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blue green algae

  • 401 碧蓝

    dark blue
    * * *
    adj. dark blue
    * * *
    bi4 lan2
    dark blue
    * * *
    bì lán
    dark blue; greenish orchid
    * * *
    碧藍|碧蓝 [bì lán] dark blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 碧蓝

  • 402 碧藍

    dark blue
    * * *
    adj. dark blue
    * * *
    bi4 lan2
    dark blue
    * * *
    碧藍|碧蓝 [bì lán] dark blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 碧藍

  • 403 碱性

    basicity; alkalinity
    * * *
    【化】 alkalinity; basicity
    相关词组: 碱性的
    * * *
    * * *
    jian3 xing4
    * * *
    jiǎn xìng
    basicity; alkalinity; alkalescence; alkalescency
    碱性氨基酸 basic amino acid;
    碱性病 {兽} alkali disease;
    碱性玻璃 alkali glass;
    碱性不足 hypoalkalinity;
    碱性材料 basic material;
    碱性产品 basic products;
    碱性长石 alkali feldspar;
    碱性沉渣 alkaline mud;
    碱性促进剂 alkaline (type) accelerator;
    碱性吹炉 basic converter;
    碱性催化剂 basic catalyst;
    碱性脆化 caustic brittleness;
    碱性蛋白酶 alkali protease;
    碱性底吹转炉 {冶} bottom-blown basic converter;
    碱性电池 alkaline cell;
    碱性电弧炉 basic electric arc furnace;
    碱性电解 alkaline electrolysis;
    碱性电炉钢 basic electric furnace steel;
    碱性淀粉 alkali starch;
    碱性反应 alkaline reaction;
    碱性法 {冶} basic process;
    碱性废水 alkaline waste water;
    碱性钢 {冶} basic steel;
    碱性高锰酸盐滴定法 alkaline permanganometry;
    碱性高锰酸盐氧化法 alkaline permanganate oxidation;
    碱性过度 hyperalkalescence;
    碱性焊条 basic electrode; lime ferritic electrode;
    碱性槐黄 auramine;
    碱性还原 alkaline reduction;
    碱性还原剂 alkaline reducer; alkaline reducing agent;
    碱性辉长岩 essexite;
    碱性辉长质玄武岩 vesterbaldite;
    碱性胶乳 alkali latex;
    碱性介质 alkaline medium;
    碱性金属 alkalinous metal; basic metal;
    碱性浸渍剂 alkaline steeping agent; alkaline soaker;
    碱性菊橙 chrysoidine;
    碱性聚合 alkaline polymerization;
    碱性聚脂 basic polyester;
    碱性开裂 caustic cracking;
    碱性栏杆煌斑岩 euctratite;
    碱性蓝 alkali blue;
    碱性炼钢法 {冶} basic process;
    碱性磷酸酶 alkaline phosphatase;
    碱性磷酸酶过少 hypophosphatasia;
    碱性炉衬 basic lining;
    碱性炉底 basic bottom;
    碱性炉渣 caustic slag;
    碱性炉渣冶炼 working with a basic slag;
    碱性氯化铅黄色染料{化} Cassel's yellow;
    碱性耐火材料 {材} basic refractory;
    碱性镍铁蓄电池 steel-alkaline battery;
    碱性品红 basic fuchsin;
    碱性平炉 basic open hearth furnace;
    碱性平炉法 {冶} basic open-hearth process;
    碱性平炉钢 basic open hearth steel;
    碱性染革黄棕 phosphine;
    碱性染料 basic dye; basic colour;
    碱性染色质 basic chromatin;
    碱性溶剂 {化} basic solvent;
    碱性熔剂焊条 basic flux electrode;
    碱性溶离 alkaline solvolysis;
    碱性溶液 alkaline solution;
    碱性溶渣 basic slag; themas slag;
    碱性蕊香红 rhodamine;
    碱性生铁 basic pig iron;
    碱性试剂 alkaline reagents;
    碱性水解 basic hydrolysis;
    碱性填料 alkaline filler;
    碱性铁 basic iron;
    碱性土(壤) alkaline soil; alkali soil;
    碱性褪绿 {植病} alkali chlorosis;
    碱性洗涤水 alkali wash water;
    碱性纤维素 {材} alkali cellulose;
    碱性橡胶 alkaline rubber;
    碱性消化 alkaline digest;
    碱性锌空气电池 alkaline zinc-air battery;
    碱性锌锰电池 alkaline zinc-managanese dioxide cell;
    碱性蓄电池 {电工} alkaline storage battery; alkaline accumulator; alkaline battery; alkaline storage cell; exide accumulator; Edison battery;
    碱性亚甲蓝 methylene blue;
    碱性岩 alkaline rock;
    碱性颜料 basic dye; basic color;
    碱性阳极液 basic anolyte;
    碱性氧化铁 iron oxide basic;
    碱性氧化物 basic oxide; basic anhydride;
    碱性氧气炼钢片 basic oxygen process;
    碱性元素 alkaline element;
    碱性原电池 alkaline primary cell;
    碱性渣 {冶} basic slag;
    碱性再生 alkali reclaim;
    碱性再生法 alkali regeneration process;
    碱性藏红 safranine;
    碱性转炉 basic bessemer converter; basic-lined converter; converter of basic lining;
    碱性转炉法 thomas-gilchrist process;
    碱性转炉钢 basic bessemer steel; basic converter steel;
    碱性转炉钢转炉 basic Bessemer steel converter;
    碱性转炉炼钢法 {冶} Thomas-Gilchrist process;
    碱性转炉渣 Thomas slag;
    碱性转炉铸铁 basic Bessemer cast iron;
    碱性棕 bismarck brown
    * * *
    鹼性|碱性 [jiǎn xìng] alkaline

