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  • 21 主权

    sovereign rights; sovereignty
    * * *
    dominion; lordship; paramountcy; sovereignty; supremacy
    【法】 dominion; imperium; raj; sovereignty
    相关词组: 君主权
    * * *
    dominion; signory; sovereignty; paramountcy
    * * *
    n. sovereign rights, sovereignty, dominion
    * * *
    zhu3 quan2
    * * *
    zhǔ quán
    sovereign rights; sovereignty:
    国家主权 state sovereignty;
    领土主权 territorial sovereignty;
    主权范围内 within one's sovereign rights;
    国家的独立和主权平等, 是国际法上的一项根本原则。 Independence and sovereign equality among states is a fundamental principle of international law.
    主权豁免 sovereignty immunity;
    主权平等 sovereign equality;
    主权行为 sovereign act
    * * *
    主權|主权 [zhǔ quán] sovereignty

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  • 22

    offend, have to do with
    be concerned with
    be implicated in, dry
    dried, empty; hollow
    dry, taken into nominal kinship, dried food, in vain
    to no purpose; for nothing
    trunk; main part, See 干部 gànbù), do; work, work as; go in for, capable; able
    trunk; main part, See 乾部 gànbù), do; work, work as; go in for, capable; able
    one of the Eight Trigrams, standing for heaven, male
    * * *
    n. village, stem
    n. shield
    v. concern, work, do, manage
    adj. dry, empty, hollow
    n. dried food
    v. offend, have to do with, be concerned with, be implicated in
    adj. dry, able
    n. stem, doing, dry
    v. manage, dry, work, lay, put, do
    n. stem, trunk of a tree
    adj. male, strong
    * * *
    surname Qian
    one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing heaven, male principle, ☰
    surname Gan
    dry, clean, in vain, dried food, foster, adoptive, to ignore
    * * *
    (八卦之一) qian, one of the Eight Diagrams
    (姓氏) a surname:
    乾亮 Qian Liang
    (旧时称男性的) male另见 gān;
    * * *
    乹|乾 [qián] old variant of ↑乾 [qián]
    Ⅰ. 乾|乾 [Qián] surname Qian
    Ⅱ. 乾|乾 [qián] one of the Eight Trigrams ↑ 八卦 [bā guà], symbolizing heaven male principle
    Ⅰ. 乾|干 [Gān] surname Gan
    Ⅱ. 乾|干 [gān] dry clean in vain dried food foster adoptive to ignore
    亁|乾 [qián] variant of ↑乾 [qián]

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  • 23 互惠

    mutually beneficial; reciprocal
    * * *
    【经】 mutual advantage
    * * *
    adj. reciprocal, mutual, common, shared; performed or given in return
    * * *
    hu4 hui4
    * * *
    hù huì
    mutually beneficial; reciprocal:
    贸易互惠 reciprocity in trade
    互惠待遇 reciprocal treatment;
    互惠关税 mutually preferential tariff;
    互惠条约 reciprocal treaty;
    互惠信贷 mutual credit facilities;
    互惠原则 principle of reciprocity;
    互惠政策 give-and-take policy
    * * *
    互惠|互惠 [hù huì] reciprocal

