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babinet s principle

  • 361 天理人欲

    tiān lǐ rén yù
    the principle of nature and human desires

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天理人欲

  • 362 铁血政策

    blood and iron
    * * *
    blood and iron
    * * *
    tiě xuè zhèng cè
    the principle of blood and iron

    Chinese-English dictionary > 铁血政策

  • 363 退让

    make a concession; yield; give in
    * * *
    concede; give in; give way; step aside; yield
    * * *
    climb-down; concede; give way; step aside
    * * *
    v. make a concession, yield, give in
    * * *
    tuì ràng
    make a concession; yield; give in:
    在原则问题上不能退让 make no concessions on matters of principle;
    稍微退让一点 give in a little;
    决不退让一步 never yield an inch

    Chinese-English dictionary > 退让

  • 364 文武之道, 一张一弛

    文武之道, 一张一弛
    wén wǔ zhī dào yì zhāng yì chí
    The principle of kings Wen and Wu was to alternate tension with relaxation.; alternate tension with relaxation in work or alternate work with rest

    Chinese-English dictionary > 文武之道, 一张一弛

  • 365 稳相原理

    wěn xiàng yuán lǐ
    principle of stationary phase

    Chinese-English dictionary > 稳相原理

  • 366 物情

    wù qíng
    principle; hows and whys

    Chinese-English dictionary > 物情

  • 367 细致平衡

    【化】 detailed balancing
    * * *
    xì zhì píng héng
    detailed balance; fineness equilibrium
    细致平衡原理 detailed balancing principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 细致平衡

  • 368 限制性

    restricted; restrictive
    * * *
    xiàn zhì xìng
    restricted; restrictive:
    限制性会议 restricted meeting
    限制性贷款 tied loan;
    限制性定语 {语} restrictive attribute;
    限制性核酸内切酶分裂因 {生化} restriction endonuclease cleavage map;
    限制性寄生 restrictive host;
    限制性内切核酸酶 {生化} restriction endonuclease;
    限制性内切酶 {生化} restriction enzyme;
    限制性商业做法 restrictive business practice;
    限制性温度 restrictive temperature;
    限制性信贷政策 restrictive credit policy;
    限制性许可证 restrictive license;
    限制性优生学 negative eugenics;
    限制性宇宙论原则 restricted cosmological principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 限制性

  • 369 相对性

    * * *
    【化】 relativity
    【医】 relative property
    * * *
    * * *
    n. relativity
    * * *
    xiāng duì xìng
    相对性场方程 relativistic field equation;
    相对性粒子 relativistic particle;
    相对性效应 relativistic effect;
    相对性性别 relative sexuality;
    相对性原理 relativistic principle; principle of relativity; relativity principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相对性

  • 370 相属原则

    xiāng shǔ yuán zé
    principle of belonging

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相属原则

  • 371 小道理

    minor principle
    * * *
    xiǎo dào li
    minor principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 小道理

  • 372 虚功

    【化】 virtual work
    * * *
    n. virtual work
    * * *
    xū gōng
    {力} virtual work
    虚功率 fictitious power;
    虚功原理 {数} principle of virtual work; virtual work principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 虚功

  • 373 虚位移

    【化】 virtual displacement
    * * *
    xū wèi yí
    virtual displacement
    虚位移原理 principle of virtual displacement

    Chinese-English dictionary > 虚位移

  • 374 学理

    scientific principle or theory
    * * *
    xué lǐ
    scientific principle or law

    Chinese-English dictionary > 学理

  • 375 一团和气

    keep on good terms with everyone (at the expense of principle); keep on the right side of everyone
    * * *
    yī tuán hé qi
    keep on good terms (with everyone of the expense of principle); a prevailing mood of harmony; an easy-going atmosphere; be very amiable (pleasant; mild); complete harmony; equal (even) temper; expense of principle; general harmony (friendliness); hold harmony for the sake of harmony; keep on the right side of everyone; maintain harmony all round; unprincipled peace

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一团和气

  • 376 一以贯之

    yī yǐ guàn zhī
    One principle runs through it all.; one unity pervading all things

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一以贯之

  • 377 依违两可

    yī wéi liǎng kě
    have no definite conviction of one's own; be equivocal in one's attitude; be undecided; betwixt and between; cut both way; pro(s) and con(s); shilly-shally; the possibility of following or disobeying:
    在原则问题上要表明你的态度, 不要依违两可。 You must state your position on matters of principle. Don't be equivocal.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 依违两可

  • 378 以不变应万变

    meet all changes by remaining unchanged—cope with a constantly changing situation by sticking to a fixed principle or policy
    * * *
    yǐ bú biàn yìng wàn biàn
    cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle (policy)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 以不变应万变

  • 379 义正辞严

    yì zhèng cí yán
    condemn justly and severely; categorically fairness in principle and severity in speech; fulminate; in categorical terms; in no uncertain terms; in stern and just words; justly-worded; speaking sternly and forcefully for the cause of justice; speak sternly out of a sense of justice; speak with the force of justice:
    义正辞严地指出 point out in severe and categorical terms;
    我们义正辞严的声明赢得了大多数的支持. Our just and severe statement has won the support of the overwhelming majority.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 义正辞严

  • 380 谊不容辞

    yì bù róng cí
    The principle of friendship will not admit of a refusal.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 谊不容辞

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