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  • 1 band

    n. grup, mızıka, takım, çete, bando, orkestra; bant, şerit; kemer, kayış, sargı; frekans bandı; şarkı (plâk)
    v. şerit yapmak; bantlamak, bağlamak
    * * *
    1. bant 2. bantla (v.) 3. bant (n.)
    * * *
    [bænd] I noun
    1) (a strip of material to put round something: a rubber band.) band, şerit, kurdele
    2) (a stripe of a colour etc: a skirt with a band of red in it.) şerit, çizgi
    3) (in radio etc, a group of frequencies or wavelengths: the medium waveband.) bant, dalga bandı
    II 1. noun
    1) (a number of persons forming a group: a band of robbers.) takım, sürü, çete
    2) (a body of musicians: a brass band; a dance band.) topluluk, bando
    2. verb
    (to unite or gather together for a purpose: They banded together to oppose the building of the garage.) birleşmek, bir araya gelmek

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  • 2 tape

    n. kaset, bant, şerit, kurdele
    v. kaydetmek, kasede almak, bantlamak
    * * *
    1. şerit 2. bantla (v.) 3. bant (n.)
    * * *
    [teip] 1. noun
    1) ((a piece of) a narrow strip or band of cloth used for tying etc: bundles of letters tied with tape.) şerit, bant
    2) (a piece of this or something similar, eg a string, stretched above the finishing line on a race track: The two runners reached the tape together.) varış ipi
    3) (a narrow strip of paper, plastic, metal etc used for sticking materials together, recording sounds etc: adhesive tape; insulating tape; I recorded the concert on tape.) şerit, bant
    4) (a tape-measure.) şerit metre, mezura
    2. verb
    1) (to fasten or seal with tape.) şeritle bağlamak
    2) (to record (the sound of something) on tape: He taped the concert.) teype almak
    - tape-recorder
    - tape-record
    - tape-recording

    English-Turkish dictionary > tape

  • 3 taped

    1. bantla (v.) 2. bantlanmış (adj.)

    English-Turkish dictionary > taped

  • 4 band


    English-Turkish new dictionary > band

  • 5 tape


    English-Turkish new dictionary > tape

  • 6 taped


    English-Turkish new dictionary > taped

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