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babinet s principle

  • 121

    ordinary; common; normal, constant; invariable, frequently; often; usually
    * * *
    constant; frequent; ordinary
    * * *
    constant; frequent; ordinary
    * * *
    adj. common, constant
    adv. ever, often, frequently
    * * *
    surname Chang
    always, ever, often, frequently, common, general, constant
    * * *
    (一般; 普通; 平常) ordinary; common; normal:
    反常 unusual; abnormal;
    人情之常 natural and normal;
    习以为常 be used (accustomed) to sth.
    (不变的; 经常) constant; invariable:
    冬夏常青 remain green throughout the year; evergreen
    (时常; 常常) frequently; often; usually:
    她常去听音乐会。 She goes to concerts quite often.
    我们常见面。 We see quite a lot of each other.
    (书) (准则) norms:
    伦常纲纪 the human relationship and principle of the feudal society
    (姓氏) a surname:
    常遇春 Chang Yuchun
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 常|常 [Cháng] surname Chang
    Ⅱ. 常|常 [cháng] always ever often frequently common general constant

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  • 122 平等互利

    【经】 equality and mutual benefit
    * * *
    n. equality and mutual benefit
    * * *
    ping2 deng3 hu4 li4
    mutual benefit, to share profits equitably
    * * *
    píng děng hù lì
    (on a footing of) equality and mutual benefit; on an equal footing with mutual benefit; reciprocity based on equality:
    平等互利的原则 the principle of equality and mutual benefit
    * * *
    平等互利|平等互利 [píng děng hù lì] mutual benefit to share profits equitably

    Chinese-English dictionary > 平等互利

  • 123 建设

    build; construct, building
    * * *
    build; construct
    【经】 construction
    * * *
    build; construct
    * * *
    v. build, erect, construct
    * * *
    jian4 she4
    to build, to construct, construction, constructive
    * * *
    jiàn shè
    build; construct; reconstruction; development:
    干部队伍的建设 building of a strong contingent of cardres;
    经济建设 economic development;
    国防建设 building of national defence;
    基本建设 capital construction;
    建设居民小区是建设部要优先解决的问题。 Small residential areas have become a priority with the Ministry of Construction.
    我们在建设我们国家的事业中取得了巨大的成就。 We have achieved great successes in the cause of building up our country.
    建设单位 units undertaking projects;
    建设方针 construction prinicples; principle of construction;
    建设工业 building industry;
    建设阶段 construction phase;
    建设资金 construction funds
    * * *
    建設|建设 [jiàn shè] to build to construct construction constructive

    Chinese-English dictionary > 建设

  • 124 归纳

    induce; conclude; sum up
    * * *
    conclude; induce; sum up
    【计】 inductionmotor
    【经】 absorption
    相关词组: 归纳的
    * * *
    conclude; induce; sum up
    * * *
    n. induction
    v. generalize
    * * *
    gui1 na4
    to sum up, to summarize, to conclude from facts, induction (method of deduction in logic)
    * * *
    guī nà
    induce; conclude; sum up; induction:
    归纳大家的意见 sum up everybody's opinions;
    归纳出几个问题 sum up in several questions;
    递减归纳 descending induction;
    统计归纳 statistical induction;
    由...归纳出来 make a induction from...;
    从事实中归纳出结论 generalize a conclusion from facts;
    请把这篇文章的大意归纳一下。 Will you please sum up the main ideas of this article?
    上述各种考虑可以用几句话来归纳一下。 The foregoing considerations may be concluded in a few words.
    所有归纳推理都是一种猜测。 Every induction is a speculation.
    归纳断言法 induction assertion method;
    归纳法 induction; method of induction; inductive method;
    归纳积 reduced product;
    归纳极限 inductive limit;
    归纳假设 inductive assumption; inductive hypothesis;
    归纳论证 inductive demonstration of argumentation;
    归纳逻辑 inductive logic;
    归纳思维 inductive thought;
    归纳统计学 inductive statistics;
    归纳推理 inductive inference; inductive reasoning;
    归纳万能论 {逻} universal induction;
    归纳维数 inductive dimension;
    归纳原理 induction principle;
    归纳证明 proof by induction
    * * *
    歸納|归纳 [guī nà] to sum up to summarize to conclude from facts induction (method of deduction in logic)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 归纳

  • 125

    n. rule
    * * *
    ancient wine vessel, ancient sacrificial vessel, Yi ethnic group, normal nature of man, laws and rules
    * * *
    (古) (古代盛酒的器具) wine vessel:
    彝器 sacrificial vessel
    (书) (法度;常规) cardinal principle:
    国彝 a country's cardinal law
    (彝族) the Yi nationality
    * * *
    彞|彝 [yí] ancient wine vessel ancient sacrificial vessel Yi ethnic group normal nature of man laws and rules