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  • 24 人类

    mankind; humanity;man
    * * *
    human; human being; humanity; humankind; man; mankind; mortal; people
    【医】 anthropo-
    相关词组: 古人类学
    * * *
    human; human being; humanity; humankind; man; mortal; people
    * * *
    n. humanity, human race, mankind
    * * *
    ren2 lei4
    humanity, human race, mankind
    * * *
    rén lèi
    human; mankind; humanity:
    人类发展的生态系列 anthroposere;
    人类起源 the origin of mankind; the origin of the human species;
    “人类大同” harmony and equality among men;
    “人类毁灭” “total destruction” of mankind;“annihilation of mankind”;
    人类灵魂工程师 engineers of the human soul;
    人类征服宇宙空间 conquest of cosmic space by mankind;
    为人类服务 serve humanity;
    科学的进步有助于全人类。 Advances in science help all humanity.
    人类本能 human instinct;
    人类本性 original human nature;
    人类肠道细胞病变病毒 echovirus; ECHO virus;
    人类地理学 anthropogeography;
    人类发达论 anthropogeny;
    人类工程计量学 ergonometrics;
    人类工程学 ergonomics; human engineering; human factors engineering;
    人类化石 fossil man;
    人类环境 human environment;
    人类环境学 proxemics;
    人类活动影响 effect of human activity;
    人类基因 human gene;
    人类纪 {地质} anthropogen;
    人类竞争 human competition;
    人类居住学 ekistics;
    人类免疫缺陷病毒 human immunodeficiency virus;
    人类起源 anthropogenesis;
    人类起源学 anthropogenesis;
    人类迁徒 human migration;
    人类圈 anthroposphere; noosphere;
    人类群落 {生态} human community;
    人类生命层 anthrosphere;
    人类生态学 human ecology;
    人类生物地理学 {生态} human biogeography;
    人类生物气候学 human bioclimatology;
    人类生物学 human biology;
    人类时代 age of man;
    人类体型审定检查 anthroposcopy;
    人类通信软件 human communication software;
    人类文化遗迹 archaeology; archeology;
    人类T-细胞白血病病毒 human T-cell leukemia virus;
    人类行为 human behaviour;
    人类行为管理学派 human behaviour school of management;
    人类行为论 anthroponomy;
    人类行为学 praxiology; anthroponomy;
    人类需要学 hierarchy of human needs;
    人类遗传学 {遗} human genetics;
    人类因素 human factor;
    人类影响气候 man's impact on climate;
    人类有丝分裂染色体 human mitotic chromosomes;
    人类语言 human language;
    人类语言学 ethnolinguistics;
    人类原理 anthropic principle;
    人类志 anthropography;
    人类致癌力 human carcinogenicity;
    人类中心 {心理} anthropocentric;
    人类中心说 anthropocentricism
    * * *
    人類|人类 [rén lèi] humanity human race mankind

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  • 25

    follow; comply with; obey, join; be engaged in, in a certain manner; according to a certain principle, follower; attendant, secondary; accessary, relationship between cousins, etc. of the same paternal grandfather or great-grandfather, from (a time, a place, or a point of view), via, through, or past (a place), (followed by a negative) ever
    * * *
    follow; from; join; through
    【医】 ab; ab-; e-; ex-
    【经】 fm
    * * *
    frae; from
    * * *
    adj. lax, unhurried, accessory, secondary
    * * *
    surname Cong
    lax, yielding, unhurried
    from, via, passing through, through (a gap), past, ever (followed by negative, meaning never), (formerly pr., and related to 縱, 纵) to follow, to comply with, to obey, to join, to engage in, adopting some mode of action or attitude, follower, retainer, accessory, accomplice, related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
    second cousin
    * * *
    (跟随) follow:
    从师 be an apprentice;
    从俗 follow the general custom; conform to custom;
    从征 go on a military expedition
    (顺从; 听从) comply with; obey:
    从命 comply with sb.'s wish; obey an order;
    屈从 submit to; yield to
    (从事; 参加) join; be engaged in:
    从军 join the army; enlist
    (采取某种方针或态度) in a certain manner or according to a certain principle:
    从宽处理 be lenient in treatment;
    从速 be as quickly as possible;
    从严处理 be severe in treatment
    (跟随的人) follower; attendant:
    从者如云 have a large following;
    随从 attendant; retainer; retinue
    (姓氏) a surname:
    从公 Cong Gong
    (从属的; 次要的) secondary; accessary:
    分别首从 distinguish between the chief culprit and the accessary;
    主从 the primary and the secondary
    (堂房亲属) relationship between cousins, etc. of the same paternal grandfather, great-grandfather or a yet earlier common ancestor; of the same clan:
    从兄 first, second or distant cousin of the same clan; cousin
    (表示起于或经过) from; through:
    从表面看 to the eye; on the face of it;
    从长远看 from a long-term point of view; in the long run;
    从根本上说 essentially; in essence;
    从经验中得来 school of hard knocks;
    从理论到实践 from theory to practice;
    从某人面前走开 get out of sb.'s sight;
    从全局出发 proceed from the situation as a whole;
    从实际出发 proceed from the actual situation; proceed from reality;
    从现在起 from now on;
    从这儿往西 go west from here; west of here
    (从来 ,用在否定词前面) ever:
    从不迟到 be never late;
    从不计较个人的名誉地位 never give any consideration to personal fame and position;
    她在成绩和荣誉面前从不骄傲。 Her head was never turned by achievements or honours.
    我从没离开过这个地方。 I've never been away from here.
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 從|从 [Cóng] surname Cong
    Ⅱ. 從|从 [cōng] lax yielding unhurried
    Ⅲ. 從|从 [cóng] from via passing through through (a gap) past ever (followed by negative, meaning never) (formerly pr. [zòng] and related to ↑ |↑ ) to follow to comply with to obey to join to engage in adopting some mode of action or attitude follower retainer accessory accomplice related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
    Ⅳ. 從|从 [zòng] second cousin

