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babinet s principle

  • 261 要素

    essential factor; key element; element; ingredient
    * * *
    element; essential; basic; key element
    【医】 element; essence; essentia; factor; principle
    【经】 factor
    相关词组: 造字要素
    * * *
    basic; essential; factor; constituent; element; momentum; requisite; stuff
    * * *
    n. essential factor, key element
    * * *
    yao4 su4
    essential factor, key constituent
    * * *
    yào sù
    essential factor; key element; part; element; factor
    要素粒子 homoeomery;
    要素日 constituent day
    * * *
    要素|要素 [yào sù] essential factor key constituent

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  • 262 见利忘义

    forget what is right at the sight of profit
    * * *
    jian4 li4 wang4 yi4
    to see profit and forget morality (idiom); to act from mercenary considerations, to sell one's soul for gain
    * * *
    jiàn lì wàng yì
    forget honour at the prospect of profits; disregard moral principles in pursuit of profit; forget all moral principles at the sight of profits; forget friendship for profit; forget honour at the sight of money; forsake good for the sake of gold; sacrifice principle for profit:
    我不干这种见利忘义的事。 To forsake good for the sake of gold is not for me.
    * * *
    見利忘義|见利忘义 [jiàn lì wàng yì] to see profit and forget morality (idiom); to act from mercenary considerations to sell one's soul for gain

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  • 263

    discuss; talk about; discourse, mention; regard; consider, decide on; determine, view; opinion; statement, dissertation; essay, theory, by (a certain unit of measure); according to (a certain system or principle)
    * * *
    n. view, essay, theory, statement
    prep. in terms of
    suff. ism
    v. determine, discuss, talk, view
    * * *
    the Analects (of Confucius)
    by the, per, theory, to discuss, to talk (about), to discuss
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 論|论 [Lún] abbr. for ↑ 論語|↑ 论语 [Lún yǔ], The Analects (of Confucius)
    Ⅱ. 論|论 [lùn] opinion view theory doctrine to discuss to talk about to regard to consider per by the (kilometer, hour etc)

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  • 264 變分原理

    variation principle
    * * *
    bian4 fen1 yuan2 li3
    variational principle (physics)
    * * *
    變分原理|变分原理 [biàn fēn yuán lǐ] variational principle (physics)

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  • 265 让步

    make a concession; give in; give way; yield; concede; relent, concession;
    * * *
    give in; yield; come to terms; concede to; concession
    【法】 meet halfway
    相关词组: 不让步
    * * *
    give in; yield; come to terms; concede to; concession
    * * *
    n. concession
    v. make a concession, give in, yield
    * * *
    rang4 bu4
    to concede, to give in, to yield, a concession
    * * *
    ràng bù
    make a concession; give in; give way; compromise; yield:
    不向无理要求让步 not yield to any unreasonable demand;
    在原则问题上不让步 make no concession in matters of principle;
    “让步政策” policy of concession;
    准备作出某些必要的让步 be prepared to make some necessary concessions;
    罢工者不肯让步。 The strikers wouldn't give in.
    医生向他的合理要求让步了, 允许他工作。 As a concession to his reasonable demand, the doctor allowed him to work.
    让步比 odds ratio
    * * *
    讓步|让步 [ràng bù] to concede to give in to yield a concession

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  • 266

    discuss; talk about; discourse, mention; regard; consider, decide on; determine, view; opinion; statement, dissertation; essay, theory, by (a certain unit of measure); according to (a certain system or principle)
    * * *
    determine; discuss; in terms of; ism; statement; talk about; theory; view
    * * *
    determine; discuss; in terms of; ism; statement; talk about; theory
    * * *
    n. view, essay, theory, statement
    prep. in terms of
    suff. ism
    v. determine, discuss, talk, view
    * * *
    the Analects (of Confucius)
    by the, per, theory, to discuss, to talk (about), to discuss
    * * *
    1) 论(論)
    (分析和说明事理的话或文章) opinion; view; idea; statement:
    社论 editorial;
    立论 argument; line of reasoning;
    绪论 introduction
    (学说) theory; doctrine:
    相对论 the theory of relativity;
    唯物论 materialism
    (文章等题目用语) dissertation; essay:
    《实践论》 On Practice
    (姓氏) a surname:
    论恒 Lun Heng
    (分析和说明事理) discuss; argue; talk about:
    评论 comment; discuss; review;
    争论 dispute; debate
    (说; 看待) mention; regard; consider:
    一概而论 consider different matters as the same;
    相提并论 mention in the same breath
    (衡量; 评定) weigh; decide on:
    论价 determine the price;
    按质论等 decide on the grade according to the quality
    (按照单位或类别) by; regarding; in terms of:
    论交情 in terms of friendship;
    论日计算 count by day;
    茶叶论磅卖。 Tea is sold by the pound.
    另见 lún。
    2) 论(論)
    (记录孔子及其门徒的言行的“论语”) The Analects of Confucius另见 lùn 。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 論|论 [Lún] abbr. for ↑ 論語|↑ 论语 [Lún yǔ], The Analects (of Confucius)
    Ⅱ. 論|论 [lùn] opinion view theory doctrine to discuss to talk about to regard to consider per by the (kilometer, hour etc)

