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babinet s principle

  • 61 化学元素

    Any of the same type of atoms with the same number of positive charges, such as carbon, oxygen, sulphur, iron, etc.
    * * *
    【化】 chemical element
    【医】 ultimate principle
    * * *
    hua4 xue2 yuan2 su4
    chemical element
    * * *
    化學元素|化学元素 [huà xué yuán sù] chemical element

    Chinese-English dictionary > 化学元素

  • 62 协商

    consult; talk things over
    * * *
    confer; consult; arrange; negotiate about
    【经】 negotiation; treaty
    相关词组: 协商的
    * * *
    arrange; confer with sb. on sth.; consult with; negotiate about; treat
    * * *
    v. consult, talk things over
    * * *
    xie2 shang1
    to consult with, to talk things over, agreement
    * * *
    xié shāng
    consult; talk things over:
    协商解决 negotiated settlement;
    协商一致的管理 consensus management;
    协商一致的原则 the principle of reaching a unanimity through consultation;
    民主协商 democratic consultation
    协商定价 set price through consultation;
    协商对话制度 system of consultation and dialogue;
    协商会议 conference; consultative conference; council;
    协商机构 machinery for consultation;
    协商解决 compromise settlement
    * * *
    協商|协商 [xié shāng] to consult with to talk things over agreement

    Chinese-English dictionary > 协商

  • 63 原则

    * * *
    fundamental; principle; tenet
    【医】 principle
    【经】 general principles; principle
    相关词组: 多数决定原则
    * * *
    fundamental; principia; principle; tenet
    * * *
    n. principle, Abc, principium
    * * *
    yuan2 ze2
    principle, doctrine, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    yuán zé
    原则分歧 differences in principle;
    原则上同意 agree in principle;
    原则问题 a matter of principle;
    原则性(的)错误 mistake in matters of principle;
    基本原则 basic principle; axiom;
    原则立场 principled stand;
    原则上谅解 understanding on principles;
    用原则作交易 barter away principles; trade in principles
    * * *
    原則|原则 [yuán zé] principle doctrine CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 原则

  • 64 原则上

    in principle
    * * *
    in principle
    * * *
    yuan2 ze2 shang5
    in principle, generally
    * * *
    原則上|原则上 [yuán zé shãng] in principle generally

    Chinese-English dictionary > 原则上

  • 65 原則

    * * *
    n. principle, Abc, principium
    * * *
    yuan2 ze2
    principle, doctrine, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    原則|原则 [yuán zé] principle doctrine CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 66 原則上

    yuan2 ze2 shang5
    in principle, generally
    * * *
    原則上|原则上 [yuán zé shãng] in principle generally

    Chinese-English dictionary > 原則上

  • 67 原理

    principle; tenet
    * * *
    elements; philosophy; principium; principle; theory
    【化】 principle
    【医】 mechanism; principle; rationale
    【经】 ground work; principle
    相关词组: 根本原理
    * * *
    elements; principium; principle; theory; truth
    * * *
    n. principle, principium, Abc, tenet, theory, elements, philosophy
    * * *
    yuan2 li3
    principle, theory
    * * *
    yuán lǐ
    principle; tenet; axiom; theory:
    根本的原理 a cardinal principle;
    数学的基本原理 fundamentals of mathematics;
    详述... 的原理 develop the theory of...;
    运用科学原理造福人类 apply the principles of science for the good of mankind;
    这些机器按照相同的原理运转。 These machines work on the same principle.
    原理草图 key diagram;
    原理电路 schematic circuit; basic circuit;
    原理电路图 basic circuit diagram;
    原理框图 functional block diagram;
    原理设计 schematic design;
    原理图 schematic diagram; schematic; elementary diagram
    * * *
    原理|原理 [yuán lǐ] principle theory

