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bit mask

  • 1 mask

    [mɑːsk] 1. n; c
    1) (disguise) 面罩 [miànzhào]
    2) (protection) 口罩 [kǒuzhào]
    3) (concealing emotions) 伪装 [wěizhuāng]
    2. vt
    (hide) [+ feelings] 掩饰 [yǎnshì]; [+ object] 遮住 [zhēzhù]

    * a masked man — (robber etc) 戴面具的人

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  • 2 中断

    suspend; break off; discontinue; cut; interrupt, breakdown
    * * *
    interrupt; sever; suspend; break; discontinue; intermit; take off
    【计】 breakout; I; INT; interrupt
    【医】 break
    【经】 knock off
    相关词组: 说话中断法
    * * *
    intermit; discontinuity; halt; interregnum; interrupt; sever; stoppage; blackout; break off
    * * *
    n. discontinuity
    v. discontinue, suspend, break off
    * * *
    zhong1 duan4
    to cut short, to break off, to discontinue, to interrupt
    * * *
    zhōng duàn
    (中途停止或断绝) suspend; break off; discontinue; severance:
    中断和那个国家的贸易 (货运, 谈判, 接触) suspend trade with that country (freight transportation, negotiation, contact);
    中断谈判 break off the negotiations;
    中断履行合同义务 suspend performance of obligations;
    交通中断了几小时。 Traffic was held up for a few hours.
    从那时起这个行业的发展就没有中断过。 Since that time the industry has never looked back.
    {计} interrupt; interception; hiatus; lapse; blocking (振荡)
    中断保存 interrupt stacking;
    中断保留 interruption pending;
    中断比较器 break comparator;
    中断编码 gap coding;
    中断操作 interrupt operation;
    中断程序 interrupt routine;
    中断程序工业 interruptable process industry;
    中断初始化序列 interrupt initialization sequence;
    中断处 chasm;
    中断处理 interrupt handling; interrupt processing;
    中断处理(例行)程序 interrupt handling routine;
    中断床面 bed with gap (车床); gap bed;
    中断地址 interrupt address;
    中断地址寄存器 interrupt address register;
    中断点 point of interruption;
    中断返回 return from interrupt;
    中断返回控制字 interrupt return control word;
    中断返回指令 interrupt return instruction;
    中断方式interrupt mode;
    中断飞行 {航空} abort;
    中断飞行区 {航空} abort zone;
    中断分析 interrupt analysis;
    中断服务程序 interrupt service routine;
    中断功能 interrupt function; look-at-me function;
    中断过程 interrupt procedure;
    中断级 interrupt class; interrupt level;
    中断寄存器 interrupt register;
    中断计数器 interrupt counter;
    中断记录 interruption logging;
    中断键 break key;
    中断检索 interrupt search;
    中断结构 interrupt structure;
    中断局 junction exchange;
    中断开放状态 interruption status;
    中断肯定 interrupt acknowledge; interruption acknowledge;
    中断肯定信号 interrupt acknowledge signal;
    中断控制 interrupt control;
    中断控制寄存器 interrupt control register;
    中断控制例(行)程(序) interruption control routine;
    中断控制器 interrupt control unit;
    中断例(行)程(序) interruption routine;
    中断码 interruption code;
    中断贸易 suspension of trade;
    中断排队 queue of interrupt;
    中断屏蔽 interruption masking; unmasking; {自} interrupt mask; interruption mask;
    中断屏蔽标志 interrupt mask flag;
    中断屏蔽读出 interrupt mask read;
    中断屏蔽输出 interrupt mask out;
    中断屏蔽状态 interruption masked status;
    中断起飞距离 {航空} accelerate-stop distance;
    中断嵌套 interrupt nesting;
    中断侵蚀回旋 interrupted cycle of erosion;
    中断请求 interrupt request; interruption request;
    中断请求矢量 interrupt request vector;
    中断请求线 interrupt request line;
    中断请求信号 interrupt request signal;
    中断扫描设备 interrupt scanner;
    中断设备 interrupting device;
    中断时间 {讯} break period; interrupt time;
    中断识别 interrupt sensing;
    中断识别电路 interrupt sensing circuit;
    中断诉讼 discontinue an action; discontinuance of legal proceeding;
    中断锁定 interrupt latch;
    中断条件 interrupt condition; interruption condition;
    中断通道 interrupting channel;
    中断系统 {自} interrupt system;
    中断陷阱 {自} interrupt trap;
    中断线 interrupt line;
    中断响应 interrupt response;
    中断向量 interrupt vector;
    中断向量地址 interrupt vector address;
    中断信号 {自} interrupt signal; look-at-me (行话);
    中断页面地址寄存器 interrupt page address register;
    中断应答 acknowledge interrupt;
    中断优先级信号 interrupt priority signal;
    中断优先权 interrupt priority;
    中断源 interrupt source;
    中断运行 interrupt run;
    中断杂交试验 interrupted mating experiment;
    中断指令 interrupt instruction;
    中断周期 interrupt cycle;
    中断主计划 interrupt the main program;
    中断装置 interrupting device;
    中断状态 interruptable state; interrupt mode; interrupt phase;
    中断状态字 interruption status word;
    中断子例 (行)程(序) interruption subroutine;
    中断自动同步机 relay selsyn;
    中断总线 interrupt bus
    * * *
    中斷|中断 [zhōng duàn] to cut short to break off to discontinue to interrupt

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  • 3 乳胶

    * * *
    【化】 emulsoid
    * * *
    * * *
    n. emulsion
    * * *
    ru3 jiao1
    * * *
    rǔ jiāo
    {化} emulsion; latex
    乳胶版 emulsion plate;
    乳胶玻璃布 latex coated glass cloth;
    乳胶叠 emulsion stack;
    乳胶径迹 emulsion track;
    乳胶径迹数 {物} film track population;
    乳胶扩散试验 gel diffusion test;
    乳胶粘合剂 emulsion binder;
    乳胶漆 emulsion paint; latex paint; rubberbase paint;
    乳胶室 emulsion chamber;
    乳胶收集器 collection vessel for latex;
    乳胶微粒 emulsion particle;
    乳胶稳定度 {化} emulsion stability;
    乳胶掩膜 {半} emulsion mask;
    乳胶液 latex (pl. latices)
    * * *
    乳膠|乳胶 [rǔ jiāo] latex

