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back row

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  • back row — noun (rugby) The line of forwards at the back of a scrum • • • Main Entry: ↑back …   Useful english dictionary

  • back-row — backˈ row adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑back …   Useful english dictionary

  • back row — noun a) The last row of seats in a theater or any group of seats. b) A row near the back of the theater or group of seats …   Wiktionary

  • back row — noun [treated as sing. or plural] Rugby the forwards who are in the third row in a scrum. Derivatives back rower noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • back row — /bæk ˈroʊ/ (say bak roh) noun Rugby Football the line of backs forming a group of offensive players behind the line of scrimmage …   Australian English dictionary

  • Back Row Productions — (BRP) is a company established in 1995 with offices in London and Sydney and is run by Managing Directors Liz Koops and Garry McQuinn. BRP is involved in theatre, live events, concert productions and international tour booking and licensing.Back… …   Wikipedia

  • back — back1 W1S1 [bæk] adv ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(return to place)¦ 2¦(as before)¦ 3¦(previous place)¦ 4¦(backwards)¦ 5¦(reply/reaction)¦ 6¦(return something to somebody)¦ 7¦(in the past)¦ 8¦(again)¦ 9 sit/lie/lean back 10¦(away)¦ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • row back — ˌrow ˈback [intransitive] [he/she/it rows back present participle rowing back past tense rowed back past participle rowed back …   Useful english dictionary

  • back-to-back — [bak′tə bak′] adj. 〚from use in stud poker to describe a pair dealt consecutively, one face down and the next face up 〛 ☆ 1. Informal one right after another; consecutive 2. facing in opposite directions, with the backs touching * * * back to… …   Universalium

  • back-to-back — back to back1 adj [only before noun] happening one after another ▪ They have had five back to back wins. back to back 2 back to back2 n BrE a house in a row or ↑terrace built with its back touching the back of the next row of houses …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • row — row1 [rō] n. [ME rowe < OE ræw, akin to Ger reihe < IE base * rei , to tear, split > RIVE, REAP] 1. a number of people or things arranged so as to form a line, esp. a straight line 2. any of a series of such horizontal lines in parallel …   English World dictionary

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