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babinet s principle

  • 101 奉為圭臬

    奉為圭臬|奉为圭臬 [fèng wéi guī niè] to take as a guiding principle (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 奉為圭臬

  • 102 契约

    contract; deed; charter
    * * *
    bargaining; bond; contract; covenant; deed; indent; indenture; obligation
    pact; stipulation
    【经】 agreement; agreements; bargain; compact; contract; deed; indenture
    instrument; title deed
    相关词组: 保险契约者
    * * *
    bargain; bond; contract; covenant; deed; indent; indenture; obligation; stipulation
    * * *
    n. contract, deed, charter
    * * *
    qi4 yue1
    agreement, contract
    * * *
    qì yuē
    contract; agreement; indenture; deed; charter:
    成文契约 literal contract;
    解除契约 terminate a contract;
    年金契约 annuity agreement;
    签订契约 sign a contract;
    无条件契约 a bear contract;
    承包契约 be built by contract;
    修改契约 amend a contract;
    取消契约 cancel a contract;
    租船契约 charter agreement;
    宣布契约作废 declare off an engagement;
    单方执行的契约 deed poll;
    正式契约 a formal contract;
    这契约无效。 The contract is void.
    你有这房子的契约吗? Do you have the deed to the house?
    契约贷款 contractual loan;
    契约当事人 contracting parties;
    契约法 contract law;
    契约惯例 contractual practice;
    契约规定股利 contractual dividend;
    契约合营 contractual joint venture;
    契约货品 contract goods;
    契约劳工 contract labor;
    契约履行地 place of contract;
    契约曲线 contract curve;
    契约生效 execution of contract;
    契约条件 conditions of contract;
    契约条款 contract terms;
    契约箱 deedbox;
    契约有效期间 duration of contract;
    契约自由原则 principle of contractual freedom
    * * *
    契約|契约 [qì yuē] agreement contract

    Chinese-English dictionary > 契约

  • 103 学以致用

    study for the sake of application; study something in order to apply it
    * * *
    study sth. in order to apply it
    * * *
    study sth. in order to apply it
    * * *
    xue2 yi3 zhi4 yong4
    to study sth to apply it, study for practical applications
    * * *
    xué yǐ zhì yòng
    learn in order to practise; apply what one has learned; learning in order to practice; learning for practice; education with a view to service to (serving) the country; gear one's study to practical use; put into practice what one has learned; study for the purpose of application; study sth. in order to apply it; use what one has learned:
    我们必须坚持学以致用的原则。 We must adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose.
    * * *
    學以致用|学以致用 [xué yǐ zhì yòng] to study sth to apply it study for practical applications

    Chinese-English dictionary > 学以致用

  • 104 学说

    theory; doctrine
    * * *
    doctrine; Lysenkoism; theory
    【医】 doctrine; theory
    相关词组: 巴甫洛夫学说
    * * *
    Lysenkoism; doctrine; theory
    * * *
    n. theory, canon, dogma, speculation, philosophy, concept, doctrine, policy, principle, principium
    * * *
    xue2 shuo1
    theory, doctrine
    * * *
    xué shuō
    theory; doctrine:
    达尔文的进化论学说 Darwin's theory of evolution;
    马克思的国家学说 Marx's teaching on the state
    * * *
    學說|学说 [xué shuō] theory doctrine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 学说

  • 105 學說

    theory; doctrine
    * * *
    n. theory, canon, dogma, speculation, philosophy, concept, doctrine, policy, principle, principium
    * * *
    xue2 shuo1
    theory, doctrine
    * * *
    學說|学说 [xué shuō] theory doctrine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 學說

  • 106 宇宙学

    * * *
    * * *
    yu3 zhou4 xue2
    * * *
    yǔ zhòu xué
    宇宙学常数 {天物} cosmological constant;
    宇宙学恒量 {相对} cosmological constant;
    宇宙学红移 cosmological redshift;
    宇宙学家 cosmologist; cosmographer; cosmographist;
    宇宙学解释 cosmological interpretation;
    宇宙学效应 cosmological effect;
    宇宙学原理 {天物} cosmological principle
    * * *
    宇宙學|宇宙学 [yǔ zhòu xué] cosmology