    Chinese-English dictionary > 原理

  • 68 反作用

    counteraction; reaction; counter
    * * *
    counteractive; reaction; recoil; retroaction
    【医】 retroaction
    【经】 negative effects
    * * *
    counteractive; feed back; reaction; recoil; retroact; retroaction
    * * *
    n. back action, reaction, counteraction
    * * *
    fan3 zuo4 yong4
    opposite reaction
    * * *
    fǎn zuò yòng
    retroaction; bucking; counterreflect; reaction; counteract; counteraction; counterpressure; back action; reacting:
    上层建筑对经济基础的反作用 the reaction of the superstructure on the economic base
    反作用安匝数 back ampere-turns;
    反作用变压器 {电工} bucking transformer;
    反作用场 choking field;
    反作用磁场 counter magnetic field;
    反作用电池 counter cell;
    反作用电路 reverse circuit;
    反作用电压 bucking voltage;
    反作用缸 reaction cylinder;
    反作用剂 counteragent;
    反作用控制元件 reverse-acting control element;
    反作用力 {物} reacting (reactive) force; counter (acting) force;
    反作用力矩 moment of reaction; restoring troque;
    反作用梁 beam; reaction-beam;
    反作用喷油嘴 reaction nozzle;
    反作用绕法 reaction winding;
    反作用绕组 opposing winding;
    反作用伺服机构 reaction servo-mechansim;
    反作用锁 back action lock;
    反作用调节元件 reverse-acting control element;
    反作用线圈 opposing coil;
    反作用消声器 {工} nondissipative muffler; reactive muffler;
    反作用叶片 reactance blade; reaction blade;
    反作用影响 reaction effect;
    反作用有机体 reactor;
    反作用原理 principle of reaction; reaction principle;
    反作用转矩杆 torque-reaction rod;
    反作用转矩节 torque-reaction joint
    * * *
    反作用|反作用 [fǎn zuò yòng] opposite reaction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反作用

  • 69 反应

    response; repercussion; reaction; acknowledgement; react, react; respond; reply, reaction; reflexes, reaction; reflexes, reaction, reaction
    * * *
    feedback; reaction; response
    【医】 reaction; response
    相关词组: 反应堆
    * * *
    feedback; reaction; reactivity; response; responses
    * * *
    n. reaction, action made in response to a stimulus; response, reply, answer
    * * *
    fan3 ying4
    to react, to respond, reaction, response, reply, chemical reaction, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    fǎn yìng
    (打针或服药所引起的症状) reaction:
    病人对药物的反应 patient's reaction to a drug
    (化学变化) reaction:
    放热反应 exothermic reaction;
    化学反应 chemical reaction;
    碱性反应 alkaline reaction;
    取代反应 displacement reaction;
    酸性反应 acid reaction;
    吸热反应 endothermic reaction
    (原子核受外力作用而发生变化) reaction:
    核反应 nuclear reaction;
    热核反应 thermo-nuclear reaction
    (有机体受到刺激而引起的相应活动) reaction:
    阳性反应 positive reaction;
    阴性反应 negative reaction;
    中性反应 neutral reaction;
    过敏反应{医} allergic reaction
    (事情所引起的意见、态度或行动;反响) response; repercussion; reaction:
    反应不一。 Reactions vary.; vary in reaction;
    反应冷淡。 The response was far from warm.
    大家对这部影片反应很好。 People responded very favourably to the film.
    公众对我们所作出的努力反应极好。 The public has responded magnificently to our efforts.
    听众对他的演说立即作出反应。 The audience reacted readily to his speech.
    反应本领 reaction capacity;
    反应本能 protaxis;
    反应边 {地} border ring; coronite;
    反应层 conversion zone;
    反应产物 resultant;
    反应程度 {化} extent of reaction;
    反应道 reaction channel;
    反应等温式 reaction isotherm;
    反应电动机 reaction motor;
    反应动力学 (reaction) kinetics; kinetics of reaction;
    反应动力学方程 reaction kinetics equation;
    反应动力学相似 reaction kinetics similarity;
    反应对 {矿} reaction pair;
    反应惰性 reactionlessness;
    反应规范 reaction norm;
    反应焓数 {物化} reaction enthalpy number;
    反应焊接 reaction soldering;
    反应焊药 {材} reaction flux;
    反应缓慢性 inactivity; inertness;
    反应机制 reaction mechanism;
    反应极限 {化} threshold of reaction;
    反应极限电流 reaction limiting current;
    反应级数 order of reaction;
    反应加速 reaction acceleration;
    反应溅射 reactive sputtering;
    反应交流发电机 reaction alernator;
    反应釜 agitated reactor;
    反应罐法 retort process making sponge iron;
    反应活性 reactivity;
    反应机理 reaction mechanism;
    反应假说 reaction hypothesis;
    反应阶段 stage (step) of reaction;
    反应界面 reaction interface;
    反应控制数据 reaction-control data;
    反应控制与稳定系统 reaction control and stabilization system;
    反应历程 reaction mechanism; mechanism of reaction;
    反应粒子 reaction particle;
    反应力(或反应作用) reagency;
    反应量 reacting dose;
    反应率 reactivity; reaction rate;
    反应面 reaction surface;
    反应木材 {植} reaction wood;
    反应能力 {计量} responsiveness;
    反应瓶 reaction bulb;
    反应期 stage of reaction;
    反应气相色谱法 reaction gas chromatography;
    反应器 reactor;
    反应潜伏期 response latency;
    反应潜能细胞 competent cell;
    反应区 {化工} reaction zone;
    反应热 heat of reaction; reaction heat;
    反应热函 {物化} enthalpy of reaction;
    反应熔炼 smelting;
    反应熔炼炉 reaction furnace;
    反应烧结 reactive sintering;
    反应时间 response time;
    反应室 reaction chamber;
    反应素 reagin;
    反应速度 reaction speed;
    反应速度常数 {物化} (reaction) rate constant; reaction velocity constant;
    反应速度测定(量)器 reaction timer;
    反应速率 reaction rate; rate of reaction;
    反应塔 reaction tower;
    反应推进器 reactor propeller;
    反应物 reactant;
    反应物质 reactive material;
    反应系数 reaction coefficient;
    反应系列 {矿} reaction series;
    反应屑 reaction debris;
    反应心理学 {心} reaction psychology; response psychology;
    反应形成 {心理} reaction formation;
    反应选择性 reaction selectivity;
    反应压力 reaction pressure;
    反应应力 reaction stress;
    反应油 reaction oil;
    反应阈值 {物} threshold of reaction;
    反应原理 {矿} reaction principle;
    反应缘 {地} border rim;
    反应蒸发 reactive evaporation;
    反应蒸馏 reaction distillation;
    反应正常 normergia; normergy;
    反应滞后 response lag;
    反应中止 {化} stopping of reaction;
    反应转化器 {化} reactor converter;
    反应状态 reactiveness;
    反应阻止剂 reaction arrester;
    反应坐标 reaction coordinate
    * * *
    反應|反应 [fǎn yìng] to react to respond reaction response reply chemical reaction CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反应