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  • 267 设计

    design; plan; devise; engineer; lay out, work out a plan or scheme
    * * *
    design; devise; contrive; project; engineer; frame; plan; programming; scheme
    【化】 design
    【医】 project
    【经】 projection
    相关词组: 计算机辅助设计
    * * *
    design; devise; contrive; project; engineer; frame; plan
    * * *
    n. design, plan, layout, programming, programing
    v. design, plan, devise
    * * *
    she4 ji4
    plan, design, to design, to plan, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    shè jì
    devise; project; plan; design; excogitation; layout; layout work; styling:
    设计新机器 devise a new machine;
    设计剧场 plan a theatre;
    建筑设计 architectural design;
    舞台设计 stage design;
    服装设计 dress designing;
    这幢大楼是按那位建筑师的设计建造的。 The building was constructed from the design of that architect.
    设计暴雨 design storm;
    设计标准 design standard;
    设计参数 design parameter;
    设计常数 design constant;
    设计程序 layout procedure; project approach;
    设计电路 design circuit;
    设计动力载荷 design power loading;
    设计法 design method;
    设计方案 design proposal; design scheme; design plan;
    设计方法 design procedures;
    设计分类法 design methodology;
    设计格式 format;
    设计工况 design conditions;
    设计工况效率 design power efficiency;
    设计功率 design power;
    设计公式 design formula;
    设计规范 design specifications;
    设计规格 design specification;
    设计荷载 design load;
    设计基准事故 design basis accident;
    设计计算 design calculation;
    设计计算法 software;
    设计教学法 project method of teaching;
    设计精度 design accuracy;
    设计矩阵 design matrix;
    设计距离 designed distance;
    设计考虑 design consideration;
    设计流量 design discharge; design flow;
    设计目标 design objective;
    设计能力 design(ed) capacity;
    设计趋向 design approach;
    设计任务书 design specification; project designs;
    设计审评 design review;
    设计师 designer; creator;
    设计数据 design data;
    设计水位 design water level;
    设计说明 specification;
    设计体制 project method;
    设计条件 design condition;
    设计图 design drawing; layout; design chart; design diagram; scheme;
    设计图表 scheme;
    设计图解 designograph;
    设计系数 design ratio;
    设计系统 design system;
    设计详图 detail of design;
    设计效率 design efficiency;
    设计性能 design performance;
    设计压力 design pressure;
    设计验证 design verification;
    设计有效载荷 design payload;
    设计原理 design principle;
    设计准则 design philosophy; principle of design;
    设计院 designing institute;
    设计载荷 design load;
    设计者 artificer; engineer; designer; fashioner;
    设计值 design value; designed value;
    设计制约 (条件) design constraints;
    设计周期 design cycle;
    设计准则 design criteria;
    设计自动化 design automation
    * * *
    設計|设计 [shè jì] plan design to design to plan CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 268 读数

    * * *
    【计】 reading number
    【经】 count
    * * *
    * * *
    n. reading
    v. swot
    * * *
    du2 shu4
    reading, data from meter
    * * *
    dú shù
    indication; playback; registration; numerical reading:
    温度计读数 thermometer reading;
    标度读数 scale reading;
    自动读数 automatic reading;
    起点读数 zero reading
    读数比 read-around ratio;
    读数测微计 reading micrometer;
    读数测微镜 reading microscope;
    读数测微器 reading micrometer;
    读数程序 read routine;
    读数打字机(打印装置) reader-typer;
    读数电子枪 flood gun;
    读数法 numeration; notation;
    读数放大镜 reading glass;
    读数记录头 read-record head;
    读数建立时间 time of reading establishment;
    读数精度 accuracy of reading; reading accuracy;
    读数棱镜 reading prism;
    读数脉冲 read pulse;
    读数器 reader;
    读数驱动器 read driver;
    读数绕组 read winding;
    读数时间 reading duration;
    读数刷 reading brush;
    读数速度 reading speed; rate of reading;
    读数误差 reading (index) error; error in reading; indication error;
    读数系统 frame of reference; reading system; reference frame;
    读数显微镜 reading microscope;
    读数信号 read signal;
    读数仪表 readout instrument;
    读数原理 counting principle;
    读数周期 read period (cycle);
    读数装置 read station (unit); reading device (plotter; station)
    * * *
    讀數|读数 [dú shù] reading data from meter