    Chinese-English dictionary > 宇宙学

  • 107 完全

    all; complete; whole; absolute; stark, completely; fully; wholly; entirely; totally, full; thorough; total; unqualified; pure;outright
    * * *
    completeness; entireness; entirety; absoluteness; every bit; perfectness
    【医】 hol-; holo-
    相关词组: 完全不
    * * *
    completeness; entireness; entirety; absolutrness
    * * *
    adj. complete, whole
    adv. totally, entirely, absolutely, teetotally, cold
    * * *
    wan2 quan2
    complete, whole, totally, entirely
    * * *
    wán quán
    (不缺; 齐全) complete; whole; perfect:
    与原本完全一致的文本 a perfect copy;
    她话没说完全。 She didn't give a full picture.
    他对我完全是个陌生人。 He's a complete stranger to me.
    (全部) completely; fully; wholly; entirely; absolutely:
    得到父母的完全信任 enjoy one's parents' entire confidence;
    完全不同 be totally different; have nothing in common;
    完全彻底为人民服务 serve the people heart and soul;
    完全同意 full accord with; complete agreement with; agree fully with;
    完全脱离现实 lose all touch with reality;
    完全相反 be the exact opposite;
    完全一致 completely in line; entirely at one; in full agreement;
    完全正确 perfectly right; absolutely correct
    {数} exact; full
    完全奥氏体化 complete austenitizing;
    完全半格点 complete semilattice;
    完全报单 perfect entry;
    完全焙烧 complete roasting;
    完全闭塞 entirely shut;
    完全编组 complete grouping;
    完全变态 complete metamorphosis;
    完全病毒 complete virus;
    完全操作 complete operation;
    完全拆散 completely knocked down;
    完全沉陷 {采矿} full subsidence;
    完全成熟 full maturity;
    完全单调 completely monotone; fully monotone;
    完全单调序列 completely monotonic sequence; totally monotone sequence;
    完全导电性 complete conductivity;
    完全(电离的)等离子体 stripped plasma;
    完全电控制 all-electric operation;
    完全电离气体 fully ionized gas;
    完全电子化点火系统 all-electronic ignition system;
    完全定义函数 completely specified function;
    完全短路 {电工} dead short; dead short circuit;
    完全兑换 full convertibility;
    完全对称 full symmetry;
    完全对称张量 completely symmetric tensor;
    完全对流湖 {水文} holomictic lake;
    完全对偶单调 complete dual monotonic;
    完全发育期 metaplasis;
    完全反向应力 completely reversed stress;
    完全反应 {化} complete reaction;
    完全非弹性碰撞 {物} completely inelastic collision; perfectly inelastic collision;
    完全肥料 complete fertilizer;
    完全分离操作 dissociated operation;
    完全分裂 complete segmentation; holoblastic cleavage; total segmentation;
    完全辐射体 perfect radiator;
    完全负相关 {教} perfect negative correlation;
    完全格{数} complete lattice;
    完全骨折 complete fracture; fractura completa;
    完全关节 perfect joint;
    完全关税同盟 complete customs union;
    完全归纳法 complete induction; perfect induction;
    完全焊透 complete penetration;
    完全弧烧法 total combustion method;
    完全互换 complete interchangeability;
    完全花 {植} complete flower; perfect flower;
    完全花纹循环 gait-over;
    完全花纹组织 gait-over;
    完全幻方 diabolic magic square; perfect magic square;
    完全混合作用 holomixis;
    完全积分 {数} complete integral;
    完全积性函数 complete(ly) multiplicative function;
    完全加法族 completely additive family;
    完全价值 full value;
    完全简并 {量子} complete degeneracy;
    完全交口 complete intersection;
    完全接地 dead ground; solid earth;
    完全解 complete solution;
    完全金本位 full gold standard;
    完全进位 complete carry;
    完全浸注法 full impregnation;
    完全竞争 perfect competition;
    完全菌 perfect fungus;
    完全喀斯特 holokarst;
    完全抗磁性 perfect diamagnetism; complete diamagnetism;
    完全抗原 complete antigen;
    完全可观(测)性 complete observability;
    完全可加性 complete additivity;
    完全可加性集合函数 completely additive set function;
    完全可控性 complete controllability;
    完全可约表示 completely reducible representation;
    完全可约算子 {数} completely reducible operator;
    完全空间 complete space; perfect space;
    完全空白行 {计} completely blank line;
    完全矿化 permineralization;
    完全冷淬 dead cold chilling;
    完全立方 {数} perfect cube;
    完全林分 complete stand;
    完全流产 complete abortion;
    完全垄断 perfect monopoly; complete monopoly;
    完全麻痹 complete paralysis;
    完全满载 full and down;
    完全面 complete face;
    完全年 perfect year;
    完全排列矩阵 complete permutation matrix;
    完全培养基 complete medium;
    完全膨胀循环 complete expansion cycle;
    完全劈理 perfect cleavage;
    完全平方 {数} perfect square;
    完全平衡 complete equilibrium;
    完全气化 complete gasification;
    完全气化过程 complete gasification process;
    完全气体 ideal gas;
    完全嵌套 completely nest;
    完全侵彻 {军} gage complete penetration;
    完全确定 complete determination;
    完全群 complete group; full group; perfect group;
    完全燃烧 {热} complete combustion; perfect combustion; after-flaming;
    完全熔化 {冶} complete fusion;
    完全溶化物 complete fusion;
    完全上层建筑船 complete superstructure vessel;
    完全渗透 interpenetration; complete penetration;
    完全剩余系 complete residue system; complete system of residues;
    完全失效 complete failure;
    完全时效硬化 quenching and age-hardening;
    完全试凑法 complete trial and error;
    完全树 complete tree;
    完全数 perfect number;
    完全水产养殖 thorough aquaculture;
    完全四(音)度 perfect fourth;
    完全塑性金属 perfectly plastic metal;
    完全随机化法 {教} completely randomized design;
    完全弹性材料 perfectly elastic material;
    完全碳化 carbonization;
    完全填塞 complete stemming;
    完全条件 full terms;
    完全调制 {讯} total modulation;
    完全停机 {自} dead halt; drop-dead halt;
    完全停止 drop-dead halt;
    完全同形部 dead flat;
    完全突变型 complete mutant;
    完全图 complete graph;
    完全土体 perfect soil;
    完全退火 full annealing; dead annealing;
    完全外显率 complete penetrance;
    完全稳定系统 completely stable system;
    完全稳定性 complete stability;
    完全五(音)度 perfect fifth;
    完全吸收体 perfect absorber;
    完全系 complete set;
    完全限定名 fully-qualified name;
    完全线性群 {数} full linear group;
    完全相关 perfect correlation;
    完全消化 catapepsis;
    完全消耗系数 complete consumption coefficient;
    完全雄性 holandry;
    完全学习法 {教} method of complete learning;
    完全压缩 complete compression;
    完全一致算法 complete unification algorithm;
    完全叶 {植} complete leaf;
    完全映射 complete mapping; perfect mapping;
    完全有序 complete ordering;
    完全宇宙学原理 {天物} perfect cosmological principle;
    完全语法描述 complete syntax description;
    完全域 complete field; perfect field;
    完全原函数 complete integral; complete primitive; complete solution;
    完全运算 complete operation;
    完全再结晶 perfect recrystallization;
    完全再生 holomorphosis;
    完全真菌 perfect fungus;
    完全正规空间 {数} completely normal space;
    完全正交规范集 closed orthonormal set; {数} complete orthonormal set;
    完全正交平面 completely perpendicular planes;
    完全正交系 complete orthogonal system;
    完全正相关 {教} perfect positive correlation;
    完全正则空间 {数} completely regular space; Tychonoff space;
    完全知识 perfect knowledge;
    完全致死 complete lethal;
    完全转导 complete transduction;
    完全状态 complete state;
    完全自保护式变压器 completely self protecting transformer;
    完全组合 complete combination;
    完全坐标 world coordinates
    * * *
    完全|完全 [wán quán] complete whole totally entirely

