
    * * *
    tame; overmaster; override; overwhelm; togae; habiliment; vestment; flat tint
    * * *
    n. uniform
    * * *
    zhi4 fu2
    to subdue, to check, to bring under control, (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status, uniform (army, party, school etc), livery (for company employees), CL:套
    * * *
    zhì fú
    (有规定式样的服装) uniform; livery; monkey suit; vestment; toggery; robe:
    穿制服的 in uniform;
    海军制服 naval uniform;
    红蓝相间的制服 the uniform of red and blue;
    他穿上制服显得很英俊。 He looks handsome in uniform.
    (用强力压服) subdue; bring under control; conquer:
    制服敌人 subdue the enemy;
    这条河给制服了。 The river was brought under control.
    制服帽 cap;
    制服呢 uniform cloth;
    制服外衣上装 blouson
    * * *
    制服|制服 [zhì fú] to subdue to check to bring under control (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status uniform (army, party, school etc) livery (for company employees) CL:↑ [tào]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 制服

  • 147 剃刀

    * * *
    razor; shave
    【医】 razor
    相关词组: 剃刀刀口
    * * *
    razor; shave
    * * *
    n. razor
    * * *
    ti4 dao1
    * * *
    tì dāo
    razor; shaver
    剃刀蛤 razor clam;
    剃刀鲸 blue whale
    * * *
    剃刀|剃刀 [tì dāo] razor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 剃刀

  • 148 加深

    * * *
    【计】 emboldening
    * * *
    n. exacerbation
    v. deepen
    * * *
    jia1 shen1
    to deepen
    * * *
    jiā shēn
    (加大深度; 变得更深) deepen:
    加深对某人的同情 deepen one's sympathies for sb.;
    加深河道 deepen the channel of a river;
    加深理解 get a deeper understanding;
    加深裂痕 widen the rift;
    加深画中的蓝色 deepen the blue in the picture;
    加深了... 印象 become deepened in the impression that...;
    她的皱纹随着年龄增长而加深。 Her wrinkles deepen with age.
    {气} deepening
    * * *
    加深|加深 [jiā shēn] to deepen

    Chinese-English dictionary > 加深

  • 149 勋章

    medal; decoration
    * * *
    decoration; honor; honour; insignia; medal
    【法】 insignia; medal
    * * *
    honor; honour; insignia; medal; military decoration; order
    * * *
    n. medal, decoration
    n. medal, decoration
    * * *
    xun1 zhang1
    medal, decoration
    * * *
    xūn zhāng
    medal; decoration:
    蓝授带(最高)勋章 a Blue Ribbon Medal;
    荣誉勋章 Medal of Honor (美);
    自由勋章 Medal of Freedom (美);
    授于某人战功勋章 confer a service medal on sb.
    勋章青铜色 medal bronze
    * * *
    勛章|勋章 [xūn zhāng] medal decoration

    Chinese-English dictionary > 勋章

  • 150 千載難逢

    not occurring once in a thousand years; very rare
    * * *
    qian1 zai3 nan2 feng2
    lit. hard to meet in a thousand years (idiom); extremely rare opportunity, once in a blue moon
    * * *
    千載難逢|千载难逢 [qiān zǎi nán féng] lit. hard to meet in a thousand years (idiom); extremely rare opportunity once in a blue moon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 千載難逢

  • 151 千载难逢

    not occurring once in a thousand years; very rare
    * * *
    occuring only once in a thousand years; very rare
    * * *
    occuring only once in a thousand years; very rare
    * * *
    qian1 zai3 nan2 feng2
    lit. hard to meet in a thousand years (idiom); extremely rare opportunity, once in a blue moon
    * * *
    qiān zǎi nán féng
    It happens only once in a thousand years.; difficult to meet in a thousand years; only once in a lifetime; occurring only once in a thousand years; very rare; once in a blue moon:
    千载难逢的机会 a golden opportunity; the chance of a lifetime; an once-in-a-life-time opportunity
    * * *
    千載難逢|千载难逢 [qiān zǎi nán féng] lit. hard to meet in a thousand years (idiom); extremely rare opportunity once in a blue moon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 千载难逢

