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blue green algae

  • 481 绿营

    Lu:4 ying2
    Green standard army, standing infantry during Qing dynasty, originally formed from Ming and other Chinese army units
    * * *
    綠營|绿营 [Lu yíng] Green standard army, standing infantry during Qing dynasty, originally formed from Ming and other Chinese army units

    Chinese-English dictionary > 绿营

  • 482 绿营兵

    Lu:4 ying2 bing1
    Green standard army, standing infantry during Qing dynasty, originally formed from Ming and other Chinese army units
    * * *
    綠營兵|绿营兵 [Lu yíng bīng] Green standard army, standing infantry during Qing dynasty, originally formed from Ming and other Chinese army units

    Chinese-English dictionary > 绿营兵

  • 483 绿豆

    mung bean; green gram
    * * *
    【医】 Phaseolus radiatus
    * * *
    mung bean
    * * *
    lu:4 dou4
    mung bean
    * * *
    lǜ dòu
    urad; mung; mung bean; (green) gram; Phaseolus radiatus
    绿豆象 Callosobruchus chinensis (害虫);
    绿豆芽 sprouts of mung bean; mung bean sprout
    * * *
    綠豆|绿豆 [lu dòu] mung bean

    Chinese-English dictionary > 绿豆

  • 484 绿赤杨

    lu:4 chi4 yang2
    green alder (Alnus viridis)
    * * *
    綠赤楊|绿赤杨 [lu chì yáng] green alder (Alnus viridis)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 绿赤杨

  • 485

    cover; overspread; wrap, cover; shade; hood; casing;patch, a bamboo fish trap, a bamboo chicken coop
    * * *
    【化】 cage; cap; lid
    【医】 shield
    * * *
    * * *
    n. covering, cover, overlay, encasement, slip over
    v. cover, overcover, sheet
    * * *
    cover, fish trap (basket), shade
    * * *
    (遮盖; 扣住; 套在外面) cover; overspread; wrap:
    棉袄外面罩着一件蓝布褂儿 wear a blue dustcoat over one's cotton-padded jacket;
    城市上空罩上了一层烟雾。 The sky over the city was overspread with a heavy smog.
    迷雾笼罩山顶。 The mountain top is wrapped in mist.
    用完后请把打字机罩好。 Please cover the typewriter after use.
    (罩子) cover; shade; hood; casing; housing:
    床罩 bed cover;
    灯罩 lampshade;
    口罩 gauze mask;
    电机罩 engine hood;
    防护罩 protective casing
    (外罩; 罩衣) outer jacket; dustcoat; overall
    (捕鱼用的竹器) a bamboo fish trap
    (养鸡用的较小的笼子) cage; coop
    * * *
    罩|罩 [zhào] cover fish trap (basket) shade

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 486 美术

    the fine arts; art, painting;
    * * *
    art; fine arts; painting; the fine arts
    相关词组: 美术品
    * * *
    art; beaux-arts; fine arts; the fine arts
    * * *
    n. art, painting
    * * *
    mei3 shu4
    art, fine arts, painting, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    měi shù
    (造型艺术) the fine arts; art:
    工艺美术 industrial arts; arts and crafts;
    鼓励发展美术 foster the fine arts;
    他提议举办美术展览会。 He proposed an exhibition of works of art.
    美术爱好者 lover of arts;
    美术创作 artistic creation; composition;
    美术瓷 decorative ceramics;
    美术革 fancy leather;
    美术工艺运动 arts and crafts movement;
    美术工作者 art worker; artist;
    美术馆 art gallery; gallery;
    美术家 artist;
    美术考古 archaeology of fine arts;
    美术理论 theory of line arts;
    美术绿色 art green;
    美术明信片 picture postcard;
    美术批评 art criticism;
    美术片 {电影} cartoons; puppet films;
    美术品 artistic products;
    美术漆 novelty finish; pattern finish;
    美术人型 artistic figurine;
    美术商店 gallery;
    美术设计 artistic designing; artistic design; scenic design;
    美术史 history of fine arts; art history;
    美术学校 art school;
    美术学院 academy of fine arts;
    美术影片 animated films;
    美术原稿 artwork;
    美术展览会 art exhibition;
    美术字 artistic calligraphy; art lettering
    * * *
    美術|美术 [měi shù] art fine arts painting CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 美术