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  • 269 质量

    quality; caliber; calibre, mass
    * * *
    mass; quality
    【计】 Q
    【化】 mass
    【医】 mass; quality
    【经】 quality
    相关词组: 质量不一的
    * * *
    mass; quality
    * * *
    n. quality
    * * *
    zhi4 liang4
    quality, mass (in physics), CL:個, 个
    * * *
    zhì liàng
    {物} mass:
    相对论质量 relativistic mass;
    这种粒子的质量很小。 This particle has a very small mass.
    (产品或工作的优劣程度) quality:
    质量差 of poor quality; of low quality; inferior;
    质量高 of high quality;
    提高服务质量 improve the quality of service;
    他们的目的在于提高质量而不是增加数量。 They aim at quality rather than quantity.
    质量百分比 mass percent;
    质量半径 mass radius;
    质量-半径关系 mass-radius relation;
    质量保持率 quality retention;
    质量保证 quality assurance;
    质量保证函数 {经} quality assurance function;
    质量保证验收标准 quality assurance acceptance standard;
    质量变坏 debase;
    质量标度 mass scale;
    质量标准 quality level; quality specification; quality standard;
    质量不为零光子 non-zero mass photon;
    质量测定 quality determination;
    质量测量 mass measurement;
    质量差 mass difference;
    质量差价 quality price differences; price differentials based on quality; price differences for products of varying qualities;
    质量重正比 mass renormalization;
    质量传递 {物} mass transfer;
    质量传递系数 mass transfer coefficient;
    质量单位 {力} mass unit;
    质量单位流量 mass flowrate (通量的);
    质量倒逆不变性 mass reversal invariance; invariance under mass reversal;
    质量巅 mass peak;
    质量电荷比 mass-charge ratio;
    质量电阻率 {电工} mass resistivity;
    质量定律 mass law;
    质量反馈 quality feedback;
    质量方程 mass equation;
    质量分布 mass distribution;
    质量分光计 mass spectrometer;
    质量分离 mass separation;
    质量分离器 mass-separator;
    质量分散 mass dispersion;
    质量分析 {工管} quality analysis;
    质量分析磁铁 mass analyzing magnet;
    质量分析法 mass analysis; mass spectrometry;
    质量分析计 mass analyzer; mass spectrometer;
    质量分析离子动能度谱术 {光谱} mass-analyzed ion kinetic energy spectrometry; MIKES;
    质量改善剂 modifying agent; quality booster;
    质量改善装置 upgrader;
    质量公式 {核} mass formula;
    质量管理 quality control; quality management;
    质量管理标准 quality control standard;
    质量光度半径关系 mass-luminosity-radius relation;
    质量规格 specification of quality;
    质量过大恒星 overmassive star;
    质量过小恒星 undermassive star;
    质量合格证 certification of fitness;
    质量基准器 primary mass standard;
    质量计量学 qualimetry;
    质量监测台 quality monitoring desk;
    质量监督员 quality control supervisor; QC supervisor;
    质量监控(监督) quality monitoring;
    质量检查 quality inspection;
    质量检查部门 quality control Division;
    质量检查工程 quality control engineering;
    质量检查制度 rules for testing quality; quality inspection system;
    质量检验 qualification test;
    质量检验器 quality tester;
    质量减损 mass decrement;
    质量鉴定 quality determination;
    质量鉴定试验 qualification test;
    质量交流 mass exchange;
    质量经济学 quality economics;
    质量矩阵 mass matrix;
    质量均值与极差 quality average and range;
    质量控制 quality control (QC); quality monitoring; mass control;
    质量控制传感器 quality control pick-up;
    质量控制可靠性 quality control reliability;
    质量控制人员 quality control officer (QCO);
    质量控制图 quality control chart;
    质量控制系统 quality control system;
    质量亏损 mass deficit; {核} mass defect; mass loss;
    质量灵敏值 mass sensitive quantity;
    质量瘤 mascon;
    质量流动 mass flow;
    质量流量(率) {流} mass flow rate; flow mass; mass flow;
    质量-流量比 mass -flow ratio;
    质量流量计 mass flow meter;
    质量流量敏感型检测器 mass flow rate sensitive detector;
    质量-流量扰动 mass-flow rate perturbation;
    质量流量-压差关系 mass flow pressure-difference relation;
    质量密集 {地质} mascon;
    质量敏感分离器 mass sensitive deflector;
    质量能量密度 mass energy density;
    质量浓集梯度 mass fraction gradient;
    质量判据 quality criteria;
    质量碰撞阻止本领 {核} mass collision stopping power;
    质量平衡{航空} mass balance;
    质量平均线法 quality curve method;
    质量评比 quality appraisal;
    质量评定 grade estimation;
    质量评价 quality evaluation;
    质量谱 mass spectrum;
    质量迁移率 {物} mass-transfer rate;
    质量曲线 figure-of-merit curve;
    质量全息术 mass holography;
    质量缺陷 mass defect;
    质量燃烧速率 {军} mass burning rate;
    质量散度 {流} mass divergence;
    质量试验器 quality tester;
    质量守恒 conservation of mass;
    质量守恒定律 law of conservation of mass;
    质量守恒方程 mass-conservation equation;
    质量守恒原理 {流} principle of mass conservation;
    质量输运 {流} mass transport;
    质量数 mass number;
    质量数测定 mass assignment;
    质量衰减系数{核} mass attenuation coefficient;
    质量水平 quality level;
    质量速度 {流} mass velocity;
    质量速度比 mass-velocity ratio;
    质量算符 {量子} mass operator;
    质量碎片法 mass fragmentography;
    质量-弹簧-缓冲器组合 mass-spring-dashpot combination;
    质量弹簧系统 mass-spring system;
    质量特性 quality characteristic;
    质量统计检验 statistical quality control;
    质量位移 mass shift;
    质量吸收 mass absorption;
    质量吸收系数 {物} mass-absorption coefficient;
    质量吸收效应 mass-absorption effect;
    质量系数 quality coefficient; quality factor;
    质量系数频率 figure-of-merit frequency;
    质量效应 mass effect;
    质量性状 qualitative character;
    质量压力 mass pressure;
    质量要求 quality requirement;
    质量因数 factor of quality;
    质量因数计 Q-meter;
    质量因子 quality factor;
    质量盈余 mass excess;
    质量增加 mass addition;
    质量增进剂 upgrader;
    质量指标 quality index; performance figure;
    质量指示器 mass indicator;
    质量指数 performance figure;
    质量中心 centre of mass; centroid;
    质量中心轴线 centroidal axis;
    质量转移 mass transfer;
    质量转移率 mass transfer rate;
    质量阻止本领 {核} mass stopping power;
    质量最佳 quality optimal;
    质量作用 mass action;
    质量作用定律 {化} law of mass action; mass action law;
    质量作用效应 mass-action effect
    * * *
    質量|质量 [zhì liàng] quality mass (in physics) CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 270 资本主义