  • 70 反映

    reflect; mirror; capture, report; make known, reflection
    * * *
    reflect; mirror; render; report
    【化】 reflection
    相关词组: 反映的
    * * *
    glass; image; reflect; reflection
    * * *
    n. reaction, action made in response to a stimulus, response; mirror
    v. report, give an account, provide a detailed statement about an occurrence or situation; tell, inform; make known; reflect, reflect image; mirror, send back a mirror image
    * * *
    fan3 ying4
    to mirror, to reflect, mirror image, reflection, fig. to report, to make known, to render, used erroneously for 反應, 反应, response or reaction
    * * *
    fǎn yìng
    (反照,比喻把客观事物的实质表现出来) reflect; reflex; mirror:
    时代的反映 mirror of the times;
    用传统国画手法反映祖国的新面貌 use the traditional style of painting to represent the new face of our country;
    法律应该是人民意志的反映。 A law should be a reflex of the will of the people.
    他们的行动清楚地反映了他们的思想。 Their actions clearly reflect their thoughts.
    这个决定反映了广大人民的根本利益。 This decision represents the fundamental interests of the people.
    一定的文化是一定社会的政治和经济的反映。 Any given culture is a reflection of the politics and economics of a given society.
    (报告上级) report; make known:
    向上级反映 report to the higher level;
    把情况如实反映上去 report true conditions or circumstances to a higher level;
    我将经常向你反映进度。 I'll keep you informed of the progress made.
    反映电抗 reflected reactance;
    反映电阻 reflected resistance;
    反映像 reflected image;
    反映原理 principle of reflection
    * * *
    反映|反映 [fǎn yìng] to mirror to reflect mirror image reflection fig. to report to make known to render used erroneously for ↑ 反應|↑ 反应, response or reaction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反映