  • 487 美蓝

    【医】 coeruleum methylenum; methylene blue; methylenum coeruleum
    methylthionine chloride; Swiss blue
    * * *
    mei3 lan2
    methylene blue
    * * *
    美藍|美蓝 [měi lán] methylene blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 美蓝

  • 488 美藍

    mei3 lan2
    methylene blue
    * * *
    美藍|美蓝 [měi lán] methylene blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 美藍

  • 489 美钞

    U. S. banknote; greenback
    * * *
    greenback; US dollar
    【经】 american bill; green back
    * * *
    * * *
    měi chāo
    United States notes
    美钞主义 greenbackism
    * * *
    美鈔|美钞 [Měi chāo] US dollar bill greenback

    Chinese-English dictionary > 美钞

  • 490

    emerald green; green, kingfisher, jadeite
    * * *
    emerald green; jade green
    * * *
    emerald green; jade green
    * * *
    adj. bluish green, emerald green, emerald, green
    n. kingfisher, jadeite, green jade
    * * *
    bluish-green, green jade
    * * *
    (青绿色) emerald green; green:
    苍翠 dark green;
    翠竹 green bamboos
    (翡翠鸟) kingfisher:
    点翠 handicraft using kingfisher's feathers for ornament
    (翡翠) jadeite:
    珠翠 pearls and jade jewellery
    (姓氏) a surname:
    翠鸳鸯 Cui Yuanyang
    * * *
    翠|翠 [cuì] bluish-green green jade

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 491

    a kind of bird with red feathers
    * * *
    n. kingfisher, green jade
    * * *
    green jade, kingfisher
    * * *
    (古书上指一种有红毛的鸟) halcyon
    * * *
    翡|翡 [fěi] green jade kingfisher

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 492 翡翠

    halcyon (a bird), jadeite (a mineral)
    * * *
    emerald; jade; jadeite
    【化】 green emerald; jadeite
    相关词组: 翡翠的
    * * *
    emerald; jade
    * * *
    fei3 cui4
    jade, emerald, jadeite, feitsui, halcyon
    * * *
    fěi cuì
    {矿} jadeite; jadite; feitsui; jade; emerald
    {动} halcyon
    翡翠黄铜合金 emerald brass alloy;
    翡翠绿色 jadite;
    翡翠色 emerald
    * * *
    翡翠|翡翠 [fěi cuì] jade emerald jadeite feitsui halcyon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 翡翠

  • 493

    old (not young), experienced; veteran; advanced, old (not new), (of food) tough; overdone; well-done, old people; a venerable old man, (of vegetables) overgrown, for a long time, always; all the time, very, (used as a prefix) (in terms of address before the surnames of acquaintances or friends to indicate intimacy or informality); Sr, in certain names of animals and plants
    * * *
    aged; always; old; outdated; tough; very
    【医】 palae-; paleo-; presby-
    * * *
    aged; always; old; outdated; tough; very
    * * *
    adj. old, aged, outdated, tough
    adv. always, constantly
    * * *
    prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity, old (of people), venerable (person), experienced, of long standing, always, all the time, of the past, very, outdated, (of meat etc) tough
    * * *
    (年岁大) aged; old:
    老妪 old woman;
    老农 old farmer;
    活到老, 学到老。 You will never cease to learn as long as you live.; Live and learn.
    (很久以前就存在的) of long standing; old:
    老相识 an old acquaintance;
    老毛病 a chronic ailment; an inveterate habit (disease);
    老部下 a former subordinate;
    老工人 a veteran worker
    (陈旧) old; outdated:
    老式样 old-fashioned; outmode
    (原来的) traditional; old:
    老规矩 traditional rules;
    老货 old stuff
    (蔬菜长得过了适口的时期) overgrown:
    老笋 tough bamboo shoots;
    老菠菜 overgrown spinach
    (食物火候大) hardened; tough:
    炸老一点 have it well-done;
    鸡蛋煮老了。 The eggs are overcooked (too tough).
    (颜色深) (of colour) dark; deep:
    老绿色 deep green;
    老红 dark red;
    这件上衣颜色太老了。 This jacket is too dark.
    (口) (排行在末了的) the youngest:
    老儿子 the youngest son
    (老朽; 无用) decrepit; useless:
    老古板 an ultraconservative;
    老废物 a good-for-nothing
    (老年人 ) old people:
    尊老爱幼 respect the aged and love the young
    (老子的简称) short for Lao Zi -- the founder of Taoism:
    老庄 Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi
    (姓氏) a surname:
    老麻 Lao Ma
    (变老) become old:
    一 年年地见老了 show signs of age year by year
    (口) (指老人死亡) die:
    爷爷昨晚老了。 My grandfather died yesterday evening.
    (长久) long:
    他老没来。 He hasn't been here for a long time.
    老没见你啊。 I haven't seen you for ages.
    (经常) always (doing sth.):
    他老惦记着这件事。 He couldn't get his mind off the matter.
    她老念叨着孩子们。 She is always talking about her children.
    (很; 极) very:
    老远 far away;
    老高 very high
    (前缀) (用于称人、排行次序、某些动、植物名):
    老张 Lao Zhang;
    老三 the third child or brother;
    老狼 wolf;
    老玉米 maize
    * * *
    老|老 [lǎo] prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity old (of people) venerable (person) experienced of long standing always all the time of the past very outdated (of meat etc) tough