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  • 108 对偶

    antithesis, dual
    * * *
    【计】 antithetic
    【医】 allelo-
    * * *
    n. antithesis
    * * *
    dui4 ou3
    dual, duality, antithesis, coupled phrases (as rhetorical device), spouse
    * * *
    duì ǒu
    {语} (用字数相等、句法相似的语句表现相反或相关的意思的修辞格, 用以加强语言的效果) antithesis; antithetical parallelism
    {数} (二元的; 二象的; 配对的) dual; pairing
    对偶变换 dualistic (duality; dual) transformation;
    对偶变量(变数) dual variable; antithetic variates;
    对偶表示 dual representation;
    对偶单纯形法 dual simplex method;
    对偶单纯形算法 dual simplex algorithm;
    对偶点 {数} dual points;
    对偶电网络 dual electrical network;
    对偶定理 dual (duality) theorem;
    对偶范畴 dual category;
    对偶非线性分解 dual nonlinear decomposition;
    对偶非线性规划 dual nonlinear programming;
    对偶概念 antithesis concept;
    对偶格网 dual mesh;
    对偶函数 dual function;
    对偶婚 (原始社会的一种婚姻形态) pairing marriage;
    对偶基 reciprocal basis;
    对偶家庭 pairing family;
    对偶晶体管 matched pair transistor;
    对偶卡片 dual card;
    对偶空间 {数} dual spaces; conjugate;
    对偶控制 dual control;
    对偶理论 duality theory;
    对偶粒子 dual particle;
    对偶滤波器 dual filter;
    对偶码 dual code;
    对偶拟阵 dual matroid;
    对偶容许条件 dual feasible condition;
    对偶纱 paired yarn;
    对偶数 dual numbers;
    对偶算子 dual operator;
    对偶同构 dual isomorphism;
    对偶图 dual graph;
    对偶网络 {电} dual network;
    对偶问题 dual problem;
    对偶系统 dual system;
    对偶线性规划 {数} dual linear programming;
    对偶线性系统 dual linear system;
    对偶向量空间 dual vector space;
    对偶信号 dual signal;
    对偶学习 paired-associate learning;
    对偶映射 dual mapping;
    对偶原理 {数} dual (duality) principle; principle of duality;
    对偶约束 dual constraint;
    对偶运算 dual operation;
    对偶张量 {数} dual tensor;
    对偶自同构 dual automorphism;
    对偶最优解 dual optimal solution;
    对偶坐标 {数} dual coordinates
    * * *
    對偶|对偶 [duì ǒu] dual duality antithesis coupled phrases (as rhetorical device) spouse

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对偶

  • 109 对应

    corresponding; homologous;opposite
    * * *
    【计】 corresponding
    【医】 correspondence
    相关词组: 对应的
    * * *
    corresponding; homologous; parallelism
    * * *
    n. correspondence, parallelism
    v. correspond
    * * *
    dui4 ying4
    to correspond, a correspondence, corresponding, homologous, matching with sth, counterpart
    * * *
    duì yìng
    corresponding; homologous; correspondence:
    一一对应 one to one correspondence
    对应边 {数} corresponding sides;
    对应点 {数} corresponding points;
    对应规则 rule of correspondence;
    对应基金 counterpart fund;
    对应角 corresponding angles;
    对应力 counter stress;
    对应染色体 homologue;
    对应索引 manipulative indexing;
    对应态 corresponding state;
    对应物 fetch;
    对应原理 {物} correspondence principle;
    对应原则 principle of correspondence;
    对应支出 counterpart expenditure
    * * *
    對應|对应 [duì yìng] to correspond a correspondence corresponding homologous matching with sth counterpart

