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blue green algae

  • 241 惊恐万状

    in a great panic; convulsed with fear
    * * *
    in a blue funk
    * * *
    in a blue funk
    * * *
    jing1 kong3 wan4 zhuang4
    convulsed with fear (idiom)
    * * *
    jīng kǒng wàn zhuàng
    be convulsed with fear; be filled with mortal fear; be greatly paralyzed with fear; be terribly frightened; be thrown into consternation; convulsed with fear; extremely panicky; in a blue funk; in a great panic:
    他看见尸体时惊恐万状。 He was filled with astonishment at seeing the dead body.
    * * *
    驚恐萬狀|惊恐万状 [jīng kǒng wàn zhuàng] convulsed with fear (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 惊恐万状

  • 242 愁眉不展

    with a worried frown; with knitted brows
    * * *
    adj. with a worried frown, with knitted brows
    * * *
    hóu méi bù zhǎn
    (形容心事重重的样子) bend the brows; A frown never left one's face.; brows contracted without relaxation; contort one's features; frown in grief; knit the brows; knitting one's brows in anxiety; look blue; (He) looked troubled, and even frowned.; lowering eyebrows; One's knitted brows did not relax, nor one's gloomy features lighten.; with frown of anxiety; with knitted brows in worry
    * * *
    愁眉不展|愁眉不展 [chóu méi bù zhǎn] with a worried frown

    Chinese-English dictionary > 愁眉不展

  • 243 意外

    accidental; unexpected; unforeseen; sudden; surprise, accident; mishap, accidentally
    * * *
    accident; chance; mishap; thunderbolt
    【医】 emergency
    【经】 accident
    相关词组: 意外的
    * * *
    suddenness; thunderbolt
    * * *
    adj. unexpected, out of the blue, sudden, bewildering, unforeseen, unanticipated, unpredicted, surprising, startling, astonishing
    n. accident, collision, mishap, misfortune, calamity, catastrophe, disaster, upset, mistake, crash
    * * *
    yi4 wai4
    unexpected, accident, mishap, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    yì wài
    (意料之外) unexpected; unforeseen:
    意外的消息 unexpected news;
    感到意外 be taken by surprise
    (意外的不幸事件) accident; mishap:
    以免发生意外 so as to avoid accidents
    意外保险 accident insurance; casualty insurance;
    意外变动 accidental fluctuation;
    意外出生 unwanted birth;
    意外出现 drop-in;
    意外费用 unforeseen expenses;
    意外风波 unforeseen trouble;
    意外公积金 contingent reserve;
    意外故障 chance failure;
    意外接种 invaccination;
    意外利润 windfall profit;
    意外流产 accidental abortion;
    意外漏油 accidental spill;
    意外碰撞 accidental collision; accident collision;
    意外牵伸 misdraft; false draft;
    意外杀人 accidental homicide;
    意外伤亡 fortuitous casualty;
    意外丧生 fatal accident;
    意外受孕 accidental pregnancy;
    意外事故死亡 accident death;
    意外事故损害 accident damage;
    意外事件 accident; contingency;
    意外收获 windfall;
    意外损耗 sinkage;
    意外损坏 accidental damage;
    意外损失 windfall loss; accidental damage; unexpected loss;
    意外损失基金 contingent fund;
    意外停泊 unscheduled call;
    意外停机 hang-up;
    意外运费 contingency freight;
    意外致死 death by misadventure;
    意外中断 contingency interrupt;
    意外准备金 contingent reserve;
    意外准备金账户 contingency account
    * * *
    意外|意外 [yì wài] unexpected accident mishap CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 意外

  • 244 意想不到

    beat all
    * * *
    adj. unexpected, sudden, out of the blue, bewildering, unforeseen, unanticipated, unpredicted, surprising, startling, astonishing
    * * *
    yi4 xiang3 bu4 dao4
    unexpected, previously unimagined
    * * *
    意想不到|意想不到 [yì xiǎng bù dào] unexpected previously unimagined

    Chinese-English dictionary > 意想不到

  • 245 战战兢兢

    trembling with fear; with fear and trepidation; gingerly
    * * *
    jitter; run scared; tread on eggs
    * * *
    jitter; jitteriness; run scared; tread on eggs
    * * *
    zhan4 zhan4 jing1 jing1
    trembling with fear, with fear and trepidation
    * * *
    zhàn zhàn jīng jīng
    (怕得发抖) trembling with fear; be afraid and trembling; be in a blue funk; be in a twitter; have one's heart in one's boots; quake with consternation; shake with terror; tremble with fright (terror; fear); tremblingly watchful; quake in one's shoes; nervous; with fear and trepidation:
    听到消息他们无不战战兢兢。 On hearing the news all of them were trembling with fear.
    (小心谨慎地) with caution; gingerly; with the most meticulous care:
    敌军怕遭埋伏,战战兢兢地向前移动。 Fearing an ambush, the enemy troops advanced cautiously.
    * * *
    戰戰兢兢|战战兢兢 [zhàn zhàn jīng jīng] trembling with fear with fear and trepidation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 战战兢兢