  • 71 反馈

    feedback, feedback (a response)
    * * *
    feedback; reaction
    【计】 feedback
    【化】 feedback
    【医】 feed-back
    * * *
    feed back; feedback
    * * *
    n. information about the results of a certain procedure; response
    * * *
    fan3 kui4
    to send back information, feedback
    * * *
    fǎn kuì
    {电} feedback; couple back; retroaction; tickling; back feed; recuperation; back-tracking; back coupling; return coupling:
    负反馈 negative feedback;
    正反馈 positive feedback;
    信息反馈给政府有关部门。 The information is fed back to the government department concerned.
    反馈比 feedback ratio;
    反馈编码 feedback encoding;
    反馈变压器 feedback transformer;
    反馈补偿 feedback compensation;
    反馈重发 automatic request for repetition;
    反馈传递函数 feedback transfer function;
    反馈传感器 feedback transducer;
    反馈导纳 feedback admittance;
    反馈电路 feedback circuit; reactive circuit;
    反馈电纳 feedback susceptance;
    反馈电容 feedback capacity; feedback capacitance;
    反馈电容器 feedback condenser; reaction condenser; throttle condenser;
    反馈电势计 feedback potentiometer; follow-up potentiometer;
    反馈电压 feedback voltage;
    反馈电阻 feedback resistance;
    反馈电阻器 feedback resistor;
    反馈发电机 {电} reaction generator;
    反馈发射机 feedback transmitter;
    反馈发生器 feedback generator;
    反馈法 back-to-back method;
    反馈放大 feedback amplification;
    反馈放大器 feedback amplifier;
    反馈分频器 feedback divider;
    反馈环 feedback loop;
    反馈换能器 feedback transducer;
    反馈回(环)路 feedback loop;
    反馈机制 feedback mechanism;
    反馈积分器 feedback integrator;
    反馈计数器 feedback counter;
    反馈继电放大器 feedback relay amplifier;
    反馈解码 feedback decoding;
    反馈纠错 feedback error correction;
    反馈均衡电路 feedback equalizer;
    反馈均衡器 feedback equalizer;
    反馈刻纹头 feedback cutter;
    反馈控制 feedback control;
    反馈控制回路 feedback control loop;
    反馈控制器 feedback controller;
    反馈控制系统 feedback control system; feedback controller system;
    反馈控制信号 feedback control signal;
    反馈量 feedback quantity;
    反馈路径 feedback path;
    反馈路线 feedback path;
    反馈滤波器 feedback filter;
    反馈膜盒 feedback bellows;
    反馈耦合 back coupling;
    反馈耦合系数 back coupling coefficient;
    反馈耦合振荡器 back coupling oscillator;
    反馈配位 back coordination;
    反馈偏压 {电子} back bias;
    反馈偏压电阻 back-biased resistance;
    反馈片 feedback wafer;
    反馈箝位电路 feedback clamp circuit;
    反馈绕阻 feedback winding;
    反馈实验 pump back test;
    反馈伺服机构 feedback servomechanism;
    反馈随动系统 closed loop servo system;
    反馈特性 feedback characterisitcs;
    反馈调节器 feedback regulator;
    反馈调节系统 looped system;
    反馈调频 feedback frequency modulation;
    反馈调整 feedback adjustment; feedback control;
    反馈调制器 feedback modulator;
    反馈通道 feedback channel;
    反馈通路 feedback path;
    反馈通信 feedback communication;
    反馈网络 feedback network;
    反馈稳定 feedback stability;
    反馈稳定放大器 feedback-stabilized amplifier;
    反馈系数 feedback factor; back coupling coefficient; reaction coefficient;
    反馈系统 feedback system;
    反馈限幅器 feedback limiter;
    反馈线 feedback line;
    反馈线圈 reactor; tickler; feedback coil; tickler coil; reaction coil;
    反馈响应 feedback response;
    反馈相位 feedback phase;
    反馈效应 feedback effect;
    反馈信道 feedback channel;
    反馈信号 feedback signal;
    反馈信息 feedback information;
    反馈移位寄存器 feedback shift register;
    反馈抑制 feedback inhibition;
    反馈抑制器 feedback suppressor;
    反馈译码 feedback decoding;
    反馈译码器 feedback decoder;
    反馈因数 feedback factor;
    反馈原理 feedback principle;
    反馈元件 feedback element; feedback control element;
    反馈增益 feedback gain;
    反馈振荡 feedback oscillation;
    反馈振荡器 feedback oscillator; feedback generator; back-coupled generator;
    反馈支路 {控} feedback branch;
    反馈轴 resetting shaft;
    反馈转换器 {讯} feedback transducer;
    反馈转移特性 feedback transfer characteristic;
    反馈装置 feedback device; positioner;
    反馈自动化 feedback automation;
    反馈阻遏 feedback repression;
    反馈阻抗 feedback impedance
    * * *
    反饋|反馈 [fǎn kuì] to send back information feedback

