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babinet s principle

  • 41 光速

    velocity of light
    * * *
    velocity of light
    【计】 optical speed
    【化】 velocity of light
    【医】 speed of light
    * * *
    velocity of light
    * * *
    guang1 su4
    the speed of light
    * * *
    guāng sù
    speed of light; velocity of light (光磁); light velocity; ray velocity:
    光速约为每秒300000公里。 The velocity of light is about 300000 kilometres per second.
    光速半径 velocity of light radius;
    光速不变原理 permanent principle of light velocity;
    光速圆柱面 velocity-of-light cylinder;
    光速(粒)子 luxon
    * * *
    光速|光速 [guāng sù] ► the speed of light

    Chinese-English dictionary > 光速

  • 42 公事公办

    do official business according to official principles; not let private affairs interfere with public duty; business is business
    * * *
    do official business according to official principles
    * * *
    do official business according to official principle
    * * *
    gong1 shi4 gong1 ban4
    to do official business according to the official principles (i.e. without involving private interests)
    * * *
    gōng shì gōng bàn
    Public business affairs should be strictly managed.; A public business should be attended to with strictness.; do official business according to official principles; not let private affairs interfere with public duty; not let personal considerations interfere with one's execution of public duty; Business is business.; Public affairs should be conducted in an orthodox way.
    * * *
    公事公辦|公事公办 [gōng shì gōng bàn] ► to do official business according to the official principles (i.e. without involving private interests)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 公事公办

  • 43 公平

    fair; just; impartial; equitable, fairly; impartially
    * * *
    dispassion; equity; impartiality; justice
    【法】 impartiality; justitia
    相关词组: 不公平
    * * *
    dispassion; equitableness; equity; impartiality; justice
    * * *
    adj. fair, just, impartial, equitable
    n. equity
    * * *
    gong1 ping2
    fair, impartial
    * * *
    gōng píng
    fair; just; impartial; equitable; justice:
    公平的待遇 square deal;
    不公平的待遇 raw deal;
    公平无私 dispassionate fairness;
    我们的老师以给学生评分公平著称。 Our teacher is known for her fairness in grading pupils.
    公平算账友谊长。 Even reckoning makes long friends.
    公平报酬率 fair rate of return;
    公平定价 arm's length pricing;
    公平分担原则 principle of equitable burden-sharing;
    公平分配 equitable distribution;
    公平分配收入 equitable distribution of income;
    公平价格 fair price;
    公平交易 fair dealing; fair trade; be fair in buying and selling; buy and sell at reasonable prices;
    公平解决 equitable settlement; trade justly; straight dealings;
    公平竞争 fair competition;
    公平理论 equity theory;
    公平市价 fair market value; arm's length pricing;
    公平原则 the fairness doctrine
    * * *
    公平|公平 [gōng píng] ► fair ► impartial

    Chinese-English dictionary > 公平

  • 44 公认

    generally acknowledge (or recognize); (universally) accept; establish, admittedly
    * * *
    legalize; recognize; vote
    【法】 common consent
    相关词组: 公认的
    * * *
    legalize; recognition; recognize; vote
    * * *
    adj. accepted, publicly known, generally acknowledged, established
    * * *
    gong1 ren4
    publicly known (to be), accepted (as)
    * * *
    gōng rèn
    universally (generally) acknowledged; (universally, generally) accepted; established:
    公认的国际法准则 established principles of international law;
    公认的国际关系原则 generally recognized principles governing international relations;
    公认的领袖 acknowledged leader;
    举世公认 universally admit;
    那种观点在这儿正迅速得到人们的公认。 That view is rapidly obtaining here.
    公认安全 generally recognized as safe (GRAS);
    公认会计原则 generally accepted accounting principle;
    公认审计准则 generally accepted auditing standards;
    公认外汇银行 authorized foreign exchange bank;
    公认责任 public liability
    * * *
    公認|公认 [gōng rèn] ► publicly known (to be) ► accepted (as)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 公认

  • 45 共有

    community; in common; intercommunity; share
    【经】 co-ownership; community
    * * *
    communion; community; in common; intercommunity; pool
    * * *
    v. have altogether
    * * *
    gong4 you3
    to have altogether, in all
    * * *
    gòng yǒu
    owned by all (both)
    共有结构 apokoinou construction;
    共有林 communal forest; community forest; shared forest; yield sharing forest;
    共有熵 communal entropy;
    共有财产 public property; community property;
    共有财产原则 community-property principle;
    共有基金投资 mutual fund investment
    * * *
    共有|共有 [gòng yǒu] ► to have altogether ► in all

    Chinese-English dictionary > 共有

  • 46 关联

    be related; be connected, identification
    * * *
    conjunction; relationship
    【计】 associate; association
    【经】 relevance
    相关词组: 关联的
    * * *
    associate; conjunction; relating; relationship; relevancy
    * * *
    n. conjunction, relevance, relevancy, relationship, relation
    v. associate, be related, be linked
    * * *
    guan1 lian2
    related, linked, affiliated
    * * *
    guān lián
    relevance; be related; correlation; relevancy; interaction; interconnection; be connected:
    互相关联的 be interrelated;
    数学和天文学是互相关联的科学。 Mathematics and astronomy are cognate sciences.
    关联表 {统} contingency table;
    关联参数 relevant parameter;
    关联长度 correlation length;
    关联词 conjunctive word;
    关联度量张量 associated metric tensor;
    关联公理 axiom of alignment; axiom of connection; incidence axioms;
    关联估计原则 interaction predication principle;
    关联函数 correlation function;
    关联矩阵 {数} incidence matrix; associated matrix;
    关联类 association class;
    关联能 correlation energy;
    关联平衡法 interaction balance method;
    关联时间 correlation time;
    关联树 relevance tree;
    关联算子 associate operator;
    关联(互联)系统 interconnected (interacted) system;
    关联现象 correlation;
    关联性 relevance;
    关联预估法 interaction predication approach;
    关联指数 {化} correlation index;
    关联张量 associated tensor;
    关联罪 guilt by association;
    关联作用 correlation
    * * *
    關聯|关联 [guān lián] ► related ► linked ► affiliated

    Chinese-English dictionary > 关联

  • 47 出入

    come in and go out, discrepancy; divergence
    * * *
    discrepancy; in and out
    相关词组: 出入孔
    * * *
    discrepancy; in and out
    * * *
    n. discrepancy, divergence
    v. come in and go out
    * * *
    chu1 ru4
    to go out and come in, entrance and exit, expenditure and income, discrepancy, inconsistent
    * * *
    chū rù
    (出去和进来) come in and go out; go out and come in:
    骑自行车出入请下车。 Cyclists please dismount at the gate.
    (数目、语句等不相符) discrepancy; divergence; inconsistency:
    两份关于那次战役的报道大有出入。 There was considerable discrepancy between the two accounts of the battle.
    现款跟账上的数目没有出入。 Cash on hand tallies with the figure in the accounts.
    出入臂 access arm;
    出入海洋原则 principle of access to and from the sea;
    出入控制系统 input-output control system (IOCS);
    出入联锁 entrance-exit interlocking;
    出入时间 access time;
    出入证 pass (identifying a staff member, etc.)
    * * *
    出入|出入 [chū rù] ► to go out and come in ► entrance and exit ► expenditure and income ► discrepancy ► inconsistent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 出入