    * * *
    【经】 capitalism
    * * *
    * * *
    zi1 ben3 zhu3 yi4
    * * *
    zī běn zhǔ yì
    产业资本主义 industrial capitalism;
    官僚资本主义 bureaucrat capitalism;
    国家垄断资本主义 state monopoly capitalism;
    金融资本主义 financial capitalism;
    资本主义工商业全行业公私合营 Capitalist industry and commerce changed over to joint private-state operation by whole trades;
    自由资本主义 laissez-faire capitalism; non-monopoly capitalism
    资本主义地租 capitalist rent; capitalist groundrent;
    资本主义富农 capitalist rich peasants;
    资本主义高度发展阶段 stage of highly developed capitalism;
    资本主义国家 capitalistic state; capitalist nation;
    资本主义国有化 nationalization of capitalism;
    资本主义经济 capitalistic economy;
    资本主义经济成分 capitalist sector of the economy;
    资本主义经营垄断 capitalist monopoly operation;
    资本主义经营思想 ideas characterizing capitalist management; capitalist ideas in management;
    资本主义利润法则 capitalist principle of profit-seeking;
    资本主义商品生产 capitalist commodity production;
    资本主义社会 capitalist society;
    资本主义生产 capitalistic production;
    资本主义生产方式 capitalist mode of production;
    资本主义世界货币体系 capitalist world monetary system;
    资本主义私人占有制 capitalist system of appropriation of the means of production;
    资本主义尾巴 “tails of capitalism”; “remnants of capitalism”;
    资本主义制度 capitalist system;
    资本主义自发倾向 spontaneous tendencies towards capitalism; “
    资本主义自由化” “capitalist liberalization”;
    资本主义总危机 general crisis of capitalism
    * * *
    資本主義|资本主义 [zī běn zhǔ yì] capitalism

    Chinese-English dictionary > 资本主义

  • 271 资金

    fund; capital; finance
    * * *
    bankroll; financing; fund
    【经】 bank roll; capital; finances; financial resources; purse
    相关词组: 筹措资金
    * * *
    bankroll; capital; financing; fund
    * * *
    n. funds, funding
    * * *
    zi1 jin1
    funds, funding, capital
    * * *
    zī jīn
    fund; capital:
    铺底流动资金 start-up capital
    建设资金 funds for construction;
    流动资金 current funds; circulating funds;
    积压国家资金 let state funds lie idle;
    为国家积累资金 accumulate funds for the state;
    资金回收快 produce quick returns on capital;
    投入的资金数量惊人。 The capital sunk in it is fabulous in amount.
    资金安排 capital arrangement;
    资金变动表 statement of variation of funds;
    资金不足 lacking sufficient funds (capital); insufficient funds; shortage of funds;
    资金偿还 refundment;
    资金重估 reevaluation of capital;
    资金调拨 transfer of financial resources;
    资金分红税 capital dividends tax;
    资金供应办法 financing arrangement;
    资金管理制度 system of funds management;
    资金互助 cooperation in the field of financing;
    资金回流 recycling;
    资金积累 accumulation of funds;
    资金激增 proliferation of funds;
    资金来源 mode of financing;
    资金来源账户 accounts of source of funds;
    资金利用效果 effective utilization of funds;
    资金利润率 profit rate on funds; profit rate on capital;
    资金流动 cash flow; movements of funds;
    资金流量分析 flow-of-funds analysis;
    资金流入 capital inflow;
    资金流入与流出累积总额 aggregate fund in-flow out-flow;
    资金融通市场 financial market;
    资金市场 capital market; market of funds;
    资金收入率 amount of income from funds used; rate of income from the funds;
    资金损耗 capital destruction;
    资金通融票据 preferential bill;
    资金消耗 capital consumption;
    资金雄厚 solid financial strength; abundant funds;
    资金有偿使用原则 principle of compensation for the use of funds;
    资金有偿占有制 compensated appropriation of state funds; compensated use of state funds; system of paying compensation for using funds; principle of compensation for funds;
    资金预算作用 capital budgeting function;
    资金占用费 payment for the use of state funds; tax for the possession of funds;
    资金周转 capital turnover;
    资金周转次数 turnover rate of funds;
    资金最低标准 minimum funding standard
    * * *
    資金|资金 [zī jīn] funds funding capital

