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babinet s principle

  • 341 苦素

    kǔ sù
    bitter principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 苦素

  • 342 理亏语塞

    lǐ kuī yǔ sè
    lose in the argument because one is in the wrong; principle deficient and words blocked

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理亏语塞

  • 343 旅进旅退

    always follow the steps of others, forward or backward—have no views of one's own
    * * *
    lǚ jìn lǚ tuì
    always follow the steps of others, forward or backward; follow another's lead in advancing or retiring; having no opinion of one's own; have no definite views of one's own; have no independent ideas of one's own; follow the crowd or the fashion; do as others do as the guiding principle for one's couduct

    Chinese-English dictionary > 旅进旅退

  • 344 伦常纲纪

    lún cháng gāng jì
    the human relationship and principle of the feudal society

    Chinese-English dictionary > 伦常纲纪

  • 345 盘石之固

    pán shí zhī gù
    firm as bedrock; sth. resting on a solid foundation; a sound basis on which friendship or affection, etc. rests; a sound underlying principle on which one's faith, beliefs, etc., rest; the firmness of a rock

    Chinese-English dictionary > 盘石之固

  • 346 泡利

    pào lì
    Pauli (Wolfgang, 1900.4.25-1958.12.15, 奥地利物理学家)
    泡利不相容原理 Pauli's exclusion principle;
    泡利重排定理 rearrangement theorem of Pauli;
    泡利电子相关 {量子} Pauli electron correlation;
    泡利反常矩项 {量子} Pauli anomalous moment term;
    泡利矩阵 Pauli matrices;
    泡利原理 Pauli principle; Pauli exclusion principle;
    泡利自旋磁化率{固物} Pauli spin susceptibility;
    泡利自旋空间 {量子} Pauli spin space

    Chinese-English dictionary > 泡利

  • 347 贫贱不移

    pín jiàn bù yí
    poor but with lofty (high) ideals (aspirations); Neither poverty nor lowly condition can make him swerve from principle.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 贫贱不移

  • 348 平等互利、内外交流的原则

    píng děng hù lì nèi wài jiāo liú de yuán zé
    principle of equality, mutual benefit and the need to exchange goods with foreign countries

    Chinese-English dictionary > 平等互利、内外交流的原则

  • 349 骑浪原理

    qí làng yuán lǐ
    principle of using travelling waves; surf-riding principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 骑浪原理

  • 350 前馈

    【计】 feed forward
    【经】 feed forward
    * * *
    qián kuì
    feedforward; front feed
    前馈控制 feedforward control;
    前馈通道 feedforward path; feedforward channel;
    前馈元件 feedforward element;
    前馈原理 the feed forward principle;
    前馈作用 feedforward action

    Chinese-English dictionary > 前馈

  • 351 强项不屈

    qiáng xiàng bù qū
    stiff-necked and unbendable; be firm in principle and never to yield to one's opponent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 强项不屈

  • 352 情面难却

    qíng mian nán què
    be hard to refuse (decline) for the sake of friendship; It is difficult to break away from personal esteem of someone.; The principle of friendship will not admit of a refusal.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 情面难却

  • 353 入室操戈

    attack somebody with his own spear in his own house—turn somebody's words or argument against himself
    * * *
    rù shì cāo gē
    going into one's dwelling and grasping the weapons -- to start a fight in sb. else's house; turn someone's argument against him; use one's thought to attack one's own principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 入室操戈

  • 354 三基色

    * * *
    sān jī sè
    three primary colours
    三基色单位 trichromatic units;
    三基色信号 tristimulus signals;
    三基色形成器 colorplexer;
    三基色原理 principle of three primary colours

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三基色

  • 355 上纲

    raise to the higher plane of principle
    * * *
    shàng gāng
    (把问题提到政治原则性的高度) raise to the higher plane of principle:
    这个问题上不了纲。 That's not a matter of principle.
    {渔} headline; head rope

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上纲

  • 356 上纲上线

    shàng gāng shàng xiàn
    raise to a higher plane of principle and two-line struggle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上纲上线

  • 357 守经达权

    be mindful of principles but act according to circumstances; consider expediency as well as principle
    * * *
    shǒu jīng dá quán
    maintain principles with flexibility

    Chinese-English dictionary > 守经达权

  • 358 双重性

    * * *
    * * *
    shuāng chóng xìng
    dual nature; duplicity
    双重性原理 principle of duality

    Chinese-English dictionary > 双重性

  • 359 水垫床

    shuǐ diàn chuáng
    water bed
    水垫床原理 {航空} water-cushion principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 水垫床

  • 360 泰然处之

    To take something calmly; to keep one's head in urgent condition.
    * * *
    not bat an eyelid
    * * *
    not bat an eyelid
    * * *
    tài rán chǔ zhī
    take it calmly (easy); bear sth. with equanimity; keep one's head; preserve one's equanimity; behave with great composure in the face of a crisis; be cool in the face of danger; remain calm when sth. unusual happens; take a nonchalant attitude toward a matter of principle; with (great) presence of mind:
    遇到复杂的问题, 他总是泰然处之, 沉着应付。 When coming across complicated problems, he would remain unruffled and take them calmly.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 泰然处之

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