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对应

  • 110 对称

    * * *
    【化】 symmetry
    【医】 symmetry
    相关词组: 不对称
    * * *
    * * *
    n. symmetry
    * * *
    dui4 chen4
    symmetry, symmetrical
    * * *
    duì chèn
    symmetry; symmetrical:
    放射对称 radial symmetry;
    镜面对称 mirror symmetry;
    左右对称 bilateral symmetry;
    大楼的两翼完全对称。 The two wings of the building are exactly symmetrical.
    对称比 cylindricizing;
    对称变换 {数} symmetry transformation;
    对称表示法 symmetrical formulation;
    对称波 symmetrical wave;
    对称波痕 para ripples;
    对称波函数 symmetric wave function;
    对称部分 symmetric part;
    对称操作 symmetry operation;
    对称插值公式 symmetric interpolation formula;
    对称差 {数} symmetric difference;
    对称传输线 balanced pair;
    对称磁元件 symmag;
    对称雌雄同体 {动} bilateral hermaphroditism;
    对称点 symmetric points;
    对称电缆 balanced cable;
    对称电缆载波电话 symmetrical cable carrier telephone system;
    对称电缆载波通信系统 symmetrical cable carrier communication system;
    对称电路 symmetric circuit;
    对称电网络 symmetric network;
    对称电压 symmetrical voltage;
    对称电阻 synistor;
    对称顶 symmetrical dom cap;
    对称短路 {电} symmetrical short-circuit;
    对称断路电流 symmetrical breaking current;
    对称对策 symmetric(al) game;
    对称对应 symmetrical correspondence;
    对称多项式 symmetric polynomial;
    对称多相制 symmetrical polyphase system;
    对称多谐震荡器 symmetrical multivibrator;
    对称二次形式 symmetric quadratic form;
    对称二次型 symmetric quadratic form;
    对称二进码 symmetrical binary code;
    对称房屋 jawab;
    对称分布 symmetrical distribution;
    对称分量 symmetrical components;
    对称分子 symmetric molecule;
    对称格子 set check;
    对称供电 symmetrical powering;
    对称构造 symmetric construction;
    对称关系 {数} symmetric relation;
    对称轨道 symmetry orbital;
    对称函数 symmetric function;
    对称行列式 symmetric determinant;
    对称核 symmetrizable kernel;
    对称荷载 balanced load;
    对称环 symmetrical ring;
    对称环形天线 balanced-loop antenna;
    对称环形同步回旋加速器 symmetric ring synchrocyclotron; synchroclash;
    对称换能器 {电子} symmetrical transducer;
    对称回路 symmetrical (balanced) circuit;
    对称回纹饰 symmetric fret;
    对称积 symmetric product;
    对称积分形式 symmetric integral form;
    对称交变电压 symmetrical alternating voltage;
    对称交变量 symmetrical alternating quantity;
    对称交流(电流) symmetrical alternating current;
    对称交替晶体 altern;
    对称结 symmetrical junction;
    对称介子理论 symmetric meson theory;
    对称晶体管 symmetrical transistor;
    对称禁阻 symmetry forbidden;
    对称矩阵 {数} symmetric matrix;
    对称空间 {空} symmetric space;
    对称馈电偶极子天线 Y antenna;
    对称裂变 symmetric fission;
    对称卵裂 bilateral cleavage; bilateral segmentation;
    对称卵裂面 symmetric cleavage plane;
    对称论 enantiomorphism;
    对称码 symmetric code;
    对称脉 symmetric vein;
    对称面 plane of symmetry;
    对称脉冲 doublet impulse;
    对称膜系 series of symmetrical film;
    对称目镜 symmetric eyepiece;
    对称偶 symmetric pair;
    对称排序 balanced sorting;
    对称匹配 symmetrical matching;
    对称偏移 symmetrical deflection;
    对称偏转 {电子} symmetric (balanced) deflection;
    对称频率 second-channel frequency;
    对称平衡 symmetrical balance;
    对称平面 symmetrical (symmetry) plane;
    对称破缺 symmetry breaking;
    对称破缺规则性 breaking regularity;
    对称剖面 symmetrical profile;
    对称曲面 symmetroid;
    对称曲线 symmetrical curve;
    对称取代脲 urylene;
    对称群 {数} symmetric (symmetry) group; group of symmetries;
    对称三对角矩阵 symmetric triple-diagonal matrix;
    对称生物 cosmobion (pl. cosmobia);
    对称失真 symmetrical distortion;
    对称输出 balanced output;
    对称数 symmetry number;
    对称衰减 balance attenuation;
    对称双轭磁导仪 symmetrical double yoke permeameter;
    对称双极晶体管 symmetrical bipolar transistor;
    对称双晶 symmetric twin;
    对称四端网络 symmetrical four terminal network;
    对称素 element of symmetry;
    对称算子 symmetric operator;
    对称态 symmetrical state;
    对称体 symmetric body; antitrope;
    对称天线 symmetrical (balanced; doublet) antenna;
    对称天线输入 symmetric aerial input;
    对称天线调谐电路 balanced antenna tuning circuit;
    对称调正(整) symmetrical adjustment;
    对称通带滤波器 symmetrical band-pass filter;
    对称透镜 symmetric lens;
    对称图形 symmetric figure;
    对称陀螺 symmetric top;
    对称陀螺分子 symmetric top molecule;
    对称弯月镜 hypergon;
    对称网络 symmetrical network;
    对称位置 symmetric position;
    对称物镜 symmetrical object glass;
    对称误差 balanced error;
    对称系 symmetric system;
    对称系统 balanced system;
    对称现象 symmetry;
    对称限幅 symmetrical limiting;
    对称线对 balanced pair;
    对称线性方程 symmetrical linear equation;
    对称线性算子 symmetric linear operator;
    对称向斜 symmetric syncline;
    对称削波 symmetrical clipping;
    对称削波器 symmetric clipper;
    对称效应 symmetric effect;
    对称谐振腔 symmetric resonator;
    对称心 symmetric channel;
    对称信道 symmetric channel;
    对称形(状) symmetric figure;
    对称型 symmetric form (type);
    对称循环磁化条件 symmetrical cyclically magnetized condition;
    对称岩盖 symmetric laccolith;
    对称延迟电缆 balanced delay cable;
    对称要素 symmetry elements;
    对称翼 {航空} symmetrical wing;
    对称因素 symmetrical factor;
    对称幼虫 echinopaedium;
    对称允许 symmetry allowed;
    对称元素 symmetry elements;
    对称原理 symmetry principle;
    对称运动 symmetric(al) motion;
    对称张量 symmetric tensor;
    对称褶曲 {地质} normal (symmetrical) fold;
    对称褶皱 symmetric fold;
    对称褶皱山脉 symmetrically folded mountain range;
    对称张量 symmetric tensor;
    对称振动 symmetric vibration;
    对称振子 symmetrical dipole; dipole element; dipole;
    对称制度 symmetrical system;
    对称中心 centre of symmetry; symcenter; symmetric center;
    对称仲聚焦装置 symmetric parafocusing arrangement;
    对称重心 symmetric barycentre;
    对称周期膜系 series of symmetrical periodical films;
    对称轴 symmetry axis;
    对称轴面 axial plane of symmetry;
    对称轴线 axis of symmetry;
    对称逐次超松驰 symmetric successive overrelaxation;
    对称竹荚鱼 jack mackerel;
    对称阻抗 balanced impedance;
    对称坐标 symmetric coordinates;
    对称坐标法 method of symmetrical coordinates
    * * *
    對稱|对称 [duì chèn] symmetry symmetrical