    Chinese-English dictionary > 资金

  • 272 辐射计

    * * *
    【医】 radiometer
    * * *
    * * *
    n. radiac, radiometer
    * * *
    fu2 she4 ji4
    * * *
    fú shè jì
    {电子} microwave radiometer; radiometer; radiometer-type receiver
    辐射计测绘 mapping with radiometer;
    辐射计测试器 falloutmeter;
    辐射计大气探测 atmospheric sounding with radiometer;
    辐射计校准 radiometer calibration;
    辐射计接收机 receiver for radiometer; radiometric receiver;
    辐射计量 {核} {光} radiant quantity; quantity of radiation;
    辐射计灵敏度 radiometer sensitivity;
    辐射计品质因数 radiometer figure of merit;
    辐射计天 antenna for radiometer;
    辐射计稳定 stabilization of radiometer;
    辐射计原理 principle of radiometer;
    辐射计真空规 radiometer vacuum gauge
    * * *
    輻射計|辐射计 [fú shè jì] radiometer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 辐射计

  • 273 违纪

    wei2 ji4
    lack of discipline, to break a rule, to violate discipline, to breach a principle
    * * *
    違紀|违纪 [wéi jì] lack of discipline to break a rule to violate discipline to breach a principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 违纪

  • 274 违背

    violate; go against; run counter to; break
    * * *
    disobey; breach; departure; go against; run counter to; unswear; violate
    【法】 breadth; departure; infraction; violation
    相关词组: 违背法律
    * * *
    breach; contravention; departure; violation
    * * *
    v. violate, go against
    * * *
    wei2 bei4
    to violate, to be contrary to
    * * *
    wéi bèi
    violate; go against; run counter to:
    违背历史事实 be contrary to the historical facts;
    违背良心的合同 unconscionable bargain;
    违背人民的意志 go against the will of the people;
    违背条约 violate a treaty;
    违背原则 violate a principle;
    违背诺言 break a promise; go back on one's word
    * * *
    違背|违背 [wéi bèi] to violate to be contrary to