  • 48 分层

    * * *
    【计】 delaminate; delamination; layering
    【化】 demixing; lamination
    【医】 delamination; demixing; layering; stratification
    【经】 stratify
    * * *
    bed; delamination
    * * *
    adj. stratified, arranged in layers
    n. demixing, lamination, stratification
    v. stratify, layer, be deposited in layers, separate into social classes or levels, develop different social classes or levels
    * * *
    fen1 ceng2
    lamination, layering, stratification, delamination
    * * *
    fēn céng
    lamination; layering; stratification; slice; layer-built; hierarchy; gradation; delamination; segregation; layer; tier; rank; demixing; stacking; precipitation; lam; laminate; piling
    分层爆炸 decked explosion;
    分层崩落采矿法 scramming;
    分层崩落法 slicing and caving method;
    分层采掘 dass;
    分层采煤法 slice longwall method;
    分层采油 oil production by layer;
    分层产量计 seperate stratum flowmeter;
    分层长壁采煤法 slice longwall method;
    分层抽样 step sampling; stratified sampling;
    分层抽样法 stratified sampling method; seperated layer sampling;
    分层磁带 magnetic laminating tape;
    分层导体 laminated conductor;
    分层等待 {航空} stacking;
    分层电刷 sandwich brush;
    分层叠绕绕组 pile winding;
    分层镀层 {冶} graduated coating;
    分层对流 laminar convection;
    分层多级抽样 stratified multistage sampling;
    分层法 top and bottom process;
    分层耕作 layer ploughing;
    分层检查 audit-in-depth;
    分层绞线 twisted conductor;
    分层接合 spliced joint;
    分层进气 stratified charge;
    分层聚乙烯片 laminated polyethylene film;
    分层绝缘体 laminated insulator;
    分层开采 slice;
    分层开采法 bench method; slicing;
    分层量化检测器 rank-quantization detector;
    分层裂开 leafing;
    分层流 stratified flow;
    分层流动 laminated flow; stratified flow;
    分层流体 {流} stratified fluid;
    分层流图 level diagram;
    分层路径 hierarchical path;
    分层录声盘 laminated record;
    分层滤器 stage filter;
    分层棉织胶带 ply-constructed belt;
    分层模型 hierarchical model;
    分层盘旋(飞行) stack;
    分层坯块 laminated compact;
    分层铺炉底 bedding of a furnace;
    分层器 quantizer;
    分层取和检测器 rank-sum detector;
    分层缺陷探测仪 lamination detector;
    分层绕法 {电} layer winding;
    分层绕组 layer winding;
    分层设色 layer colours;
    分层设色表 hypsometric tint scale;
    分层设色地图 hypsometric map;
    分层设色法 hypsometric (method) survey; tinting method;
    分层试油 formation testing by layer;
    分层书架 book stand;
    分层酸化 seperate layer acid treatment;
    分层随机抽样 stratified random sampling;
    分层天线 tier antenna;
    分层天线阵 {讯} tiered array; stacked array;
    分层填土夯实 compaction by layers;
    分层填筑 placement in layers;
    分层透镜聚光器 corrugated lens condenser;
    分层系数 lamination factor;
    分层相加检波器 rank-sum detector;
    分层信号集电极 quantized collector;
    分层蓄意样本 stratified purposive sample;
    分层压力计 seperate stratum pressure gauge;
    分层压裂 seperate stratum fracturing;
    分层压制 stack moulding;
    分层压制模制 layer moulding;
    分层养鱼 fish culture by layer;
    分层液体 stratified liquid;
    分层永久冻土 layered permafrost;
    分层原理 {生态} principle of stratification;
    分层注水 seperated layer water injection;
    分层装置 decker;
    分层锥 corrugated cone;
    分层锥削 tapered taper;
    分层阻力 separation resistance;
    分层作用 lamination
    * * *
    分層|分层 [fēn céng] ► lamination ► layering ► stratification ► delamination

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分层

  • 49 分歧

    difference; divergence; division
    * * *
    divergence; difference; bifurcation; divarication; fork; furcation
    ramification; variance
    【医】 bifurcation
    相关词组: 分歧的
    * * *
    bifurcation; branching; difference; divaricate; divarication; diverge; fork
    * * *
    fen1 qi2
    difference (of opinion, position), bifurcation
    * * *
    fēn qí
    (不一致; 有差别) difference; divergence; virgation:
    意见分歧 divergence of views; differences of opinion;
    原则分歧 a difference in principle;
    制造分歧 create dissension; sow discord;
    中国认为第三世界国家的分歧是有是有非, 有曲有直的。 China believes that there are rights and wrongs involved in the disputes between third world countries.
    大家对这个问题的看法还存在分歧。 People still have different opinions on this question.
    {数} bifurcation; ramification
    分歧点 {数} ramification point; divergence; difference;
    分歧理论 bifurcation theory;
    分歧论 cladistics;
    分歧曲线图 divergence curve chart;
    分歧群 ramification group;
    分歧数 ramification number;
    分歧套管 splice box;
    分歧域 ramification field;
    分歧值 ramification value; bifurcational value;
    分歧指数 ramification exponent; ramification index;
    分歧轴突 schizaxon
    * * *
    分歧|分歧 [fēn qí] ► difference (of opinion, position) ► bifurcation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分歧

