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    baulk baulk ( BrE) ( NAmE usually balk) verb 1. [V] baulk (at sth) to be unwilling to do sth or become involved in sth because it is difficult, dangerous, etc. • 畏缩;回避:
    »Many parents may baulk at the idea of paying $100 for a pair of shoes.
    许多作父母的可能不愿出 100 块钱买一双鞋。
    2. [V] baulk (at sth) (of a horse 马) to stop suddenly and refuse to jump a fence, etc. • 逡巡不前;突然拒绝前行(如跳越障碍物等) 3. [VN] baulk sb (of sth) [usually passive] (formal) to prevent sb from getting sth or doing sth • 阻止;阻碍:
    »She looked like a lion baulked of its prey.
    * * *
    n. 阻礙

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  • 2 baulk

    煤层薄, 尖灭

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