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  • 4 人面兽心

    the face of a man but the heart of a beast—a beast in human form
    * * *
    a beast in human face
    * * *
    a beast in human face
    * * *
    ren2 mian4 shou4 xin1
    human face, beast's heart (idiom); two-faced, malicious and duplicitous
    * * *
    rén miàn shòu xīn
    One's human exterior conceals the nature of a wolf.; a brute of a man; a brute under a human mask; a fiend in human shape; a man's face but the heart of a beast; be a beast in human form; bear the semblance of an angel but have the heart of a devil; be a wolf in sheep's clothing; have the face of a human being, but the heart of a beast; with a human face and the heart of a beast
    * * *
    人面獸心|人面兽心 [rén miàn shòu xīn] human face, beast's heart (idiom); two-faced malicious and duplicitous

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人面兽心

  • 5 伪装

    pretend; feign, disguise; guise; mask, camouflage
    * * *
    camouflage; counterfeit; disguise; personate; pose; pretend
    【计】 masquerading
    相关词组: 伪装工事
    * * *
    camouflage; counterfeit; disguise; personate; pose; pretend
    * * *
    n. camouflage, guise
    v. fake, feign, pretend, disguise, mask, camouflage
    adj. garnished
    * * *
    wei3 zhuang1
    to fake, to feign, to pretend, living under a false identity, dressed up as, under the guise of
    * * *
    偽裝|伪装 [wěi zhuāng] to fake to feign to pretend living under a false identity dressed up as under the guise of

    Chinese-English dictionary > 伪装

  • 6 保护

    protect; conserve; safeguard; conservation; guard; buffer; preserve; shield, protection
    * * *
    protect; safeguard; ensure; patronize; preserve; shelter; shield; preservation
    【计】 protection
    【化】 covering
    【医】 conservancy; protection
    【经】 custody; safeguard
    相关词组: 保护措施
    * * *
    protect; safeguard; aegis; egis
    * * *
    n. guardianship, custody, tutelage, tutelary, conservancy, conservation, aegis, egis, muniment, wardship, preservation, protection, safekeeping
    v. defend, sentinel, preserve, safeguard, shelter, cover, shield, protect, patronize
    * * *
    bao3 hu4
    to protect, to defend, to safeguard, protection, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    bǎo hù
    (尽力照顾, 使不受损害) protect; defend; guard; safeguard:
    保护环境, 防止污染 protect the environment against pollution;
    保护人民的利益 safeguard the people's interests;
    保护视力 preserve eyesight;
    保护现场 keep intact the scene of a crime (accident); preserve the scene (of a crime or accident) undisturbed
    保护板 fender; protective plate; fender apron; armour plate;
    保护半径 radius of protection;
    保护比 protection ratio;
    保护(涂)层 coating;
    保护层 antiabrasion layer; resist shadow; protective covering; resist; sealer; protective layer; stopoff;
    保护措施 protection; protective measures; cocooning; safeguarding (protective);
    保护单元 protected location;
    保护道岔 trap points;
    保护灯 guard lamp;
    保护地 protectorate; dependent territory; sheltered ground;
    保护地带 safety belt;
    保护(式)电弧焊 shielded arc welding;
    保护电极 guard electrode;
    保护电路 guard circuit; protective circuit; protection circuit;
    保护电阻 protective resistance;
    保护电阻器 protective resistor; fuse-resistor;
    保护断路器 protective circuit breaker;
    保护扼流圈 protective reactor;
    保护二极管 protected diode;
    保护反应 protective reaction;
    保护方式 protected-type; protection mode;
    保护符 protection character;
    保护盖 visor;
    保护隔膜 blow-out disc;
    保护关税 protective tariff;
    保护管 protecting tube;
    保护国 protectorate;
    保护行 guard row;
    保护环 guard ring; annular guard ring;
    保护禾草 nurse grass;
    保护基(团) blocking group; protective group;
    保护剂 protectant; preservative;
    保护继电器 protective relay; safety relay;
    保护键 protection key;
    保护胶体 protective colloid;
    保护接地 protective grounding; protective earthing;
    保护接地装置 protective earthing device;
    保护距离 {电} guard space;
    保护抗体 protective antibody;
    保护靠背(扶手) antimacassar;
    保护扩散 protective diffusion;
    保护疗法 protective therapy;
    保护林带 protective belt;
    保护滤波器 protecting filter;
    保护霉素 tuoromycin;
    保护面 facing;
    保护面层(道路路面) armor course;
    保护面具 protecting mask;
    保护膜 preservative;
    保护屏蔽 guard shield; protective screen;
    保护气 shielding gas;
    保护器 tutamen (pl. tutamina);
    保护器官 {植} armour;
    保护壳 crust;
    保护人 guardian;
    保护冗余 {讯} protective redundancy;
    保护伞 protective umbrella;
    保护色 {动} body colour; protective colouration;
    保护收发开关 protector TR switch;
    保护树 nurse-wood;
    保护数位 guard digit;
    保护滩地 flood plain protection;
    保护套 protecting jacket; barney;
    保护体 protective;
    保护条款 safeguard clause;
    保护涂层 cover coating; protective coating; antitracking coating; protective finish;
    保护涂剂 protective coating;
    保护外壳 containment;
    保护网 catch net; cradle;
    保护网络 protective network;
    保护网罩 mat;
    保护位 guard position; guard bit;
    保护物 shield; guard; protection; rock;
    保护隙 protective gap;
    保护系统 protection system;
    保护线 guard wire;
    保护信号 guard signal;
    保护眼镜 protective spectacles;
    保护异常 protection exception;
    保护油膜 tempered oil film;
    保护渣 casting powder;
    保护罩 shelter; {电工} boot; protection cover;
    保护真空装置 guard vacuum;
    保护制度 protecting system;
    保护主义 protectionism;
    保护装置 protector; protective device; protecting device; safeguard; safety guard;
    保护作用 protective action;
    保护组织 protective tissue
    * * *
    保護|保护 [bǎo hù] to protect to defend to safeguard protection CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保护

  • 7 假仁假义

    pretended benevolence and righteousness; hypocrisy
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. pretended benevolence and righteousness, hypocrisy
    wolf in a lamb's skin
    * * *
    jia3 ren2 jia3 yi4
    hypocrisy, pretended righteousness
    * * *
    jiǎ rén jiǎ yì
    don a pious mask; hypocrisy; pretend to be the (a) paragon of virtue; sham (pretended) benevolence and righteousness; sham kindness and goodness
    * * *
    假仁假義|假仁假义 [jiǎ rén jiǎ yì] hypocrisy pretended righteousness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假仁假义

  • 8 假面

    jia3 mian4
    * * *
    jiǎ miàn
    false face; false plane; mask
    假面舞会 masquerade
    * * *
    假面|假面 [jiǎ miàn] mask