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  • 26 仗义执言

    speak out from a sense of justice
    * * *
    speak out from a sense of justice
    * * *
    speak out from a sense of justice
    * * *
    v. speak out on a matter of principle
    * * *
    zhang4 yi4 zhi2 yan2
    to speak out for justice (idiom); to take a stand on a matter of principle
    * * *
    zhàng yì zhí yán
    speak boldly in defense of justice; speak out boldly to uphold justice; speak straightforwardly for justice; speak out from a sense of justice; speak in accordance with justice; speak out boldly to uphold justice; stand on the side of justice and tell (speak) the truth
    * * *
    仗義執言|仗义执言 [zhàng yì zhí yán] to speak out for justice (idiom); to take a stand on a matter of principle

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  • 27 仗義執言

    speak out from a sense of justice
    * * *
    v. speak out on a matter of principle
    * * *
    zhang4 yi4 zhi2 yan2
    to speak out for justice (idiom); to take a stand on a matter of principle
    * * *
    仗義執言|仗义执言 [zhàng yì zhí yán] to speak out for justice (idiom); to take a stand on a matter of principle

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  • 28 令節

    ling4 jie2
    festive season, happy time, noble principle
    * * *
    令節|令节 [lìng jié] festive season happy time noble principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 令節

  • 29 令节

    ling4 jie2
    festive season, happy time, noble principle
    * * *
    令節|令节 [lìng jié] festive season happy time noble principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 令节

  • 30 企业

    enterprise; business;operation
    * * *
    enterprise; industry; undertaking
    【经】 business; business enterprice; enterprise; establishment; firm
    相关词组: 企业家
    * * *
    corporation; enterprise; project; undertaking
    * * *
    n. company, firm, Enterprise
    * * *
    qi3 ye4
    company, firm, enterprise, corporation, CL:家
    * * *
    qǐ yè; qì yè
    enterprise; establishment; business:
    创办新企业 launch a new enterprise;
    公私合营企业 a state-private enterprise;
    国营企业 state-owned enterprise;
    工矿企业 factories, mines and other enterprises;
    毫无利润的企业 an enterprise fruitless of profit;
    外商独资企业 sole foreign-funded enterprises;
    有利可图的企业 a paying proposition;
    中外合资企业 Sino-foreign joint-venture business;
    中外合作企业 Sino-foreign co-operative enterprises
    企业背景 business background;
    企业本体规划 corporate identity planning;
    企业本位论 theory of an enterprise-based economy;
    企业标准 company standard; enterprise standard;
    企业财务 business finance;
    企业场所(地点) business location;
    企业承包 contracting by enterprise;
    企业成本 cost in business; business cost;
    企业倒闭 business failure;
    企业发展规划 enterprise expansion projects;
    企业发展基金 enterprise expansion fund; venture expansion fund;
    企业法 business law;
    企业分配关系 income distribution in enterprise;
    企业个体原则 business entity principle;
    企业更新换代 upgrading of outmoded enterprise;
    企业工会 enterprise union;
    企业公司 enterprise-like corporation; business corporation;
    企业顾问 business consultant;
