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be integral one to another

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  • Integral of secant cubed — One of the more challenging indefinite integrals of elementary calculus is:int sec^3 x , dx = frac{1}{2}sec x an x + frac{1}{2}ln|sec x + an x| + C.There are a number of reasons why this particular antiderivative is worthy of special attention:*… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral — This article is about the concept of integrals in calculus. For the set of numbers, see integer. For other uses, see Integral (disambiguation). A definite integral of a function can be represented as the signed area of the region bounded by its… …   Wikipedia

  • one — adj., n., & pron. adj. 1 single and integral in number. 2 (with a noun implied) a single person or thing of the kind expressed or implied (one of the best; a nasty one). 3 a particular but undefined, esp. as contrasted with another (that is one… …   Useful english dictionary

  • One-shot learning — is an object categorization problem of current research interest in computer vision. Whereas most machine learning based object categorization algorithms require training on hundreds or thousands of images and very large datasets, one shot… …   Wikipedia

  • One O'Clock Lab Band — Poster: 2009 Performance in New York Background information Genres Jazz, Big band …   Wikipedia

  • Integral transform — In mathematics, an integral transform is any transform T of the following form:: (Tf)(u) = int {t 1}^{t 2} K(t, u), f(t), dt.The input of this transform is a function f , and the output is another function Tf . An integral transform is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral domain — In abstract algebra, an integral domain is a commutative ring that has no zero divisors,[1] and which is not the trivial ring {0}. It is usually assumed that commutative rings and integral domains have a multiplicative identity even though this… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral equation — In mathematics, an integral equation is an equation in which an unknown function appears under an integral sign. There is a close connection between differential and integral equations, and some problems may be formulated either way. See, for… …   Wikipedia

  • integral — I. adjective Date: 1551 1. a. essential to completeness ; constituent < an integral part of the curriculum > b. (1) being, containing, or relating to one or more mathematical integers (2) relating to or concerned with mathematical integrals or… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • One-parameter group — In mathematics, a one parameter group or one parameter subgroup usually means a continuous group homomorphism φ : R → G from the real line R (as an additive group) to some other topological group G. That means that it is not in fact a group …   Wikipedia

  • Path integral formulation — This article is about a formulation of quantum mechanics. For integrals along a path, also known as line or contour integrals, see line integral. The path integral formulation of quantum mechanics is a description of quantum theory which… …   Wikipedia

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