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  • 1 blaze

    blaze blaze verb 1. [V] to burn brightly and strongly • 熊熊燃烧:
    »A huge fire was blazing in the fireplace.
    »Within minutes the whole building was blazing.
    »He rushed back into the blazing house.
    2. [V] to shine brightly • 闪耀;发亮光:
    »The sun blazed down from a clear blue sky.
    »The garden blazed with colour.
    3. [V] blaze (with sth) (formal) if sbˈs eyes blaze, they look extremely angry • 怒视;(怒火)燃烧:
    »Her eyes were blazing with fury.
    4. (also blazon) • [VN] [usually passive] blaze sth (across / all over sth) to make news or information widely known by telling people about it in a way they are sure to notice • 大肆宣扬:
    »The story was blazed all over the daily papers.
    5. blaze (away) if a gun or sb using a gun blazes, the gun fires continuously • 连续射击:
    »In the distance machine guns were blazing.
    【IDIOMS】 blaze a ˈtrail • to be the first to do or to discover sth that others follow • 作开路先锋;领先:
    »The department is blazing a trail in the field of laser surgery.
    --› compare trailblazer --› more at gun n. 【PHR V】 ˌblaze ˈup 1. to suddenly start burning very strongly • (突然)熊熊燃烧起来 2. to suddenly become very angry • 突然动怒 noun 1. (used especially in newspapers 尤用于报章) a very large fire, especially a dangerous one • 烈火;火灾:
    »Five people died in the blaze.
    2. [sing.] strong bright flames in a fire • 火焰:
    »Dry wood makes a good blaze.
    3. [sing.] a blaze of sth a very bright show of lights or colour; an impressive or noticeable show of sth • (光或色彩等的)展现:
    »The gardens are a blaze of colour.
    »a blaze of lights in the city centre
    »the bright blaze of the sun
    »a blaze of glory
    »They got married in a blaze of publicity.
    4. [sing.] (a) blaze of sth a sudden show of very strong feeling • (感情)迸发;发泄:
    »a blaze of anger / passion / hate
    5. [C, usually sing.] a white mark on an animalˈs face • 动物面部的白斑 what / where / who the ˈblazes...? • (old-fashioned, informal) used to emphasize that you are annoyed and surprised, to avoid using the word ˈhellˈ • (委婉语,烦恼和惊奇时说,与 hell 同义):
    »What the blazes have you done?
    like blazes •(old-fashioned, informal) very hard; very fast • 猛烈地;迅速地
    * * *
    n. 火焰, 光輝, 情感爆發
    vi. 燃燒, 照耀, 激發
    vt. 在樹皮上刻路標, 公開宣佈

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  • 2 blaze

    I 1. [bleiz] noun
    1) (a bright light or fire: A neighbour rescued her from the blaze.) 火焰
    2) (an outburst (of anger, emotion etc): a blaze of fury.) 爆發
    3) (a bright display: a blaze of colour.) 閃耀
    2. verb
    ((of a fire, the sun) to burn, shine brightly.) 冒火焰
    II [bleiz]

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > blaze

  • 3 blaze

    [bleɪz] 1. n; c
    1) (fire) 大火 [dàhuǒ]
    2) [of colour, light] 强烈 [qiángliè]
    3) [of glory, publicity] 大量 [dàliàng]
    2. vi
    1) [+ fire] 熊熊燃烧 [xióngxióng ránshāo]
    2) [also: blaze away + guns] 连连开枪 [liánlián kāiqiāng]
    3) (liter) [+ eyes] 放光彩 [fàng guāngcǎi]
    3. vt

    * to blaze a trail — 开辟新路 [kāipì xīnlù]

    * in a blaze of publicity — 在公众瞩目之下

    * to blaze with colour — [+ garden etc] 鲜艳夺目

    English-Chinese new dictionary > blaze

  • 4 blaze up

    v. 燃燒起來, 發怒

    English-Chinese dictionary > blaze up

  • 5 blaze

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > blaze

  • 6 blaze


    English-Chinese chemistry dictionary (英汉化学大词典) > blaze

  • 7 blaze

    Atmospheric Sciences (English-Chinese) dictionary > blaze

  • 8 头发白纹

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 头发白纹

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