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假面

  • 9 假面具

    mask; false front
    * * *
    doughface; false face; mask; masque
    * * *
    false face
    * * *
    n. mask, false front, guise
    * * *
    jia3 mian4 ju4
    mask, fig. false façade, deceptive front
    * * *
    jiǎ miàn jù
    mask; false front:
    可怕地戴着假面具 hideously mask;
    揭穿某人的假面具 expose sb.'s hypocrisy; tear the mask off sb.;
    摘下假面具 throw off one's (the) mask
    * * *
    假面具|假面具 [jiǎ miàn jù] mask fig. false façade deceptive front

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假面具

  • 10 偽裝

    pretend; feign, disguise; guise; mask, camouflage
    * * *
    n. camouflage, guise
    v. fake, feign, pretend, disguise, mask, camouflage
    adj. garnished
    * * *
    wei3 zhuang1
    to fake, to feign, to pretend, living under a false identity, dressed up as, under the guise of
    * * *
    偽裝|伪装 [wěi zhuāng] to fake to feign to pretend living under a false identity dressed up as under the guise of

    Chinese-English dictionary > 偽裝

  • 11 分离

    (of things) separate; sever; detach, (of people) leave; part; separate, separation;parting
    * * *
    part; detach; dispart; dissociate; divorce from; secede; segregate; split
    【计】 decatenation; deconcatenation; decouple; kick-off; kick-out
    【化】 isolation; segregation; separation
    【医】 abruptio; ap-; aphoresis; apo-; chorisis; detachment; dia-; diaeresis
    diastasis; disassociation; disconnect; dissociation; divarication
    isolate; isolation; segregation; separation; sequester; sequestration
    solution; sublatio; sublation
    【经】 separate
    相关词组: 分离的
    * * *
    separate; sever; abruption; apart; asunder; breakaway
    * * *
    n. detachment, separation; discrete
    v. separate, segregate, depart, sever, detach, dissociate
    * * *
    fen1 li2
    to separate
    * * *
    fēn lí
    (分开) separate; sever; resolve; segregate; isolate; detach; dis(as)sociate; abstrict:
    从空气中把氮分离出来 separate nitrogen from air;
    男女生分离的教育制度 an educational system where boys and girls are segregated
    (离别) part (for a long period); leave; bid farewell:
    我见到了分离多年的朋友。 I met an old friend from whom I had parted for many years.
    separation; severance; segregation; isolation; disassociation; demixing; detachment; diastasis:
    长期分离之后 after a long separation;
    与朋友们分离使他伤心。 Separation from his friends made him sad.
    分离比偏差 segregation ratio distortion;
    分离编译 separate compilation;
    分离变量法 separation of variable;
    分离变数法 {数} separation of variables;
    分离舱 pod;
    分离叉 release yoke;
    分离掣爪 disengaging latch;
    分离常数 dissociation constant; separation constant;
    分离超平面 separating hyperplane;
    分离传动离合器 declutch driving clutch;
    分离存储环 separate storage rings;
    分离单元 {核子} separative element;
    分离担子 apobasidium;
    分离挡板 skimming baffle;
    分离涤气机 separator-scrubber;
    分离点 burble point; separation point;
    分离电路 split circuit; anti-Rossi circuit;
    分离电平 discrete level;
    分离定理 separation theorem;
    分离定律 law of segregation;
    分离度 separating (separation) degree;
    分离段 {航空} fallaway section;
    分离多径接收 rake reception;
    分离多径接收机 rake receiver;
    分离多项式 separation polynomial;
    分离二烯烃 dines separation;
    分离发动机 escape engine;
    分离阀 separating valve;
    分离法 partition method; separation process;
    分离法兰 parting flange;
    分离分生组织 detached meristem;
    分离分选机 grader and separator;
    分离符号 separating character;
    分离浮选 separating flotation;
    分离负荷 segregational load;
    分离杆 declutcher control lever; declutching lever; disconnecting lever; disengaging bar; disengaging lever; disengaging rod; tripping lever;
    分离杆链 uncoupling lever chain;
    分离杆托架 detachable lever bracket;
    分离杆轴 uncoupling lever shaft;
    分离功 work of separation;
    分离功量值 separative work content value;
    分离功率 {核子} separative power;
    分离公理 axiom of separation, separation axiom;
    分离钩 detaching hook; selfdetaching hook;
    分离沟 splitter box;
    分离鼓 {化工} knock-out drum;
    分离管 separator tube;
    分离罐 knockout drum;
    分离规 extractor gauge;
    分离轨道回旋加速器 separated-orbits cyclotron;
    分离滚筒 separation barrel;
    分离过程 separation process;
    分离过滤器 {工} separator-filter;
    分离滑动离合器 declutch sliding clutch;
    分离环 separation ring; withdraw collar;
    分离火箭 separation rocket;
    分离火焰 separated flame;
    分离机 separating centrifuge; separator;
    分离机构 charge-driven piston mechanism; detatching mechanism; disengaging gear; disengaging mechanism; release mechanism; separation mechanism; tripper; kickoff mechanism;
    分离畸变 {遗} segregation distorter;
    分离激励 dissociative excitation;
    分离计数器 gap counter;
    分离检波方式 separated detection system;
    分离角 angle of departure (投射线与水平面的角度);
    分离结晶(作用) fractional crystallization;
    分离界限 stall limit;
    分离进位表示法 separate carry representation;
    分离进位加法电路 separate carry adder;
    分离精液保存 semen isolation storage;
    分离空间 separated space;
    分离控制电路 separation control circuit;
    分离冷却 cooling in spaced formation;
    分离离合器 cut-off clutch;
    分离连接器 separate connector;
    分离链接字段 split chaining field;
    分离流冰(群) open pack ice;
    分离流动 separated flow;
    分离炉 chamber furnace;
    分离滤波器 separation filter;
    分离码 separate code;
    分离脉冲 discrete pulse;
    分离密度 partition density; {采矿} tromp cut point;
    分离面 parting surface; separate surface; separation surface;
    分离模式(标本) clastotype;
    分离膜 diffusion barrier;
    分离能 {核} separation energy;
    分离能力 {化工} separating power;
    分离盘 separator disk;
    分离培养 separate culture;
    分离培养基 isolation medium;
    分离配件 discrete;
    分离平面 separating plane;
    分离器件 discrete device;
    分离汽锅 {工} separating drum;
    分离取样铲 splitter;
    分离砂糖 turbinado; turbinado sugar;
    分离筛 bolter; screen sieve; separating grid; shaker bed;
    分离射流 separation jet;
    分离设备 separation plant;
    分离升力 {航空} separated lift;
    分离升运链 cleaner chain;
    分离势 {核子} separation potential;
    分离术 exclusion;
    分离数 separation number;
    分离数据 mask data;
    分离瞬间 time of releasing;
    分离速度 separating rate;
    分离速率 {航空} rate of departure;
    分离踏板 cut-out pedal; release pedal;
    分离弹簧 cut spring; disengaging spring;
    分离套筒 release sleeve;
    分离特性 stalling characteristic;
    分离体 chorista;
    分离条件 separation condition;
    分离透镜 dialyte lens;
    分离-脱落式连接器 separation-breakaway connector;
    分离网 seperate mesh;
    分离位置 separation point position;
    分离温度 separation temperature;
    分离蜗杆 worm with disengaging motion;
    分离涡流 separation eddy;
    分离物 separator; separate;
    分离洗涤机 separator-scrubber;
    分离系数 separation; separation factor;
    分离系数形式 detached;
    分离系统 {建} split system;
    分离纤维 defibre;
    分离线路 split circuit; anti-Rossi circuit;
    分离相位开关设备 isolated phase switchgear;
    分离效率 {核子} separative efficiency;
    分离效应 separation effect;
    分离信号 separation signal;
    分离信号电路 {电子} demultiplexing circuit;
    分离形式 unpack format;
    分离旋管 knockout coil;
    分离页面 separator page;
    分离叶片 separate blade;
    分离遗传特性 qualitative character;
    分离异丁烯 isobutylene separation;
    分离因数 separation factor;
    分离因子 separation factor;
    分离语句 detach statement;
    分离元件 resolution element;
    分离运动 disengaging movement;
    分离爪 disengaging pawl;
    分离折叠波导 split-folded wave guide;
    分离诊断 isolation diagnostic;
    分离指令 separation command;
    分离指示器 separation indicator;
    分离中央胎座式 {植} free central placentation;
    分离轴 declutch shaft; disengaging shaft; divided axle; release shaft;
    分离轴承 release bearing;
    分离轴承盖垫密片 declutch shaft bearing gasket;
    分离柱 {化工} splitter;
    分离逐稿轮 separating beater;
    分离装置 {自} segregating unit; disconnecting gear; releasing device; separating unit; separating mechanism;
    分离子 segregant;
    分离字 mask;
    分离总线 separate bus;
    分离组织 chorista;
    分离座舱 detchable cabin;
    分离座架 declutch carrier
    * * *
    分離|分离 [fēn lí] to separate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分离