  • 50 分解

    resolve, resolve, decompose; resolve, explain (used in traditional novels)
    * * *
    decompose; decompound; disassemble; analyze; break down; break up; reduce
    【计】 disassembling; disassembly; dissociaton
    【化】 decomposition
    【医】 abbau; decompose; decomposition; disassociation; disintegrate
    disintegration; splitting
    相关词组: 电分解
    * * *
    decompose; decompound; disassemble; analyze; break down; break up; reduce
    * * *
    n. disintegration, resolution, analysis, decomposition
    v. resolve, decompose, break down
    * * *
    fen1 jie3
    to resolve, to decompose, to break down
    * * *
    fēn jiě
    (整体的分化) resolve; decompose; disintegrate; disassemble; break down; break up; decomposition:
    因数分解 resolution into factors;
    力的分解 resolution of forces;
    水可分解为氢和氧。 Water can be resolved (decomposed) into hydrogen and oxygen.
    统一体总要分解为不同部分的。 A unity invariably tends to break up into different parts.
    (解释, 说明) explain; recount; disclose:
    且听下回分解。 Read (Listen to) next chapter for disclosure (of developments of a story).
    欲知后事如何, 且听下回分解。 But as to what happened thereafter, that will be disclosed in the ensuing chapter.
    分解氨热镀锌法 sendzimir coating process; sendzimir galvanizing process;
    分解表达法 analysis;
    分解槽 decomposer;
    分解产物 catabolite;
    分解常数 decomposition constant;
    分解成粉 slack;
    分解催化剂 decomposition catalyst;
    分解代谢 {生} catabiosis; catabolism; katabolism; disassimilation; Abbau;
    分解代谢产物 catabolite; katabolite;
    分解代谢过程 catabolic process;
    分解代谢过度 hypercatabolism;
    分解点 decomposition point;
    分解电势 {物化} decomposition potential; decomposition voltage;
    分解电位 decomposition electric potential;
    分解电位计 resolving potentiometer;
    分解电压 decomposition voltage;
    分解动作 micromotion; analytical action;
    分解法 decomposition method;
    分解反驳图 resolution-refutation graph;
    分解反应 decomposition reaction;
    分解釜 decomposing pot;
    分解过程 {数} decomposable process; breakdown process;
    分解函数 analytic function;
    分解函数发生器 analytical-function generator;
    分解合弦 broken chords;
    分解机理 decomposition mechanism; dissociative mechanism;
    分解剂 disintegrant;
    分解菌 decomposer;
    分解力 resolution;
    分解率 resolution ratio;
    分解酶 catabolic enzyme;
    分解能力 capacity of decomposition;
    分解器 decomposer; resolver; splitter;
    分解求积法 integration by decomposition;
    分解曲线 decomposition curve;
    分解热 {物化} decomposition heat; heat of decomposition;
    分解生态学 factorial ecology;
    分解试验 decomposition run;
    分解图 breakdown drawing; exploded view; resolution graph;
    分解系数 decomposition coefficient;
    分解性 decomposability;
    分解性能 decomposability;
    分解压力 decomposition pressure;
    分解优势生物 kalabions;
    分解原理 decomposition principle; resolution principle;
    分解原则 decomposition principle;
    分解者 {生态} decomposer; microcomposer; microconsumer; reducer;
    分解蒸馏 {有化} destructive distillation;
    分解证明树 resolution proof tree;
    分解作用 decomposition; resolution
    * * *
    分解|分解 [fēn jiě] ► to resolve ► to decompose ► to break down

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分解

  • 51 分配

    allocate; distribute; allot; divide; division; hand out; share, assign; dispose, distribution; allotment
    * * *
    allocate; allot; assign; consign; disburse; dispense; distribute; portion
    【计】 ALLOC; allocate; allocating; assignation; distributing point
    【化】 distribution
    【医】 distribution; partition
    【经】 absorb; allocate; allocation; allotment; apportionment; assign
    assignation; distribute; distribution; repartition
    相关词组: 按劳分配
    * * *
    distribute; allot; assign; admeasure; distribute
    * * *
    n. distribution, assignment, allocation, dealing, assignation
    v. distribute, assign, allocate, allot, apportion, assort, portion
    * * *
    fen1 pei4
    to distribute, to assign, to allocate, to partition (a hard drive)
    * * *
    fēn pèi
    distribution; allocation; assignment:
    不公平的分配 an unfair distribution;
    地理分配 geographical distribution;
    分配上的平均主义 equalitarianism in income distribution;
    利润分配 distribution of the profits;
    毕业分配 job assignment on graduation
    distribute; allot; assign; share:
    分配住房 allot dwelling houses;
    分配任务 allot tasks;
    服从组织分配 accept the job that the organization assigns to one;
    按劳分配 distribution according to work;
    那些房间已经分配给我们。 Those rooms have been assigned to us.
    一毕业她就被分配任学校的会计。 Upon graduation she was assigned to the position of treasurer of the school.
    每年国家规划并分配特别的研究题目。 Every year a national plan outlines and assigns special problems for research.
    分配板 distributing plate;
    分配泵 dispensing pump; proportioning pump;
    分配槽 distribution box;
    分配程序 allocator;
    分配迟延 distributed lag;
    分配齿轮 distribution gear; front gears;
    分配存储面 allocate storage;
    分配存储器 allocate memory;
    分配等温线 distribution isotherm;
    分配电路 distributor circuit;
    分配定律 {分化} distribution law;
    分配断层 distributive fault;
    分配额 allocation;
    分配阀 distributing valve; distribution valve;
    分配阀垫密片 distributing valve gasket;
    分配阀壳体 selector valve body;
    分配法 apportion design; distribution method;
    分配方式 form (mode) of distribution;
    分配分类 distribution sort;
    分配放大器 distribution amplifier; distributing amplifier;
    分配杆 feed rod;
    分配格 {数} distributive lattice;
    分配格局 distribution pattern;
    分配关系 relations of distribution;
    分配管 distributing pipe;
    分配国民收入 distribution of the national income;
    分配过程 distribution;
    分配函数 partition function; distributive function;
    分配滑阀 distributing slide valve;
    分配基础 distribution basis;
    分配机构 distributor gear;
    分配级 distribution stage;
    分配继电器 allotter relay;
    分配卡片组 {自} distribution deck;
    分配控制阀 dividing control valve;
    分配会计机 distribution accounting machine;
    分配量 sendout;
    分配律 distribution law;
    分配螺旋 distributing auger; level(l)ing auger;
    分配模型 apportion model;
    分配内存 storage allocation;
    分配配对 distributive pairing;
    分配配额 allocated quotas;
    分配频率 dividing frequency;
    分配歧管 distributing manifold;
    分配渠道 channel of distribution;
    分配色层法 partition chromatography;
    分配色谱 partition chromatography;
    分配色谱法 partography;
    分配社会劳动 allocation of social labour;
    分配数列 series of distribution;
    分配调整器螺钉 distributor adjusting screw;
    分配通信 allocate communications;
    分配投资贷款 allocate investment credits;
    分配凸轮 distributor;
    分配网络 distribution network; distributing network;
    分配图 distribution diagram;
    分配(配置)问题 assignment problem; distribution problem;
    分配物 dispensation;
    分配系数 {分化} partition coefficient; coefficient of distribution; distribution modulus; partition ratio; distribution coefficient;
    分配系统 distribution system;
    分配箱 distributor box;
    分配协议 distributorship agreement;
    分配斜齿轮 distributing oblique gear;
    分配性 distributivity;
    分配旋塞 distributing cock;
    分配油库 distributive oil terminal;
    分配语句 allocate statement;
    分配预算 budget allotments;
    分配原则 principle of distribution;
    分配运输机 distributing conveyer;
    分配运算 distributive operation;
    分配噪声 division noise; noise of partition;
    分配者 allocator; sampleman;
    分配轴 distributing shaft;
    分配值 apportioning cost; place value;
    分配制(度) allocation (distribution) system;
    分配装配 dispensing assembly;
    分配装置 dispensing equipment
    * * *
    分配|分配 [fēn pèi] ► to distribute ► to assign ► to allocate ► to partition (a hard drive)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分配

