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blue green algae

  • 501 脸都绿了

    lian3 dou1 lu:4 le5
    green in the face (idiom), to look unwell
    * * *
    臉都綠了|脸都绿了 [liǎn dōu lu le] green in the face (idiom) to look unwell

    Chinese-English dictionary > 脸都绿了

  • 502 腐蚀

    corrode; etch, corrupt; corrode
    * * *
    canker; corrode; corrupt; decadent; degenerate; erode; erosion; cauterization
    corrosion; corruption; degeneration
    【计】 corrosion; erosing
    【化】 corrosion
    【医】 causis; causticize; corrode; corrosion; decay; diabrosis; erode; erosio
    erosion; exesion
    相关词组: 腐蚀的
    * * *
    canker; cauterization; cautery; corrupt; erode; fret; rot; rust; taint
    * * *
    n. cauterization, corrosion, cautery, rot, erosion
    v. cauterize, rust, canker, corrupt, rot, corrode, fret, erode
    * * *
    fu3 shi2
    corrosion, to corrode (degrade chemically), to rot, corruption
    * * *
    fǔ shí
    (通过化学作用使物体逐渐消损破坏) corrode; corrosion; corroding; deep etch; diabrosis; rot; eat off; etch; etching; pitting:
    金属的腐蚀 corrosion of metal;
    腐蚀到所需频率 etching to frequency;
    如果不涂油或保持清洁铁便会腐蚀。 Iron corrodes unless it is greased or kept clean.
    有些窃贼用汞水腐蚀他们的镣铐。 Some thieves have eaten off their irons with mercury water.
    (使思想行为逐渐变质堕落) deprave; corrupt:
    腐蚀干部 corrupt the cadres;
    拒腐蚀, 永不沾。 Be immune from corruption.
    黄色电影腐蚀人们的灵魂。 Blue cinema corrupts the souls of people.
    腐蚀凹板 etching plate;
    腐蚀版 {刷} etched plate;
    腐蚀板画工艺 aquatint;
    腐蚀残渣 etching residue;
    腐蚀产物 corrosion products;
    腐蚀产物活化 corrosion product activation;
    腐蚀脆化 corrosion embrittlement;
    腐蚀点 hot spot;
    腐蚀电极 corroding electrode; corrosion target;
    腐蚀电流 corrosion current;
    腐蚀定向 etching orientation;
    腐蚀断裂 corrosion fracture;
    腐蚀防止法 corrosion control;
    腐蚀伏特计 {电工} corrosion voltmeter;
    腐蚀机 {刷} etching machine;
    腐蚀机理 corrosion mechanism; mechanism of corrosion;
    腐蚀剂 {医} caustic; corrodent; corrosive; corrosive agent; corrosive chemicals; diabrotic; etch; {化} {半} etchant;
    腐蚀尖峰 corrosion peak;
    腐蚀截割法 etch cut method;
    腐蚀介质 corrodent;
    腐蚀瘤 tuberculate; tuberculated;
    腐蚀面 etched surface;
    腐蚀磨光法 attack polishing method;
    腐蚀磨损 corrosive wear;
    腐蚀疲劳 {冶} corrosion fatigue;
    腐蚀疲劳极限 {冶} corrosion fatigue limit;
    腐蚀疲劳试验 corrosion fatigue test;
    腐蚀评定 corrosion evaluation;
    腐蚀品 corrosives;
    腐蚀铅 {冶} corroding lead;
    腐蚀强度 corrosion strength;
    腐蚀全金属掩模 etching all-metal mask;
    腐蚀设备 etching apparatus;
    腐蚀深度 {半} etch depth;
    腐蚀深度指数 corrosion index;
    腐蚀试验 {冶} corrosion test; etching test;
    腐蚀试验台试验 corrosion rig test;
    腐蚀速度 corrosion rate;
    腐蚀速率 corrosion rate; rate of corrosion;
    腐蚀酸 corrosive acid;
    腐蚀损耗 corrosion losses;
    腐蚀损坏 corrosion troubles;
    腐蚀污染物 corrosion contaminant;
    腐蚀系数 etch factor; {化} coefficient of corrosion;
    腐蚀陷斑 etched dimple;
    腐蚀研究 corrosion research;
    腐蚀掩膜 etching mask;
    腐蚀药 escharotica; escharotics;
    腐蚀抑制剂 corrosion inhibitor;
    腐蚀抑制作用 effect of corrosion inhibition;
    腐蚀余度(容限) corrosion allowance;
    腐蚀凿岩 erosion drilling;
    腐蚀增重(作用) surrosion;
    腐蚀沾染 corrosion contamination;
    腐蚀沾染物 corrosion contaminants;
    腐蚀制版车间 etching room;
    腐蚀作用 {冶} corrosiveness; corrosion behaviour; corrosive action; erosive attack;
    腐蚀阻抑剂 {化} corrosion inhibitor
    * * *
    腐蝕|腐蚀 [fǔ shí] corrosion to corrode (degrade chemically) to rot corruption