  • 12 化装

    (of actors) make up, disguise oneself
    * * *
    disguise oneself; make up; mask
    相关词组: 化装舞会
    * * *
    make up
    * * *
    n. makeup
    v. disguise
    * * *
    hua4 zhuang1
    (of actors) to make up, to disguise oneself
    * * *
    huà zhuāng
    (装扮角色) (of actors) make up:
    他化装扮演一个老头儿。 He made up for the part of an old man.
    (假扮) disguise oneself:
    化装进城 go to town in disguise;
    化装侦察 go reconnoitering in disguise
    化装放大器 masking amplifier;
    化装品 makeup;
    化装师 makeup man;
    化装室 dressing room;
    化装舞会 masquerade; costume ball; fancy dress ball
    * * *
    化裝|化装 [huà zhuāng] (of actors) to make up to disguise oneself

    Chinese-English dictionary > 化装

  • 13 口罩

    gauze mask (worn over nose and mouth); surgical mask
    * * *
    guaze mask; respirator
    【医】 mask
    * * *
    * * *
    n. surgical mask (cover nose and mouth)
    * * *
    kou3 zhao4
    mask (surgical etc)
    * * *
    kǒu zhào
    breathing mask; mask; gauze mask (worn over nose and mouth):
    戴口罩 wear a gauze mask
    * * *
    口罩|口罩 [kǒu zhào] mask (surgical etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 口罩

  • 14 呼吸

    breathe; respire; wind, breath; breathing
    * * *
    atman; breath; breathe; breathing; respiration; respire; wind
    【化】 respiration
    【医】 anapnea; breath; breathing; pneo-; pneuma-; pneumato-; pneumo-
    pneusometer; R.; respiration; respire; spiro-
    相关词组: 腹式呼吸
    * * *
    breath; breathe; breathing; halitus; respiration; respire; wind
    * * *
    n. breathing, respiration
    v. breathe, respire
    * * *
    hu1 xi1
    to breathe
    * * *
    hū xī
    (生物体同外界进行气体交换) breathe; respire:
    出去呼吸新鲜空气 go out for a breath of fresh air;
    用鼻孔(嘴)呼吸 breathe through the nostrils (mouth);
    我又能像个自由人一样呼吸了。 Once again I breathed as a free man.
    breath; breathing; pneusis; anapnea; anapnoea; aspiration; respiration:
    屏住呼吸 bate (catch; hold) one's breath;
    口对口呼吸 mouth-to-mouth respiration;
    人工呼吸 artificial respiration;
    他的呼吸迟缓而困难。 His breathing is laboured.
    呼吸瓣 breathing valve;
    呼吸不足 hypopnea;
    呼吸尘 respiration dust;
    呼吸促迫 cinclisis; tachypnea;
    呼吸蛋白质 respiratory protein;
    呼吸道 respiratory tract; pneogaster;
    呼吸防护 respiratory protection;
    呼吸分析器 breathalyser; breathalyzer;
    呼吸高峰 respiratory climacteric;
    呼吸根 pneumathodium; aerating root;
    呼吸功能试验 respiratory function test;
    呼吸管 respiratory siphon; siphon table; respiratory tube;
    呼吸过度 hyperpnea;
    呼吸过敏 respiratory hypersensitivity;
    呼吸缓慢 slow respiration;
    呼吸急促 tachypnea; ecphysesis; polypnea;
    呼吸计 respirometer;
    呼吸计量法 respirometry;
    呼吸间断 anaerosis;
    呼吸角 pneustocera; respiratory trumpet;
    呼吸痉挛 respiratory spasm;
    呼吸孔 spiracle; pneumostome;
    呼吸链 respiratory chain;
    呼吸率 respiratory rate;
    呼吸麻痹 respiratory paralysis;
    呼吸面罩 breathing mask;
    呼吸酶 respiratory enzyme; atmungsferment;
    呼吸描记器 spirograph; pneumograph; biograph; pneumography;
    呼吸描记图 pneumatogram; pneumogram; spirogram;
    呼吸器 simbal; rebreather; aerophore; respirator;
    呼吸器官 respiratory organ;
    呼吸气活门 breathing valve;
    呼吸气量测定器 pneumonometer;
    呼吸气压速度描记器 anapnograph;
    呼吸群 breath-group;
    呼吸热 respiratory heat;
    呼吸塞 breather plug;
    呼吸色素 respiratory pigment;
    呼吸商 respiratory quotient;
    呼吸衰竭 respiratory failure;
    呼吸速度描记器 pneumotachograph;
    呼吸速度描记图 pneumotachogram;
    呼吸速率 respiratory rate;
    呼吸损耗 breathing loss;
    呼吸体操箱 domicilium;
    呼吸调节中枢 pneumotaxic center; pneumotaxic respiratory center;
    呼吸停止 respiratory arrest;
    呼吸突变期 climacteric;
    呼吸系统 respiratory system; systema respiratorium;
    呼吸系统疾病 respiratory system disease;
    呼吸效率 efficiency of respiratory;
    呼吸徐缓 bradypnoea; bradypnea;
    呼吸学 pneumatology;
    呼吸叶 respiratorium;
    呼吸抑制剂 respiration inhibitor;
    呼吸抑制中枢 respiratory depress center;
    呼吸跃变期 climacteric;
    呼吸运动 respiratory movement;
    呼吸运动学 respirometry;
    呼吸暂停 apnea; apnoea;
    呼吸正常 eupnea;
    呼吸中枢 respiratory center;
    呼吸周期 respiratory cycle;
    呼吸组织 respiratory tissue;
    呼吸作用 respiration
    * * *
    呼吸|呼吸 [hū xī] to breathe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 呼吸