  • 52 则

    standard; norm; criterion, rule; regulation, imitate; follow, piece; item (used for news, writing, etc.), used to indicate cause, condition, etc., used to indicate concession, contrast, etc., used to list reasons, preceded by 一, 二, 三, 或一, 再, 三
    * * *
    criterion; follow; rule; standard
    * * *
    criterion; follow; rule; standard
    * * *
    adv. then
    n. criterion, standard, norm, rule, regulation
    v. follow
    * * *
    conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause, standard, norm, rule, to imitate, to follow, then, principle, classifier for written items (such as an official statement)
    * * *
    (规范) standard; norm; criterion:
    准则 norm; standard; criterion;
    例则 an example;
    以身作则 set an example by one's own conduct; set oneself up as an example
    (规则) regulation; rule; law:
    总则 general rules;
    原则 principle;
    细则 detailed rules and regulations
    (姓氏) a surname:
    则长 Ze Chang
    (效法) imitate; follow; copy:
    则之 follow it; imitate its way;
    则先烈之言行 follow the example of the martyrs in word and deed
    (是, 乃是) be:
    此则余之过也。 This is my fault.
    心之官则思。 The office of the mind is to think.
    (用于分项或自成段落的文字的条数) an item:
    新闻一则 an item of news ; a news story;
    笑话一则 a joke;
    试题三则 three test questions;
    寓言四则 four fables
    多则一年, 少则半载 between six months and a year;
    不进则退。 Either one goes forward or he will be left behind.
    不战则已, 战则必胜。 Fight no battle unless victory is sure.
    物体热则涨, 冷则缩。 Objects expand when heated and contract when cooled.
    有则改之, 无则加勉。 Correct mistakes if you have made any and guard against them if you have not.
    欲速则不达。 More haste, less speed.
    有的勤奋工作, 有的则消极怠工。 Some are hard at work and some are slack in work.
    人皆好名, 我则不然。 Others may be fond of titles and honours, but I am not.
    漂亮则漂亮, 只是不耐穿。 It's pretty but not endurable.
    南方雨水充沛, 北方则比较干燥。 It is wet in the South, while the North is dry.
    今则不然。 However, things are quite different today.
    他们想要一所房子, 我们则宁愿住一套房间。 They want a house, whereas we would rather live in a flat.
    不能让他去干, 一则年纪大, 二则身体弱。 Don't set him the task. For one thing he's old; for another he's in poor health.
    我想今天不去了, 一则我有点累, 二则我去过好几趟了。 I don't think I am going today. First, I am feeling a bit tired; secondly, I have been there several times before.
    * * *
    則|则 [zé] ► conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause ► standard ► norm ► rule ► to imitate ► to follow ► then ► principle ► classifier for written items (such as an official statement)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 则

  • 53 别管

    no matter (who, what, etc.)
    * * *
    no matter
    * * *
    no matter
    * * *
    bie2 guan3
    no matter (who, what etc)
    * * *
    bié guǎn
    (不管) no matter; however; whatever:
    别管是谁, 一律按原则办事。 No matter who it is, we'll act according to principle.
    吃的用的,别管哪一样, 都是劳动人民生产的。 No matter what we eat or use, it is produced by the working people.
    (不要过问) never mind; leave sb. (sth.) alone:
    别管闲事。 Don't put your finger in the pie.
    别管我。 Leave me alone.
    * * *
    別管|别管 [bié guǎn] ► no matter (who, what etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 别管

  • 54 則

    standard; norm; criterion, rule; regulation, imitate; follow, piece; item (used for news, writing, etc.), used to indicate cause, condition, etc., used to indicate concession, contrast, etc., used to list reasons, preceded by 一, 二, 三, 或一, 再, 三
    * * *
    adv. then
    n. criterion, standard, norm, rule, regulation
    v. follow
    * * *
    conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause, standard, norm, rule, to imitate, to follow, then, principle, classifier for written items (such as an official statement)
    * * *
    則|则 [zé] ► conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause ► standard ► norm ► rule ► to imitate ► to follow ► then ► principle ► classifier for written items (such as an official statement)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 則

  • 55 办学

    run a school
    * * *
    run a school
    * * *
    run a school
    * * *
    v. run a school
    * * *
    ban4 xue2
    to run a school
    * * *
    bàn xué
    run a school
    办学方式 way of running schools;
    办学方针 guiding principle for running a school
    * * *
    辦學|办学 [bàn xué] ► to run a school

    Chinese-English dictionary > 办学

  • 56 功能

    * * *
    【计】 F; FUNC; function
    【医】 function
    【经】 functions
    相关词组: 功能的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. function; use
    * * *
    gong1 neng2
    function, capability
    * * *
    gōng néng
    教育的功能 the function of education;
    语法功能 grammatical function; function;
    耳的功能是听。 The function of the ear is to listen.
    功能变化 metergasis;
    功能部分 function part; functional unit; functional device;
    功能参数 functional parameter;
    功能操作部分 {计} function part;
    功能测试器 functional tester;
    功能层 functional layer;
    功能迟钝 torpor;
    功能词 {语} function word; functional word;
    功能等位性 functional allelism;
    功能地址指令 functional address instruction; operational-address instruction;
    功能电路 functional circuit;
    功能电位 electrode function potential;
    功能电子块 functional electronic block;
    功能镀 functional plating;
    功能锻炼 functional training;
    功能发生器 forcing function generator;
    功能分类 functional classification;
    功能分析 functional analysis;
    功能分析系统技术 function analysis system technique;
    功能符 functional character;
    功能高聚物 functional polymer;
    功能观 functional view;
    功能管理 function management;
    功能核心(细胞) (德) leistungskern;
    功能合金 function alloy;
    功能宏指令 functional macroinstruction;
    功能互换性 functional interchangeability;
    功能积木化 functional modularity;
    功能检查 functional check;
    功能键 function key;
    功能交叉 {自} functional interleaving;
    功能开关 functional switch;
    功能孔 function hole; function punch;
    功能控制 function control;
    功能控制改变 {自} change of control;
    功能块 functional block;
    功能框 functional block;
    功能类 function class;
    功能链 {自} functional chain;
    功能路面 functional surface;
    功能码 function code;
    功能模块 functional module;
    功能模块化 function modularization; function modularity;
    功能模拟程序 functional simulator;
    功能膜子 membron; functional membron;
    功能丧失 afunction;
    功能设计 functional design;
    功能失调 functional disturbance;
    功能试验 function test; “go-no-go” test;
    功能数字 function digit;
    功能体 functive; (机体)
    功能体系 ergasia;
    功能图 functional diagram; functional arrangement;
    功能微型组件 functional module;
    功能误差 functional error;
    功能消除 ablation;
    功能信号 function signal;
    功能信息组 function field;
    功能选通 function strobe;
    功能选择电路 function selector circuit;
    功能学派 functional school; functionalism;
    功能要求 functional requirement;
    功能引线 functional pin;
    功能语言学 {语} funtional linguistic;
    功能元件 function element; functional element; functor;
    功能原理 principle of work and power;
    功能障碍 dysfunction; disfunction;
    功能阵列 function array;
    功能指示符 role indicator;
    功能质量 service quality;
    功能主义 functionalism;
    功能转变 functional shift; functional change;
    功能资本家 entrepreneurial capitalist;
    功能字符 function character; functional character; control character;
    功能组件 functional unit
    * * *
    功能|功能 [gōng néng] ► function ► capability