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对称

  • 111 对称性

    * * *
    【化】 symmetry
    * * *
    n. symmetry
    * * *
    dui4 chen4 xing4
    * * *
    duì chèn xìng
    {数} symmetry; symmetrical characteristic
    对称性联胎 diplopagus;
    对称性破坏 symmetry-violating;
    对称性误差 symmetry error;
    对称性原理 symmetry principle;
    对称性自发破缺 spontaneous breaking of symmetry; spontaneous symmetry breaking
    * * *
    對稱性|对称性 [duì chèn xìng] symmetry

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对称性

  • 112 对等

    reciprocity; equity
    * * *
    equity; reciprocity; upsides
    【法】 parity
    * * *
    equity; reciprocity; upsides
    * * *
    adv. upsides
    * * *
    dui4 deng3
    equal status, equal treatment, parity (under the law), equity, reciprocity
    * * *
    duì děng
    reciprocity; equity; on an equal footing; reciprocal:
    在对等的基础上 on the basis of reciprocity; on a reciprocal basis
    对等裁军 reciprocal disarmament;
    对等待遇 reciprocal treatment;
    对等导纳 {电} image admittance;
    对等反应 matching response;
    对等货样 counter-sample;
    对等基金 counterpart funds;
    对等检索 {计} coordinate indexing;
    对等角 vertical angles;
    对等联胎畸形 isadelphia;
    对等权利 reciprocity;
    对等衰减常数 image attenuation constant;
    对等谈判 talks on a reciprocal basis;
    对等物 counter-performance;
    对等相常数 image phase constant;
    对等原则 principle of reciprocity
    * * *
    對等|对等 [duì děng] equal status equal treatment parity (under the law) equity reciprocity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对等

  • 113 射线

    ray; beam; radiation
    * * *
    radial; ray
    【医】 radiation; ray
    相关词组: 放射线
    * * *
    * * *
    n. ray
    * * *
    she4 xian4
    * * *
    shè xiàn
    {物} ray; beam; half-line:
    α射线 alpha ray;
    α射线验定 alpha assay;
    β射线 beta ray;
    β射线厚度计 beta-ray gage;
    阴极射线 cathode-ray;
    宇宙射线 cosmic rays
    射线病 radiation sickness;
    射线薄壁组织 ray parenchyma;
    射线测厚 thickness measurement with ray;
    射线测验纸碟 pastille; pastil;
    射线程 ray path;
    射线穿透管 penetron tube;
    射线导管间壁孔式 ray-vessel pitting;
    射线电影摄影 cineradiography;
    射线发光 radioluminescence;
    射线高度 ray height;
    射线跟踪 {工} gamma-ray tracking; ray tracing;
    射线管胞 cross tracheid; ray tracheid;
    射线管胞 {植} ray tracheide;
    射线光学原理 principle of ray optics;
    射线光轴 ray axis;
    射线轨迹 ray tracing;
    射线过滤板 {核子} filter;
    射线化学 {化} actinochemistry;
    射线化学变化 {化} actinism;
    射线迹径 ray trace;
    射线检验(法) radioscopy;
    射线胶片 {摄} radiographic film;
    射线结晶学 radiocrystallgraphy;
    射线金相学 radiometallography;
    射线聚焦 ray focusing;
    射线理论 ray theory;
    射线立体照相法 radiographic stereometry;
    射线疗法 actinotherapy; actinotherapeutics;
    射线裂脊蚌 schistodesmus lampreyanus;
    射线路程 ray path;
    射线路径 {讯} ray path;
    射线描迹 ray tracing;
    射线皮炎 actinodermatitis;
    射线偏斜 wobbulale; wobbulation; wobbulating;
    射线偏转存储管 deflection-type storage tube;
    射线曲率 curvature of a ray;
    射线曲率半径 radius of curvature of a ray;
    射线曲面 {光} ray surface;
    射线声学 {声} geometrical acoustics; ray acoustics;
    射线失量 ray vector;
    射线束 bundle of rays;
    射线速度 ray velocity;
    射线探测仪 radiometer;
    射线探伤机 ray inspection machine;
    射线透镜 radioscope;
    射线透射性 radiolucency;
    射线弯曲 bending of a ray;
    射线硬度测量(定)计 radiochrometer;
    射线用量规定 rayage;
    射线诱发致死因子 radiation-induced lethal;
    射线原始细胞 {植} ray initial; ray mother cell;
    射线源能量 workload;
    射线照片 {摄} radiograph;
    射线照射量 radiation exposure;
    射线照相 radiography;
    射线灼伤 radiation burn
    * * *
    射線|射线 [shè xiàn] ray

    Chinese-English dictionary > 射线

  • 114 尺寸

    measurement; dimensions; size, proper limits for speech or action; sense of propriety
    * * *
    dimension; measure; measurement; size
    【化】 dimension
    【医】 dimension
    * * *
    dimension; measure; measurement; size
    * * *
    n. measurement, size, size, dimension, measurement, bigness
    * * *
    chi3 cun5
    size, dimension, measurement
    * * *
    chǐ cun
    (长短大小) measurement; dimensions; size; magnitude; measure; admeasurement; bigness; fitting:
    衣服尺寸 measurements of a garment;
    加工尺寸 finish size;
    量尺寸 take sb.'s measurements;
    (鞋、帽、衣等)现货尺寸 stock size;
    按尺寸大小分开 separate for size;
    试试尺寸大小 for size;
    我想请您给我量一下我的胸围尺寸。 I want you to take my chest measurement.
    尺寸板 baseboard;
    尺寸比例尺 {机} dimension scale;
    尺寸变化 change in size; dimensional change;
    尺寸标注 size marking;
    尺寸不合格 off-dimension; off-size; out-of-size;
    尺寸不足 undersize;
    尺寸测量 dimensional measurement;
    尺寸大小 size dimension;
    尺寸对应原理 scale correspondence principle;
    尺寸范围 size range;
    尺寸公差 dimensional tolerance; size tolerance; tolerance of dimension;
    尺寸共振 dimensional resonance;
    尺寸恒定性 dimensional stability;
    尺寸互换性 dimensional interchangeability;
    尺寸计算 dimensioning;
    尺寸检查 dimensional gauging;
    尺寸检验 dimension control;
    尺寸简图 dimensional sketch;
    尺寸鉴别 size discrimination;
    尺寸精度 dimensional accuracy; dimensional precision;
    尺寸精确度 accuracy to size;
    尺寸均一性 dimensional homogeneity;
    尺寸控制 {电子} size control; dimentional control;
    尺寸控制量规 sizing gauge;
    尺寸控制器 size control;
    尺寸利用系数 coefficient of gabarite efficiency;
    尺寸链 dimension chain;
    尺寸数字(图) dimension figure;
    尺寸稳定材料 dimentionally-stable material;
    尺寸稳定性 dimensional stability;
    尺寸稳定织物 stable fabric;
    尺寸误差 scale error;
    尺寸下偏差 allowance below nominal size;under allowance;
    尺寸线 dimension line(制图);
    尺寸效应 dimensional effect; size effect;
    尺寸选择 size select
    * * *
    尺寸|尺寸 [chǐ cun] size dimension measurement