  • 15 唱白脸

    wear the white mask of the villain — play the villain; pretend to be harsh and severe (often used in contrast to 唱红脸)
    wear the white mask of the villain — play the villain; pretend to be harsh and severe (often used in contrast to 唱紅臉)
    * * *
    v. play the villain, pretend to be harsh and severe
    * * *
    chang4 bai2 lian3
    to play the part of the villain in opera, lit. to sing the white face
    * * *
    chàng bái liǎn
    wear the white makeup of the stage villain; play the villain; pretend to be harsh and severe
    * * *
    唱白臉|唱白脸 [chàng bái liǎn] to play the role of the villain (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 唱白脸

  • 16 唱白臉

    wear the white mask of the villain — play the villain; pretend to be harsh and severe (often used in contrast to 唱红脸)
    wear the white mask of the villain — play the villain; pretend to be harsh and severe (often used in contrast to 唱紅臉)
    * * *
    v. play the villain, pretend to be harsh and severe
    * * *
    chang4 bai2 lian3
    to play the part of the villain in opera, lit. to sing the white face
    * * *
    唱白臉|唱白脸 [chàng bái liǎn] to play the role of the villain (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 唱白臉

  • 17 固定

    fixed; regular; steady; inflexible, fix; regularize; fasten; stay; anchor
    * * *
    fix; moor; peg; rivet; root; secure; tackle
    【计】 lock-up
    【化】 anchorage
    【医】 fix; fixation; fixing; fixity; immobilize; lock
    相关词组: 固定的
    * * *
    fastness; fixation; fixup; immobility; moor; peg; rivet; root; securing
    * * *
    v. fixate
    adj. fixed, regular
    v. fix, regularize, regulate, set
    * * *
    gu4 ding4
    fixed, set, regular
    * * *
    gù dìng
    (不变动) fixed; regular:
    固定工 a regular worker;
    固定职业 permanent occupation;
    电视台的固定节目 a regular TV programme;
    不要用固定的眼光看问题。 Don't take a static view of things.
    (使固定) fasten; fix; regularize; fixation; immobilization; make fast; mount; rigid fixing; settlement; slewing:
    把灯座固定在车床上 fix the lamp stand on the lathe;
    这个书架被固定在墙壁上。 The bookshelf is fastened to the wall.
    他们把业务学习时间固定下来。 They have set a regular time for vocational study.
    {生} (显微或超显微制片技术步骤之一) fix;
    固定氨 fixed ammonia;
    固定靶 fixed target;
    固定百叶窗 abatvent; louver jalousie;
    固定板 {工} dead plate; retaining plate; ledger plate;
    固定保(险)费 fixed premium;
    固定保释金 fixed bail;
    固定比例包干 {财政} share revenue with the central government on a fixed ratio;
    固定比例放大 enprint;
    固定比例分成收入 fixed ratio shared revenue;
    固定比率 fixed ratio;
    固定边界 fixed boundary;
    固定边缘 built-in edge;
    固定变量 fixed variable;
    固定表面电荷 fixed surface charge;
    固定标尺 nonadjustable signal;
    固定标识检查法 constant mark check method;
    固定冰 {海} coast ice; coastal ice; fast ice;
    固定柄 fixed handle;
    固定波道侦察 fixed channel reconnaissance;
    固定波形发生器 fixed waveform generator;
    固定薄膜电阻器 fixed film resistor;
    固定卜线法 fixed wiring method;
    固定部分 fixed part; stationary part;
    固定财产 real property;
    固定采样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定参数 preset parameter;
    固定操作 fixing operation;
    固定槽 {工} holddown groove;
    固定插入 fixed insertion;
    固定插入编辑 fixed insertion editing;
    固定插头 locking-type plug;
    固定差 {数} fixed difference;
    固定长度格式 fixed-length format;
    固定唱名法 “ fixed do” system;
    固定超前 {航空} fixed lead;
    固定车轴距 right wheel base;
    固定衬垫螺栓 shim bolt;
    固定衬套 stationary bushing;
    固定成本 constant cost; fixed cost; standing cost;
    固定成分 frozen composition; fixture;
    固定成员 fixed member;
    固定乘法区 {自} fixed product area;
    固定齿轮 dead wheel;
    固定触点 {电工} fixed contact; stationary contact point;
    固定触点部件 stationary contact member;
    固定床铺 bunk (船上的);
    固定磁场加速器 {核子} fixed-field accelerator;
    固定磁盘 fixed disk;
    固定磁头 fixed head;
    固定磁针测量 {地测} fixed-needle surveying;
    固定词序 {语} rigid word-order;
    固定催化剂 fixed catalyst;
    固定存储器 {自} fixed storage; permanent storage; fixed memory; permanent memory; readout memory; non-erasable storage; non-volatile memory;
    固定存储器数据结构 fixed storage pattern;
    固定存储区 permanent storage area;
    固定错误 fixed error; solid error; permanent error;
    固定氮 fixed nitrogen;
    固定氮肥 fixed nitrogen fertilizer;
    固定挡板 fixed dam; stationary stop;
    固定刀 dead knife; stationary knife;
    固定刀架 immovable support;
    固定刀刃 counteredge;
    固定刀式刨床 fixed knife planer;
    固定刀头(单板)齐边机 fixed head jointer;
    固定导板 resting guide; stationary guide shoe;
    固定导航路线 constant navigation course;
    固定导叶 fixed guide vane; stay vane (水轮机的);
    固定灯 fixed light;
    固定灯丝 anchored filament;
    固定抵押品 fixed collateral;
    固定点 standpoint; {热} fixed points; bedding point;
    固定点火 fixed ignition;
    固定垫片 setting-up piece;
    固定电池 self-contained battery;
    固定电池组 stationary battery;
    固定电感 fixed inductance;
    固定电感器 fixed inductor;
    固定电话 hand-free telephone;
    固定电极法 {工} fixed-electrode method;
    固定电容 fixed capacity;
    固定电容器fixed capacitor; fixed condenser;
    固定电台 fixed radio station;
    固定电台通信 fixed service;
    固定电位 fixed potential;
    固定电位计 fixed potentiometer;
    固定电压 fixed voltage;
    固定电阻 fixed resistance; constant resistance;
    固定电阻电路 constant-resistance circuit;
    固定电阻放电 constant-resistance discharge;
    固定电阻器 fixed resistor; permanent resistor;
    固定订货期间模型 fixed order period model;
    固定订货数量模型 fixed-order quantity model;
    固定动力装置 rigidly-fixed power plant;
    固定动作模式 {动} fixed-action pattern;
    固定毒 fixed virus; virus fix;
    固定断裂点 fixed breakage point;
    固定锻炉 stationary forge;
    固定发动机 stationary engine;
    固定发射 fixed launch;
    固定发射场导弹 fixedsite missile;
    固定发射装置 fixed launcher;
    固定阀 {油工} standing valve;
    固定法兰盘 fixed flange; retention flange;
    固定反应 fixation reaction;
    固定范围 fixed range;
    固定防护装置 fixed-guard;