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反馈

  • 72 变分

    bian4 fen1
    variation (calculus), deformation
    * * *
    biàn fēn
    {数} variation
    变分不等方程 variational inequation;
    变分法 variational method; calculus of variations;
    变分方程 variation equation;
    变分微商 variational derivative;
    变分问题 variational problem;
    变分学 calculus of variation;
    变分原理 variation principle
    * * *
    變分|变分 [biàn fēn] variation (calculus) deformation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 变分

  • 73 变分原理

    variation principle
    * * *
    【计】 variation principle
    * * *
    bian4 fen1 yuan2 li3
    variational principle (physics)
    * * *
    變分原理|变分原理 [biàn fēn yuán lǐ] variational principle (physics)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 变分原理

  • 74 叠加

    【计】 superimpose
    【化】 superimpose; superposition
    * * *
    die2 jia1
    superposition, layering, overlay
    * * *
    dié jiā
    composition; overlying; superimposition; superposition; superimposing; repeated addition; {计} push-down; overlay
    叠加层 superimposed layer;
    叠加场 superimposed field;
    叠加磁化 superposed magnetization;
    叠加点 summing point;
    叠加电流 superimposed current;
    叠加电路 superposed circuit;
    叠加电容 overlap capacitance;
    叠加定理 superposition theorem;
    叠加法 method of superposition; superposition method;
    叠加干扰 superimposed interference;
    叠加过程 additive process;
    叠加荷载 {建} superimposed load;
    叠加画面 {摄} overlay drafting;
    叠加积分 {控} superposition integral;
    叠加理论 superposition theory;
    叠加器 superimposer;
    叠加算子 superposition operator;
    叠加效应 synergistic effect;
    叠加信号 {电} superposed signal; superposition;
    叠加性质 sumproperties;
    叠加原理 (principle of) superposition; superposition principle (物理学基本原理之一);
    叠加振荡 superimposed oscillation;
    叠加自动机 pushdown automata;
    叠加总次数 effort;
    叠加作用 superposition
    * * *
    疊加|叠加 [dié jiā] superposition layering overlay

    Chinese-English dictionary > 叠加

  • 75 可逆性

    【计】 invertibility; reversibility
    * * *
    * * *
    ke3 ni4 xing4
    * * *
    kě nì xìng
    reversibility; reciprocity; invertibility
    可逆性佯谬 reversibility paradox;
    可逆性原理 {光} reversibility principle; reciprocity principle
    * * *
    可逆性|可逆性 [kě nì xìng] reversibility

    Chinese-English dictionary > 可逆性

  • 76 同心同德

    Be of one heart and one mind; referring to be in accordance with each other in both thinking and action (as opposed to "离心离德").
    Be of one heart and one mind; referring to be in accordance with each other in both thinking and action (as opposed to "離心離德").
    * * *
    be of one heart and one mind
    * * *
    be of one heart and one mind
    * * *
    tong2 xin1 tong2 de2
    of one mind (idiom)
    * * *
    tóng xīn tóng dé
    be of one heart and one mind; be one heart with...; dedicate ourselves heart and soul to the same cause; do sth. wholeheartedly with sb.; have the same heart and mind; of one mind and principle; with one heart and one mind; work with one heart and one mind; work with one mind:
    同心同德, 团结一致 unite and work as one;
    广大军民同心同德, 坚决打败入侵者。 The broad masses of people and armymen fought staunchly with one heart and one mind to defeat the aggressors.
    * * *
    同心同德|同心同德 [tóng xīn tóng dé] of one mind (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 同心同德