    Chinese-English dictionary > 尺寸

  • 115 居里

    【化】 curie
    【医】 c.; curie
    * * *
    * * *
    n. curie, unit for measuring radioactivity (named after Pierre Curie)
    * * *
    ju1 li3
    curie (Ci)
    * * *
    jū lǐ
    Curie (Pierre, 1859-1906, 法国物理学家, 因对放射性现象的研究工作, 与柏克勒尔、居里夫人共同获得1903年诺贝尔奖)
    Curie (Marie Sklodowska, 1867-1934, 法国物理学家, 居里夫人)
    {物} curie (放射性强度单位, 因居夫人而得名, =3.7×10?次衰变秒)
    居里常数 Curie constant;
    居里当量 {物} Curie equivalent;
    居里点 Curie point;
    居里定律 Curie's law;
    居里对称性原理 Curie's principle of symmetry;
    居里计(制) curiage;
    居里截割 Curie cut (重直于X轴的石英晶体截割法, 又称“X截割”);
    居里强度 curiage;
    居里数 curiage;
    居里图(曲线) Curie plot; Fermi plot;
    居里-外斯定律 {电磁} Curie-Weiss law;
    居里温度 Curie temperature;
    居里验电器 {物} Curie electroscope
    * * *
    居里|居里 [jū lǐ] curie (Ci) (loanword)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 居里

  • 116 岂有此理

    preposterous; outrageous; absurd
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    qi3 you3 ci3 li3
    how can this be so? (idiom); preposterous, ridiculous, absurd
    * * *
    qǐ yǒu cǐ lǐ
    There is no such a rule!; absurd; fantastic; by thunder; How can this be right?; How unreasonable!; Is there such a principle?; Outrageous!; preposterous; This is arrant nonsense indeed!; This is sheer effrontery!; Who ever heard of such a thing?
    * * *
    豈有此理|岂有此理 [qǐ yǒu cǐ lǐ] how can this be so? (idiom); preposterous ridiculous absurd

    Chinese-English dictionary > 岂有此理

  • 117 工会

    trade union; labour union; union
    * * *
    labour union; union
    【经】 labour union; trades union; union
    相关词组: 海洋工会
    * * *
    labour union
    * * *
    n. union, trade union, labor union
    * * *
    gong1 hui4
    labor union, trade union, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    gōng huì
    trade union; labour union:
    产业工会 industrial (vertical) union;
    同业工会 craft (horizontal) union;
    参加邮政工人工会 join the Post worker's union;
    黄色工会 yellow union; scab union
    工会法 trade union law;
    工会工作 trade union work;
    工会国际会议 international conference of a trade union;
    工会会员 unionist; labour skate;
    工会积极分子 trade union activist;
    工会建设 building of a trade union;
    工会联合会 trade union federation;
    工会取消主义 trade union liquidationism;
    工会任务 tasks of a trade union;
    工会社会主义 guild socialism;
    工会条例 trade union regulation;
    工会图书馆 trade union library;
    工会消亡论 theory of “the dying out of a trade union”;
    工会性质 nature of a trade union;
    工会运动 trade union movement;
    工会运动史 history of the trade union movement;
    工会章程 trade union constitution;
    工会制度 unionism;
    工会中立论 thesis of “neutrality of a trade union”;
    工会主义 syndicalism;
    工会主义者 unionist;
    工会组织 trade union organization;
    工会组织原则 organizational principle of a trade union;
    工会作用 role of a trade union
    * * *
    工會|工会 [gōng huì] labor union trade union CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 工会