    Chinese-English dictionary > 腐蚀

  • 503 臉都綠了

    lian3 dou1 lu:4 le5
    green in the face (idiom), to look unwell
    * * *
    臉都綠了|脸都绿了 [liǎn dōu lu le] green in the face (idiom) to look unwell

    Chinese-English dictionary > 臉都綠了

  • 504

    adj. green
    n. luxuriant growth
    * * *
    green, luxuriant growth
    * * *
    (书) (草木茂盛) lush
    * * *
    芊|芊 [qiān] green luxuriant growth

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 505 芊萰

    qian1 lian4
    green and flourishing, overgrown
    * * *
    芊萰|芊萰 [qiān liàn] green and flourishing overgrown

    Chinese-English dictionary > 芊萰

  • 506

    green sprout, foolish
    * * *
    芚|芚 [tún] green sprout foolish

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 507

    flower; blossom; bloom, anything resembling a flower, fireworks, pattern; design, cream; essence, used metaphorically for courtesans or prostitutes, multicoloured; coloured; variegated, flower-decorated; coloured, blurred; dim, fancy; florid; flowery; showy, spend; expend; part with
    * * *
    flower; bloom; blossom; inflorescence; coloured; dim; showy; spend; wound
    【医】 Flor.; flores; flos; flower; flowers
    * * *
    flower; bloom; blossom; flowerage; inflorescence
    * * *
    adj. flowery, multicoloured, multicolored, multicolour, multicolor
    n. flower, bloom, blossom, inflorescence, fancy pattern
    v. spend, expend
    * * *
    surname Hua
    flower, blossom, CL:朵,支,束,把,盆,簇, fancy pattern, florid, to spend (money, time)
    * * *
    (种子植物的有性繁殖器官) flower; blossom; bloom:
    雌(雄)花 female (male) flower;
    开花 come into bloom;
    两性花 hermaphrodite flower;
    桃花 peach blossom
    (可供观赏的植物) flower:
    浇花 water flowers;
    种花 cultivate (plant; grow) flowers;
    牡丹是艳丽的花。 A peony is a showy flower.
    我不太喜欢花园里种植的花。 I don't care much for garden flowers.
    (形状像花朵的东西) anything resembling a flower:
    灯花 snuff;
    火花 spark;
    浪花 spray;
    雪花在空中飞舞。 Snowflakes are dancing in the air.
    (烟火的一种) fireworks:
    放花 let off fireworks
    (花纹) pattern; design:
    白地蓝花 blue patterns on a white surface;
    她织的花儿真好看。 The pattern she knitted is really beautiful.
    这被面的花儿很大方。 The design on this quilt cover is quite elegant.
    (比喻事业的精华) flower:
    文艺之花 flower of literature and art
    (指妓女或跟妓女有关的) prostitute; courtesan:
    烟花女 prostitutes;
    烟花柳巷 redlight district; the stews;
    寻花问柳 spend one's time with prostitutes
    (棉花) cotton:
    废花 waste cotton;
    轧花 gin cotton
    (痘) smallpox:
    出花儿 get smallpox;
    种花儿 vaccinate
    (作战时受的外伤) wound:
    他在战斗中挂了花。 He got wounded in action.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    花荣 Hua Rong
    (颜色或种类错杂的) multicoloured; coloured; variegated:
    花蝴蝶 variegated butterfly;
    花衣服 bright-coloured clothes;
    小花狗 spotted puppy;
    布染花了。 The cloth is dyed unevenly.
    (眼睛模糊迷乱) blurred; dim:
    看书看得眼睛都花了 read until the print looks blurred;
    老眼昏花 dim-sighted from old age
    (用来迷惑人的; 不真实或不真诚的) fancy; florid; flowery; showy:
    你的字太花了。 Your handwriting is too fancy.
    他又在耍花招了。 He is up to his tricks again.
    要练好基本功, 别尽学花架子。 You should spend time on basic training, not on those flourishes.
    (用; 耗费) spend; expend:
    很花时间 take a lot of time; be time-consuming;
    这项工程我们花了五年多时间。 We spent over five years on this project.
    政府花了大量资金帮助改良这片土地。 The government spent a lot of money to help make this land better.
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 花|花 [Huā] surname Hua
    Ⅱ. 花|花 [huā] flower blossom CL:↑ [duǒ],↑ [zhī],↑ [shù],↑ [bǎ],↑ [pén],↑ [cù] fancy pattern florid to spend (money, time)
    芲|花 [huā] old variant of ↑ [huā]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 508 花紅柳綠

