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  • 1 反冲

    recoil; kick
    * * *
    bounce back; kick; recoil
    【化】 back purge; recoil
    【医】 back stroke
    相关词组: 反冲的
    * * *
    bounce-back; kick; kick back; recoil
    * * *
    fan3 chong1
    recoil (of a gun), to bounce back, backlash
    * * *
    fǎn chōng
    {物} recoil; kickback; backswing; backlash; bounce-back
    反冲标记 recoil tagging;
    反冲程 reversal of stroke;
    反冲单元 back flush unit;
    反冲电子 {物} recoil electron;
    反冲电子流 recoil streamer;
    反冲断层 recoil faults;
    反冲阀 recoil valve;
    反冲法 recoil method;
    反冲分布 recoil distribution;
    反冲分离 (同质异能素的) recoil separation;
    反冲峰 backflush peak;
    反冲核 (子) recoil nucleon;
    反冲(原子) 核 recoil nucleus
    反冲化学 recoil chemistry;
    反冲技术 back-flushing technique;
    反冲加宽 recoil broadening;
    反冲角 recoil angle;
    反冲粒子 recoil particle;
    反冲粒子电离室 recoil ionization chamber;
    反冲粒子计数器 recoil counter;
    反冲力 reactive thrust; recoil strength;
    反冲裂变碎片 recoil fission fragment;
    反冲能 recoil energy;
    反冲(能量)谱 recoil spectrum;
    反冲实验 recoil experiment;
    反冲洗阀 backwash valve;
    反冲线 recoil line;
    反冲效应 recoil effect;
    反冲抑制 reactive inhibition;
    反冲因数 recoil factor;
    反冲原子 recoil atom;
    反冲质子计数管 proton-recoil counter;
    反冲质子计数器 recoil-proton counter
    * * *
    反衝|反冲 [fǎn chōng] recoil (of a gun) to bounce back backlash

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反冲

  • 2 反响

    repercussion; echo; reverberation
    * * *
    echo; reply; backwash; resound; reverberate
    【医】 resonance
    相关词组: 反响的
    * * *
    echo; reply; backwash; resound; reverberate
    * * *
    n. repercussions, reaction, echo, reverberation
    * * *
    fan3 xiang3
    repercussions, reaction, echo
    * * *
    fǎn xiǎng
    repercussion; echo; reverberation; resounding; re-echo; reception:
    在世界上引起广泛的反响 evoke worldwide repercussions;
    他的话没有在他们心中引起反响。 His words aroused no echoes in their hearts.
    * * *
    反響|反响 [fǎn xiǎng] repercussions reaction echo

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反响

  • 3 回冲

    【机】 backing up
    * * *
    hui2 chong1
    * * *
    huí chōng
    回冲击 repercussion
    * * *
    回沖|回冲 [huí chōng] backwash

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回冲

  • 4 回沖

    hui2 chong1
    * * *
    回沖|回冲 [huí chōng] backwash

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回沖

  • 5 回流

    circumfluence; refluence
    【化】 back flow; circulation reflux; contra-flow; flow-back; reflux
    【医】 backflow; palirrhea; reflux reflextonus; refluxing; regurgitation
    return; return current
    * * *
    circumfluence; refluence
    * * *
    hui2 liu2
    to flow back, reflux, circumfluence, refluence, backward flow, returning flow (e.g. of talent)
    * * *
    huí liú
    back-flow; inverse flow; counter-flow; backwash; return streamer; receding backflow; blowing back; return; {化工} reflux
    回流比 reflux ratio;
    回流波痕 backflow ripple;
    回流槽 backflash;
    回流萃取 reflux extraction;
    回流电路 return curcuit;
    回流阀 reflux valve; return valve;
    回流管 return pipe;
    回流换气法 loop scavenging;
    回流加热 reflux;
    回流阱 return trap;
    回流空气 return air;
    回流冷凝器 reflux condenser;
    回流冷凝液 refluxer (局部冷凝的);
    回流冷却 refluxing;
    回流量 phegmal reflux; quantity of reflux;
    回流流程 reflux process;
    回流率 reflux ratio;
    回流区 recirculation region;
    回流室 return passage;
    回流水道 back flow channel;
    回流污泥 return sludge;
    回流系统 {航空} return-flow system; reverse-flow system;
    回流液 phegma; reflux;
    回流蒸馏 cohobation;
    回流装置 reflux
    * * *
    回流|回流 [huí liú] to flow back reflux circumfluence refluence backward flow returning flow (e.g. of talent)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回流

  • 6 浪涛

    相关词组: 浪涛飞沫
    * * *
    backwash; beacher
    * * *
    lang4 tao1
    ocean wave, billows
    * * *
    浪濤|浪涛 [làng tāo] ocean wave billows

    Chinese-English dictionary > 浪涛

  • 7 逆流

    go against the current, adverse current; countercurrent
    * * *
    adverse current; countercurrent; backwash; eddy; refluence; reflux
    【化】 counter-current flow
    【医】 anarrhea
    相关词组: 逆流的
    * * *
    adverse current; countercurrent; backwash; eddy; refluence; reflux
    * * *
    n. adverse current, countercurrent
    * * *
    ni4 liu2
    against the stream, adverse current, a counter-current, fig. reactionary tendency, to go against the trend
    * * *
    nì liú
    anarrhea; backset; backwash; contra-flow; counter-flow; eddy; receding; counter current; reverse flow; opposite flow; upstream
    逆流靶风洞 counter flow range wind tunnel;
    逆流层 {地质} back-set bed;
    逆流抽提 counter-current extraction;
    逆流萃取 {化} countercurrent extraction;
    逆流阀 {土} reflux valve;
    逆流法 reverse flow process;
    逆流返混 counter-current backmixing;
    逆流分布 {物} countercurrent distribution;
    逆流分级机 countercurrent sizer;
    逆流分配 counter-current distribution;
    逆流分配法 counter-current distribution method;
    逆流干燥 counter-current drying;
    逆流干燥器 counter-flow drier;
    逆流管状换热器 {化} countercurrent pipe exchanger;
    逆流换气 counterflow scavenging;
    逆流换热 {机} countercurrent flow;
    逆流级 back current step;
    逆流级联 countercurrent cascade;
    逆流搅拌 countercurrent agitation;
    逆流截门 water check;
    逆流浸提 {化工} countercurrent leaching;
    逆流快速拌和机 counterflow rapid action mixer;
    逆流淋凝器 countercurrent jet condenser;
    逆流凝汽器 counterflow condenser;
    逆流喷射 {航空} upstream injection;
    逆流喷雾干燥器 {工} countercurrent spray dryer;
    逆流前进 stem;
    逆流送料法 {化} backward feed;
    逆流碎波 {海} overfalls;
    逆流塔 {化} countercurrent tower;
    逆流洗涤 countercurrent washing; backflush;
    逆流原理 {化} countercurrent action; countercurrent principle;
    逆流再生 counter-current regeneration;
    逆流制动开关 plugging switch;
    逆流注水冷凝器 {工} counterflow jet condenser;
    逆流自动断路开关 discriminating breaker
    * * *
    逆流|逆流 [nì liú] against the stream adverse current a counter-current fig. reactionary tendency to go against the trend

    Chinese-English dictionary > 逆流

  • 8 回洗水

    【化】 backwash water

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回洗水

  • 9 返洗液控制器

    【化】 backwash controller

    Chinese-English dictionary > 返洗液控制器

  • 10 逆吹

    【机】 backwash; blowback

    Chinese-English dictionary > 逆吹

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