  • 118 工作

    work; operate; practise; labour, work; job; employment; practice; situation
    * * *
    job; work; employment; labour; pursuit; task
    【医】 ergo-
    【经】 job; operations; task
    相关词组: 办公室工作
    * * *
    employment; job; labor; pursuit; shebang; stewardship; task; work
    * * *
    n. Job, work, task
    v. work
    * * *
    gong1 zuo4
    job, work, construction, task, CL:個, 个,份,項, 项
    * * *
    gōng zuò
    (从事脑力或体力劳动; 泛指机器发挥生产作用) work; operation; working; operating; running; performance:
    努力工作 work hard;
    开始工作 begin to work;
    工作不熟练(的) unworkmanlike;
    提前一小时停止工作 knock off work an hour earlier
    (职业) job:
    分配工作 assign jobs; assign work;
    找工作 look for a job;
    着手工作 go (set) about one's job
    (业务;任务) work:
    工会工作 trade-union work;
    科研工作 scientific research;
    经济工作 economic work;
    教育工作 educational work
    工作安全系数 operating safety factor;
    工作按钮 play button;
    工作班 shift; operating crew;
    工作板 working plate;
    工作半径 radius of clean-up (挖土机的); swinging radius (起重机臂的); working radius;
    工作帮 working pit edge;
    工作比 duty cycle;
    工作边 {木} working edge;
    工作标准 working standard;
    工作标准化 {工管} work standardization;
    工作标准时间 standard time of work;
    工作表 workmeter;
    工作波 operating wave;
    工作波长 operation wavelength; operating wavelength;
    工作不平衡 operating unbalance;
    工作部分 working portion;
    工作部件 {电} workpiece;
    工作步骤 modus;
    工作参数 running parameter; working parameter;
    工作草案 working draft;
    工作草图 base map;
    工作测定表 tractometer;
    工作测量器具 working measuring instrument;
    工作测验 perfomance test;
    工作层 working lining;
    工作差错 miswork;
    工作长度 active length;
    工作场所监测 {核子} monitoring of the workplace;
    工作成本 job costs;
    工作程式 job-program mode;
    工作程序 job programme; process program; working routine; recipe; working routine; production program; running program;
    工作程序库 job library;
    工作齿高 working depth of tooth;
    工作齿面 drive side of tooth;
    工作冲程 driving stroke; firing stroke; working path;
    工作冲程皮带轮 cut pulley;
    工作抽样法(取样法) work sampling method;
    工作处理控制 job management; job processing control;
    工作传输比 effective transmission ratio;
    工作传输量 working transmission;
    工作磁带 working tape;
    工作磁道 work track;
    工作磁平 operation level; operating level;
    工作存储器 working storage; working memory;
    工作存储区 working storage;
    工作大气压 working air pressure;
    工作带 {自} work tape; working tape;
    工作单 shop order; job cards;
    工作单位 an organization in which one works; work unit; place of work;
    工作单元 working cell;
    工作档案 work-in-process file;
    工作地点 working place;
    工作地点抽签法 cavilling;
    工作电池 working battery;
    工作电机 work drive motor;
    工作电机按钮 work motor push button;
    工作电极 {物化} working electrode;
    工作电键 operating key;
    工作电解质 working electrolyte;
    工作电抗 working reactance;
    工作电流 operating current; working current;
    工作电流范围 current margin; operating current range;
    工作电路 operating circuit;
    工作电路电压 operation circuit voltage;
    工作电平 operation level;
    工作电压 working voltage; working volt; running voltage; operating voltage; operating tension;
    工作电压范围 operating voltage range;
    工作电压控制 running tension control;
    工作电压上限 maximum operation voltage;
    工作电压下限 minimum operation voltage;
    工作电阻 operating resistance; pull-up resistor;
    工作吊架 hangings;
    工作定额 work quota (norm);
    工作定单 work order;
    工作定势 task set;
    工作定向 job-oriented;
    工作队列项 work queue entry;
    工作法向后角 working normal clearance;
    工作法向前角 working normal rake;
    工作法向楔角 working normal wedge angle;
    工作范围 operating range; operating space; scope of work; work extent; working range; efficient range;
    工作方式 mechanics; operate mode;
    工作房 back shop;
    工作费用 working cost;
    工作分散法 work spreading;
    工作分析 job analysis;
    工作分析程序 WAP;
    工作丰富化 job enrichment;
    工作缝 construction joint;
    工作服 frock; jumper; smock; fatigue uniform; union suit; business clothing; work clothes; boilersuit; slop; save-all;
    工作副偏角 working minor cutting edge angle;
    工作副切削刃 working minor cutting edge;
    工作复位 power on reset;
    工作负荷 {物} workload; operating load; {心} loading;
    工作负载 working load; workload; operating load; live load;
    工作杆 working beam;
    工作缸 working cylinder;
    工作钢丝绳 load cable;
    工作岗位责任制 organization of workers' position;
    工作高度 operational altitude; operational height;
    工作关系分布图 work-distribution chart;
    工作管理 work management;
    工作规范 work norm;
    工作规则 service regulations;
    工作辊 working roll;
    工作辊支撑装置 work roller supporting apparatus;
    工作过程 course of work;
    工作函数 working function;
    工作横向剖面 working plane;
    工作后角 working orthogonal clearance;
    工作环 building ring; operating ring;
    工作环境 work environment; working atmosphere;
    工作环境卫生标准 working environment sanitary standard;
    工作会议 working conference;
    工作汇编 {自} work assembly;
    工作混合气 working mixture;
    工作基面 working reference plane;
    工作基准(器) working standard;
    工作机 working machine;
    工作机构 operating mechanism;
    工作极限 working limit;
    工作计划 plannig; work scheme; working plan; working scheme;
    工作计划进度表 calender progress chart;
    工作记录 logging;
    工作寄存器 work register; working register;
    工作架 hanging-up;
    工作监视器 performeter;
    工作间 cabin; workshop;
    工作间隙 working clearance;
    工作键 job key;
    工作角 {电子} operating angle;
    工作角度 operating angle;
    工作接地 working earthing;
    工作接点 operating contact;
    工作节圆半径 operating pitch radius;
    工作结束 end-of-job;
    工作进程 progress of work;
    工作进度 job schedule;
    工作进度表 work schedule;
    工作进给 work feed;
    工作距离 operating distance;
    工作开关 operating switch; play switch;
    工作开始时间 attack time;
    工作考核 job rating;
    工作可靠但性能下降 fail-soft;
    工作可靠但性能有下降 fail-passive;
    工作可靠性 functional reliability;
    工作空间 work space;
    工作空间寄存器 work space register;
    工作空间指示字 work space pointer;
    工作孔型 live pass; working pass;
    工作恐怖 ergasiophobia;