    企业关连分析 interindustrial relations analysis;
    企业管理 management of enterprise; business administration; business management;
    企业管理谘询 consultancy on enterprise management; management consulting;
    企业合并 amalgamation;
    企业横向经济联合 horizontal economic ties between enterprises;
    企业化 be run as an enterprise;
    企业活力 enterprise vitality;
    企业基金 enterprise fund; business fund;
    企业基金制 enterprise fund system;
    企业机制 mechanism of enterprise;
    企业集团 business conglomerate; consortium; enterprise groups (association); group (association) of enterprises; conglomeration;
    企业技术改造 technological transformation of enterprises;
    企业家 entrepreneur; business executives; enterpriser; industrialist;
    企业结构 pattern of enterprises;
    企业界 business circles;
    企业经营管理制度 system of enterprise operation and management;
    企业经营机制 managerial mechanism of enterprise;
    企业经营经济学 managerial economics;
    企业经济责任制 system of economic responsibility of enterprises;
    企业景气 business condition;
    企业救济 Unemployment relief is administered by enterprises.;
    企业库存变动 change in business inventories;
    企业亏损 loss of enterprise;
    企业扩充准备 reserve for business expansion;
    企业类型 form of business enterprise;
    企业利润留成比例 proportion of profits retained by enterprise;
    企业利润率 earning ratio;
    企业联合 business combination;
    企业林 commercial forest;
    企业领导体制 enterprise leadership (system); system of enterprise leadership;
    企业内部制度改革 institutional reform in the enterprise;
    企业平均规模 average size of enterprises;
    企业破产 business failures;
    企业群体 group (association) of enterprises; enterprise group;
    企业日常经济活动 routine operations of an enterprise;
    企业生产能力 productive capacity of enterprise;
    企业实际工作者 people engaged in practical work in the enterprise;
    企业实用技术 enterprise operative technology;
    企业收入 receipts from enterprises;
    企业税 taxes on enterprises;
    企业素质 quality of enterprise;
    企业所得税 business income tax;
    企业所有权与经营权分开 separate enterprise ownership from managerial authority;
    企业停业清理 voluntary winding-up;
    企业挖潜改造基金 funds for tapping the potential of present enterprises and financing their technical transformation;
    企业往来账户 business account;
    企业文化 enterprise culture;
    企业稳定 business stability;
    企业行政领导人员 administrators of an enterprise;
    企业应用统计学 applied business statistics; statistics for business application;
    企业预测 business forecast;
    企业圆桌会议 Business Round Table;
    企业责任 business accountability;
    企业折旧基金 depreciation funds earmarked for enterprises;
    企业诊断 enterprise diagnosis;
    企业资本账户 firm capital account;
    企业自决权 right of self-decision of the enterprise;
    企业自有资金 funds at the disposal of enterprises; enterprise's own resources;
    企业自治 enterprise autonomy;
    企业自主权 the power of decision of enterprises;
    企业租赁制 enterprise-leasing system;
    企业组织法 law of business organization;
    企业组织结构 organizational structure of the enterprise;
    企业组织结构合理化 rationalize the enterprise structure
    * * *
    企業|企业 [qǐ yè] company firm enterprise corporation CL:↑ [jiā]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 企业

