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blue green algae

  • 901 明前

    míng qián
    (绿茶的一种) a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness (清明, around April 5)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 明前

  • 902 墨绿

    blackish green
    * * *
    mò lǜ
    blackish green
    墨绿色 atrovirens; invisible green; greenish black

    Chinese-English dictionary > 墨绿

  • 903 牡丹虽好,绿叶扶持

    mǔ dan suī hǎo lǜ yè fú chí
    A peony blossom is a very lovely thing, but it is seen at its best only in the green wreath of its foliage.; Though the peony is lovely, it needs the support of green leaves.; With all its beauty, the peony needs the green of its leaves to set it off.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 牡丹虽好,绿叶扶持

  • 904 幕天席地

    1) take one's ease out in the open air
    2) have great breadth of view
    * * *
    mù tiān xí dì
    (形容胸襟旷达; 也形容野外生活) take sky as canopy and earth as mattress -- the lofty sentiments of fearing no hardships in the open; have the sky for curtains and the earth for a mat -- everywhere is a good place to settle down; with the blue sky over one's head and the grassland under one's feet; a picnic party in the open

    Chinese-English dictionary > 幕天席地

  • 905 脑体倒挂

    wage disparity between white-collar and blue-collar worker
    * * *
    nǎo tǐ dào guà
    wage disparity between white-collar and blue-collar workers

    Chinese-English dictionary > 脑体倒挂

  • 906 浓绿色

    nóng lǜ sè
    strong green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 浓绿色

  • 907 平地风波

    (figuratively) Sudden, unexpected accident, or trouble.
    * * *
    n. sudden storm on calm sea, unforeseen trouble
    * * *
    píng dì fēng bō
    sudden wind and waves on the level ground -- an unexpected occurrence; a bolt from the blue; a crisis out of nowhere; a sudden occurrence of calamity; a sudden storm on a calm sea; a sudden, unexpected turn of events; stir up trouble out of nothing; unexpected (unforeseen) trouble

    Chinese-English dictionary > 平地风波

  • 908 平地一声雷

    (figuratively) Sudden rise in fame and position; unexpected happy event.
    * * *
    píng dì yì shēng léi
    a sudden clap of thunder; a bolt from the blue; an unexpected happy event; a sudden big change, e.g. a sudden rise in fame and position

    Chinese-English dictionary > 平地一声雷

  • 909 瓶料玻璃

    píng liào bō li
    green glass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瓶料玻璃

  • 910 瓶绿色

    píng lǜ sè
    bottle green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瓶绿色

  • 911 气辉

    * * *
    * * *
    qì huī
    {地物} airglow; night-sky light; permanent aurora
    气辉层 airglow layer;
    气辉分光光度计 airglow spectrophotometer;
    气辉光度计 airglow photometer;
    气辉光谱 airglow spectra;
    气辉强度 airglow intensity;
    气辉羟带 airglow hydroxyl band;
    气辉氧原子红线 airglow atomic oxygen red line;
    气辉氧原子绿线 airglow atomic oxygen green line

    Chinese-English dictionary > 气辉

  • 912 铅线

    【医】 blue line; Burton's line; Burton's sign; halo saturninus; lead line
    line Burton's
    * * *
    qiān xiàn
    spongy lead; blue line; Burton's line; lead line

    Chinese-English dictionary > 铅线

  • 913 千载一时

    a chance that comes once in a thousand years—the chance of a lifetime; a rare opportunity
    * * *
    qiān zǎi yì shí
    a golden opportunity; an extremely rare chance (opportunity); a (very) rare opportunity; only once in a thousand years; (A thing like that) only happens once in a blue moon; a time of a thousand years; the chance of a lifetime:
    不要糟踏这样一个千载一时的机会。 Don't waste such a golden opportunity.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 千载一时

  • 914 浅蓝色

    qiǎn lán sè
    wathet; wathet blue; baby blue
    浅蓝色亚麻细平布 bastancini;
    浅蓝色硬粘土 clunch

    Chinese-English dictionary > 浅蓝色

  • 915 抢绿灯

    qiǎng lǜ dēng
    {交} jump the green light

    Chinese-English dictionary > 抢绿灯

  • 916 乔松

    qiáo sōng
    Himalayan pine; blue pine
    乔松酮 pinostrobin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 乔松

  • 917 青斑

    【医】 blue spot; livedo; maculae caeruleae; tarhe bleuatre
    * * *
    qīng bān
    blue spot; livedo

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青斑

  • 918 青变材

    qīng biàn cái
    blue lumber

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青变材

  • 919 青出于蓝而胜于蓝

    qīng chū yú lán ér shèng yú lán
    Indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant but is bluer than the plant it comes from.; Blue is extracted from the indigo plant but is bluer than the latter.; know better than one's teacher; excel one's master; progress beyond the ability of one's teacher; Successors excel the predecessor.; The pupil excels the teacher.; The pupil is superior to his teacher.; The pupil learns from and outdoes his teacher.; The pupil surpasses the master.; The worthy disciple excels his masters.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青出于蓝而胜于蓝

  • 920 青翠欲滴

    qīng cuì yù dī
    (The grass) is green and luxuriant.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 青翠欲滴

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