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  • 126

    follow; comply with; obey, join; be engaged in, in a certain manner; according to a certain principle, follower; attendant, secondary; accessary, relationship between cousins, etc. of the same paternal grandfather or great-grandfather, from (a time, a place, or a point of view), via, through, or past (a place), (followed by a negative) ever
    * * *
    adj. lax, unhurried, accessory, secondary
    * * *
    surname Cong
    lax, yielding, unhurried
    from, via, passing through, through (a gap), past, ever (followed by negative, meaning never), (formerly pr., and related to 縱, 纵) to follow, to comply with, to obey, to join, to engage in, adopting some mode of action or attitude, follower, retainer, accessory, accomplice, related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
    second cousin
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 從|从 [Cóng] surname Cong
    Ⅱ. 從|从 [cōng] lax yielding unhurried
    Ⅲ. 從|从 [cóng] from via passing through through (a gap) past ever (followed by negative, meaning never) (formerly pr. [zòng] and related to ↑ |↑ ) to follow to comply with to obey to join to engage in adopting some mode of action or attitude follower retainer accessory accomplice related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
    Ⅳ. 從|从 [zòng] second cousin

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  • 127 循序渐进

    follow in order and advance step by step; proceed in an orderly way and step by step
    * * *
    xun2 xu4 jian4 jin4
    in sequence, step by step (idiom); to make steady progress incrementally
    * * *
    xún xù jiàn jìn
    proceed in an orderly way and step by step; advance gradually in due order; advance in regular order; follow in order and advance step by step; follow in proper order and advance gradually; follow in proper sequence and make steady progress; follow the order and gradually progress; Learn to creep before you walk.; Learn to run before you leap.; Learn to say before you sing.; proceed gradually in proper sequence; step by step:
    学习语言必须遵循循序渐进的原则。 To learn a language we must follow the principle of gradual improvement.
    * * *
    循序漸進|循序渐进 [xún xù jiàn jìn] in sequence, step by step (idiom); to make steady progress incrementally

    Chinese-English dictionary > 循序渐进

  • 128 微观

    * * *
    相关词组: 微观的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. microcosmic
    * * *
    wei1 guan1
    micro-, sub-atomic
    * * *
    wēi guān
    微观搞活, 宏观控制 micro-flexibility with macro-control
    微观不稳定性 {等离子} kinetic instability; microinstability; microscopic instability;
    微观地震效应 microseismic effect;
    微观动脉瘤 microaneurysm;
    微观断口 microfracture surface;
    微观分析 (个体分析, 个量分析) micro-analysis;
    微观搞活 micro-flexibility;
    微观各向异性{油工} microscopic anisotropy;
    微观机制 micromechanism;
    微观结构 microstructure;
    微观结构参数 microstructural parameter;
    微观进化 microevolution;
    微观晶体学 microcrystallography;
    微观经济 micro-economy;
    微观经济机制 micro-economic system;
    微观经济学(个体经济学) micro-economics;
    微观可逆性 {统力} microscopic reversibility; reversibility principle;
    微观可逆原理 principle of microscopic reversibility;
    微观理论 {物} microscopic theory;
    微观粒子 microparticle;
    微观力学 micromechanics;
    微观流变学 microrheology;
    微观脉动 micro-fluctuation;
    微观前兆 microscopic premonitory;
    微观蠕变 microcreep;
    微观世界 microcosm; microworld;
    微观寿命 microscopic lifetime;
    微观态 {统力} microscopic state; microstate;
    微观湍流 microturbulence;
    微观物理学 microphysics;
    微观现象 microphenomenon;
    微观效益 microeconomic returns;
    微观效应 microeffect;
    微观研究 microexamination; microscopic study;
    微观因果性 microcausality; microscopic causality;
    微观语言学 microlinguistics;
    微观震中 microscopic epicenter;
    微观滞后效应 {固物} microhysteresis effect;
    微观状态 microstate
    * * *
    微觀|微观 [wēi guān] micro- sub-atomic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 微观