    red flowers and green willows—a beautiful spring scene
    * * *
    hua1 hong2 liu3 lu:4
    red flowers and green willow, all the colors of spring
    * * *
    花紅柳綠|花红柳绿 [huā hóng liǔ lu] red flowers and green willow all the colors of spring

    Chinese-English dictionary > 花紅柳綠

  • 509 花红柳绿

    red flowers and green willows—a beautiful spring scene
    * * *
    hua1 hong2 liu3 lu:4
    red flowers and green willow, all the colors of spring
    * * *
    huā hóng liǔ lǜ
    bright red blossoms and green willows; a profusion of garden flowers; flower red and willow green -- gaudy raiment
    * * *
    花紅柳綠|花红柳绿 [huā hóng liǔ lu] red flowers and green willow all the colors of spring

    Chinese-English dictionary > 花红柳绿

  • 510 芸苔子

    【医】 semen brassicae campestris
    * * *
    yun2 tai2 zi3
    rape (Brassica campestris L.), rapeseed plant, canola plant, a common vegetable with a dark green leaf, also called 油菜
    * * *
    芸苔子|芸苔子 [yún tái zǐ] rape (Brassica campestris L.) rapeseed plant canola plant a common vegetable with a dark green leaf also called ↑ 油菜

    Chinese-English dictionary > 芸苔子

  • 511 苍天

    * * *
    empyrean; ether; firmament
    相关词组: 苍天的
    * * *
    azure; empyrean; ether; expanse; firmament
    * * *
    n. firmament, heaven
    * * *
    cang1 tian1
    * * *
    cāng tiān
    (天空) the blue sky:
    广阔之际的苍天 the broad expanse of heaven
    (天, 天神) Heaven:
    苍天作证, 我确实已尽力而为了。 Heaven only knows; I have tried hard enough.
    * * *
    蒼天|苍天 [cāng tiān] firmament

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苍天

  • 512 苍松翠柏

    cang1 song1 cui4 bai3
    evergreen pine and cypress (idiom); steadfast nobility
    * * *
    cāng sōng cuì bǎi
    green pines and verdant cypresses
    * * *
    蒼松翠柏|苍松翠柏 [cāng sōng cuì bǎi] evergreen pine and cypress (idiom); steadfast nobility

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苍松翠柏

  • 513 苍穹

    the vault of heaven; the firmament
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. vault of heaven, firmament
    * * *
    cang1 qiong2
    the blue dome of heaven
    * * *
    cāng qióng
    (书) (天空) the vault of heaven; the firmament:
    寥廓苍穹 the spacious firmament
    * * *
    蒼穹|苍穹 [cāng qióng] the blue dome of heaven

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苍穹

  • 514 苍翠

    (of trees, grass, etc.) green; verdant
    * * *
    adj. green, verdant
    * * *
    cang1 cui4
    * * *
    cāng cuì
    dark green; verdant:
    苍翠的山峦 verdant hills
    * * *
    蒼翠|苍翠 [cāng cuì] verdant

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苍翠

  • 515 苍苍

    grey, dark blue, luxuriant
    * * *
    adj. grey, gray, dark blue, luxuriant
    * * *
    cang1 cang1
    ash gray, vast and hazy, flourishing
    * * *
    cāng cāng
    (灰白) grey:
    两鬓苍苍 greying at the temples
    (苍茫) vast and hazy:
    天苍苍, 野茫茫。 Vast is the sky, boundless the wilds.
    * * *
    蒼蒼|苍苍 [cāng cāng] ash gray vast and hazy flourishing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苍苍