    固定费用 constant expense; standing exchange; standing charge;
    固定费用问题 {工管} fixed-charge problem;
    固定分保 obligatory reinsurance;
    固定分保合同 obligatory treaty; fixed treaty;
    固定分布 frozen-in distribution;
    固定分频器 fixed frequency divider;
    固定分压器 fixed potentiometer;
    固定符号表 permanent symbol table;
    固定辐射点 stationary radiant;
    固定赋值 fixed assignment;
    固定负荷 firm demand;
    固定负债 fixed liabilities;
    固定负债比率 ratio of fixed liabilities;
    固定负载 dead load; dead-weight; constant load;
    固定负载状态 continuous rating;
    固定干扰法 fixed interference method;
    固定杆 dead lever; fixed link;
    固定杆件 fixed beam;
    固定感应线圈 {电工} fixed inductor;
    固定高架起重机 fixed gantry;
    固定割样器 stationary cutter;
    固定格栅 stationary grizzly;
    固定格筛 {采矿} static grizzly;
    固定隔栅 stationary grate;
    固定给定值控制 fixed set point control;
    固定工 fixed worker;
    固定工资 regular wage; regular earnings; regular pay; fixed wage; guaranteed salary;
    固定工资制 fixed-wag system;
    固定拱 {建} fixed arch;
    固定钩 stay hook;
    固定构型 fixed configuration;
    固定观念 fixed idea;
    固定关键字方式 fixed key word mode;
    固定管板换热器 fixed-tube-sheet heat exchanger;
    固定光 {航海} fixed light;
    固定光位 {植} fixed-light position;
    固定规 fixed gauge;
    固定轨道加速器 fixed-orbit accelerator;
    固定滚筒 resting barrel;
    固定航空电台 aeronautical fixed station;
    固定航线 constant navigation course; regular shipping lines;
    固定虎钳 standing vice;
    固定护栏 nonfloating rail;
    固定互连布线 fixed interconnect wiring;
    固定滑车 fixed block;
    固定滑轮 fixed block; fast pulley;
    固定环形天线 fixed-loop aerial; fixed-loop antenna; fixed-coil antenna;
    固定簧眼 spring fixed eye;
    固定回波 fixed echo; stationary echo;
    固定汇兑平价 absolute par exchange; fixed par of exchange;
    固定汇价 fixed exchange;
    固定汇率 fixed exchange rate; fixed rate of exchange;
    固定火炮 fixed armament;
    固定基点 fixed base point;
    固定基极偏流 fixed base current bias;
    固定基极偏压 fixed base bias;
    固定基金 fixed fund;
    固定基面 fixed base;
    固定基期 fixed base;
    固定基数记数法 fixed radix scale; fixed radix notation;
    固定基准 fixed datum;
    固定机库 permanent hangar;
    固定机翼 stationary wing;
    固定奇点 fixed singular point;
    固定激活阴极 dispenser cathode;
    固定激励 constant excitation;
    固定棘爪 fixed pawl;
    固定挤压压力 stationary extrusion pressure;
    固定几何形状机翼 fixed wings;
    固定几何形状喷管 constant geometry nozzle;
    固定剂 fixative; fixing agent;
    固定计划 standing plans;
    固定加权 fixed weighting;
    固定夹 geometrical clamp; attaching clamp;
    固定夹板 strap;
    固定夹片 {房} tingle;
    固定夹钳 stationary clamp;
    固定架 {电磁} mount; fixed mount; holder; trave;
    固定价格 fixed price; regular price;
    固定价格协议 price-fixing agreement;
    固定假日 national holiday;
    固定监测站 fixed monitoring station;
    固定间隔 fixed intervals;
    固定碱 fixed base;
    固定减振器 fixed buffer;
    固定键 retaining key; solid key;
    固定件(装置) toggle;
    固定焦点 {摄} fixed-focus;
    固定焦距透镜 universal focus lens;
    固定角规 miter square;
    固定绞车 jinny;
    固定铰链 fixed hinge;
    固定矫正器 fixed appliance;
    固定接触 stationary contact;
    固定接地 dead earth; solid earthing;
    固定接点 fixed contact;
    固定接头 permanent joint;
    固定截面喷嘴 fixed-area nozzle;
    固定节流孔 fixed orifice;
    固定结合 rigid joint; lock-joint;
    固定结筛 fixed grizzly;
    固定介质 mounting medium;
    固定进给磨削 {机} fixed-feed grinding;
    固定静负荷挠曲 dead-load deflection;
    固定镜 fixed mirror;
    固定晶体 fixed crystal;
    固定晶体检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定距标发生器 fixed-range mark generator;
    固定锯卡 fixed guide;
    固定卷筒 dead block (拉丝机的);
    固定均衡器 fixed equalizer;
    固定开口环 retaining snap ring;
    固定开睑器 stop speculum;
    固定壳 {工} set casing;
    固定空气电容器 air fixed capacitor;
    固定孔径 constant aperture;
    固定矿石检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定劳动总量谬误 lump of labour fallacy;
    固定雷达 fixed radar;
    固定力矩 fixed end moment; {力} fixing moment; moment at fixed end; moment taken about the point of fixation;
    固定利息投资 fixed-interest investment;
    固定利息证券 fixed interest bearing securities;
    固定联结机构 fixed linkage mechanism;
    固定联结系统 fixed linkage system;
    固定梁 built-in beam; fixed beam;
    固定零点 fixed zero;
    固定零点系统 fixed zero system;
    固定溜槽 fixed chute;
    固定龙门起重机 fixed ga(u)ntry crane;
    固定炉板 furnace dead plate;
    固定炉蓖 dead grate;
    固定轮 {工} fast pulley; tight pulley;
    固定轮距 rigid wheel base;
    固定逻辑 {自} fixed logic;
    固定逻辑询问 fixed logic query;
    固定螺钉{电工} terminal screw; clamping screw; pinching screw; retaining screw; setting-up screw; fixing screw;
    固定螺母 hold-down nut;
    固定螺栓 fixed bolt; set bolt; standing bolt;
    固定路线 route;
    固定铆机 stationary riveting machine;
    固定帽 locking cap;
    固定煤气发生炉 simple stationary gas producer;
    固定美元计算数字 constant dollar estimates;
    固定苗圃 permanent nursery;
    固定瞄准器 fixed index;
    固定模拟 fixed-analog;
    固定木楔 canting quoin;
    固定目标 {军} fixed target; fixed objective;
    固定啮合齿轮 constant mesh gear;
    固定镊 fixation forceps;
    固定扭矩 even twisting moment;
    固定排量泵 fixed-displacement pump;
    固定抛物反射面 fixed parabolic reflector;
    固定炮位 {军} fixed emplacement; permanent emplacement;
    固定配合 heavy keying fit; stationary fit;
    固定配件 standing finish;
    固定喷嘴 fixed nozzle; static jet;
    固定膨胀 {工} fixed expansion;
    固定偏流 fixed bias;
    固定偏心轮 {工} fixed eccentric;
    固定偏压 {电子} fixed bias; clamp bias;
    固定偏压晶体管电路 {电子} fixed-bias transistor circuit;
    固定偏转系统 fixed deflecting system; fixed yoke;
    固定偏转线圈 fixed deflection coil; fixed deflecting coil;
    固定胼胝体 definitive callus;
    固定平极 fixed mean pole;
    固定平价 fixed parity;
    固定平台 fixed platform;
    固定屏幕 fixed mask;
    固定谱系顺序 fixed-set order;
    固定起重机 stationary crane; stationary derrick;
    固定起重器 built-in jack;
    固定器 fixator;
    固定卡爪 stationary jaw;
    固定卡销 hold-open catch;
    固定钳口 regular jaw;
    固定桥 {土} fixed bridge;
    固定球面射电望远镜 fixed spherical radio telescope;
