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be well embedded in

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  • Embedded advertising — “Embedded Advertising is not about recall. Radio, TV and other media enjoy greater recall. Embedded advertising can cement consumer connections; it has the ability to make an emotional connect. It is used as a medium to avoid the clutter in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Embedded system — Picture of the internals of an ADSL modem/router. A modern example of an embedded system. Labelled parts include a microprocessor (4), RAM (6), and flash memory (7). An embedded system is a computer system designed to do one or a few dedicated… …   Wikipedia

  • Embedded database — An embedded database system is a DBMS that is tightly integrated with an application that requires access to stored data, such that the database system is “hidden” from the application’s end user and requires little or no ongoing maintenance. It… …   Wikipedia

  • Embedded pushdown automaton — An embedded pushdown automaton or EPDA is a computational model that parse languages in the tree adjoining grammar (TAG). It is similar to the context free grammar parsing pushdown automaton, except that instead of using a stack (data structure)… …   Wikipedia

  • Embedded value — The Embedded Value (EV) of a life insurance company is the present value of future profits plus adjusted net asset value. It is a construct from the field of actuarial science which allows insurance companies to be valued.BackgroundLife insurance …   Wikipedia

  • Embedded HTTP server — An embedded HTTP server is a component of a software system that implements the HTTP protocol. Examples of usage within an application might be:* To provide a thin client interface for a traditional application. * To provide indexing, reporting,… …   Wikipedia

  • well-grounded — Synonyms and related words: adamantine, admissible, authoritative, binding, bulky, calculable, cogent, confirmed, consistent, credible, deep dyed, deep engraven, deep fixed, deep grounded, deep laid, deep rooted, deep seated, deep set, deep… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • well-set — Synonyms and related words: able bodied, athletic, balanced, brawny, broad shouldered, burly, coequal, confirmed, coordinate, deep dyed, deep engraven, deep fixed, deep grounded, deep laid, deep rooted, deep seated, deep set, deep settled, dyed… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Well nut — A well nut a type of hardware fastener used to blindly fasten a piece (much like an anchor bolt) and to seal the bolt hole. It consists of a flanged neoprene bushing with a nut embedded in the non flanged end. The bolt is passed through one of… …   Wikipedia

  • Windows Embedded — is a family of Operating Systems from Microsoft designed for use in embedded systems. Microsoft makes available four different categories of Operating Systems for embedded devices targeting a wide market, ranging from small footprint, real time… …   Wikipedia

  • Windows Embedded Automotive — Company / developer Microsoft OS family Windows Embedded Source model Closed source Initial release December 4, 1998 Latest stable release 7 / October 19, 2010 …   Wikipedia

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