  • 31 伐柯

    fa2 ke1
    (cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax, fig. to follow a principle, fig. to act as match-maker
    * * *
    伐柯|伐柯 [fá kē] (cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax fig. to follow a principle fig. to act as match-maker

    Chinese-English dictionary > 伐柯

  • 32 优化

    * * *
    【计】 majorization; optimization; optimize; optimizing; prioritization
    * * *
    * * *
    n. optimization, majorization
    * * *
    you1 hua4
    optimization, to optimize, to make superior
    * * *
    yōu huà
    optimize; majorization; optimization:
    优化教育结构 optimize the educational structure;
    优化能源结构 optimize the energy structure;
    优化劳动组合 optimize labour organization
    优化编程 optimum programming;
    优化程序 optimizer;
    优化规范 Optimat;
    优化规则 principle of optimality;
    优化技术 optimization technique;
    优化器 optimizer;
    优化四元组 optimized quadruple;
    优化特性 optimization characteristics;
    优化序列 optimization; majorization; optimizing;
    优化原理 principle of optimality
    * * *
    優化|优化 [yōu huà] optimization to optimize to make superior

    Chinese-English dictionary > 优化

  • 33 会计

    accounting, bookkeeper; accountant
    * * *
    accountant; accounting; treasurer
    【计】 ACCNT; accountion
    【经】 accounting
    相关词组: 会计的
    * * *
    accountant; bursar; treasurer
    * * *
    n. accounting, accountancy, bookkeeper, accountant
    * * *
    kuai4 ji4
    accountant, accountancy, accounting
    * * *
    kuài jì
    (会计工作) accounting; accountancy:
    财务会计 financial accounting;
    成本会计 cost accounting;
    工业会计 industrial accounting;
    税务会计 tax accounting
    (会计人员) accountant; bookkeeper
    会计报表 accounting statement;
    会计报告 accounting report;
    会计变动 accounting changes;
    会计标准化 accounting standard;
    会计差错 accounting errors;
    会计常规 accounting conventions;
    会计成本管理 accounting cost control;
    会计成本监督 accounting cost control;
    会计成本统驳 accounting cost control;
    会计程序 accounting procedure;
    会计单位 accounting unit;
    会计档案 accounting archives; accounting file;
    会计法 accountancy law; accounting law; accounting act;
    会计法案 accounting legislation;
    会计法规 accounting code;
    会计方程 accounting equation;
    会计方法 accounting method;
    会计分录 accounting entry;
    会计分析 analysis of financial statements;
    会计个体 accounting entity;
    会计工作 accountancy;
    会计功能 accounting function;
    会计管理 management through accounting;
    会计规程 accounting manual; accounting regulations; accounting rule;
    会计汇率 accounting rate;
    会计机器 accounting machines;
    会计计算机 accounting machine; clerical machine;
    会计监督 accounting control; accounting supervision;
    会计检查 auditing;
    会计校验 accounting check;
    会计接口 job accounting interface;
    会计结算期 accounting period;
    会计决算报表 statement of final accounts; final accounting statements;
    会计科 accountant's department; accounting department;
    会计科目 accounting item; account title;
    会计科目表 card of accounting;
    会计列表机 tabulator;
    会计年度 account year; accounting year; fiscal year; financial year;
    会计凭单 accounting document; accounting voucher;
    会计期(间) accounting period;
    会计期间惯例 accounting period convention;
    会计人员 accountant;
    会计实务 accounting practice;
    会计事项 accounting event;
    会计室 accountant's office;
    会计手册 account manual;
    会计体系 accounting system;
    会计统驳 accounting control;
    会计习惯作法 accounting conventions or practices;
    会计系统 accounting system;
    会计信息 accounting information;
    会计选择 accounting option;
    会计学 accounting;
    会计业务 accounting event;
    会计原理 accounting principle;
    会计原则 accounting principles;
    会计员 purse bearer;
    会计运算 accounting operation;
    会计账簿 account book;
    会计证据 accounting evidence;
    会计职务 accountantship;
    会计制表系统 accounting system;
    会计制度 accounting system; system of account;
    会计周期 accounting cycle;
    会计主任 controller of accounts;
    会计助理员 assistant accountant
    * * *
    會計|会计 [kuài jì] accountant accountancy accounting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 会计

  • 34

    wound; injury, injure; hurt, be distressed, get sick of something; develop an aversion to something, be harmful to; hinder
    * * *
    be distressed; be harmful to; get sick of sth.; injure; injury; wound
    【医】 injury
    * * *
    be distressed; be harmful to; get sick of sth.; injure; injury; wound
    * * *
    n. injure, wound
    v. hurt, be distressed, get sick of, be harmful, hinder
    * * *
    to injure, injury, wound
    * * *
    (人体或其他物体受到的损害) wound ; injury:
    刀伤 a knife wound;
    冻伤 frostbite;
    满身是伤 be covered with cuts and bruises;
    轻伤 a slight injury;
    烫伤 a scald ;
    伤好了。 The wound has healed.
    他左胸上有一处枪伤。 He has a bullet wound in the left breast.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    伤省 Shang Xing
    (伤害) injure; hurt:
    被汽车撞伤 be knocked down and injured by a car;
    出口伤人 speak bitingly;
    伤感情 hurt sb.'s feelings;
    摔伤 fall and hurt oneself;
    她伤了腿。 She injured herself in the leg.
    (悲伤) be distressed:
    哀伤 sad; sorrowful
    (因过度而感到厌烦) get sick of sth. ; develop an aversion to sth.:
    他从小吃鸡蛋吃伤了。 He has eaten so many eggs since his childhood that he is fed up with them now.
    这孩子吃糖吃伤了。 The child has got sick of eating sweets.
    (妨碍) be harmful to; hinder:
    无伤大雅 involving no major principle; not matter much;
    有伤国体 discredit one's country
    * * *
    傷|伤 [shāng] to injure injury wound

