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  • BLOOM, HYMAN — (1913– ), U.S. painter. Born in Latvia, Bloom and his family moved to Boston in 1920, whereupon they changed their name from Melamed to the more American sounding Bloom. Around the age of 14 Bloom began studying art at a Jewish Community Center… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • bloom — bloom1 [blu:m] n [Date: 1200 1300; : Old Norse; Origin: blom] 1.) [U and C] a flower or flowers ▪ beautiful red blooms ▪ a mass of bloom on the apple trees 2.) in (full) bloom with the flowers fully open 3.) [singular,U] t …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • bloom — 1 noun 1 (C, U) a flower or flowers: beautiful red blooms | a mass of bloom on the apple trees 2 in (full) bloom with the flowers fully open 3 (uncountable singular) a covering of fine powder that forms on fruit such as grapes or plums 4 the… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Bloom County — The cover of the first Bloom County collection Author(s) Berkeley Breathed Current status / schedule …   Wikipedia

  • Bloom syndrome protein — Bloom syndrome, also known as BLM, is a human gene. PBB Summary section title = summary text = The Bloom syndrome gene product is related to the RecQ subset of DExH box containing DNA helicases and has both DNA stimulated ATPase and ATP dependent …   Wikipedia

  • Bloom (shader effect) — Bloom (sometimes referred to as light bloom or glow) is a computer graphics effect used in computer games, demos and high dynamic range rendering (HDR) to reproduce an imaging artifact of real world cameras. The effect produces fringes (or… …   Wikipedia

  • BLOOM, HAROLD — (1930– ), U.S. literary critic. Born to Yiddish speaking parents in New York City, Bloom taught at Yale from 1955. An authority on Romantic and Victorian poetry, he wrote lengthy studies of Shelley, Blake, and Yeats. Bloom s most significant… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Bloom — Bloom, n. [OE. blome, fr. Icel. bl?m, bl?mi; akin to Sw. blom, Goth. bl?ma, OS. bl?mo, D. bloem, OHG. bluomo, bluoma, G. blume; fr. the same root as AS. bl?wan to blow, blossom. See {Blow} to bloom, and cf. {Blossom}.] 1. A blossom; the flower of …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • BLOOM, BENJAMIN SAMUEL — (1913–1999), U.S. educator. Bloom studied at Pennsylvania State University and at the University of Chicago, where he taught from 1940 (professor of education, 1953) and worked as a university examiner. He participated in several major… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Bloom, Kansas — Bloom is a small unincorporated community in Ford County, Kansas, United States. The post office closed in 1992.HistoryBloom was established in 1888. The small town sprang to life as the Rock Island Railroad pushed west. The original train depot… …   Wikipedia

  • Bloom (test) — Bloom is a test to measure the strength of a gel or gelatin. The test was originally developed and patented in 1925 by O. T. Bloom. The test determines the weight (in grams) needed by a probe (normally with a diameter of 0.5 inch) to deflect the… …   Wikipedia

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