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  • 1 balls

    balls balls noun (taboo, slang) 1. ( BrE) nonsense • 胡说;废话:
    »Thatˈs a load of balls!
    2. [pl.] courage • 勇气:
    »Sheˈs got balls, Iˈll say that for her.
    »It took a lot of balls to do that.
    3. Balls! ( BrE) exclamation used as a swear word when you are disagreeing with sth, or when you are angry about sth • (粗俗话,表示不同意或恼怒) 【HELP】Less offensive ways to express this are ˈNonsense!ˈ, or ˈCome off it!ˈ • 较温和的用语是 Nonsense! 或 Come off it! verb 【PHR V】 ˌballs sth∽ˈup ( BrE, taboo, slang) • to spoil sth; to do sth very badly • 把…搞糟;弄得一塌糊涂 --› related noun [u]balls-up
    【HELP】A more polite way of saying this is foul sth up, mess sth up, or bungle sth. • 较礼貌的说法是 foul sth up、mess sth up 或 bungle sth。

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  • 2 balls-up

    balls-up ˈballs-up noun • (taboo, slang, especially BrE)something that has been done very badly • 混乱;一团糟:
    »I made a real balls-up of my exams.
    * * *
    n. 混亂﹐一團糟

    English-Chinese dictionary > balls-up

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