    Chinese-English dictionary > 功能

  • 57 加速

    quicken; speed up; accelerate; expedite; hasten; hurry along, acceleration
    * * *
    accelerate; quicken; crack on; gather way; pickup; speed
    【计】 accelerating; increase speed; speed-up
    【医】 acceleration; auxo-
    【经】 accelerate; prompt; speed up
    相关词组: 加速的
    * * *
    accelerate; quicken up; speedup; gather way; pickup
    * * *
    n. speeded up
    v. quicken, speed up, accelerate
    * * *
    jia1 su4
    accelerate, expedite
    * * *
    jiā sù
    quicken; speed up; accelerate; expedite; acceleration; upshift; boosting; starting; precipitate; shifting up:
    加速四个现代化建设 speed up the four modernizations;
    加速商品周转 expedite the turnover of commodities;
    队伍加速前进。 The contingent quickened its advance.
    这辆新汽车加速性能良好。 The new car has good accelaration.
    加速泵 {机} accelerating pump; acceleration pump;
    加速比 speed-up ratio;
    加速波导管 accelerating waveguide;
    加速参数 acceleration parameter;
    加速测量管 accelerometer tube;
    加速测试 {电工} accelerated test;
    加速常数 acceleration constant;
    加速场 accelerating field;
    加速冲量 acceleration pulse;
    加速传动 drive up;
    加速存取 assisted access;
    加速电场 accelerating field;
    加速电极 accelerating electrode; accelerator;
    加速电路 accelerating circuit; anticipation network;
    加速电容 speed-up capacitor;
    加速电容器 speed-up condenser; speed-up capacitor;
    加速电势(位) accelerating potential;
    加速电势差 accelerating potential;
    加速电压 {电子} accelerating potential; accelerating voltage;
    加速电子发动机 accelerated electron engine;
    加速电子管 accelerating tube;
    加速定理 speed up theorem;
    加速发动机 acceleration motor; booster engine; kick motor;
    加速发生 tachygenesis;
    加速阀 acceleration valve;
    加速反馈 {航空} acceleration feedback;
    加速反射 {生理} acceleratory reflex;
    加速反应期 acceleration period;
    加速风门 accelerator;
    加速腐蚀 accelerated corrosion;
    加速腐蚀试验 accelerated corrosion test;
    加速负载 accelerating weight;
    加速功率 accelerating power;
    加速管 accelerating tube;
    加速过程研究 acceleration study;
    加速过滤 {化} accelerated filtration;
    加速过滤器 {化} accelofilter;
    加速环 intensifier ring;
    加速换向 overcommutation;
    加速火箭发动机 accelerating rocket engine;
    加速回程 accelerated return stroke;
    加速机制 acceleration mechanism;
    加速极 intensifying ring; accelerating stage;
    加速剂 accelerator; accelerant;
    加速继电器 accelerating relay;
    加速驾驶装置 acceleration-controlled system;
    加速接触器 {电工} accelerating contactor;
    加速节 accelerating section;
    加速进气 accelerating charge;
    加速浸饱剂 introfier;
    加速浸饱作用{化} introfaction;
    加速浸出 accelerated leaching;
    加速空间 accelerating space;
    加速控制器 acceleration controller;
    加速老化 accelerated ageing;
    加速老化试验 accelerated ageing test;
    加速老化系数 life acceleration factor;
    加速离子 speeding-up ion;
    加速力 accelerating force; accelerative force; turn of speed;
    加速连杆机构 {机} accelerator linkage;
    加速链 {电子} accelerating chain;
    加速流 {流} accelerated flow; accelerated motion of a fluid;
    加速磨损试验 accelerated wear test;
    加速耐受度 {工} acceleration tolerance;
    加速能力 acceleration capacity;
    加速喷嘴 accelerating jet; acceleration nozzle;
    加速疲劳试验 {航空} accelerated fatigue test;
    加速破坏 accelerate the failure;
    加速曝气池 aero-accelerator;
    加速期间 accelerating period;
    加速侵蚀 {地质} accelerated erosion;
    加速曲线 acceleration curve;
    加速燃烧 accelerated combustion; accelerate the combustion;
    加速容限{航空} acceleration tolerance;
    加速栅极 accelerating grid electrode;
    加速设备 accelerating device;
    加速神经 accelerans; accelerator nerve;
    加速生长 {生} tachyauxesis;
    加速时间 acceleration time; time for acceleration;
    加速时期 {采矿} acceleration; accelerating period; period of acceleration;
    加速失调 acceleration disturbance;
    加速(电)势差 accelerating potential;
    加速室 accelerating chamber;
    加速试验 accelerated test;
    加速收敛 accelerating convergence;
    加速寿命试验 {机} accelerated life test; accelerated test;
    加速数 accelerator;
    加速速度 accelerating velocity; geared-up speed;
    加速踏板 {机} accelerator pedal;
    加速系数 accelerator coefficient; accelerating factor;
    加速系统 accelerating system;
    加速系统自动开关 kick-down switch;
    加速系统自动开关接线柱 kick-down switch fixed terminal;
    加速系统自动开关柱塞 kick-down switch plunger;
    加速限制 acceleration constraint;
    加速限制器 accelerator limiter; acceleration limiter;
    加速线圈 accelerating coil;
    加速箱 accelerating chamber;
    加速响应 {控} booster response; rate action; time response;
    加速响应电容器 commutating capacitor; commutating condenser;
    加速效应 acceleration effect;
    加速型喷管 accelerating nozzle;
    加速性能 accelerating ability;
    加速循环 accelerated circulation;
    加速阳极 accelerating anode;
    加速因素 accelerator;
    加速因数 accelerated factor; accelerating factor;
    加速因子 accelerated factor; accelerating factor;
    加速引射器 augmenting duct;
    加速油壶 accelerating well;
    加速原理 acceleration principle;
    加速运动 accelerated motion; accelerated movement; positive acceleration motion;
    加速运动特性 acceleration characteristic;
    加速运转 accelerated service;
    加速载荷 accelerating load;
    加速载荷试验 accelerated load test;
    加速噪声抑制 run-up noise suppression;
    加速增长 accelerated growth;
    加速折旧 accelerated depreciation;
    加速指令 assisted instruction;
    加速转矩 accelerating torque;
    加速装置 {机} accelerator; accelerating installation;
    加速自动记录仪 {工程} accelerograph;
    加速阻力 acceleration resistance
    * * *
    加速|加速 [jiā sù] ► accelerate ► expedite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 加速

