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babinet s principle

  • 321 多级

    【计】 many stages; multiclass; multistep
    * * *
    * * *
    duō jí
    {化} multistage; {电} notching; multistep; multilevel
    多级变速传动 multispeed drive; multiple-speed transmission;
    多级变速器(箱) multiple-speed gearbox;
    多级泵 (multi)stage pump;
    多级采样 multistage sampling;
    多级冲击式汽轮机 multistage impulse turbine;
    多级处理 multilevel processing;
    多级传送带烘干机 multiple conveyer dryer;
    多级船闸 multilift lock;
    多级磁通计数器 multilevel flux counter;
    多级存储机 multilevel storage machine;
    多级存储器 multilevel store;
    多级存取 {自} multiple module access;
    多级导弹 multiple-stage (step; stage(d)) missile;
    多级地址 multilevel address;
    多级递阶控制 multilevel hierarchical control;
    多级电路 multilevel (multistage) circuit;
    多级定址 multilevel addressing;
    多级动力汽轮机 multistage power turbine;
    多级多字型构造 {地质} multiorder ζ-type structures;
    多级二极管逻辑电路 multilevel diode logic circuit;
    多级放大 multistage amplification;
    多级放大器 cascade (multi-amplifier); multiple-stage; (multistager; polystage) amplifier;
    多级飞行器 staged aircraft;
    多级分离 multistage-separation;
    多级分离器 {油工} multiple-stage separator;
    多级分路避雷器 graded shunt arrester;
    多级封隔器 {油工} multiple-completion packer;
    多级复速级式汽轮机 multistage Curtis turbine;
    多级高度升运器 multilevel elevator;
    多级高压装 multistage pressure apparatus;
    多级鼓风机 multistage blowers;
    多级管 multiple valve;
    多级管理 multiple management;
    多级过渡过程 gradation;
    多级焊条 multiple electrode;
    多级滑轮 step block;
    多级活门 multistep valve;
    多级活塞泵 multiple-piston pump;
    多级火箭 multistage rocket;
    多级火箭发动机 stage-motor;
    多级火箭原理 {航空} step principle;
    多级级联萃取装置 multistage extraction cascade;
    多级加工 multistage process;
    多级间断提取 multiple-batch extraction;
    多级间接寻址 {计} multilevel indirect addressing;
    多级结晶 multistage crystallization;
    多级结晶器 multistage crystallizer;
    多级阶梯形内孔 multistepped hole;
    多级聚束腔 cascade buncher;
    多级开关 multiple-pole switch;
    多级孔口 multilevel outlet;
    多级控制 multilevel control;
    多级控制系统 multilevel control system;
    多级离心泵 centrifugal multistage pump; multiple(-stage) (multistage) centrifugal pump;
    多级离心式 multistage centrifugal;
    多级离心式鼓风机 multiple-stage centrifugal fan;
    多级链 multiple strand chain;
    多级逻辑电路 multilevel logical circuit;
    多级滤片 {化工} multiple cartridges;
    多级判决过程 multistage decision processes;
    多级膨胀发动机{工} multiple-expansion engine;
    多级燃烧室 composite chamber;
    多级汽轮机 multistage (gas) turbine;
    多级伞 multistage parachute;
    多级十进位计数管 multiple-decade counter;
    多级数字滤波器 multirate digital filter;
    多级水冷压缩机 multistage water-cooled compressor;
    多级税率 graded tariff;
    多级索引 multilevel index;
    多级塔轮 multistep cone pulley;
    多级体系 multilevel hierarchy;
    多级调整 compound adjustment;
    多级调制 multiple modulation;
    多级透平 multistage turbine;
    多级碗式离心机 Donoghueand Bostock centrifuge; {冶} stepped bowl centrifuge;
    多级稳态控制 multistable control;
    多级涡轮 {航空} multistage turbine;
    多级系统 multilevel system;
    多级向量中断逻辑 multilevel vectored interrupt logic;
    多级效率 multistage efficiency;
    多级压力机 multistage press;
    多级压力式汽轮机 zoelly turbine;
    多级压气机 {机} multistage compressor;
    多级压缩 multicompression; multistage (compound) compression;
    多级压缩机 compound (multistage) compressor;
    多级引射器 multiple stage ejector;
    多级优先排队 multipriority queue;
    多级增压器 {航空} multistage supercharger;
    多级中断 multilevel interrupt;
    多级中子放大器 convergatron;
    多级轴流式气压机 multistage axial flow compressor;
    多级主振放大式发射机 multistage M.O.P.A. transmitter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 多级