    Chinese-English dictionary > 违背

  • 275 连续

    continuously; successively; in a row, consecutive; continuous; straight, run
    * * *
    sequence; progression; concatenation; continuum; run; series
    【医】 continuation; continuity; per continuum
    【经】 continuation
    相关词组: 长期连续电视节目
    * * *
    concatenation; continuum; progression; run; sequence; series
    * * *
    adj. continuous, successive
    adv. in a row
    * * *
    lian2 xu4
    continuous, in a row, serial, consecutive
    * * *
    lián xù
    continuation; succession; series; continuity; continuing; running; continuous; successive; continue; in a row:
    连续作战 continuous fighting; successive battles; consecutive operations;
    连续15年丰收 reap bumper harvests of fifteen years in succession;
    连续工作8小时 work eight hours at a stretch;
    钞票上有连续的号码。 Currency notes bear serial numbers.
    他在第9局连续获2分。 He scored two home runs back to back in the 9th inning.
    连续6年未出事故。 There have been no accidents for six years running.
    连续板 continuous slab;
    连续拌和机 continuous mixer;
    连续爆破 series shots; continuous demolition;
    连续背书 uninterrupted series of endorsement;
    连续崩落 progressive caving;
    连续逼近 continuous approximation;
    连续壁法施工 continuous wall method;
    连续编码 continuous programming code; serial coding;
    连续变化电位计 continuous potentiometer;
    连续变化电压 analog voltage;
    连续变换 continuous transformation;
    连续变量 continuous variable;
    连续变速 continuous change;
    连续变异 {植;动} continuous variation;
    连续表示 continuous representation;
    连续玻璃纤维 continuous glass fibre;
    连续擦去-重写数据法 continuous erasure-rewrite method;
    连续采煤法 {采矿} continuous mining;
    连续采煤机 {采矿} continuous miner;
    连续采样 continuous sampling;
    连续彩色发送序列 continuous colour sequence;
    连续操作 continuous operation;
    连续操作时间 power lifetime;
    连续测定灰分仪 continuous ash analyser;
    连续测定水分仪 continuous moisture analyser;
    连续测量 continuous measurement;
    连续测量控制系统 continuously measuring control system;
    连续测量摄影机 serial photogrammetric camera;
    连续层 pantostrat;
    连续层压 continuous laminating;
    连续成本函数 continuous cost function;
    连续成形{冶} progressive forming;
    连续乘积{数} continued product;
    连续程序工业 continuous process industry;
    连续承运人 successive carrier;
    连续充电 trickle charge;
    连续重复 {细胞} tandem duplication;
    连续冲击 bump;
    连续冲击试验 bump test;
    连续冲模 progressive press tool; progressive die;
    连续抽样 sequential sampling;
    连续出版物 serial;
    连续出量 continuous output;
    连续处理 continuous processing;
    连续传输 {讯} serial transmission;
    连续传真发送机 continuous transmitter;
    连续吹炼 continuous converting;
    连续吹炼转炉 continuous converter;
    连续垂直摄影机 vertical strip camera;
    连续催化重整法 {化工} cyclic catalytic reforming process (CCR process);
    连续萃取 {化工} continuous extraction;
    连续存储 consecutive storage;
    连续存储区 connected storage;
    连续存取运算 load-and-go;
    连续打浆机 continuous beater;
    连续打印纸 {自} continuous stationery;
    连续单板干燥机 progressive plate(n) drier;
    连续单形 continuous simplex; singular simplex;
    连续倒位 tandem inversion;
    连续滴定仪 {分化} continuous titrator;
    连续底脚 {土} continuous footing;
    连续地震 consecutive shock;
    连续电极 {电工} continuous electrode;
    连续电流 continuous current;
    连续电子透镜 continuous electron lens;
    连续冻结 inline freezing;
    连续读出比 {自} read-around number; read-around ratio;
    连续堵转电流 current at continuous torque;
    连续堵转电压 voltage at continuous torque;
    连续镀锌 continuous zinc coating;
    连续对话式程序 continuous discourse program;
    连续对流操作 continuous counter-current operation;
    连续镦粗 continuous upsetting;
    连续多级结晶器 continuous multistage crystallizer;
    连续发酵 continuous fermentation;
    连续发射 continuous emission;
    连续发射光谱 {物} continuous emission spectrum;
    连续法 continuity method; continuation method; continuous process;
    连续(连串)反应successive reaction; consecutive reaction;
    连续反应系 {矿} continuous reaction series;
    连续犯罪 {律} continuous offence;
    连续方程 continuity equation;
    连续纺丝 continuous spinning;
    连续放电 continuous discharge;
    连续放炮 series shots;
    连续放映机 continuous projector;
    连续分布 {统} continuous distribution;
    连续分布函数 continuous distribution function;
    连续分级 series classification;
    连续分数法 continued-fraction method;
    连续分析 continuous analysis; on-stream analysis;
    连续分析器 continuous analyzer;
    连续辐射 continuous radiation;
    连续辐照 continuous irradiation;
    连续符号顺序 {电} bound symbol sequence;
    连续负荷试验 long-duration test;
    连续负载 continuous load; continuous loading;
    连续负载额定值 {电工} continuous-duty rating;
    连续概率分布 continuous probability distribution;
    连续概率函数 continuous probability function;
    连续干燥器{工} continuous dryer;
    连续感受控制系统 continuously sensing control system;
    连续给料机 continuous feeder;