    Chinese-English dictionary > 碱性

  • 404 碱性蓝

    【机】 alkali blue
    * * *
    jian3 xing4 lan2
    alkali blue
    * * *
    鹼性藍|碱性蓝 [jiǎn xìng lán] alkali blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 碱性蓝

  • 405 磨合

    Originally referred to a certain period of use of newly-assembled machinery to polish and smooth marks left on the surface by friction. Now it's a metaphor to mean gradual adaptation, coordination and unvoiced agreements after a certain period of contact and adjustment.
    * * *
    【化】 break(ing)-in; green run; grind on with; running-in
    * * *
    mo2 he2
    to break in, to wear in
    * * *
    mó hé
    {机} (走合) grinding-in; running-in
    磨合时间 running-in time; seating time;
    磨合试车 running-in;
    磨合试验台 run-in stand
    * * *
    磨合|磨合 [mó hé] to break in to wear in

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磨合

  • 406 磨破嘴皮

    mo2 po4 zui3 pi2
    to talk until one is blue in the face
    * * *
    mó pò zuǐ pí
    talk oneself hoarse (in long persuasion); (He) has practically worn out his tongue arguing with...
    * * *
    磨破嘴皮|磨破嘴皮 [mó pò zuǐ pí] to talk until one is blue in the face

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磨破嘴皮

  • 407 磨破嘴皮子

    mo2 po4 zui3 pi2 zi5
    to wear out one's lips (idiom), to talk until one is blue in the face, to repeat again and again
    * * *
    磨破嘴皮子|磨破嘴皮子 [mó pò zuǐ pí zi] to wear out one's lips (idiom) to talk until one is blue in the face to repeat again and again

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磨破嘴皮子

  • 408 禾本科

    the grass family
    * * *
    【医】 Gramineae
    * * *
    he2 ben3 ke1
    Graminae or Poaceae, the grass family
    * * *
    hé běn kē
    {植} the grass family
    禾本科绿肥 graminaceous green-manure;
    禾本科牧草 gramineous pasture;
    禾本科植物 grass
    * * *
    禾本科|禾本科 [hé běn kē] Graminae or Poaceae, the grass family

    Chinese-English dictionary > 禾本科

  • 409

    exhaust; use up
    * * *
    exhaust; use up
    * * *
    exhaust; use up
    * * *
    v. exhaust, use up
    * * *
    to exhaust
    * * *
    (完; 尽) exhaust; use up:
    取之不尽,用之不竭 inexhaustible;
    声嘶力竭 shout oneself hoarse; shout oneself blue in the face
    (书) (干涸) dry up:
    山崩川竭。 The mountain fell down and the river dried up.
    (书)(放干水) drain:
    竭泽而渔 drain a pond to catch all the fish
    (姓氏) a surname:
    竭永 Jie Yong
    * * *
    竭|竭 [jié] to exhaust

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 410 竹叶青

    green bamboo snake, a kind of liquor
    * * *
    【医】 Trimeresurus gramineus Show.
    * * *
    zhu2 ye4 qing1
    Trimeresurus stejnegeri (poisonous snake)
    * * *
    zhú yè qīng
    (一种毒蛇) green bamboo snake; trimeresurus stejnegeri
    (一种酒) bamboo-leaf-green liqueur, a pale green Fen (汾) liquor or a light yellow Shaoxing (绍兴) wine
    * * *
    竹葉青|竹叶青 [zhú yè qīng] Trimeresurus stejnegeri (poisonous snake)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 竹叶青