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 494 老当益壮

    old but vigorous
    * * *
    lao3 dang1 yi4 zhuang4
    old but vigorous (idiom); hale and hearty despite the years
    * * *
    lǎo dāng yì zhuàng
    old but vigorous; become more vigorous (energetic) with age; gain vigour with age; have a green old age; In spite of one's age, one cannot help feeling stronger than ever.; old in age but young in spirit; still going strong though getting on in years; There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.; though old, still brave at (young in) heart
    * * *
    老當益壯|老当益壮 [lǎo dāng yì zhuàng] old but vigorous (idiom); hale and hearty despite the years

    Chinese-English dictionary > 老当益壮

  • 495 职业

    occupation; profession; vocation
    * * *
    employment; job; occupation; profession; vocation; work
    【化】 profession
    【经】 calling; employment; occupation; profession
    相关词组: 无职业的
    * * *
    occupation; profession; work; business; employment; metier; vocation
    * * *
    n. job occupation, profession
    * * *
    zhi2 ye4
    occupation, profession, vocation, professional
    * * *
    zhí yè
    occupation; profession; vocation; habiliment:
    职业上的特权 professional privilege
    职业癌 occupational cancer; professional cancer;
    职业安全健康法 occupational safety and health act;
    职业病 occupational disease; professional desease;
    职业道德 professional ethics (morality); work ethic;
    职业道德规范 professional code of ethics;
    职业道德教育 professional ethics education;
    职业分类 occupational classification;
    职业妇女 a career woman;
    职业更新 vocational rehabilitation;
    职业工会 trade union;
    职业技能教育 vocational-technical education;
    职业技术教育 vocational and technical education;
    职业继承 inheritance of occupation;
    职业教育 vocation education (school);
    职业教育论 vocationalism;
    职业结构 occupational structure;
    职业介绍所 employment agency; employment bureau;
    职业疗法 occupational therapy;
    职业农业 vocational agriculture;
    职业皮肤病 dermatergosis; ergasidermatosis; ergodermatosis;
    职业群 vocational group;
    职业群众 an occupational group;
    职业人口 the active population;
    职业世袭制 hereditary occupations;
    职业适应 vocational adjustment;
    职业团体 professional organization;
    职业外交官 career diplomat;
    职业卫生 {卫} occupational health; professional health;
    职业卫生护理 occupational health nursing;
    职业消防队员 blue shirt;
    职业心理学 occupational psychology; vocational psychology;
    职业心态 job psychograph;
    职业形象 a professional image;
    职业选择 career choice;
    职业学校 vocational school;
    职业训练班 vocational training courses; vocation training classes; employment training classes;
    职业业余学校 vocational spare-time school;
    职业运动员 professional athlete;
    职业责任保险 professional liability insurance;
    职业指导 vocational guide;
    职业中学 vocational middle schools; specialized middle schools;
    职业中毒 {卫} occupational poisoning; professional poisoning
    * * *
    職業|职业 [zhí yè] occupation profession vocation professional