    连续给纸装置 {刷} continuous feeder;
    连续工业 continuous industry;
    连续功率 continuous power;
    连续功率谱 continuous power spectrum;
    连续拱墩 {房} continuous impost;
    连续供氧设备 constant flow oxygen equipment;
    连续鼓风 continuous blast;
    连续观测 continuous observation;
    连续观测系统 spread for continuous profiling;
    连续管式吹塑法 {工} continuous tube process;
    连续光电阴极 continuous photocathode;
    连续光感 fusion;
    连续光谱 continuous spectrum;
    连续硅太阳电池 continuous silicon solar cell;
    连续轨迹控制 continuous path control;
    连续辊底式炉 continuous roller-hearth furnace;
    连续过滤 continuous filtration;
    连续函数 {数} continuous function; continuous transformation;
    连续焊缝 {冶} continuous weld;
    连续焊接钢轨 {工} continuous welded rail;
    连续行 continuation line;
    连续航次 consecutive voyages;
    连续号 consecutive number;
    连续桁架 continuous trusse;
    连续轰炸 {军} train bombing;
    连续烘干炉 continuous drying stove;
    连续烘芯炉 continuous core oven;
    连续呼叫 subsequent call;
    连续混料器 {机} continuous mixer;
    连续基础 continuous foundation;
    连续积分 continuous integral;
    连续基阵 continuous array;
    连续机 continuous machine;
    连续激发 anti-damping;
    连续激光照明 CW-laser illuminator;
    连续激光振荡 CW optical laser action;
    连续(波)激光作用 continuous wave laser action;
    连续挤出模塑法continuous extrusion molding;
    连续挤压 continuous extrusion;
    连续挤压法 continuous extrusion process;
    连续几何 {数} continuous geometry;
    连续计数器 continuous counter;
    连续记录 continuous record;
    连续记录器 {工} continuous recorder; incremental recorder;
    连续加感 continuous loading;
    连续加感电缆 continuously loaded cable; krarup cable;
    连续加热 continuous-heating;
    连续加热炉 {冶} continuous furnace;
    连续加油法 continuous oiling;
    连续加载线路 continuously loaded circuit;
    连续甲板 continuous (cargo) deck;
    连续监测 continuous monitoring;
    连续监视 continuous monitoring;
    连续减速近似法 continuous slowing-down approximation;
    连续减速模型 continuous slowing-down model;
    连续焦化过程 continuous coking process;
    连续胶合 progressive glu(e)ing;
    连续浇铸 direct casting; continuous casting; continuous pouring;
    连续浇铸机 continuous casting machine;
    连续校正 continuous correction;
    连续校正法 method of successive corrections;
    连续接触器 continuous contactor;
    连续截煤机 {采矿} continuous coal cutter;
    连续截弯 whole cut-off;
    连续解 continuous solution;
    连续解剖图谱 huma-noscope;
    连续介质 continuous media;
    连续介质理论 continuum theory;
    连续介质力学 continuum mechanics;
    连续进料 continuous feed;
    连续浸提 continuous extraction;
    连续浸提器 continuous extractor;
    连续浸压粉机 continuous steeping pressing and shredding machine;
    连续精炼法 continuous refining process;
    连续精整作业线 continuous processing line (带材的矫直和剪切,板材的分选);
    连续居住 sequent occupance;
    连续咀嚼(症) machonnement (脑病时);
    连续掘进机 continuous digging machine;
    连续开工日 {化工} stream day;
    连续开工时间 stream time;
    连续开炉 continuous front slagging spout; continuous furnace run;
    连续可变控制 continuously variable control;
    连续可变调整 continuously-variable control;
    连续可调变压器 continuously variable transformer;
    连续可调电感线圈 continuously adjustable inductor;
    连续可调电容器 continuously adjustable capacitor;
    连续可调延迟线 continuously variable delay line;
    连续可微分函数 continuously differentiable function;
    连续孔径 filled aperture;
    连续孔径射电望远镜 filled aperture radio telescope;
    连续控制 {控} continuous control; sequential control; stepless control;
    连续控制器 continuous controller;
    连续控制伺服机构 continuous control servomechanism;
    连续控制系统 continuous control system;
    连续扩散 continuous diffusion;
    连续老化 continuous ageing;
    连续累计流量计 continuously integrated flow meter;
    连续冷却相变图 continuous cooling transformation diagram;
    连续炼钢 continuous steelmaking;
    连续炼铅 continual lead smelting;
    连续炼铜 continual copper smelting;
    连续练漂 continual scouring and bleaching;
    连续练漂机 continuousscouring and bleaching range;
    连续梁 {建} continuous beam; continuous girder; through beam;
    连续量 continuous quantity;
    连续硫化 continuous vulcanization;
    连续流 {流} continuous flow;
    连续流动 continuum flow;
    连续流动输送机 {机} continuous-flow conveyor;
    连续流化床 continuous fluidized bed;
    连续炉 continuous oven;
    连续买卖 successive sales;
    连续脉冲串(组) successive pulse groups;
    连续模 {数} modulus of continuity;
    连续模拟 continuous analog;
    连续模型 continuous model;
    连续磨光 continuous polishing;
    连续粘度测量法 {化} continuous viscosimetry;
    连续浓度变更法 continuous concentration variation method ;
    连续拍摄 itinerary;
    连续排放 {化} continuous blow-down;
    连续盘型绕组 {电工} continuous disk winding;
    连续培养 continuous cultivation; continuous culture;
    连续培养物 continuous culture;
    连续配筋 continuous reinforcement;
    连续配筋混凝土路面 continuous reinforced concrete pavement;
    连续匹配 continuous matching;
    连续片式存储器 continuous sheet storage;
