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blind analysis

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  • Blind experiment — A blind or blinded experiment is a scientific experiment where some of the people involved are prevented from knowing certain information that might lead to conscious or subconscious bias on their part, invalidating the results. For example, when …   Wikipedia

  • Blind signal separation — Blind signal separation, also known as blind source separation, is the separation of a set of signals from a set of mixed signals, without the aid of information (or with very little information) about the source signals or the mixing… …   Wikipedia

  • Blind equalization — is a digital signal processing technique in which the transmitted signal is inferred from the received signal, while making use only of the transmitted signal statistics. Hence, the use of the word blind in the name.Blind equalization is… …   Wikipedia

  • analysis — /euh nal euh sis/, n., pl. analyses / seez /. 1. the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements (opposed to synthesis). 2. this process as a method of studying the nature of something or of determining its… …   Universalium

  • Independent component analysis — (ICA) is a computational method for separating a multivariate signal into additive subcomponents supposing the mutual statistical independence of the non Gaussian source signals. It is a special case of blind source separation. Definition When… …   Wikipedia

  • Blindspots analysis — (also blind spots analysis) is a method aimed at uncovering obsolete assumptions in a decision maker’s mental scheme of the environment. The concept was first introduced by Barbara Tuchman, in her book, The March of Folly [(Tuchman, 1985)] , to… …   Wikipedia

  • Optimized Consumer Intensity (OCI) Analysis — Contents 1 Introduction 2 Optimized Consumer Intensity (OCI) Analysis 3 More information 4 Notes Introduction …   Wikipedia

  • Computational auditory scene analysis — (CASA) is the study of auditory scene analysis by computational means [1]. In essence, CASA systems are machine listening systems that aim to separate mixtures of sound sources in the same way that human listeners do. CASA differs from the field… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-modeling mixture analysis — is a class of data analysis techniques that are also termed as Blind signal separation or Blind source separation which are used to separate pure data components from additive mixture data. Contents 1 Examples 2 Multivariate curve resolution 3… …   Wikipedia

  • Three Blind Mice — is a children s nursery rhyme and musical round.ongThe rhyme was first published by Thomas Ravenscroft in 1609. The original lyrics are:: Three Blinde Mice, : three Blinde Mice, : Dame Iulian, : Dame Iulian, : The Miller and his merry olde Wife …   Wikipedia

  • Meta-analysis — In statistics, a meta analysis combines the results of several studies that address a set of related research hypotheses. In its simplest form, this is normally by identification of a common measure of effect size, for which a weighted average… …   Wikipedia

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