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blue green algae

  • 941 青饲料

    greenfeed; green fodder
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    qing1 si4 liao4
    silage, green fodder
    * * *
    qīng sì liào
    {澳} greenfeed; soiling food; succulence; green fodder
    青饲料收割机 ensilage harvester;
    青饲料抛送机 green-crop catapult;
    青饲料作物 green crop

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青饲料

  • 942 青松翠竹

    qīng sōng cuì zhú
    green pines and verdant bamboos; green pines and bamboos of tender green; tall pines of a dark bluish green contrasting with the light halcyon green of bamboo

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青松翠竹

  • 943 青松古刹

    qīng sōng gǔ chà
    green pines and the ancient temple

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青松古刹

  • 944 青云之志

    qīng yún zhī zhì
    have high ambitions (lofty aims); the ambition of soaring to blue sky

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青云之志

  • 945 晴空

    clear sky; cloudless sky
    * * *
    clear sky; cloudless sky
    * * *
    qíng kōng
    clear sky; cloudless sky; serene:
    万里晴空 a clear and boundless sky
    晴空日 day of clear sky;
    晴空闪电 bolt from the blue;
    晴空湍流 {气} clear-air turbulence;
    晴空雨 serein

    Chinese-English dictionary > 晴空

  • 946 情势不佳

    qíng shì bù jiā
    Things look black (blue; nasty).

    Chinese-English dictionary > 情势不佳

  • 947 茸茸

    (of grass, hair, etc.) fine, soft and thick; downy
    * * *
    downy; fine and soft
    相关词组: 毛茸茸的
    * * *
    downy; fine and soft
    * * *
    adj. fine, soft and thick, downy
    * * *
    róng róng
    (草、毛发等又短又软又密) (of grass, hair, etc.) fine, soft and thick; downy:
    绿草茸茸 a carpet of green grass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 茸茸

  • 948 软皂

    soft soap
    【化】 green soap; potash soap; soft soap
    【医】 green soap; potash soap; sapo mollis; sapo viridis; soft soap
    * * *
    soft soap
    * * *
    ruǎn zào
    soft soap; potash soap

    Chinese-English dictionary > 软皂

  • 949 三尖

    sān jiān
    三尖鲆 luderick;
    三尖论 tritubercular theory;
    三尖杉碱 cephalotaxine;
    三尖饰 trisul;
    三尖形 trinacriform;
    三尖牙 trigonodont; tricuspid teeth;
    三尖锥齿鲨 blue nurse; shark

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三尖

  • 950 三面环山

    sān miàn huán shān
    be ringed on three sides by mountains; be embraced on three sides by green hills

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三面环山

  • 951 山光水影, 上下一碧

    山光水影, 上下一碧
    shān guāng shuǐ yǐng shàng xià yí bì
    The hills are reflected in the river, and even their green colour is clearly shown in the water.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 山光水影, 上下一碧

  • 952 山青水净

    shān qīng shuǐ jìng
    clear waters and green hills

    Chinese-English dictionary > 山青水净

  • 953 少不更事

    young and inexperienced; green
    * * *
    shào bù gēng shì
    be too young and unable to understand how people should behave; be still wet behind the ears; green; inexperienced and easily fooled; inexperienced in life; not dry behind the ears; (too) young and inexperienced:
    少不更事者 a greenhorn

    Chinese-English dictionary > 少不更事

  • 954 深红大绿

    shēn hóng dà lǜ
    dark red and deep green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 深红大绿

  • 955 深红浅紫, 鸭绿鹅黄

    深红浅紫, 鸭绿鹅黄
    shēn hóng qiǎn zǐ yā lǜ é huáng
    in different hues of scarlet, purple, blue and yellow

    Chinese-English dictionary > 深红浅紫, 鸭绿鹅黄

  • 956 生材

    【化】 green wood
    * * *
    shēng cái
    green timber; green wood
    生材密度 green density;
    生材输送台 green chain

    Chinese-English dictionary > 生材

  • 957 生料

    【计】 crude material
    【化】 green stock
    * * *
    shēng liào
    raw material

    Chinese-English dictionary > 生料

  • 958 生坯

    【化】 green body
    * * *
    shēng pī
    green-pressing; green bodies

    Chinese-English dictionary > 生坯

  • 959 湿材

    【化】 green wood
    * * *
    shī cái
    moist wood; glassy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 湿材

  • 960 湿强度

    【机】 green strength
    * * *
    shī qiáng dù
    {材} wet strength; green strength

    Chinese-English dictionary > 湿强度

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