  • 152

    one; single, odd, single; solitary, simple, thin; weak, unlined (clothing), only; alone, sheet, bill; list
    * * *
    odd; single
    【医】 azygos; mon-; mono-; uni-
    * * *
    odd; single
    * * *
    n. chieftain
    adj. single, odd, solitary, thin, weak, unlined, unrequited
    adv. only, alone
    n. bill, list, sheet
    * * *
    see 單于, 单于
    surname Shan
    bill, list, form, single, only, sole, odd number, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    1) 单(單)
    (单独; 一个) one; single:
    单扇门 single-leaf door;
    单丝不成线, 独木不成林。 One strand of silk doesn't make a thread; one tree doesn't make a forest.
    (奇数的) odd:
    单号 odd numbers (of tickets, seats, etc.);
    单日 odd-numbered days;
    单只袜子 an odd sock
    (只有一层的) unlined (clothing):
    单裤 unlined trousers;
    单衫 unlined jacket
    (项目或种类少; 不复杂) simple:
    简单 simple; plain
    (薄弱) thin; weak:
    单弱 thin and weak; frail;
    你的衣服太单了。 Your dress is too little for the weather.
    (单独; 独自) singly; alone:
    把这几件东西单放在一个地方。 Keep these things in a separate place.
    那些白衣服放在一起洗, 这件蓝的要单洗。 Wash the white clothes together, and the blue one separately.
    (只; 仅) only; alone; solely:
    不单 not only;
    不要单凭热情去工作。 Don't work by enthusiasm alone.
    单是技术好, 不一定能做好工作, 还要有认真负责的工作态度。 However skilled he may be, he is unable to do his work well without a sense of responsibility.
    (单单) only:
    你为什么单挑这件事批评呀? Why have you singled out this incident for criticism?
    你怎么单在他不高兴的时候问他问题? Why do you choose to ask him questions at a time when he is unhappy?
    (盖在床上的大幅布) sheet:
    被单 top sheet;
    床单 bed sheet
    (分项记载事物的纸片) bill; list:
    菜单 menu; bill of fare;
    工资单 pay sheet;
    工作记录单 work sheet;
    价目单 price list;
    名单 name list;
    提货单 bill of lading
    另见 chán; shàn。
    2) 单(單)
    (构词成分)见下。另见 dān; shàn。
    3) 单(單)
    (姓氏) a surname:
    单雄信 Shan Xiongxin
    另见 chán; dān。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 單|单 [Shàn] surname Shan
    Ⅱ. 單|单 [dān] bill list form single only sole odd number CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 153 单胞藻

    dan1 bao1 zao3
    single-celled algae
    * * *
    單胞藻|单胞藻 [dān bāo zǎo] single-celled algae