  • 246 戴綠頭巾

    dai4 lu:4 tou2 jin1
    lit. to wear green headband (to visit a Yuan dynasty brothel), cuckold
    * * *
    戴綠頭巾|戴绿头巾 [dài lu tóu jīn] lit. to wear green headband (to visit a Yuan dynasty brothel) cuckold

    Chinese-English dictionary > 戴綠頭巾

  • 247 戴绿头巾

    dai4 lu:4 tou2 jin1
    lit. to wear green headband (to visit a Yuan dynasty brothel), cuckold
    * * *
    戴綠頭巾|戴绿头巾 [dài lu tóu jīn] lit. to wear green headband (to visit a Yuan dynasty brothel) cuckold

    Chinese-English dictionary > 戴绿头巾

  • 248 打架

    come to blows; fight; scuffle; brawl; wrestle; scrap, punch-up
    * * *
    fight; fray; scuffle
    【法】 affray; fighting; scrap
    * * *
    fight; fray; scrap; wigs on the green
    * * *
    n. scuffle
    v. fight, scuffle
    * * *
    da3 jia4
    to fight, to scuffle, to come to blows, CL:場, 场
    * * *
    dǎ jià
    come to blows; fight; scuffle
    * * *
    打架|打架 [dǎ jià] to fight to scuffle to come to blows CL:↑ |↑ [cháng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 打架

  • 249 扶持

    support somebody with one's hand; help somebody to stand or walk, help sustain; give aid to; support
    * * *
    give aid to; help sb. to do sth.; support
    * * *
    * * *
    v. help, assist, sustain, aid, help someone to stand or walk
    * * *
    fu2 chi2
    to help, to assist
    * * *
    fú chí
    support with the hand; place a hand on sb. for support; help to sustain; give aid to; help sb. to stand or walk; support:
    扶持正气 encourage healthy trends;
    扶持先进 help advanced units (individuals);
    政府以材料和资金加以扶持。 The government helped with materials and money.
    荷花虽好, 也要绿叶扶持。 For all its beauty the lotus needs its green leaves to set it off.
    * * *
    扶持|扶持 [fú chí] to help to assist

    Chinese-English dictionary > 扶持

  • 250 批准

    ratify; approve; sanction; enable;pass, approval; OK; okay
    * * *
    approve; authorize; confirm; pass; ratify; sanction; seal; warrant
    【经】 approbation; authorization; ratification
    相关词组: 照常规的批准
    * * *
    authorize; confirm; ratify; seal; sanction; warrant; approve; pass
    * * *
    v. give official approval, approve, ratify, authorize
    * * *
    pi1 zhun3
    to approve, to ratify
    * * *
    pī zhǔn
    ratify; approve; sanction; authorize; validate; license; confirm; clear; order; warrant; give the green light; grant sb. permission; permit; give permission; allow; give sanction to; concede; license (licence) sb. to do sth.; give a licence to; ratification; allowance:
    批准条约 ratify a treaty;
    批准宪法修正案 ratify an amendment to a constitution;
    批准一项工程 authorize a project;
    批准一项决议 approve a resolution;
    正式批准 official approval;
    国会批准了国家预算。 The congress approved the budget.
    计划已被批准。 The plan has met with approval.
    批准令 commission;
    批准生效 validation;
    批准休假 furlough;
    批准证件 certificate of approval;
    批准中断 interrupt acknowledgement
    * * *
    批准|批准 [pī zhǔn] to approve to ratify

    Chinese-English dictionary > 批准

  • 251 抑郁

    depressed; despondent; gloomy; blue, the blues
    * * *
    【医】 depression
    * * *
    blahs; blues; dumps
    * * *
    yi4 yu4
    depressed, despondent, gloomy, depression
    * * *
    yì yù
    depressed; despondent; gloomy:
    抑郁不平 feel disgruntled;
    抑郁成疾 so disheartened that one falls sick;
    变得抑郁 fall into despondency;
    精神抑郁 depressed in mind;
    我感到很抑郁。 I feel much depressed.
    我们有什么法子能消除她的抑郁呢? What can we do to chase her gloom away?
    抑郁剂 down;
    抑郁性 depressibility;
    抑郁药品 down;
    抑郁症 {医} depression; tristimania;
    抑郁质 melancholy;
    抑郁状态 depressive state
    * * *
    抑鬱|抑郁 [yì yù] depressed despondent gloomy depression

    Chinese-English dictionary > 抑郁

  • 252 折衷鸚鵡

    zhe2 zhong1 ying1 wu3
    Eclectus roratus (red-green parrot of Papua-New Guinea)
    * * *
    折衷鸚鵡|折衷鹦鹉 [zhé zhōng yīng wǔ] Eclectus roratus (red-green parrot of Papua-New Guinea)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 折衷鸚鵡