  • 58 动作

    movement; motion; action; maneuver; manoeuvre, act; start moving;move, gesture
    * * *
    act; motion; movement; comportment; operation; action; activity
    【计】 behaviour
    【医】 act; action; kinesis
    【经】 motion
    相关词组: 动作倒错
    * * *
    act; action; agcy.; comportment; motion; movement
    * * *
    n. movement, motion, action
    * * *
    dong4 zuo4
    movement, motion, action, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    dòng zuò
    (全身或身体的一部分的活动) movement; motion; action:
    动作缓慢 slow in one's movement;
    优美的舞蹈动作 graceful dance movement;
    仔细瞧我的动作! Watch my motion carefully.
    (活动; 行动起来) act; start moving:
    仔细想过后再动作。 Think it over carefully before you act.
    且看他下一步如何动作。 Let's see how he acts next.
    (机动行为; 操作) manoeuvre; actuation; action; motion; act; locomotion; event; agency; activity; operation; behaviour:
    飞机的一种特技动作 an acrobatic manoeuvre of the plane
    动作重复 palicinesia; palikinesia;
    动作倒错 parapraxia; parapraxis; parergasia;
    动作电流 action (actuating) current;
    动作电位 action potential;
    动作定型 {体} a movement pattern;
    动作分析 {工管} motion analysis;
    动作负载试验 operating duty cycle test;
    动作功能 holding function;
    动作缓慢 bradypragia;
    动作机能 moving function;
    动作技能 motor skill;
    动作记录器 discharge counter;
    动作经济原则 principle of motion economy;
    动作控制器 movement controller;
    动作快速 tachypragia;
    动作频率 operating frequency;
    动作失调 asynergia; asynergy; malfunction;
    动作失误 miswork;
    动作时间 actuation (pull-up; response; pickup; actual; acting) time;
    动作速度 responsiveness;
    动作特性 acting characteristic;
    动作线圈 actuating coil;
    动作效能 {体} effectiveness of a stroke;
    动作心理学 act psychology;
    动作信号 actuating signal;
    动作研究 motion study;
    动作研究效果 effects of motion study;
    动作要领 essential of exercise;
    动作周期 action cycle (数据处理的全过程); {体} movement circle;
    动作自由度 degree of freedom of motion
    * * *
    動作|动作 [dòng zuò] ► movement ► motion ► action ► CL:↑ 個|↑ 个 [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 动作

  • 59 动力

    motive power; power, motive (or driving) force; impetus;motivation
    * * *
    drive; motivity; power; dynamics; impetus; momentum
    【化】 power
    【医】 dynamia; dynamo-; ergo-
    【经】 motive power; power
    相关词组: 动力的
    * * *
    drive; dynamical; impetus; momentum; motivity; power
    * * *
    n. power, motion, propulsion, force
    * * *
    dong4 li4
    power, motion, propulsion, force
    * * *
    dòng lì
    (各种作用力) motive power; power; dynamic:
    产生动力 make power;
    原动力 motive power;
    蒸汽动力 steam power;
    从波浪中获得动力 obtain power from waves;
    流水可以产生动力来推磨。 Running water produces power to run mills
    (推动力量) motive force; driving force; impetus:
    这能成为促使社会前进的动力。 This can become a driving force for social advance.
    儿童学习需要动力。 Children need an impetus to study.
    动力泵 kinetic (power; power tire) pump;
    动力臂 power arm;
    动力边界值问题 dynamical boundary value problem;
    动力变量 {力} dynamical variable;
    动力冰川学 dynamic glaciology;
    动力病原论 dynamism;
    动力不稳定性 dynamic instability;
    动力参数 kinetic parameter;
    动力舱 piggyback pod;
    动力操纵杆 power-control rod;
    动力槽 {气象} dynamic trough;
    动力测验法 dynamoscopy;
    动力测验器 dynamoscope;
    动力车 {机} power car; motor vehicle;
    动力车间 powerhouse;
    动力冲程 power stroke;
    动力重整 {化工} power forming;
    动力触探 dynamic sounding;
    动力传动轴 power transmission shaft;
    动力传感器 dynamic pickup;
    动力传送 power transmission;
    动力锤 {工} power hammer;
    动力大地测量学 dynamic geodesy;
    动力单位 unit power;
    动力地貌学 dynamic geomorphology;
    动力地质学 dynamic geology;
    动力定额 ability rating;
    动力定型 dynamic stereotype;
    动力乏力 {生} adynamia;
    动力反馈稳定 dynamic feedback stabilization;
    动力反向 power reverse;
    动力反应堆 {核} power reactor;
    动力方程 kinetic equation;
    动力飞行 active flight;
    动力飞行阶段 powered period;
    动力辅助控制 power-assisted control;
    动力负载 line load;
    动力干线 power main;
    动力感 {动} kinaesthetic;
    动力高度 {物} dynamic (geodynamic) height;
    动力格筛 {采矿} power grizzly;
    动力耕作机 power tiller;
    动力工程 power engineering;
    动力工程学 dynamic engineering;
    动力工业 power industry;
    动力供给 {机} power feed;
    动力供应单元 power supply unit;
    动力估计 powering;
    动力关联 kinetic correlation;