    Chinese-English dictionary > 单胞藻

  • 154 原始

    original; firsthand; virgin, primeval; primitive
    * * *
    【医】 arch-; arche-; prot-; proto-
    相关词组: 原始成本
    * * *
    originality; barbarism
    * * *
    adj. first, original, first hand, primeval, primaeval, primitive, aboriginal
    n. original
    * * *
    yuan2 shi3
    first, original, primitive, original (document etc)
    * * *
    yuán shǐ
    (最初的) original; firsthand:
    原始所有人 original owner;
    原始协议 original agreement;
    原始资料 firsthand information;
    妏 rimary data
    (最古老的; 未开发的) primeval; primitive:
    原始部落 primitive tribe;
    原始公社 primitive commune;
    原始社会 primitive society;
    原始文化 primitive culture;
    保留着原始纯真的风俗 customs preserved in primitive integrity
    原始安排 proterothesis;
    原始保证金 initial margin; original margin;
    原始被子植物 protangiospermae;
    原始标准 primary standard;
    原始表 {数} original table; primary table;
    原始病毒 protovirus;
    原始材料 original material;
    原始产(品)物 primary product;
    原始沉积构造 {地质} primary sedimentary structure;
    原始成本 original cost; first cost;
    原始成本百分率法 percentage on original cost plan;
    原始成绩 raw score;
    原始程序 original program;
    原始程序卡片组 source deck;
    原始齿形位移测量 basic tooth form displacement measurement;
    原始瓷器 protoporcelain;
    原始粗糙物 rough;
    原始打印程序 original print routine;
    原始(磁)带 {计} grandfather tape;
    原始单据 source document;
    原始蛋白质 urprotein;
    原始档案 raw file;
    原始地层学 prostratigraphy;
    原始地形 initial land form;
    原始递归函数 primitive recursive function;
    原始递归余数函数 primitive recursive remainder function;
    原始电荷 initial charge;
    原始雕塑 primary structure;
    原始顶枝 archetelome;
    原始对偶单纯形算法 primary dual simplex algorithm;
    原始方程 original equation;
    原始方程模式 {气象} primitive equation model;
    原始肺泡 primitive pulmonary alveolus;
    原始风格 primitivism;
    原始概念 protonotion;
    原始格子 primitive lattice; simple lattice;
    原始公社所有制 primitive communal ownership;
    原始故障 {电工} primary fault;
    原始海绵 Protospongia;
    原始含油饱和度 initial oil saturation;
    原始核 parent;
    原始合金 virgin alloy;
    原始横隔 primitive transverse septum;
    原始后鼻孔 primitive choana;
    原始花被群 Archichla mydeae;
    原始华夏古陆 {地} Proto-Cathaysia;
    原始环境 primal environment;
    原始混合物 original stock;
    原始火球 primeval fireball;
    原始积累 primitive accumulation;
    原始基因组 urgenome;
    原始记录 original record; source record; home record;
    原始记录制作 source recording;
    原始计算机 primitive computer;
    原始价值 original value;
    原始件 original;
    原始节 mesomere;
    原始结构 prototype structure;
    原始解 primitive solution;
    原始晶胞 primitive unit cell;
    原始静止油储量 initial balance oil reserves;
    原始净费率 original net rate;
    原始菌体 mycelidium;
    原始口腔 primitive mouth;
    原始孔隙度 primary porosity;
    原始蜡盘 wax original; wax master;
    原始雷达信息显示器 primary radar information olisplay;
    原始类型 initial form;
    原始立方 primitive cube;
    原始粒细胞 myeloblast;
    原始粒子 {核} predecessor; progenitor; {核} precursor; ancestor;
    原始连通矩阵 primitive connection matrix;
    原始裂变 original fission;
    原始林 virgin forest; primary forest; virgin woodland; old growth;
    原始林区 primitive area;
    原始鳞木 Protolepidodendron;
    原始流程表 primitive flow table;
    原始流动性 primary liquidity;
    原始录音 original recording;
    原始卵泡 primordial follicle;
    原始卵细胞 primordial ovum;
    原始裸子植物 Archi gymnospermae;
    原始毛费率 original gross rate;
    原始霉素 pyostacin; pristinomycin; pristinamycin;
    原始美洲人 paleo-american;
    原始模型 archetype;
    原始木桥 sangar; sungar;
    原始脑膜 meninx primitiva;
    原始能量 {物} primary energy;
    原始牛 Bos primigenius;
    原始农业 infant farming;
    原始培养(物) primary culture;
    原始胚膜 coenoblast;
    原始皮质 archicortex;
    原始频率基准 primary frequency standard;
    原始平衡摆 foliot;
    原始凭证 original certificate;
    原始器官 primitive organ; primitivorgan;
    原始气象方程组 primitive equations of meteorology;
    原始倾斜 initial dip; primary dip; depositional dip; original dip;
    原始曲线 primitive curve;
    原始染色体组 urgenome;
    原始任务 ancestral task;
    原始桑葚体 archimorula;
    原始森林 primeval forest; virgin forest;
    原始声迹 master sound track;
    原始生活 nature;
    原始生命起源 eobiogenesis;
    原始生物量 virgin biomass;
    原始生物型 archetista;
    原始生殖细胞 archaeocyte; archeocyte;
    原始石器 eolith;
    原始石油储量 oil initially in place;
    原始受精卵 archicytula;
    原始数据 raw data; initial data;
    原始数据存储器 raw storage;
    原始数据组 grandfather;
    原始水 primitive water;
    原始特征 primitive character;
    原始条件 initial condition;
    原始投资 initial capitalization;
    原始土(壤) primitive soil; initial soil;
    原始外表 archipallium;
    原始外胚层 primitive ectoderm;
    原始未分化血细胞 lymphoblast;
    原始位置 home position; original position;
    原始文件 source (original) document;
    原始无核卵 archimonerula;
    原始物质 hyle;
    原始物质学 hylology;
    原始细胞 initial cell; archecyte;
    原始现象 ancestor;
    原始陷阱网 (主苏格兰) yair;
    原始小囊 primordial utricle;
    原始心管 primitive heart tube;
    原始心室 primitive ventricle;
    原始信号 primary signal;
    原始信念 ur-defense;
    原始信息 raw information;
    原始信息带 grandfather tape;
    原始信用证 original letter of credit;
    原始型 architype;
    原始形成层 procambium (pl. procambia);
    原始雪 wild snow;
    原始压力 reset pressure;
    原始盐度 palaeosalinity;
    原始岩 primitive rock;
    原始岩代 lithic era;
    原始岩浆 protomagma;
    原始印刷程序 original print routine;
    原始营养 prototroph;
    原始影象 original image;
    原始有机体 primary organism;
    原始羽毛 protoptile;
    原始原肠胚 archigastrula;
    原始原子 primeval atom;
    原始陨石 primitive meteorite;
    原始责任 original responsibility;
    原始振荡器 primary oscillator;
    原始证据 primary (original) evidence;
    原始支票 original check;
    原始直径 green diameter;
    原始植物 primordial plant;
    原始种 original species; initial species;
    原始周期 primitive period;
    原始主盘(盘录声中的) original master;
    原始状态 initial state; reset condition;
    原始资本 original capital; seed capital;
    原始组织培养 primary tissue culture
    * * *
    原始|原始 [yuán shǐ] first original primitive original (document etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 原始