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  • 35 作战

    fight; conduct operations; do battle
    * * *
    campaign; do battle; fight; war
    【经】 fighting
    相关词组: 作战空域
    * * *
    campaign; do battle
    * * *
    v. conduct military operations, fight, war
    * * *
    zuo4 zhan4
    combat, to fight
    * * *
    zuò zhàn
    fight; conduct operations; do battle; show
    作战半径 fight radius;
    作战部队 combat troops;
    作战部署 operational preparations;
    作战程序 battle order;
    作战导弹 operational missile;
    作战地带 a zone of action;
    作战地图 battle map; operation map; combat chart;
    作战对象 opponent;
    作战方案 battle plan; line of action;
    作战方法 method of operation;
    作战方式 mode of operations;
    作战方向 direction of operation;
    作战方针 concept of operations; operational principles; operational policy;
    作战飞机 operational aircraft;
    作战纲要 operation field manual;
    作战火箭 service rocket;
    作战基地 operational base; base of operations;
    作战机场 active air base;
    作战技术 fighting technique;
    作战计划 combat plan;
    作战计划图 operation plan map;
    作战力量 combat forces;
    作战路线 battle route;
    作战命令 combat order;
    作战模拟 battle simulation;
    作战目的 purpose of operation;
    作战企图 intention of operation;
    作战情报中心 action information centre;
    作战区域 theatre of war;
    作战任务 task of operation;
    作战失踪(人员) missing in action (MIA);
    作战时机 timing for operation;
    作战态势 posture of operation; situation of operation;
    作战特点 characteristics of operation;
    作战小组 combat group;
    作战效能 fighting efficiency;
    作战型 combat version;
    作战形式 pattern of operation;
    作战行动 operation;
    作战行动半径 operational range;
    作战训练 combat drill;
    作战演习 war game;
    作战原则 operational principle;
    作战噪音 fighting noise;
    作战指导思想 guiding principle of operation;
    作战指挥 operational commanding;
    作战指挥部 operational headquarters;
    作战追击 operational pursuit;
    作战准备 operational readiness
    * * *
    作戰|作战 [zuò zhàn] combat to fight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 作战

  • 36 例外

    be an exception, exception
    * * *
    exception; irregularity
    【计】 exception
    【经】 exeception
    相关词组: 例外的
    * * *
    exception; irregularity; make an exception
    * * *
    n. exception
    v. make an exception
    * * *
    li4 wai4
    (make an) exception
    * * *
    lì wài
    毫无例外 without exception
    例外单李群 exception simple Lie group;
    例外法规 exception law;
    例外管理技术 management by exception technique;
    例外开支 an unusual expense -- of a sum not usually met with;
    例外清单 exception list;
    例外曲线 exceptional curve;
    例外事件 exceptional case;
    例外原则 exception principle;
    例外原则系统 exception-principle system;
    例外约当代数 {数} exceptional Jordan algebra;
    例外值 exceptional value;
    例外谘询 exception inquiry
    * * *
    例外|例外 [lì wài] exception to be an exception

    Chinese-English dictionary > 例外

  • 37 例題

    a problem designed to illustrate a principle or method (as in a mathematics book); example
    * * *
    n. example
    * * *
    li4 ti2
    * * *
    例題|例题 [lì tí] example

    Chinese-English dictionary > 例題

  • 38 例题

    a problem designed to illustrate a principle or method (as in a mathematics book); example
    * * *
    example; praxis
    * * *
    n. example
    * * *
    li4 ti2
    * * *
    lì tí
    * * *
    例題|例题 [lì tí] example

    Chinese-English dictionary > 例题

  • 39 信念

    faith; belief; conviction
    * * *
    belief; conviction; persuasion
    【法】 faith
    * * *
    faith; persuasion
    * * *
    n. belief, conviction, faith, persuasion, principle, principium, religion
    * * *
    xin4 nian4
    faith, belief, conviction
    * * *
    xìn niàn
    faith; belief; conviction; persuasion:
    动摇信念 shake a conviction;
    获得信念 reach a conviction;
    怀有信念 cherish the conviction;
    燃起这信念 kindle this faith;
    增强信念 strengthen conviction;
    他失去了一切信念。 All his convictions deserted him.
    * * *
    信念|信念 [xìn niàn] faith belief conviction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 信念

  • 40 停顿

    stop; halt; pause; be at a standstill, pause (in speaking)
    * * *
    halt; pause; break down; deadlock; holdup; intermission; stall; stand
    【计】 quiescing
    【医】 abeyance; standstill
    【经】 holdup
    相关词组: 停顿不前
    * * *
    halt; pause; break down; deadlock; holdup; intermission; stall; standstill
    * * *
    n. pause, halt, standstill
    v. pause, stop, halt
    * * *
    ting2 dun4
    to halt, to break off, pause (in speech)
    * * *
    tíng dùn
    (事情中止或暂停) stop; halt; pause; be at a standstill; time-cut; stagnate; paralysis; dwell:
    他的指导原则是永不停顿地学习。 His guiding principle has been never to stop learning.
    (说话时语音上的间歇) pause (in speaking):
    读到这里要停顿一下。 When you've read up to here, you pause.
    * * *
    停頓|停顿 [tíng dùn] to halt to break off pause (in speech)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 停顿

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