    动力管道 power conduit;
    动力管系 power pipeline;
    动力灌溉机械 power-driven irrigation machinery;
    动力过载 dynamic overload;
    动力海洋学 dynamic oceanography;
    动力夯 power rammer;
    动力厚度 {海} dynamic thickness;
    动力滑台 power slide;
    动力化学变质作用 {地质} dynamo-chemical metamorphism;
    动力换能器 dynamic energy converter;
    动力回旋 {军} power traverse;
    动力机 power machine; engine; motor;
    动力机构 actuating unit;
    动力机械 motive power machine; power generating machine;
    动力机组 {机} power unit; power package;
    动力肌 dynamic (kinetic) muscle;
    动力集材 power logging (skidding);
    动力计算法 dynamic computation method;
    动力夹具 power operated jigs and fixtures;
    动力加热 {航空} dynamic (kinetic) heating;
    动力剪切机 power shears;
    动力减震器 {工} dynamic damper (detuner); dynamic vibration absorber;
    动力结构因素 dynamical structure factor;
    动力进给 power feed;
    动力精度 dynamic accuracy;
    动力经济 power economy;
    动力锯 power saw;
    动力控制 dynamic control;
    动力控制阀 {机} power control valve;
    动力扩容(作用) dynamic dilatation;
    动力联合 power link;
    动力联锁 power interlocking;
    动力练习 {体} power exercise with movement;
    动力链 power transmission chain;
    动力链锯 power chain saw;
    动力列车 power train;
    动力零面 level of no motion;
    动力流度 dynamic fluidity;
    动力煤 thermal coal;
    动力煤气 gas for motor fuel;
    动力弥雾机 motor atomizer;
    动力密封 dynamic seal;
    动力密封垫 {工} dynamic packing;
    动力模拟 represent dynamically;
    动力模拟器 dynamic simulator;
    动力模型 {工} dynamic model (mock-up);
    动力挠度 ride clearance;
    动力粘(滞)度 dynamic (kinetic) viscosity;
    动力粘度计量 dynamic viscosity measurement;
    动力粘性 dynamic viscosity;
    动力粘性系数 dynamic viscosity coefficient;
    动力刨煤机 activated plough;
    动力喷粉机 power duster;
    动力喷雾器 power sprayer;
    动力喷嘴 power jet;
    动力平衡 {力} dynamic (kinetic) equilibrium; balance of power; power balance; dynamic balance;
    动力平衡器 dynamic balancer;
    动力气候学 {气} dynamic climatology;
    动力气象学 dynamical meteorology;
    动力气漩 cyclone of dynamic origin;
    动力牵引车 power buggy;
    动力强度 dynamic strength;
    动力屈曲 dynamic buckling;
    动力驱动 {机} power-driven; power wheel drive;
    动力三轴仪 dynamic triaxial tester;
    动力设备 power equipment; PP (power plant);
    动力深度 dynamic depth;
    动力势差数 dynamical number;
    动力试验 dynamic test; power test;
    动力试验台 dynamic test stand;
    动力输出 power take-off (P. T. O.);
    动力输出装置 power take-off;
    动力输电铁塔 power transmission tower;
    动力输入轴 power input shaft;
    动力数字转矩计 dynamic digital;
    动力水头 hydrodynamic head;
    动力损失 power loss;
    动力索道集材 powered cable logging;
    动力弹性模量 dynamic elastic modulus;
    动力特性 dynamic characteristics (property);
    动力体 kinetoplast;
    动力调节器 power conditioner;
    动力调整 power setting torque meter;
    动力头式攻丝机 unit head tapping machine;
    动力透平 power turbine;
    动力土壤 dynamic soil;
    动力脱粒机 power (driven) thresher;
    动力稳定性 {力} dynamic stability;
    动力吸振 dynamic absorber;
    动力问题 dynamical problem;
    动力涡轮机 power turbine;
    动力系 dynamical system; power-train;
    动力系数 coefficient of impact;
    动力系统 {数} dynamical (power) system;
    动力系统模拟器 dynamic system simulator;
    动力系统消耗率 specific powerplant consumption;
    动力相似 dynamic similarity;
    动力消耗量 consumption of power; power consumption;
    动力小太阳 powersoletta;
    动力效率 dynamic efficiency;
    动力效应 dynamic effect;
    动力心理学 dynamic psychology;
    动力需求 power demand;
    动力循环 power cycle;
    动力训练 dynamic training;
    动力演化 dynamical evolution;
    动力液体 power liquid;
    动力因数 {航空} dynamic factor;
    动力应力 {统力} kinetic (dynamic) stress;
    动力油缸 actuator cylinder;
    动力原理 the motive power principle;
    动力源 power producer;
    动力载荷线 dynamic load line;
    动力增量 {机} dynamic augment;
    动力增殖反应堆 power breeder;
    动力站 power station;
    动力织机 power loom;
    动力织机直柱 sword;
    动力指示法 dynamophany;
    动力制动 dynamic braking;
    动力轴 line (power) shaft;
    动力轴系 power shafting;
    动力转向 {机} power-assisted (power) steering;
    动力转向泵 power steering pump;
    动力转向架 power truck;
    动力转向装置 power steering gear;
    动力转辙机 power point machine;
    动力装载机 {采矿} power loader;
    动力资源 power resource;
    动力组 power package;
    动力钻床 power drill
    * * *
    動力|动力 [dòng lì] ► power ► motion ► propulsion ► force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 动力

