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barometric low

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  • Barometric light — is a name for the light that is emitted by a mercury filled barometer tube when the tube is shaken. The discovery of this phenomenon in 1675 revealed the possibility of electric lighting. The phenomenon and its explanation The earliest barometers …   Wikipedia

  • low — low1 [lō] adj. [ME lah < ON lagr, akin to MDu lage, MLowG læge < IE base * legh , LIE1] 1. a) of little height or elevation; not high or tall b) not far above the ground [low clouds] 2. depress …   English World dictionary

  • low — Ⅰ. low [1] ► ADJECTIVE 1) of less than average height. 2) situated not far above the ground, horizon, etc. 3) below average in amount, extent, or intensity. 4) lacking importance, prestige, or quality; inferior. 5) (of a sound) deep. 6) …   English terms dictionary

  • low-pres|sure — «LOH PREHSH uhr», adjective. 1. having or using less than the usual pressure. 2. having a low barometric pressure: »During the seasons in question the coastal low pressure troughs were farther west than usual (Scientific American). 3. Figurative …   Useful english dictionary

  • low-pressure — [lō′presh′ər] adj. 1. a) having or using a low or relatively low pressure b) having or indicating a low barometric pressure 2. not energetic or forceful …   English World dictionary

  • barometric depression — low point in atmospheric pressure …   English contemporary dictionary

  • low — I. intransitive verb Etymology: Middle English loowen, from Old English hlōwan; akin to Old High German hluoen to moo, Latin calare to call, summon, Greek kalein Date: before 12th century moo II. noun Date: 1549 the deep sustained sound… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • low-pressure — adjective not forceful a low pressure salesman a low pressure campaign • Similar to: ↑unaggressive, ↑nonaggressive * * * ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ adjective 1. a …   Useful english dictionary

  • low — low1 adjective 1》 of less than average height.     ↘situated not far above the ground, horizon, etc.     ↘(of latitude) near the equator.     ↘(of women s clothing) cut so as to reveal the upper part of the breasts. 2》 below average in amount,… …   English new terms dictionary

  • barometric light —       luminous glow appearing in the vacuum above the mercury in a barometer tube when the tube is shaken, first noticed in 1675 by a French astronomer, Jean Picard. The electrical discharge takes place with a variety of rarefied gases trapped in …   Universalium

  • low — ləʊ n. level which is below what is normal; low degree or barometric pressure; something which is low; sound made by a cow, moo v. moo, make a mooing sound (like a cow) adj. situated near to the ground, not high; weak; quiet; depressed;… …   English contemporary dictionary

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