    固定区域 {自} fixed area;
    固定取样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定曲线法 method of steady graph;
    固定燃料发动机 dry-fuel engine;
    固定燃料箱 fixed fuel tank;
    固定染料 fixed dye;
    固定任务数多道程序设计 multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks;
    固定容量 fixed capacity;
    固定熔点 definite melting point;
    固定散射中心近似 fixed scattering centres approximation;
    固定砂箱 tight flask;
    固定沙丘 {地质} anchored dune; fixed dune; bult;
    固定筛 gravity flow screen; stationary screen;
    固定栅压振荡器 constant-gridpotential oscillator;
    固定商品陈列架 display stand;
    固定商业网 fixed commerce network;
    固定射击 fixed fire;
    固定设备 permanent plant; plant equipment; capital equipment;
    固定设备设计 stationary equipment design;
    固定射束 holding beam;
    固定伸臂起重机 stiff-boom crane;
    固定十进制小数点 fixed decimal point;
    固定石 {地质} anchor stone;
    固定时间序列 stationary time series;
    固定时序计算机 fixed sequence computer;
    固定时延 fixed delay;
    固定时延输出 fixed-delay output;
    固定时滞 fixed time lag;
    固定矢量 fixed vector;
    固定收益 constant return; settled income;
    固定枢轴 fixed pivot;
    固定术 pexis; pexia; -desis;
    固定数字组格式 fixed-block format (计算机);
    固定衰减器 {电子} fixed attenuator; pad;
    固定双位继电器 throw-over relay;
    固定栓 gim peg;
    固定水准点 permanent bench mark;
    固定税率 autonomous tariff; statutory tariff;
    固定税率制 general tariff system;
    固定丝锥扳手 solid tap wrench;
    固定素(株)(狂犬病)fixed strain;
    固定速率信源 fixed-rate source;
    固定酸 fixed acid;
    固定顺序格式 fixed sequential format;
    固定顺序机器人 limited sequence robot; fixed-sequence robot;
    固定损失 dead loss; fixed loss (与负载无关的);
    固定索具 {船} standing rigging;
    固定台 fixed station;
    固定探向器 stationary direction finder;
    固定碳 fixed carbon;
    固定天平 fixed weigher;
    固定天线 fixed antenna;
    固定天线测向器 fixed antenna direction finder;
    固定调谐板电路 fixed tuned plate circuit;
    固定调谐放大器 fixed-tuned amplifier;
    固定调谐晶体检波器 fixed-stuned crystal detector;
    固定调谐阻塞放电管 fixed tuned antitransmit-receive tube; fixed-tuned ATR tube;
    固定跳闸 {电工} fixed-handle circuit breaker; fixed-trip;
    固定同轴衰减器 fixed coaxial attenuator;
    固定投入 fixed i nput;
    固定图案法 fixed pattern method;
    固定凸缘 holding flange; retainer flange; cast flange;
    固定脱水筛 {采矿} fixed dewatering screen;
    固定万向节 permanent universal joint;
    固定尾座顶尖 stationary tailstock center;
    固定位置 stall;
    固定位置寻址 {自} fixed-position addressing;
    固定卫星 fixed satellite;
    固定污染源 stationary pollution source;
    固定无线电导航业务 aeronautical fixed radio service;
    固定无线电台 fixed radio station;
    固定无形资产 fixed intangible assets;
    固定物 fixture;
    固定误差 fixed error; solid error;
    固定卧式柴油机 stationary horizontal diesel engines;
    固定洗脱液 fixed eluant;
    固定系泊泊位 fixed mooring berth;
    固定下冲杆 stationary lower punch;
    固定舷窗 bull's eye; deadlight; fixed light;
    固定线管 fixed spool;
    固定线圈 fixed coil;
    固定向量 fixed vector;
    固定像差 constant aberration;
    固定销 {工} steady pin; adjusting pin; prisoner; static pin; steady brace; fast pin;
    固定卸料板 positive stripper; positive unloading stripper;
    固定芯棒 stationary core rod;
    固定信号 fixed signal; steady signal;
    固定信号机 fixed signal;
    固定信息文件 fixed information file;
    固定信息源 stationary information source; stationary message source;
    固定信息组 fixed field;
    固定形式编码 fixed form coding;
    固定修正量 fixed correction;
    固定需量收费制 flat demand rate;
    固定循环 canned cycle;
    固定压力中心 stationary centre of pressure;
    固定音形 {音} ostinato;
    固定盐度生物 stenohaline;
    固定延迟 fixed delay;
    固定延迟双稳态多谐振荡器 fixed delay flip-flop;
    固定延迟线 fixed delay line;
    固定延时 constant time lag;
    固定业务 fixed service;
    固定业务卫星通信 fixed service satellite communication;
    固定叶列 stationary blade row;
    固定叶栅 stationary cascade;
    固定液 fixer; fixative; stationary liquid;
    固定移相器 fixed phase shifter;
    固定蚁场 fixed rearing yards for newly hatched worms;
    固定音型 ostinato figure;
    固定印料板 stationary stripper;
    固定用凸缘 clamping flange;
    固定油 {材} fixed oil;
    固定油基 fixed oil radicals;
    固定预备林 fixed reserve forest;
    固定预分配多址 fixed preassigned multiple access;
    固定预算 fixed budget;
    固定源熵 fixed source entropy;
    固定圆形淘汰盘 dumb buddle;
    固定载荷 constantly acting load; fixed load; seating load;
    固定增益阻尼 fixed-gain damping;
    固定轧碎机 stationary crusher;
    固定闸杆 dead brake lever;
    固定闸杆导承 dead brake lever guide;
    固定闸门 fixed gate;
    固定爪 fixed claw; fixed jaw; holding pawl; solid jaw; stationary dog; stationary pawl;
    固定照明 priming illumination;
    固定辙叉 stiff frog;
    固定振动图像 mode;
    固定阵列法 fixed array method;
    固定振幅载波 constant-amplitude carrier;
    固定证券价格 pegging;
    固定支点 fixed pivot;
    固定支架 fixed support; stationary barrier; steady rest;
    固定支座 hold-down support;
    固定指标问题 fixed-charge problem;
    固定指令控制 fixed command control;
    固定指针导线 {工} fixed-needle traverse;
    固定中心架 {工} back rest; back stay; steady; stationary steady; steady centre rest;
    固定中心距变速齿轮系 fixed-centre change gears;
    固定重音 {语} fixed accent; fixed stress;
    固定轴 fixed axis; stationary axis; stationary shaft;
    固定轴衬 fixed bushing;
    固定轴承 rigid bearing;
    固定轴距 inflexible wheel base;
    固定主动轴 rigid drive shaft;
    固定主要离子法 fixed primary ion method;
    固定柱 fixed leg;
    固定装置 fixing device; setting mechanism; retainer;
    固定装置物 {建} fixture;
    固定桌 table dormant;
    固定资金 fixed fund;
    固定子群 fixed subgroup;
    固定字长 fixed word length;
    固定字长计算机 fixed word length computer;
    固定字段 fixed field;
    固定字段方法 {自} fixed-field method;
    固定纵向垫板条 footling;
    固定组成指数 invariable weighting index number;
    固定阻抗部件 constant-impedance unit;
    固定阻抗调整器 constant impedance regulator;
    固定作用 fixation; immobilization;
    固定座 permanent seat;
    固定坐标 fixed coordinates;
    固定坐标系 fixed-coordinate system
    * * *
    固定|固定 [gù dìng] to fix to fasten to set rigidly in place fixed set regular