  • 322 多频

    duō pín
    多频编码信号方式 multifrequency code signalling;
    多频补偿器 multifrequency compensator;
    多频测试器 tester for multifrequency signalling;
    多频带 multiband;
    多频电磁法 multifrequency electromagnetic method;
    多频电码 multifrequncy code;
    多频电子倍增器 multifrequency electronic multiplier;
    多频段天线 multiband aerial;
    多频发电机 multifrequency generator;
    多频发射 multifrequency transmission;
    多频发生器 multiple-frequency generator;
    多频供给电路 multifrequency supply cricuit;
    多频激光器 multifrequency laser;
    多频技术 frequency multiplexing technique;
    多频交流发电机 multifrequency alternator;
    多频接收器 multifrequency code receiver;
    多频脉冲群信号 multiburst signal;
    多频雷达 multifrequency radar;
    多频谱 multiple spectra;
    多频声 multitone;
    多频收发原理 crossband principle;
    多频信号 multiple-frequency signal;
    多频遥控制 multifrequency remote control system;
    多频音 multitone;
    多频音调补偿器 graphic (universal) equalizer;
    多频振荡器 multifrequency generator;
    多频制 multifrequency system;
    多频阻抗电桥 multifrequency impedance bridge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 多频

  • 323 非互惠原则

    【法】 principle of non-reciprocity
    * * *
    fēi hù huì yuán zé
    principle of non-reciprocity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 非互惠原则

  • 324 非集团原则

    fēi jí tuán yuán zé
    non-bloc principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 非集团原则

  • 325 辐角

    fú jiǎo
    argument; amplitude
    辐角函数 argument function;
    辐角原理 argument principle; principle of argument

    Chinese-English dictionary > 辐角

  • 326 富贵不能淫, 贫贱不能移, 威武不能屈

    富贵不能淫, 贫贱不能移, 威武不能屈
    fù guì bù néng yín pín jiàn bù néng yí wēi wǔ bù néng qū
    Neither riches nor honours can corrupt him; neither poverty nor lowly condition can make him swerve from principle; neither threats nor force can bend him.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 富贵不能淫, 贫贱不能移, 威武不能屈

  • 327 附加性

    fù jiā xìng
    附加性原理 complementarity principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 附加性

  • 328 姑息迁就

    gū xī qiān jiù
    pacify hostile groups by satisfying their demands with little or no regard for principle; placate an opposing political party at the sacrifice of party principles; indulge sb. in his whims, cravings, unreasonable demondsy, etc.:
    我们决不会因为考虑国家关系而对侵略和干涉行为姑息迁就。 We will never accomodate ourselves to acts of aggression and intervention out of consideration for our relations with the power in question.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 姑息迁就

  • 329 哈密顿

    【化】 Hamiltonian
    * * *
    hā mì dùn
    Hamilton (William Rowan, 1805-1865, 英国数学家、物理学家)
    哈密顿本征函数 Hamilton's characteristic function;
    哈密顿典范方程 Hamilton's canonical equation;
    哈密顿方程 Hamilton's equation;
    哈密顿函数 Hamiltonian function;
    哈密顿量 Hamiltonian;
    哈密顿路 Hamiltonian path;
    哈密顿圈 Hamiltonian cycle;
    哈密顿算符 Hamiltonian operator;
    哈密顿原理 Hamilton's principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 哈密顿

  • 330 毫无原则

    háo wú yuán zé
    total lack of principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 毫无原则

  • 331 好人

    a good (or fine) person, a healthy person, a soft person who tries to get along with everyone (often at the expense of principle)
    * * *
    a good egg; a good sort; good person
    * * *
    a good egg; a good sort
    * * *
    n. good person, healthy person
    * * *
    hǎo rén
    (品质好的人) good (nice) person:
    好人相逢,恶人远离。 When good folks meet, evil men keep their distance.
    (健康的人) a healthy person
    (老好人) a person who tries to get along with everyone
    好人主义 seeking good relations with all and sundry at the expense of principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 好人

  • 332 互易

    【法】 barter; mutual transaction; permutation
    * * *
    hù yì
    互易参量 reciprocity parameter;
    互易定理 reciprocal theorem; reciprocity theorem;
    互易换能器 reciprocal transducer;
    互易校准 reciprocity calibration;
    互易器件 reciprocal device;
    互易铁氧体移相器 reciprocal ferrite phase shifter;
    互易网络 reciprocal network; dual network; structurally dual networks;
    互易(性)接头 reciprocal junction;
    互易原理 reciprocity principle;
    互易运算 interoperation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 互易

  • 333 积木式

    jī mù shì
    cordwood system; building block system (BBS) (一种微型器件的组合方式)
    积木式程序 modularized program;
    积木式机床 building block type machine tool;
    积木式计算机 modularized computer; model computer;
    积木式结构 cordwood;
    积木式结构方式 building-block system;
    积木式结构原理 building-block principle;
    积木式模块 building module;
    积木式排列 cordwood arrangement;
    积木式器材 cordwood;
    积木式设计 modular design;
    积木式微型组件 cordwood model;
    积木式系统 modular system; building block system;
    积木式性 modularity;
    积木式元(部)件 building block;
    积木式原理(则) building block principle;
    积木式组件 cordwood module;
    积木式组装 cordwood

