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be full of character

  • 1 carácter1

    1 = status, complexion, temper, strength of character, temperament.
    Ex. AACR2 assigns this main entry status to the person who is chiefly responsible for the creation of the intellectual or artistic content of a work.
    Ex. These documents contain the Commission's sentiments on how policy should be evolved in particular sectors and what complexion it should take = Estos documentos contienen el sentir de la Comisión de cómo debería desarrollarse la política en sectores concretos y qué cariz debería tomar.
    Ex. A society without a literature has that much less chance of embodying within its temper and so within its organizations something of the fullness of human experience.
    Ex. These people usually do not realize that it often takes greater strength of character and heroic self-discipline to refrain from changing feet every time one opens one's mouth.
    Ex. The temperaments of the two founders were such that lasting success was unlikely.
    * buen carácter = good humour.
    * carácter aleatorio = randomness.
    * carácter conclusivo = finality, conclusiveness.
    * carácter consultivo = consultative status.
    * carácter contrariante = contrary nature.
    * carácter definitivo = finality, conclusiveness.
    * carácter de urgencia = sense of urgency.
    * carácter fortuito = randomness.
    * carácter fuerte = strong-mindedness.
    * carácter irlandés = Irishness.
    * carácter judío = Jewishness.
    * carácter moral = moral character.
    * carácter reciente = recentness.
    * carácter sagrado = sacredness.
    * de carácter = in character.
    * de carácter público = state-owned, government-owned, state-run, government-run, publicly owned [publicly-owned], publicly supported, publicly held.
    * de mal carácter = ill-natured.
    * desarrollar el carácter de Uno = build + Posesivo + character.
    * que demuestra desequilibrio de carácter = off-balance.
    * sin carácter = boneless, spineless.
    * tener mucho carácter = be full of character.
    * tener un carácter muy fuerte = be full of character.

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