  • 411 竹葉青

    green bamboo snake, a kind of liquor
    * * *
    zhu2 ye4 qing1
    Trimeresurus stejnegeri (poisonous snake)
    * * *
    竹葉青|竹叶青 [zhú yè qīng] Trimeresurus stejnegeri (poisonous snake)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 竹葉青

  • 412 粗壮

    sturdy; thickset; brawny, thick and strong, deep and resonant
    * * *
    adj. sturdy, thick set, thick and strong, deep and resonant
    * * *
    cu1 zhuang4
    thick and solid
    * * *
    cū zhuàng
    (粗而健壮) sturdy; thickset; brawny; stout; muscular; robust:
    粗壮的胳臂 brawny arms;
    粗壮的小伙子 a sturdy lad
    (粗大而结实) thick and strong:
    粗壮的树干 a thick tree trunk
    (声音大) deep and resonant:
    声音粗壮 have a deep, resonant voice
    粗壮贝壳杉 dundathu pine;
    粗壮骨尾鱼 bonytail; bonytail chub;
    粗壮咖啡 robusta coffee;
    粗壮银带 blue sprat
    * * *
    粗壯|粗壮 [cū zhuàng] thick and solid

    Chinese-English dictionary > 粗壮

  • 413 粼粼

    (of water, stone, etc.) clear; crystalline
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    lin2 lin2
    clear and crystalline (of water)
    * * *
    lín lín
    (形容水石明净) (of water, stone, etc.) clear; crystalline:
    碧波粼粼 clear, blue ripples;
    白石粼粼 clear white stone
    * * *
    粼粼|粼粼 [lín lín] clear and crystalline (of water)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 粼粼

  • 414

    cake; pudding
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. cake
    * * *
    * * *
    (用米粉、面粉等制成的食品) cake; pudding; pastry:
    蛋糕 cake (enriched with eggs);
    豆沙糕 red bean cake;
    绿豆糕 green bean (lentil) cake;
    米粉糕 rice cake;
    山楂糕 haw jelly;
    喜糕 bride cake;
    雪糕 ice cream
    (姓氏) a surname:
    糕哲 Gao Zhe
    * * *
    糕|糕 [gāo] cake
    餻|糕 [gāo] variant of ↑糕 [gāo]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 415 糖蜜

    molasses; treacle
    * * *
    gooey; molasses; sirup; treacle
    【化】 molasses; treacle
    【医】 molasses; treacle
    * * *
    gooey; molasses; sirup; treacle
    * * *
    tang2 mi4
    molasses, syrup
    * * *
    táng mì
    molasses; green syrup
    * * *
    糖蜜|糖蜜 [táng mì] molasses syrup

    Chinese-English dictionary > 糖蜜

  • 416 紫杉

    (Japanese) yew (Taxus cuspidata)
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    zi3 shan1
    Japanese yew (taxus cuspidata)
    * * *
    zǐ shān
    {植} ground hemlock; taxad; (Japanese) yew
    紫杉碱 taxine;
    紫杉科 Taxaceae;
    紫杉绿色 yew green;
    紫杉宁 taxinine;
    紫杉叶素 toxifolin;
    紫杉紫素 rhodoxanthin
    * * *
    紫杉|紫杉 [zǐ shān] Japanese yew (taxus cuspidata)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 紫杉

  • 417

    * * *
    adj. green
    n. green
    * * *
    * * *
    綠|绿 [lu] green

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 418 綠化

    make (a place) green by planting trees, flowers, etc.; afforest
    * * *
    lu:4 hua4
    to make green with plants, to reforest
    * * *
    綠化|绿化 [lu huà] to make green with plants to reforest

    Chinese-English dictionary > 綠化

  • 419 綠區

    lu:4 qu1
    (Baghdad) green zone
    * * *
    綠區|绿区 [lu qū] (Baghdad) green zone

    Chinese-English dictionary > 綠區

  • 420 綠卡

    Green card: Originally referred to a permanent residence permit by some national governments to immigrants. Now it means a kind of certificate of quality or certificate of special treatment.
    * * *
    lu:4 ka3
    United States permanent resident card, green card
    * * *
    綠卡|绿卡 [lu kǎ] United States permanent resident card green card

    Chinese-English dictionary > 綠卡

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