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固定

  • 18 复制

    duplicate; reproduce; make a copy of
    * * *
    reproduce; replicate; autotype; duplicate; duplication; replication
    【计】 duplicate; duplicating; facsimile; reproduce
    【化】 manifold; replication
    【医】 duplication; replication
    【经】 reproduction
    相关词组: 复制的
    * * *
    copy; print off; repeat; replicate; reproduce; reprography; take off
    * * *
    adj. duplicate
    n. reproduction, duplication
    v. reproduce, replicate, copy, duplicate
    * * *
    fu4 zhi4
    to duplicate, to make a copy of, to copy, to reproduce, to clone
    * * *
    fù zhì
    duplicate; reproduce; copy; make a copy of; reproduction; repeat; rendition; dubbing; autotypy; duplication; facsimile; {生物} replication:
    复制古董 reproduce antiques; reproduce the same old thing over and over again;
    这录音的复制质量不太好。 The quality of reproduction isn't very good on this recording.
    复制版 {刷} duplicate plates;
    复制本 apograph;
    复制标准振荡器 sub-standard oscillator;
    复制叉 replication fork;
    复制成本 cost of reproduction;
    复制程序 reproducer;
    复制穿孔机 reproducing puncher;
    复制错误 copy error;
    复制带 replication band;
    复制单位 replicator;
    复制底片 duplicate negative;
    复制点 replication origin;
    复制电刷 reproducing brush;
    复制工作拷贝 feeler;
    复制光栅 replica; replica of grating;
    复制过程 reproduction process;
    复制基因 replicator;
    复制机 reproducer; duplicator; duplicating machine;
    复制记录 duplicated record;
    复制检查 copy check;
    复制键 {自} duplicate key;
    复制镜头 {光} repeat glass;
    复制例行程序 {自} duplicate routine;
    复制酶 replicase;
    复制模型 reconstructed model;
    复制能力 graphetic level;
    复制片 {工} replica; duplicated film; copy of a film;
    复制平板法 replica plating;
    复制器 reproducer;
    复制人员 dupler;
    复制试样 replica;
    复制速度 {讯} reproduction speed;
    复制台 dubber;
    复制体 replisome;
    复制图 copy pattern; drawing reproduction;
    复制图像密度 copy density;
    复制误差 error of replication;
    复制型 replicative form; replication pattern;
    复制学 replication science;
    复制循环 replication cycle;
    复制掩膜 copy mask;
    复制阳模 positive replica;
    复制因数 duplication factor;
    复制印刷机 copying and duplicating machine;
    复制印字机 hard copies printer;
    复制云母 {材} reconstituted mica;
    复制者 {机} duplicator;
    复制正片 {摄} duped print;
    复制铸造 polygram casting;
    复制装置 reproducing unit
    * * *
    複製|复制 [fù zhì] to duplicate to make a copy of to copy to reproduce to clone

    Chinese-English dictionary > 复制

  • 19 外刚内柔

    外剛內柔|外刚内柔 [wài gāng nèi róu] soft on the inside despite one's hard shell appearing tough on the outside as to mask one's inner vulnerability also written 內柔外剛|内柔外刚 [nèi róu wài gāng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 外刚内柔

  • 20 外剛內柔

    外剛內柔|外刚内柔 [wài gāng nèi róu] soft on the inside despite one's hard shell appearing tough on the outside as to mask one's inner vulnerability also written 內柔外剛|内柔外刚 [nèi róu wài gāng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 外剛內柔

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