  • 253 折衷鹦鹉

    zhe2 zhong1 ying1 wu3
    Eclectus roratus (red-green parrot of Papua-New Guinea)
    * * *
    折衷鸚鵡|折衷鹦鹉 [zhé zhōng yīng wǔ] Eclectus roratus (red-green parrot of Papua-New Guinea)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 折衷鹦鹉

  • 254 抹茶

    mo3 cha2
    green tea powder (Japanese: matcha)
    * * *
    抹茶|抹茶 [mǒ chá] green tea powder (Japanese: matcha)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 抹茶

  • 255 挽幛

    wan3 zhang4
    large elegiac scroll
    * * *
    wǎn zhàng
    a large, oblong sheet of silk, usually blue, with inscriptions, presented at a funeral
    * * *
    挽幛|挽幛 [wǎn zhàng] large elegiac scroll

    Chinese-English dictionary > 挽幛

  • 256 接管

    take over control; take over
    * * *
    take over; take over control; take-over
    【化】 adapter
    【医】 adapter tube
    * * *
    take over; take-over
    * * *
    v. take over, assume control
    * * *
    jie1 guan3
    to take over, to assume control
    * * *
    jiē guǎn
    (接收并管理) take over control; take over:
    接管官僚资本企业 take over the enterprises run by bureaucrat-capital;
    格林先生退休后, 由他的儿子接管他的生意。 When Mr. Green retired, his son took over the business from him.
    英国政府接管铁路是在1948年吗? Was it in 1948 that the Government took over the railways in Great Britain?
    {工} (连接管) adapter; gas fitting; stack
    接管机 bulb-tubulating machine;
    接管嘴 pressure inlet; nozzle; filler neck
    * * *
    接管|接管 [jiē guǎn] to take over to assume control

    Chinese-English dictionary > 接管

  • 257

    beat; hit; strike; thump, smash; break
    * * *
    beat; hit; strike
    * * *
    dressing down
    * * *
    v. larrup, slug, pommel, pummel, beat, bash, lambast, lambaste
    * * *
    to beat up, to break to pieces
    * * *
    (口) (打人) beat; hit:
    挨揍 get a thrashing;
    狠揍 beat sb. black and blue; hit hard at;
    他被人揍了一顿。 He was beaten up by somebody.
    (方) (打碎) break; smash:
    把茶壶给揍了 broke the teapot;
    别把茶杯揍了。 Don't smash the teacup.
    * * *
    揍|揍 [zòu] to beat up to break to pieces

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 258 提心吊胆

    have one's heart in one's mouth; be on tenterhooks
    * * *
    be in fear of; be nervous; be on tenterhooks; scary
    * * *
    be in fear of; in fear and trembling; scary
    * * *
    ti2 xin1 diao4 dan3
    (saying) to be very scared and on edge
    * * *
    tí xīn diào dǎn
    be always on tenterhooks; be filled with anxiety (fear); be haunted with fear; be in a blue funk; be in great terror; breathless with fear; have a thrill of horror; have one's heart in one's mouth; have one's nerves kept on tenterhooks; have one's mind kept on the stretch; hold one's breath; in breathless anxiety; in fear and dread; live in constant fear; One's heart is in one's mouth.; pull up one's socks; tremble with fear; worry
    * * *
    提心吊膽|提心吊胆 [tí xīn diào dǎn] (saying) to be very scared and on edge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 提心吊胆

  • 259 放行

    let somebody or something pass
    * * *
    green light
    相关词组: 放行信号
    * * *
    discharged; discharging; green light
    * * *
    adj. discharged
    n. green light
    * * *
    fang4 xing2
    to let pass
    * * *
    fàng xíng
    let sb. pass:
    申请放行 request clearance
    放行信号 all-clear
    * * *
    放行|放行 [fàng xíng] to let pass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 放行

  • 260 故事

    story; tale, plot
    * * *
    story; tale; narration; narrative; plot; relation; yarn
    相关词组: 爱情故事
    * * *
    gest; narration; scam; spiel; story; tale; yarn
    * * *
    n. routine, story, tale, narrative
    * * *
    gu4 shi4
    old practice, CL:個, 个
    gu4 shi5
    narrative, story, tale
    * * *
    1) 故事
    gù shi
    (用作讲述的事情) story; tale:
    编造故事 fabricate (invent) a story;
    讲故事 relate a tale; tell a story;
    黄色故事 blue story; dirty story;
    历史传奇故事 stories both historical and legendary;
    神话故事 a fairy story;
    民间故事 folktale; folk story
    (情节) plot
    故事画报 storyboard;
    故事会 a gathering at which stories are told; story-telling session;
    故事(影)片 film-picture; feature film; photoplay;
    故事员 storyteller
    2) 故事
    gù shì
    (旧日的制度; 例行的事) old practice; routine:
    奉行故事 follow established practice mechanically
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 故事|故事 [gù shì] old practice CL:↑ |↑ [gè]
    Ⅱ. 故事|故事 [gù shi] narrative story tale

    Chinese-English dictionary > 故事

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