  • 77 同源

    tong2 yuan2
    homology (biology), a common origin
    * * *
    tóng yuán
    consanguinity; isogeny; isogenesis
    同源包体 {地} autolith; cognate inclusion;
    同源变质作用 allometamorphism;
    同源捕虏体 autohaploid;
    同源词 cognate;
    同源单倍体 autohaploid;
    同源蛋白质 homologous protein;
    同源多倍体 autopolyploid;
    同源多倍性 autopolyploidy;
    同源多元单倍体 autopolyhaploid;
    同源二倍体 autodiploid;
    同源发生 isogenesis; homogeny;
    同源火山 homogeneous volcano;
    同源假说 homologous hypothesis;
    同源嫁接 isogenetic graft;
    同源联会 autosyndesis; autosynapsis;
    同源联会异源多倍体 isosyndetic alloploid;
    同源疗法 isotherapy;
    同源疗法原则 {心理} isopathic principle;
    同源论 homologous theory;
    同源免疫噬菌体 homoimmune phage;
    同源抛出物 essential ejecta; cognate ejecta;
    同源配对 homogenetic association;
    同源喷出物 {地质} cognate ejecta;
    同源器官 homologous organs;
    同源染色体 homologue; homologous chromosomes;
    同源三倍体 autotriploid;
    同源世代交替 {植} homologous alternation of generations;
    同源说 common-genesis hypothesis;
    同源四倍体 autotetraploid; autotetraploidy;
    同源似构包体 plesiomorphes;
    同源体 autoploid;
    同源同结构包体 synmorphes; synmorphous;
    同源图形 homological figures;
    同源细胞系 isologous cell line;
    同源衍生物 filiation;
    同源移植 syngenetic graft;
    同源移植片 homologous graft;
    同源异倍性 autoheteroploid;
    同源异构包体 {地} allomorphes;
    同源异形 homeosis;
    同源异形突变型 homeotic mutant;
    同源异源多倍体 autoallopolyploid;
    同源异源体 autoalloploid;
    同源诱导者 homogenetic inductor;
    同源诱导作用 {胚} homologenetic induction;
    同源转化 homeosis; homoosis; homoeosis;
    同源组合 consanguinity association
    * * *
    同源|同源 [tóng yuán] homology (biology) a common origin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 同源

  • 78 同道

    people cherishing the same ideals and following the same path; people having a common goal, people of the same trade or occupation
    * * *
    tong2 dao4
    same principle
    * * *
    tóng dào
    (同一行业的人) people engaged in the same pursuit
    (志同道合的人) people with the same ideals:
    同道中人 men of the same line
    * * *
    同道|同道 [tóng dào] same principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 同道

  • 79 含糊

    ambiguous; vague; unclear, careless; perfunctory, See 不含糊( bùhánhu), vaguely
    * * *
    ambiguity; hesitation; obscurity; vagueness
    【法】 equivocality
    相关词组: 含糊的
    * * *
    ambiguity; hesitation; obscurity; vagueness
    * * *
    adj. vague, ambiguous, careless, perfunctory
    n. obscurity, obscure
    * * *
    han2 hu2
    obscurity, vague
    * * *
    hán hu
    (不清晰; 不明确) ambiguous; vague:
    一点不含糊 clear-cut; definite; not at all vague;
    他的答复是含糊的。 His answer was ambiguous.
    在原则问题上不能含糊。 One must not be vague on matters of principle.
    (马虎) careless; perfunctory:
    这事一点不能含糊。 We'll have to handle the matter with meticulous care.
    含糊度 ambiguity;
    含糊构码 ambiguous encoding;
    含糊函数 ambiguity function
    * * *
    含糊|含糊 [hán hú] obscurity vague

    Chinese-English dictionary > 含糊

  • 80 和稀泥

    try to mediate differences at the sacrifice of principle; try to smooth things over
    * * *
    huo4 xi1 ni2
    to try to smooth things over
    * * *
    huò xī ní
    (比喻无原则地调解或折中) blur the line between right and wrong; reconcile differences regardless of principles; settle a difference by way of compromise; try to mediate differences at the sacrifice of principle; try to smooth things over
    * * *
    和稀泥|和稀泥 [huò xī ní] to try to smooth things over

    Chinese-English dictionary > 和稀泥

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