  • 516 苍龙

    Cang1 long2
    Blue Dragon, other name of the Azure Dragon 青龍, 青龙 (the seven mansions of the east sky)
    * * *
    cāng lóng
    black dragon
    (喻) most ferocious person
    * * *
    蒼龍|苍龙 [Cāng lóng] Blue Dragon, other name of the Azure Dragon ↑ 青龍|↑ 青龙( the seven mansions of the east sky)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苍龙

  • 517 茜草

    * * *
    【化】 madder
    【医】 chaya-var; Oldenlandia umbellata; radices rubiae; Rubia cordifolia L.
    * * *
    qian4 cao3
    Rubia cordifolia, Indian madder, munjit
    * * *
    qiàn cǎo
    madder; radix rubiae; Indian madder; munjeet
    茜草科 Rubiaceae;
    茜草苷 rubican;
    茜草根 madder;
    茜草红布 alizarin reds;
    茜草花 flowers of madder;
    茜草蓝色 madder blue;
    茜草染料 madder; grancine;
    茜草色淀 madder lake;
    茜草深红色 madder crimson;
    茜草酸苷 galiosin;
    茜草洋红色 madder carmine;
    茜草紫红色 madder purple;
    茜草紫蓝色 madder violet
    * * *
    茜草|茜草 [qiàn cǎo] Rubia cordifolia Indian madder munjit

    Chinese-English dictionary > 茜草

  • 518

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. cushion
    * * *
    Skimmia japonica, cushion
    * * *
    (垫子或褥子) mattress:
    绿草如茵 a carpet of green grass
    * * *
    茵|茵 [yīn] mattress

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 519

    tea (the plant or its leaves), tea (the drink), certain kinds of drink or liquid food
    * * *
    【医】 Camellia thea; tea; thea; Thea sinensis
    * * *
    * * *
    n. tea, tea plant, char
    * * *
    tea, tea plant, CL:杯,壺, 壶
    * * *
    (常绿灌木, 嫩叶加工后就是茶叶) tea plant
    (用茶叶做成的饮料) tea:
    淡(浓)茶 weak (strong) tea;
    红(绿)茶 black (green) tea;
    菊(茉莉)花茶 chrysanthemum (jasmine) tea;
    沏茶 make tea;
    头泡茶 the first infusion of tea
    (某些饮料的名称) certain kinds of drink or liquid food:
    面茶 seasoned millet mush;
    杏仁茶 almond paste
    (指油茶树) tea-oil tree
    (姓氏) a surname:
    茶明 Cha Ming
    * * *
    茶|茶 [chá] tea tea plant CL:↑ [bēi],↑ |↑ [hú]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 520

    grass, straw, draft, careless; rough, female livestock or poultry
    * * *
    grass; herbage; mushroom; wort
    【医】 grass; herb; herba; wort; yerba
    * * *
    grass; hasty; rough
    * * *
    adj. straw, careless, rough, hasty, oxalic, thatched
    n. grass, manuscript, straw
    * * *
    grass, straw, manuscript, draft (of a document), careless, rough, CL:棵,撮,株,根
    * * *
    (草本植物的统称) grass:
    青草 green grass;
    药草 (medicinal) herb;
    野草 weeds
    (指用作燃料、饲料等的稻、麦之类的茎和叶) straw:
    稻草 rice straw;
    草堆 haystack;
    草绳 straw rope
    (草稿) draft:
    起草 prepare (make out) a draft
    (草书; 汉字书写形式的一种) rapid, cursive style of writing:
    狂草 a highly cursive script;
    章草 a simplified form of cursive script
    (姓氏) a surname:
    草中 Cao Zhong
    (口语中指雌性家畜、家禽) female:
    草马 mare
    (草率; 不细致) careless; hasty; rough:
    字写得很草。 The handwriting is very sloppy.
    (初步的; 非正式的) drafted; not final:
    草案 draft (of a plan, law, etc.)
    (书) (起草) draft:
    草拟 draw up; draft;
    起草文件 draft a document
    * * *
    艸|草 [cǎo] variant of ↑ [cǎo]
    Ⅰ. 草|草 [cǎo] grass straw manuscript draft (of a document) careless rough CL:↑ [kē],↑ [zuǒ],↑ [zhū],↑ [gēn]
    Ⅱ. 草|草 [cào] variant of ↑ [cào]

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