    Chinese-English dictionary > 积木式

  • 334 极小极大

    jí xiǎo jí dà
    极小极大策(战)略 minimax strategy;
    极小极大定理 minimax theorem; {数} maximum-minimum principle;
    极小极大法 Chebyshev (Tchebycheff) approximation; minimax technique; min-max technique;
    极小极大估计 minimax estimation;
    极小极大技术 minimax technique;
    极小极大检验 minimax test;
    极小极大控制 minimax control;
    极小极大理论 minimax theory;
    极小极大性 minimum-maximum property

    Chinese-English dictionary > 极小极大

  • 335 极小值

    【计】 minimal value
    * * *
    jí xiǎo zhí
    minimum; minimal value
    极小值问题 minimum problem;
    极小值原理 minimal principle; minimum principle; principle of the minimum

    Chinese-English dictionary > 极小值

  • 336 继续经营原理

    jì xù jīng yíng yuán lǐ
    going-concern principle; continuity principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 继续经营原理

  • 337 绝热

    heat insulation
    * * *
    【化】 heat insulation
    【医】 adiathermance; adiathermancy
    * * *
    n. adiabat, heat insulation, thermal isolation
    * * *
    jué rè
    {物} adiabat; heat insulation; thermal isolation
    绝热包壳 adiabatic envelope;
    绝热饱和温度 adiabatic saturation temperature;
    绝热壁 adiabatic wall;
    绝热变化 adiabatic change; adiabatic variation;
    绝热变化过程 adiabatic process of change;
    绝热不变量 {等离子} adiabatic invariants;
    绝热不变性 adiabatic invariance;
    绝热不可达到原理 principle of inaccessibility;
    绝热材料 heat-insulating material; lagging material; thermal insulating material;
    绝热层 thermal insulation blanket;
    绝热储罐 insulated storage tank;
    绝热大气 {气} adiabatic atmosphere;
    绝热递减率 adiabatic gradient; adiabatic lapse rate;
    绝热电子光学系统 adiabatic electron-optical system;
    绝热电子枪 adiabatic electronic gun;
    绝热定律 {物} adiabatic law;
    绝热发动机 {机} adiabatic engine;
    绝热方程 adiabatic equation;
    绝热分解温度 adiabatic decomposition temperature;
    绝热干燥 adiabatic drying;
    绝热干燥器 adiabatic dryer;
    绝热隔膜 adiabatic diaphragm;
    绝热跟踪 adiabatic following;
    绝热工作 (过程) adiabatic operation;
    绝热过程 adiabatic process;
    绝热混凝土 {工} heat-insulating concrete;
    绝热火焰温度 adiabatic flame temperature;
    绝热近似 adiabatic approximation;
    绝热精馏 adiabatic rectification;
    绝热可逆过程 adiabatic reversible process;
    绝热冷却 adiabatic cooling;
    绝热冷却线 adiabatic cooling line;
    绝热量热器 adiabatic calorimeter;
    绝热流动 adiabatic flow;
    绝热率 adiabatic rate;
    绝热模量 adiabatic modulus;
    绝热膜 adiabatic membrane;
    绝热膨胀 {热} adiabatic expansion;
    绝热平衡 adiabatic equilibrium;
    绝热起动 adiabatic turn-on;
    绝热器 thermal insulator;
    绝热曲线 adiabatic curve; adiabatic line; adiabatics;
    绝热去磁 adiabatic demagnetization;
    绝热去磁冷却 adiabatic demagnetization cooling;
    绝热收缩 adiabatic shrinking; adiabatic switch-on;
    绝热顺服率 adiabatic compliance;
    绝热弹性 adiabatic elasticity;
    绝热套 jacket; fagging;
    绝热体 heat guard;
    绝热填料 filled insulation;
    绝热条件(状态) adiabatic condition;
    绝热图 adiabatic diagram;
    绝热退(去)磁(作用) adiabatic demagnetization;
    绝热脱氢 adiabatic dehydrogenation;
    绝热温度 adiabatic temperature;
    绝热温升 adiabatic temperature rise;
    绝热系数 adiabatic coefficient; coefficient of heat insulation;
    绝热线 adiabat;
    绝热效率 adiabatic efficiency;
    绝热压出 adiabatic extrusion;
    绝热压缩 adiabatic compression;
    绝热压头 adiabatic head;
    绝热原理 adiabatic principle;
    绝热增湿(作用) adiabatic humidification;
    绝热蒸发 adiabatic evaporation;
    绝热直减率 adiabatic lapse-rate;
    绝热指数 adiabatic exponent; adiabatic index;
    绝热砖 cellinsulate brick; insulation brick; silocell;
    绝热装置 adiabatic apparatus

    Chinese-English dictionary > 绝热

  • 338 均变说

    jūn biàn shuō
    {地} uniformitarianism; principle of uniformity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 均变说

  • 339 客观规律

    objective law or principle
    * * *
    kè guān guī lǜ
    objective law:
    不以人们意志为转移的客观规律 objective law independent of man's own will

    Chinese-English dictionary > 客观规律

  • 340 空中导航

    kōng zhōng dǎo háng
    {航空} air (airborne) navigation; avigation; aeronavigation
    空中导航原理 navar principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空中导航

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