  • 129 快感

    pleasant sensation; delight
    * * *
    pleasant sensation
    * * *
    large charge
    * * *
    kuai4 gan3
    pleasure, thrill, delight, joy, pleasurable sensation, a high
    * * *
    kuài gǎn
    pleasant sensation; delight:
    短暂的快感 fleeting pleasure
    快感过盛 hyperhedonia;
    快感缺乏 anhedonia; ahedonia;
    快感腺 hedonic glands;
    快感香韵 attractive note;
    快感学 hedonics;
    快感原则 {心理} pleasure principle
    * * *
    快感|快感 [kuài gǎn] pleasure thrill delight joy pleasurable sensation a high

    Chinese-English dictionary > 快感

  • 130 思维

    thought; thinking, think; consider
    * * *
    thinking; thought
    【医】 phronesis
    相关词组: 思维作用
    * * *
    thinking; thought
    * * *
    n. thought, thinking, cogitation
    * * *
    si1 wei2
    (line of) thought, thinking
    * * *
    sī wéi
    {哲} thought; thinking
    思维本质 essence of thinking;
    思维奔逸 flight of ideas;
    思维程序 thinker;
    思维方式 mode of thinking;
    思维工具 media of thinking;
    思维过程 thought process; thinking process;
    思维规律 law of thought;
    思维回响 thought echo;
    思维活动 thinking activities;
    思维机 thinking machine;
    思维经济原则 principle of economy of thought;
    思维科学 cognitive science;
    思维鸣响 thought audition;
    思维模式 thinking model;
    思维能力 thinking ability;
    思维粘滞 viscidity of thought;
    思维破裂 split of thought;
    思维器官 thinking organs;
    思维潜流 substream of thought; thinking substream;
    思维停顿 thought-stopping;
    思维形式 form of thought;
    思维学 cognitology;
    思维障碍 disturbance of thought
    * * *
    思維|思维 [sī wéi] (line of) thought thinking

    Chinese-English dictionary > 思维

  • 131 总方针

    general policy; general principle
    * * *
    general policy
    【经】 general policy
    * * *
    general policy
    * * *
    zong3 fang1 zhen1
    general policy, overall guidelines
    * * *
    zǒng fāng zhēn
    general policy; general principle
    * * *
    總方針|总方针 [zǒng fāng zhēn] general policy overall guidelines

    Chinese-English dictionary > 总方针

  • 132 恒定

    * * *
    * * *
    heng2 ding4
    * * *
    héng dìng
    恒定波 constant wave (CW);
    恒定参变元件 constant parametron;
    恒定场 constant field; stationary field;
    恒定磁链定理 constant-flux-linkage theorem;
    恒定带宽分析仪 constant bandwidth analyzer;
    恒定电离 constant ionization;
    恒定电流 constant current;
    恒定电位 constant potential;
    恒定电位梯度 constant potential gradient;
    恒定电源 stabilized power source;
    恒定电阻直流电位计 constant-resistance dc potentiometer;
    恒定负载 constant load;
    恒定工作状态 constant duty;
    恒定功率发电机 constant power generator;
    恒定辉光放电电压 constant-glow potential;
    恒定加速 constant acceleration;
    恒定亮度传输 {电} constant-luminance transmission;
    恒定亮度失效 constant luminance failure;
    恒定亮度原理 constant luminance principle;
    恒定流量 fixed rate; constant-rate of flow;
    恒定马力 constant horsepower;
    恒定脉冲 isopulse;
    恒定频率电源 constant frequency power supply;
    恒定频率控制 flat frequency control;
    恒定频率振荡器 constant-frequency oscillator;
    恒定区 constant region; invariable region;
    恒定栅压振荡器 constant-grid-potential oscillator;
    恒定速度 constant speed (velocity);
    恒定温度 steady temperature;
    恒定无线电编码 constant radio code;
    恒定相移网络 constant-phaseshifting network;
    恒定性 constance; constancy;
    恒定虚警率 constant false alarm rate;
    恒定旋转磁场 constant rotating magnetic field;
    恒定压力 constant pressure;
    恒定应力试验 constant stress test;
    恒定载荷 permanent load;
    恒定振幅 uniform amplitude;
    恒定周期 constant cycle; fixed cycle;
    恒定阻尼 constant damping;
    恒定最高容量 firm peak capacity
    * * *
    恆定|恒定 [héng dìng] constant

    Chinese-English dictionary > 恒定

  • 133 惠更斯

    Hui4 geng1 si1
    Huygens (name), Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), Dutch mathematician and astronomer
    * * *
    huì gēng sī
    Huygens (Christian, 1629-1695, 荷兰数学家、物理学家及天文学家)
    惠更斯-菲涅尔原理 Huygens-Fresnel principle;
    惠更斯原理 Huygens principle;
    惠更斯振荡源 Huygens source;
    惠更斯子波 Huygens wavelet
    * * *
    惠更斯|惠更斯 [Huì gēng sī] Huygens (name) Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), Dutch mathematician and astronomer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 惠更斯