  • 155 发光

    give off light; shine; be luminous; gleam; glow; beam, luminescence
    * * *
    irradiate; radiate; shine; be luminous; blaze; gloss
    【计】 luminesce
    【化】 luminescence
    【医】 luminescence; photogenesis
    相关词组: 发光氨
    * * *
    irradiance; irradiancy; luminescence; radiation; shine
    * * *
    adj. brilliant
    v. flash, shine, radiate, gleam, glimmer, glisten, glitter, glow, beam, sheen, twinkle, sparkle, flicker, illuminate, light, lighten, illumine, illume
    * * *
    fa1 guang1
    * * *
    fā guāng
    (发出光来) give out light; shine; be luminous; brighten; fulgurate; flash; glow; sparkle; glisten; gleam; shimmer; radiate; lightening; radiation; shining; glowing; inflammation:
    有一分热, 发一分光 give as much light as the heat can produce; do one's best, however little it may be;
    露珠在晨光下闪闪发光。 Dewdrops sparkle (glisten) in the morning sun.
    群星闪闪发光。 The stars twinkled.
    {物} luminescence:
    场致发光 electroluminescence
    发光本领 luminosity;
    发光标度盘仪器 {电} illuminated-dial instrument;
    发光标志 luminous sign;
    发光表面吸收能力 luminous surface absorptivity;
    发光材料 luminescent material; lumophor; luminophor; phosphor;
    发光测井 luminescence logging;
    发光层 luminescent layer; luminous layer;
    发光产额 luminescence yield;
    发光磁共振 luminescence magnetoresonance;
    发光猝灭 luminescence quenching;
    发光大气光象 {气} luminous meteor;
    发光蛋白 luminescent protein;
    发光蛋白质 photoprotein;
    发光灯 electroluminescent lamp;
    发光点 luminous point;
    发光动物 luminous animals;
    发光动力学 luminescence kinetics;
    发光二极管 luminous diode; light-emitting diode (LED); light diode;
    发光二极管显示牌 light-emitting diode display panel;
    发光二极管显示器 light emitting diode indicator;
    发光沸石 {矿} flokite; mordenite; arduinite; ashtonite; ptilolite;
    发光分析 luminescence analysis;
    发光粉 luminescent powder; phosphor;
    发光浮标 {航海} lighted buoy;
    发光功效 {光} luminous efficacy;
    发光管 luminotron;
    发光光谱 luminescent spectrum;
    发光呼叫信号系统 luminous call system;
    发光弧 luminous arc;
    发光化合物 luminophor;
    发光化学反应 chemiphosphorescence;
    发光绘图法 luminography;
    发光机制 luminous mechanism;
    发光激活 activation;
    发光激活剂 luminescent activator;
    发光激励 light excitation;
    发光剂量计 luminescent dosemeter;
    发光计数管 luminescent counter;
    发光结 light-emitting junction;
    发光界限 threshold of luminescence;
    发光菌 photogen;
    发光菌落 photogenic colony;
    发光孔 lightening hole;
    发光蓝色 lumiere blue;
    发光理论 luminescence theory;
    发光率 luminance; luminosity factor;
    发光密度 luminous density;
    发光面 light-emitting area;
    发光模拟接线图 luminous-circuit diagram;
    发光能力 luminous power;
    发光能量 {光} luminous energy;
    发光盘 luminosity scale;
    发光疲劳 (luminous) fatigue;
    发光屏 luminescent screen;
    发光漆 glazing paint; luminous paint;
    发光器 photophore; light-projector;
    发光器件 luminescent device;
    发光气焰 {热} luminous gas flame;
    发光强度 {光} luminous intensity; light intensity; luminescent intensity; luminosity intensity;
    发光染料 luminescent dye;
    发光摄谱仪 optical emission spectrograph;
    发光摄影 luminescence photography;
    发光视见距离 {航海} luminous range;
    发光衰变 decay of luminescene;
    发光衰减 luminescence decay;
    发光衰退 {物} dark burn fatigue;
    发光炭精棒 flame carbon;
    发光特性 characteristics of luminescence;
    发光体 luminous body; luminophor; lumophor; luminary; luminosity; shiner; illuminant; twinkler; luminaire;
    发光通量强度 luminous flux intensity;
    发光图 {电} illuminated diagram;
    发光涂料 luminous paint;
    发光团 illuminophore;
    发光物 radiant; shiner;
    发光物质 luminescent material;
    发光系数 {光} luminous coefficient; luminous efficiency;
    发光细菌 luminous bacteria; photogenic bacteria;
    发光纤维 luminescent fibre;
    发光线 isolychn;
    发光腺 {脊椎} photophore gland;
    发光效率 luminous efficiency;
    发光信号剂 illuminating flare;
    发光信号牌 luminous signboard;
    发光星体 photostar;
    发光星云 luminous nebulae;
    发光性质 luminosity; luminance;
    发光学 luminescence;
    发光颜料 luminous pigment;
    发光焰 {化} luminous flame;
    发光因子 {光} luminosity (factor);
    发光荧光屏 light-emitting screen;
    发光油漆 luminous paint;
    发光诱饵 luminous lure;
    发光鱼类 luminous fishes;
    发光阈 threshold of luminescence;
    发光元件 light-emitting component;
    发光跃迁 luminescent transition;
    发光植物 luminous plant;
    发光指示器 luminous indicator;
    发光中心 {固物} centre of luminescence; luminescence centre; luminescent centre; light centre; luminous centre;
    发光中心长度 {电} light-centre length;
    发光状态 luminance
    * * *
    發光|发光 [fā guāng] to shine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发光