  • 60 动态

    trends; developments, dynamic state
    * * *
    dynamic; dynamic state; trends
    【经】 movement
    相关词组: 动态的
    * * *
    dynamic; trends; developments
    * * *
    n. development, trend, movement, moving, dynamic
    * * *
    dong4 tai4
    development, trend, dynamic state, movement, moving
    * * *
    dòng tài
    (事物发展情况) trends; general trend of affairs; tendencies; probable cause of action; developments:
    国际新动态 the new developments in international affairs;
    油井动态 behaviour of an oil well;
    海湾战争的新动态 new trends in the Persian Gulf War;
    日常生活动态 the daily trend of life;
    了解敌军的动态 find out about enemy troop movements
    (运动变化状态) dynamic state; dynamic condition; dynamic; motional; kinestate:
    进行动态分析 make dynamic analysis
    动态板极电阻 dynamic plate resistance;
    动态包围 dynamic encompassing;
    动态保真度 dynamic fidelity;
    动态报告 dynamic report;
    动态比率 dynamic ratio;
    动态变量 dynamic variable;
    动态补偿装置 dynamic compensating device;
    动态不平衡 {机} dynamic unbalance; dynamic imbalance;
    动态不稳定性 dynamic instability;
    动态参量(参数) dynamic parameter;
    动态参数测试仪 dynamic parameter tester;
    动态操作 dynamic operation;
    动态测定法 dynamic method;
    动态测量 dynamic measurement;
    动态测试 dynamic test;
    动态常数 dynamic constant;
    动态程序置换 dynamic program relocation;
    动态程序装入 dynamic program loading;
    动态重合不良 dynamic misregistration;
    动态触发器 dynamic trigger; dynamic flip-flop;
    动态处理 dynamic handling;
    动态传递函数 dynamic transfer function;
    动态传递遥测数据网络 dynamic transfer telemetery data network;
    动态传感器 dynamic pickup;
    动态传输系统 dynamic transfer system;
    动态磁滞回线 dynamic hysteresis loop;
    动态磁中性化 dynamic magnetic neutralization;
    动态淬火法 {冶} dynamic hardening (quenching);
    动态打印 dynamic print (dump);
    动态打印输出 dynamic print-out;
    动态大地控制网 dynamic geodetic network;
    动态单元 dynamic cell;
    动态导纳 motional admittance;
    动态滴定法 dynamic titration technique;
    动态地址转换 dynamic address translation;
    动态电 dynamic electricity;
    动态电感 dynamic inductance;
    动态电弧 dynamic arc;
    动态电流 dynamic current;
    动态电路 dynamic circuit;
    动态电容 dynamic capacity;
    动态电容器 vibrating capacitor;
    动态电势 dynamic (action) potential;
    动态电子轨道衡 dynamic electronic rail balance;
    动态电阻 dynamic resistance; differential resistance;
    动态调用 dynamic call;
    动态钉住 dynamic peg;
    动态断裂韧性 dynamic fracture toughness;
    动态断裂准则 dynamic fracture criterion;
    动态法 dynamic method;
    动态范围 {电子} dynamic range;
    动态仿真 dynamic simulation;
    动态分辨带宽 dynamic resolution bandwidth;
    动态分类 dynamic cataloging;
    动态分配程序 dynamic allocator;
    动态分析 dynamic analysis;
    动态辐射试验 dynamic radiation test;
    动态负载 dynamic load;
    动态负载线(路) dynamic load line;
    动态刚性 dynamic stiffness;
    动态关系 dynamic relationship;
    动态规划(法) {数} dynamic programming;
    动态规划理论 theory of dynamic programming;
    动态规划算法 dynamic programming algorithm;
    动态轨迹 dynamic trajectory;
    动态过程 dynamic process;
    动态过电压 dynamic overvoltage;
    动态核极化 dynamical nuclear polarization;
    动态缓冲 dynamic buffering;
    动态幻灯片 dynamic slide;
    动态回复 dynamic recovery;
    动态会聚 dynamic convergence;
    动态畸变 dynamic distortion;
    动态寄存器 dynamic (ring) register;
    动态记录范围 dynamic recording (writing) range;
    动态记录器 dynamic recorder;
    动态检测机 dynamic tester;
    动态检查(检验; 校验) dynamic check;
    动态校准系统 dynamic calibration system;
    动态接触电阻 dynamic contact resistance;
    动态阶段 movement segment;
    动态结构 dynamic structure;
    动态解调器 dynamic demodulator;
    动态精(确)度 dynamic accuracy;
    动态经济学 economic dynamics; dynamic economics;
    动态静止 homeostasis;
    动态聚焦电路 dynamic focus circuit;
    动态控制 dynamic control;
    动态控制系统 dynamic-control system;
    动态扩展 dynamic expansion;
    动态扩展器 expander;
    动态冷凝器 dynamic condenser;
    动态灵敏度 {电} dynamic sensitivity;
    动态领导 dynamic leadership;
    动态流程图 dynamic flow diagram;
    动态滤波器 kinetic filter;
    动态逻辑 dynamic logic;
    动态逻辑电路 dynamic logic circuit;
    动态论 dynamics;
    动态冒险 dynamic hazard;
    动态门 dynamic gate;
    动态模量 dynamic modulus;
    动态模拟 dynamic analog;
    动态模拟装置 dynamic analog device;
    动态模型 dynamic model;
    动态粘(滞)度 dynamic viscosity;
    动态耦合放大器 dynamic-coupled amplifier;
    动态偏差 dynamic deviation;
    动态偏斜 dynamic skew;
    动态频率特性 dynamic frequency characteristic;
    动态频谱 dynamic spectrum;
    动态频谱分析器 dynamic spectrum analyzer;
    动态平衡 dynamic (running) balance; dynamic (kinetic; mobile) equilibrium;
    动态平衡系统 homeostat;
    动态平均 consecutive mean;
    动态器 {自} dynamicizer;
    动态区(域) dynamic area;
    动态屈服强度 dynamic yield strength;
    动态去耦 dynamic decoupling;
    动态全息术 dynamic hologram;
    动态全息照相 dynamic holography;
    动态群集模型 dynamic cluster model;
    动态人口 dynamic population;
    动态蠕变 dynamic creep;
    动态散射 dynamic scattering;
    动态散射器 {光} dynamic scattering device;
    动态散射显示 dynamic scattering display;
    动态摄影测量 dynamic photogrammetry;
    动态社会学 dynamic sociology;
    动态生态学 dynamic ecology;
    动态失衡 dynamic unbalance;
    动态适应原理 dynamic adaptive principle;
    动态时滞 dynamic lag;
    动态试验 dynamic test;
    动态寿命试验 dynamic life test;
    动态数据 dynamic data;
    动态数量管理 dynamic quantity control;
    动态弹性常数 dynamic elastic constant;
    动态弹性模量 dynamic modulus of elasticity;
    动态特性 dynamic behaviour (characteristics; performance); dynamical property; dynamic response;
    动态特性仿真(模拟)器 kinetic simulator;
    动态特性曲线 dynamic characteristic; dynamic curve;
    动态调节器 {电子} dynamic regulator;
    动态调试方法 dynamic debug mode;
    动态调谐 dynamic tuning;
    动态调制 dynamic modulation;
    动态通道 dynamic channel;
    动态通路分配 dynamic route allocation;
    动态统计学 dynamic statistics;
    动态微程序设计 dynamic microprogramming;
    动态微处理机 dynamic microprocessor;
    动态稳定性 dynamic stability;
    动态问题 dynamic problem;
    动态问题校验 dynamic problem check;
    动态误差 dynamic error;
    动态误差系数 dynamic error coefficient;
    动态系统 dynamical system; kinetic system;
    动态显示 dynamic display;
    动态相似性 dynamic similarity;
    动态响应 dynamic response;
    动态响应曲线 dynamic response curve;
    动态相变 dynamic phase transition;
    动态相位误差 dynamic phase error;
    动态谐振 dynamic resonance;
    动态心理学 dynamic psychology;
    动态信息 multidate information;
    动态信息结构 dynamic information structure;
    动态信息转储 dynamic dump;
    动态性能 dynamic property;
    动态学 dynamics;
    动态循环 dynamic loop;
    动态压力计算机 dynamic pressure computer;
    动态压缩 dynamic compression;
    动态压缩器 dynamic compressor;
    动态阳-栅特性曲线 dynamic anode-grid characteristic;
    动态移位寄存器 dynamic shift register;
    动态艺术 kinetic art;
    动态异构现象 tautomerism;
    动态应变时效 dynamic strain aging;
    动态应力应变关系 dynamic stress-strain relationship;
    动态用户可编微程序计算机 {计} dynamically user microprogrammable machine;
    动态诱导效应 inductomeric effect;
    动态语言学 {语} dynamic linguistics;
    动态元件 dynamic element;
    动态再定位 dynamic relocation;
    动态再构成 dynamic restructuring;
    动态噪声 dynamic noise;
    动态噪声滤波器 dynamic noise filter;
    动态照片 an action shot;
    动态滞后 dynamic lag;
    动态滞后误差 dynamic lag error;
    动态质谱学 dynamic mass spectrometry;
    动态中心(调整) dynamic centering;
    动态转储 dynamic dump;
    动态转换器 dynamicizer;
    动态装入 dynamic load;
    动态资料 dynamic data;
    动态资料分析 dynamic data analysis;
    动态子程序 {自} dynamic subroutine;
    动态阻抗 {电子} (loaded) motional impedance; dynamic impedance; on-impedance;
    动态最优(佳)化 dynamic optimization
    * * *
    動態|动态 [dòng tài] ► movement ► motion ► development ► trend ► dynamic (science)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 动态

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