    工作狂 ergasiomania;
    工作例行程序 work routine;
    工作联络电话 {自} backtalk;
    工作联络通话电路 {讯} speak-back circuit; talk-back circuit;
    工作量 amount of work; work done; working capacity; work load;
    工作量规 working gauge; workshop gauge;
    工作量级 operational level;
    工作疗法 work therapy;
    工作流体 working fluid;
    工作流体特性 working-fluid characteristics;
    工作轮 active wheel; moving runner; running wheel;
    工作门 cleaning door;
    工作面积 area of work;
    工作模型 working model; work model;
    工作磨损 service wear;
    工作母机 machine tool;
    工作能力 productive capacity; operational capability; service ability;
    工作能力测验 workout;
    工作能力指标 ability factor;
    工作年限 work seniority;
    工作批量法 job-lot system;
    工作频率 frequency of operation; operating frequency; working band; working frequency;
    工作评价 {工管} job evaluation;
    工作坡面 operational slope;
    工作破碎比 working reduction ratio;
    工作剖面 working section;
    工作期间 on-period;
    工作期限 working life;
    工作强度 working strength;
    工作区 work area; working area; working space;
    工作区间通道 crossheading;
    工作区域 working region; working space;
    工作曲线 working curve;
    工作曲线模拟计算机 running curve simulator;
    工作取样 work sampling;
    工作圈数 number of effective coils;
    工作权利法 right-to-work law;
    工作绕组 working winding;
    工作人员 working personnel; staff member; functionary;
    工作人员类别 class of worker;
    工作日 workday; working day;
    工作日程图表 schedule chart;
    工作日数 working days;
    工作容积 swept volume; working volume; displacement;
    工作容量 displacement volume; service capacity;
    工作衫 hickory shirt; hickory;
    工作设计 work design;
    工作石 work stone;
    工作实绩 work results;
    工作时间 {自} production time; combustion time; pick(-)up time; on-time; time-card; working-hours; working time;
    工作时间表 operating schedule;
    工作时间日报单 job time report;
    工作时间折旧法 working-hours depreciation method;
    工作事故 operating irregularity;
    工作室 {土} man-lock; working chamber; operating room; workroom; operatory; recipient; forehearth; atelier;
    工作守则 operating instruction;
    工作寿命 working life; operation life;
    工作寿命试验 operation life test;
    工作授权证明书 job order; job ticket;
    工作数据 operational data;
    工作数据文件 working data file;
    工作衰减 effective attenuation;
    工作水 driving water;
    工作说明书 job specification;
    工作速度 operating rate; running speed; operating speed; working speed;
    工作速率 operating rate;
    工作态度 attitude toward work;
    工作特性 performance characteristic; operating characteristic; performance data; running characteristic; working characteristic;
    工作特性曲线 characteristic; working curve;
    工作条件 running conditions; operating conditions;
    工作艇 dink;
    工作同位标磁道组 work cylinder;
    工作筒 seating nipple;
    工作头 working head;
    工作凸轮 driving cam;
    工作凸轮曲线 working cam curve;
    工作图 work sheet; working drawing; functional diagram;
    工作晚餐 working dinner;
    工作维修 operating maintenance;
    工作位置 operating position; working position; mounted position;
    工作温度 operating temperature; working temperature;
    工作温度范围 operating temperature range;
    工作文件 work document; work file;
    工作文卷 work volume;
    工作午餐 working lunch;
    工作物 working substance;
    工作系数 {工管} service factor; duty factor;
    工作系统 work system;
    工作下降 work decrement;
    工作线路 working line;
    工作线圈 actuating coil; work coil;
    工作效率 availability; operating efficiency; worked efficiency;
    工作楔角 working orthogonal wedge angle;
    工作心轴 work arbor;
    工作信心 confidence in work;
    工作行程 impulse stroke; operating stroke; working stroke;
    工作性能 service behaviour;
    工作性能检查周期 functional proof cycle;
    工作许可证 work permit;
    工作循环 {工管} duty cycle; duty-cycle operation; motive cycle; operating cycle; work cycle; exhaust cycle;
    工作压力 working pressure; actuating pressure; operating pressure;
    工作压强 working pressure;
    工作研究 work study;
    工作掩蔽 working mask;
    工作厌恶 aphilopony;
    工作样片 {摄} work print; dailies; rush print; {电影} rushes;
    工作液体 hydraulic fluid; hydraulic medium; operating fluid;
    工作液污染 contamination of working fluid;
    工作因素 {工管} duty factor; job characteristic; job factor;
    工作应力 {工} working stress; operating stress;
    工作用纸 {纸} construction paper;
    工作油缸 operating cylinder; slave ram;
    工作油口 actuator port; working port;
    工作语言 working language;
    工作阈 operating threshold;
    工作原理 operating principle; principle of operation; principle of work;
    工作原理图 fundamental diagram;
    工作载荷 service load;
    工作早餐 working breakfast;
    工作噪声温度 operating noise temperature;
    工作责任制 job responsibility system;
    工作轧辊 work roll;
    工作正常情况 reference performance;
    工作证 employee's card; I.D. card;
    工作直径 working diameter;
    工作值 working value;
    工作指标卡 job sheet;
    工作制 character of service;
    工作质 {燃} as received basis;
    工作中心 work centre;
    工作重量 service weight;
    工作重心 focus of work;
    工作周期 {工管} work cycle; action cycle; duty period; occupation period; working period; work-up period; job cycle;
    工作主剖面 working orthogonal plane;
    工作主偏角 working cutting edge angle;
    工作主切削刃 working major cutting edge;
    工作主轴 work spindle;
    工作转换开关 function switch;
    工作状况 working condition;
    工作状态 duty; functional mode; operating mode; operating conditions; modes of operation;
    工作总结 work summary;
    工作纵向剖面 working back plane (车刀的);
    工作阻力 working resistance;
    工作作风 style of work
    * * *
    工作|工作 [gōng zuò] to work (of a machine) to operate job work task CL:↑ |↑ [gè],↑ [fèn],↑ |↑ [xiàng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 工作

  • 119 帕累托法则

    Pa4 lei4 tuo1 fa3 ze2
    Pareto principle
    * * *
    帕累托法則|帕累托法则 [Pà lèi tuō fǎ zé] Pareto principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 帕累托法则

  • 120 帕累托法則

    Pa4 lei4 tuo1 fa3 ze2
    Pareto principle
    * * *
    帕累托法則|帕累托法则 [Pà lèi tuō fǎ zé] Pareto principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 帕累托法則

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