  • 156 发绀

    【医】 cyanochroia; cyanoderma; cyanose; cyanosis; hematocyanosis
    * * *
    * * *
    fa1 gan4
    cyanosis (blue skin due to lack of oxygen in blood)
    * * *
    fā gàn
    {医} (青紫) cyanochroia; cyanose; cyanoderma; hematocyanosis; cyanosis
    * * *
    發紺|发绀 [fā gàn] cyanosis (blue skin due to lack of oxygen in blood)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发绀

  • 157 发菜

    fa4 cai4
    long thread moss (Nostoc flagelliforme), an edible algae, also called faat choy or hair moss
    * * *
    fà cài
    {植} hair weeds
    发菜金菇 {食} Black Moss and Mushrooms
    * * *
    髮菜|发菜 [fà cài] long thread moss (Nostoc flagelliforme), an edible algae also called faat choy or hair moss

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发菜

  • 158

    become different; change, change into; become, transform; change; alter, sell off (one's property), changeable; changed, an unexpected turn of events
    * * *
    become; change
    【医】 meta-; pecilo-; poecil-; poikilo-
    * * *
    become; change
    * * *
    adj. changed
    n. rebellion, unexpected turn of events
    v. change, transform, vary, become, alter, shift, convert, metamorphose
    * * *
    to change, to become different, to transform, to vary, rebellion
    * * *
    (改变; 变化; 和原来不同) become different; change:
    改变 change;
    多变战术 varied tactics;
    变了样儿 be quite different; change shape (one's attitude);
    情况变了。 The situation has changed.
    这地方变得认不出来了。 The place has changed beyond recognition.
    (变成) become; change into:
    后进队变先进队。 Less advanced production teams have become advanced ones.
    她已变为优秀学生。 She has become an excellent student.
    旱地变水田。 Dry land has been turned into paddy fields.
    秋天树叶由绿色变为褐色。 In autumn the leaves change from green to brown.
    (使改变) alter; change; transfer; transform:
    变荒地为良田 transfer wasteland into fertile fields;
    变农业国为工业国 turn an agricultural country into an industrial power
    (突然发生的非常事件) an unexpected turn of events:
    政变 coup d'état;
    兵变 mutiny; revolt;
    灾变 natural disaster; strange natural phenomenon;
    事变 incident
    (姓氏) a surname:
    变康 Bian Kang
    (能变化的; 已变化的) changeable; changed:
    变数 variable
    * * *
    變|变 [biàn] to change to become different to transform to vary rebellion

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 159 名人录

    blue book
    * * *
    blue book; who's who
    * * *
    ming2 ren2 lu4
    record of famous men, anthology of biographies
    * * *
    míng rén lù
    a list of celebrities:
    他的名字已上了《名人录》。 He has his name in Who's Who.
    * * *
    名人錄|名人录 [míng rén lù] record of famous men anthology of biographies

    Chinese-English dictionary > 名人录

  • 160 名門望族

    distinguished family; prominent family
    * * *
    ming2 men2 wang4 zu2
    offspring a famous family (idiom); good breeding, blue blood
    * * *
    名門望族|名门望族 [míng mén wàng zú] offspring a famous family (idiom); good breeding blue blood

    Chinese-English dictionary > 名門望族

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