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blue green algae

  • 781 翻青

    fān qīng
    ploughing in green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 翻青

  • 782 返青

    (of winter crops or transplanted seedlings) turn green
    * * *
    fǎn qīng
    {农} (of winter crops or transplanted seedlings) turn green; resume growth; reviving

    Chinese-English dictionary > 返青

  • 783 芳草

    fāng cǎo
    fragrant grass; green grass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 芳草

  • 784 芳草铺地

    fāng cǎo pū dì
    Green grass carpets the ground.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 芳草铺地

  • 785 芳草如茵

    fāng cǎo rú yīn
    a carpet of green grass; The grass looks like a carpet.; Soft green grass carpets the ground.:
    中央公园不如过去那样芳草如茵了。 The Central Park is not so well grassed as it used to be.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 芳草如茵

  • 786 非豆科绿肥

    fēi dòu kē lǜ féi
    nonleguminous green manure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 非豆科绿肥

  • 787 佛青

    【化】 French blue; ultramarine
    * * *
    fó qīng

    Chinese-English dictionary > 佛青

  • 788 腹背受敌

    be attacked front and rear
    * * *
    be attacked front and rear; between Scylla and Charybdis
    between the hammer and the anvil
    * * *
    between Scylla and Charybdis; between the hammer and the anvil
    * * *
    fù bèi shòu dí
    have enemies in front and rear; be attacked both from behind and in front; be attacked by the enemy both front and back; be attacked from all sides; be attacked (beset) front and rear; be attacked from two sides; be attacked in the front and harassed in the rear; be caught between two fires; be exposed to attacks from the front and the rear; be hemmed in and attacked on both sides; be in cleft stick; be surrounded by the enemy at the front and the rear; between (the) hammer and (the) anvil; between the devil and the deep (blue) sea:
    那次战役太平军因腹背受敌, 伤亡惨重。 That battle took a heavy toll of the Taiping troops for they were attacked front and rear.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 腹背受敌

  • 789 箓豆

    lǜ dòu
    mung bean; green gram

    Chinese-English dictionary > 箓豆

  • 790 狗尾草

    green bristlegrass
    * * *
    gǒu wěi cǎo
    (谷莠子) green bristlegrass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 狗尾草

  • 791 骨脆症

    【医】 blue-sclera syndrome; Durante's disease; fragilitas ossium
    Lobstein's disease; osteogenesis imperfecta tarda; osteopsathyrosis
    * * *
    gǔ cuì zhèng
    fragile fern; osteogenesis imperfecta; osteopsathyrosis; Lobstein's disease

    Chinese-English dictionary > 骨脆症

  • 792 固绿

    gù lǜ
    fast green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固绿

  • 793 光化

    actinic, photochemical
    * * *
    【电】 photochemical
    * * *
    guāng huà
    {化} actinic; photochemical:
    光化作用 photochemical action
    光化玻璃 {光} actinic glass;
    光化产品 photoproduct;
    光化层(圈) chemosphere;
    光化重排 photochemical rearrangement;
    光化(学)催化剂 photocatalyst;
    光化大气层 chemosphere;
    光化当量 photochemical equivalent;
    光化当量的爱因斯坦定律 {光} Einstein's law of photochemical equivalence;
    光化当量定律 law of photochemical equivalence;
    光化电 actinoelectricity;
    光化电池 photo-chemical cell;
    光化电离 {物化} photoionization; atomic photoelectric effect;
    光化度 actinism; actinicity;
    光化法 photoresist process;
    光化反应 photochemical reaction;
    光化辐射 {核子} actinic radiation;
    光化复活 photoreactivation;
    光化还原剂 photoreductant;
    光化加成作用 photoaddition;
    光化降解 photochemical degradation;
    光化焦点 {光} actinic focus; chemical focus;
    光化裂解 photodestruction;
    光化绿 {玻} actinic green;
    光化屏幕 actinic screen;
    光化射线 {摄} actinic rays;
    光化生物学 actinobiology;
    光化视觉消色差性 photovisual achromatism;
    光化吸收 photochemical absorption;
    光化吸收定律 photochemical absorption;
    光化效应 actinic effect;
    光化性质 actinism; actinity;
    光化诱导 photochemical induction;
    光化作用 actinism; photo-chemical action

    Chinese-English dictionary > 光化

  • 794 广光性藻类

    guǎng guāng xìng zǎo lèi
    euryphotic algae

    Chinese-English dictionary > 广光性藻类

  • 795 滚球草地

    gǔn qiú cǎo dì
    {体} bowling green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 滚球草地

  • 796 海昌

    hǎi chāng
    Hydron (一种酸度单位)
    海昌蓝 {纺} hydron blue (硫化还原蓝)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 海昌

  • 797 汗青

    sweating green bamboo strips—completion of a literary undertaking (reference to the ancient practice of drying green bamboo strips on the fire before writing on them), historical records; chronicles; annals
    * * *
    historical records
    * * *
    historical records
    * * *
    hàn qīng
    (青竹) sweating green bamboo strips
    (特指史册) historical records; chronicles; annals:
    光照汗青。 The brilliance of his name shines in the pages of history.
    人生自古谁无死,留取丹心照汗青。 What man was ever immune from death? Let me but leave a loyal heart shining in the pages of history.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 汗青

  • 798 荷花出水

    hé huā chū shuǐ
    The lotuses are emerging from the water.; a lotus rising from green water

    Chinese-English dictionary > 荷花出水

  • 799 荷花虽好, 也要绿叶扶持

    荷花虽好, 也要绿叶扶持
    hé huā suī hǎo yě yào lǜ yè fú chí
    With (For) all its beauty, the lotus needs the green leaves to set it off.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 荷花虽好, 也要绿叶扶持

  • 800 和风煦日, 碧波粼粼

    和风煦日, 碧波粼粼
    hé fēng xù rì bì bō lín lín
    The green water shimmers in the soft breeze and warm sunshine.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 和风煦日, 碧波粼粼

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