    Chinese-English dictionary > 职业

  • 496 聲嘶力竭

    be hoarse and exhausted; shout oneself hoarse; shout oneself blue in the face
    * * *
    聲嘶力竭|声嘶力竭 [shēng sī lì jié] to shout oneself hoarse (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 聲嘶力竭

  • 497 股票

    share certificate; share; stock
    * * *
    share; share certificate; stock
    【经】 capital stock certificate; certificate of shares; certificate of stock
    equity security; equity shares; share; share certificate; shares; stock
    stock certificates; stocks
    相关词组: 股票的
    * * *
    shares; stock; equity capital
    * * *
    n. equity capital, share, stock, stock market
    * * *
    gu3 piao4
    share, stock (market)
    * * *
    gǔ piào
    shares; share certificate; stock certificate; equity security; stock; capital stock:
    购买股票 buy stock; take capital stock in;
    股票下跌 fall in stock;
    出售股票 off shares for sale;
    发行股票 issue shares;
    拿(某公司的)股票作担保 offer a share in... as security;
    这些股票可产生5%的利润。 The shares yield (pay) five per cent.
    股票贬值 dilution;
    股票持有人 shareholder;
    股票贷借 stock loan;
    股票贷借比率 ratio of stock loans;
    股票抵押贷款利率 loaning rate on stocks;
    股票抵押借款 stock collateral loans;
    股票发行 capital issue; stock issue;
    股票分割 split-ups of stocks; stock fraction; stock split; split-up;
    股票分票 fractions of shares;
    股票供应不足 short supply of stock;
    股票购买权 call;
    股票股利 stock dividend(s);
    股票管理 regulation of stock;
    股票过户 stock transfer;
    股票过户日 nameda;
    股票行市 current prices of stocks; quotations on the stock exchange;
    股票红利 stock divident;
    股票红利证书 scrip dividend;
    股票交换 stock swap;
    股票交易 buying and selling of stocks;
    股票经纪 stockbroking;
    股票经纪人 stockbroker; stockjobber;
    股票临时收据 scrip;
    股票买卖管理法 blue-sky law;
    股票买卖权 straddle;
    股票买卖特权 stock option;
    股票平均价格 stock averages; stock price averages;
    股票票面价值 face value of share;
    股票升水 premium on capital stock; stock premium;
    股票市场 stock market;
    股票所有权 stock ownership;
    股票投资信托 stock investment trust;
    股票囤积 corner;
    股票选择买卖 stock option; share options;
    股票选择权 stock option;
    股票证券 share certificate;
    股票值 shares worth;
    股票转手率 stock turn;
    股票转移 stock transfer
    * * *
    股票|股票 [gǔ piào] share stock (market)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 股票

  • 498 胞藻

    bao1 zao3
    * * *
    胞藻|胞藻 [bāo zǎo] algae

    Chinese-English dictionary > 胞藻

  • 499 胡瓜

    【医】 cucumber; Cucumis sativus L.
    * * *
    * * *
    n. cucumber, green vegetable which grows on vines
    * * *
    hú guā
    {植} (黄瓜) cucumber
    * * *
    胡瓜|胡瓜 [hú guā] cucumber

    Chinese-English dictionary > 胡瓜

  • 500 脸红脖子粗

    get red in the face from anger or excitement; flush with agitation
    * * *
    lian3 hong2 bo2 zi5 cu1
    red in the face, extremely angry
    * * *
    liǎn hóng bó zi cū
    One's face turns crimson (red) with anger.; be red to the tip of one's ears; blue in the face; flush with agitation (fury); get red in the face from anger or excitement; red in the face and fuming; turn red in the gills; with one's face red and neck swollen:
    争得脸红脖子粗 get red in the face in the heat of the argument; argue excitedly
    * * *
    臉紅脖子粗|脸红脖子粗 [liǎn hóng bó zi cū] red in the face extremely angry

    Chinese-English dictionary > 脸红脖子粗

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