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barometric high

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  • barometric high — highest level of pressure recorded by a barometer, high point in atmospheric pressure …   English contemporary dictionary

  • High altitude pulmonary edema — (HAPE) is a life threatening form of non cardiogenic pulmonary edema that occurs in otherwise healthy mountaineers at altitudes above 2,500 meters (8,200 feet). Some cases however have been reported also at lower altitudes (between 1500 and 2500… …   Wikipedia

  • high — [hī] adj. [ME heigh, hei, hie < OE heah, akin to Ger hoch, Goth hauhs < IE * keuk < base * keu , to curve, arch > Sans kakúd , peak, Russ kúča, heap] 1. of more than normal height; lofty; tall: not used of persons 2. extending upward… …   English World dictionary

  • High-powered rocket — High power rocketry is a hobby similar to model rocketry, with the major difference being that higher impulse range motors are used. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) definition of a high power rocket is one which has a total weight …   Wikipedia

  • High altitude — are regions on the Earth s surface (or in its atmosphere) that are high above mean sea level. The composition and temperature of the atmosphere at high altitude is substantially different than at sea level. These differences can affect living… …   Wikipedia

  • high-pressure — ☆ high pressure [hī′presh′ər ] adj. 1. a) having, using, or withstanding a high or relatively high pressure b) having or indicating a high barometric pressure 2. using or applying forcefully persuasive or insistent methods or arguments [high… …   English World dictionary

  • high-pres|sure — «HY PREHSH uhr», adjective, verb, sured, sur|ing. –adj. 1. having, using, or resisting more than the usual pressure: »a high pressure boiler. 2. having high barometric pressure: »Air generally moves from a high pressure area into a low pressure… …   Useful english dictionary

  • high — adj., n., & adv. adj. 1 a of great vertical extent (a high building). b (predic.; often in comb.) of a specified height (one inch high; water was waist high). 2 a far above ground or sea level etc. (a high altitude). b inland, esp. when raised… …   Useful english dictionary

  • high — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hēah; akin to Old High German hōh high, Lithuanian kaukaras hill Date: before 12th century 1. a. having large extension upward ; taller than average, usual, or expected < a high wall > b.… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • high — {{11}}high (adj.) O.E. heh (Anglian), heah (W.Saxon) of great height, lofty, tall, exalted, high class, from P.Gmc. *haukhaz (Cf. O.S. hoh, O.N. har, Dan. hèi, Swed. hög, O.Fris. hach, Du. hoog, O.H.G. hoh, Ger. hoch, Goth. hauhs …   Etymology dictionary

  • high-pressure — I. adjective Date: 1824 1. a. having or involving a high or comparatively high pressure especially greatly exceeding that of the atmosphere b. having a high barometric pressure 2. a. using or involving aggressive and insistent sales techniques b …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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