  • 134 惩办

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    v. punish
    * * *
    cheng2 ban4
    to punish (someone), to take disciplinary action against (someone)
    * * *
    chéng bàn
    punish; chastise; punishment; chastisement:
    惩办和宽大相结合 combine punishment with leniency;
    惩办少数, 改造多数的原则 principle of punishing the few and reforming the many;
    依法惩办罪犯 punish criminals according to law;
    你们如何惩办偷窃者? How would you punish somebody for stealing?
    * * *
    懲辦|惩办 [chéng bàn] to punish (someone) to take disciplinary action against (someone)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 惩办

  • 135 意向

    intention; purpose; image
    * * *
    intent; intention; purpose; will
    【医】 intention
    相关词组: 正反意向并存
    * * *
    intent; order; will
    * * *
    n. intention, temperament, outlook, meaning, purpose, aim, intent, objective, reason, point, principle, principium, rationale, function, use, disposition, nature, character
    * * *
    yi4 xiang4
    intention, purpose, intent, inclination, disposition
    * * *
    yì xiàng
    intention; purpose:
    意向不明。 One's intention is not clear.
    意向合同 contract of intention;
    意向论 intentionalism;
    意向书 letter of intent;
    意向协定 intention agreement;
    意向心理学 Aktpsychologie;
    意向宣言 declaration of intention;
    意向运动 intention movement;
    意向震颤 intention tremor
    * * *
    意向|意向 [yì xiàng] intention purpose intent inclination disposition

    Chinese-English dictionary > 意向

  • 136 慈悲为本

    ci2 bei1 wei2 ben3
    mercy as the guiding principle (idiom); the Buddhist teaching that nothing is valid except compassion
    * * *
    cí bēi wéi běn
    Compassion is the principle of life.
    * * *
    慈悲為本|慈悲为本 [cí bēi wéi běn] mercy as the guiding principle (idiom); the Buddhist teaching that nothing is valid except compassion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 慈悲为本

  • 137 慈悲為本

    ci2 bei1 wei2 ben3
    mercy as the guiding principle (idiom); the Buddhist teaching that nothing is valid except compassion
    * * *
    慈悲為本|慈悲为本 [cí bēi wéi běn] mercy as the guiding principle (idiom); the Buddhist teaching that nothing is valid except compassion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 慈悲為本

  • 138 成像

    【化】 imagery; imaging
    * * *
    * * *
    cheng2 xiang4
    * * *
    chéng xiàng
    {物} imaging; formation of image; image formation; imagery
    成像变形器 {摄} anamorphoser;
    成像常数 camera constant;
    成像光学 image optics;
    成像雷达 {工} imaging radar;
    成像平面玻璃片 {摄} register glass;
    成像缺陷 image defects;
    成像设备 imaging device;
    成像探测器 imaging detector;
    成像系统 imaging system;
    成像原理 image-forming principle;
    成像组 image forming system
    * * *
    成像|成像 [chéng xiàng] imaging

    Chinese-English dictionary > 成像

  • 139 成分

    composition; component part; ingredient, one's class status; one's profession or economic status
    * * *
    component; composition; constituent; ingredient
    【化】 component part; composition; ingredient
    【医】 component; composition; fraction; ingredient; principle
    相关词组: 主要成分
    * * *
    component; composition; element; ingredient; member
    * * *
    n. ingredient, composition, birth, blood
    * * *
    cheng2 fen4
    composition, make-up, ingredient, element, component, one's social status, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    chéng fen
    (组成部分) composition; component part; ingredient; constituent; reactant; element; unit:
    肥料成分 the composition of a fertilizer;
    化学成分 chemical composition;
    土壤成分 composition of the soil
    (个人成分) one's profession or economic status:
    阶级成分 class status
    成分比例 proportion of ingredients;
    成分标准样品 constituent reference standard sample;
    成分分析室 component chamber;
    成分分析仪 analytical instrument;
    成分命题 {逻} membered proposition;
    成分试验 component testing;
    成分输血 {医} component blood transfusion
    * * *
    成分|成分 [chéng fèn] composition make-up ingredient element component one's social status CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 成分

  • 140 抹稀泥

    try to mediate differences at the sacrifice of principle; try to gloss things over
    * * *
    mo3 xi1 ni2
    to try to gloss over things (idiom)
    * * *
    抹稀泥|抹稀泥 [mǒ xī ní] to try to gloss over things (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 抹稀泥

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