    连续漂白联合机 continuous bleaching range;
    连续剖面 serial section;
    连续剖面图 {地质} ribbon diagram;
    连续谱 continuous spectrum;
    连续起诉 bringing of successive actions;
    连续起振 anti-damping;
    连续气举 {油工} continuous gas lift; straight gaslift;
    连续卡环 continuous clasp;
    连续区(谱) continuum;
    连续区间函数 continuous interval function;
    连续区域精炼设备 continuous zone-refining apparatus;
    连续区域提纯装置 continuous zone-refining apparatus;
    连续曲率喷管 continuous-curvature nozzle;
    连续曲线 full curve; solid-line curve; block curve;
    连续取样 continuous sampling; serial sampling;
    连续全面喷雾 continuous blanket spraying;
    连续群 continuous group;
    连续燃烧式 continuous combustion type;
    连续染色 {纺} continuous dyeing;
    连续绕组 continuous winding;
    连续热处理 continuous heat treatment;
    连续熔化 continuous melting;
    连续熔炼 continuous smelting;
    连续润滑 continuous lubrication;
    连续扫描 continuous sweep; continuous scan; sequential scanning;
    连续色调 continuous tone;
    连续筛选 step sizing;
    连续烧结 {冶} continuous sintering; stoking;
    连续射击 {军} continuous fire;
    连续射束 continuous beam;
    连续 X 射线 {电磁} continuous X-rays;
    连续渗铝 continuous aluminizing;
    连续声速测井 continuous velocity logging;
    连续生产{工管} batch production; series production; building in series; continuous production; series manufacturing;
    连续生产线{工} transfer line;
    连续生产型抽样检验 sampling inspection for continuous production;
    连续升温时效 progressive aging;
    连续绳轮传动制 continuous rope drive system;
    连续绳制 continuous rope system;
    连续石墨化 continuous graphitization;
    连续时间 continuous time;
    连续时间序列 continuous time series;
    连续时延 sequential time delay;
    连续实际盘存制 continuous physical inventory;
    连续矢量函数 continuous vector function;
    连续矢量显示法 vector continue display mode;
    连续世代 successive generation;
    连续试餐 serial test meal;
    连续试验 long run test;
    连续手动方法 method of progressive hand;
    连续受裁日期 running laydays;
    连续输出功率 continuous power output;
    连续输出式计算机 continuously acting computer;
    连续输送带式炉 furnace of continuous conveyor type;
    连续数据 {自} continuous data;
    连续数据组 concatenated data set;
    连续数列 continuous series;
    连续衰变 series disintegraton;
    连续双曲线雷达系统 hyperbolic continuous radar system;
    连续顺序计算机 consecutive sequence computer;
    连续丝 continuous fibers;
    连续伺服机构 continuous servomechanism;
    连续诉讼 successive actions;
    连续酸洗 continuous acid-washing;
    连续算子 continuous operator;
    连续随机变量 continuous random variable;
    连续随机过程 continuous random process;
    连续随机杂波 continuous random noise;
    连续台式阅读器 {自} continuous stationery reader;
    连续态 continuous state;
    连续碳化 {冶} continuous carbonization;
    连续特性 continuation property;
    连续提升机 continuous hoist;
    连续体 non-individual body;
    连续天线阵 filled array;
    连续条件 condition of continuity;
    连续调节变压器 continuously-variable transformer;
    连续调谐 series tuning;
    连续调制 modulation of continuous wave;
    连续调转换线条{刷} line conversion;
    连续跳动 continuous chattering; bobble;
    连续贴现 continuous discount;
    连续通路 continuous path;
    连续同源 {动} serial homology;
    连续统 {数} continuum;
    连续统假设 continuum hypothesis;
    连续投弹 {军} stick;
    连续投配器 gradation unit;
    连续透镜 continuous lens;
    连续透析发酵罐 continuous dialysis fermentor;
    连续图像补偿照相机 continuous image compensation camera;
    连续推进式加热炉 continuous pusher-type furnace;
    连续退火 continuous annealing;
    连续退火炉 continuous annealing furnace; continuous annealing oven;
    连续脱硫 continuous desulfurization;
    连续弯曲强度 {纸} continuous bending strength;
    连续污染源 continuous pollution source;
    连续无线电信标 {航海} continuous radio beacon;
    连续析出 continuous precipitation;
    连续吸收系数 continuous absorption coefficient;
    连续稀释 {免疫} serial dilution;
    连续熄焦站 continuous quenching station;
    连续铣削 {机} string milling; continuous milling;
    连续细胞系 continuous cell line;
    连续系统 {控} continuous system; continuous-time signal system;
    连续系统模拟语言 continuous system simulation language;
    连续线性算子 continuous linear operator;
    连续线性系统 continuous linear system;
    连续相关器 continuous correlator;
    连续相依性 continuous dependence;
    连续项 continuous items;
    连续相 {冶} continuous phase;
    连续相变 continuous phase transitioin;
    连续像域 {数} continuous image;
    连续消除 continuous erasure;
    连续消息 continuous message;
    连续信道 continuous channel;
    连续信号 continuous signal;
    连续信号信息量 continuous signal information content;
    连续信息 continuous information;
    连续信息信道 continuous information channel;
    连续信源 continuous information source;
    连续型 successive type;
    连续形式 {自} continuous forms;
    连续行程测量器 continuous stroke measuring device;
    连续序列 continuous sequence;
    连续序列计算机 consecutive sequence computer;
    连续旋转过滤机 continuous rotary filter;
    连续选择 {电视} sampling;
    连续循环 continuous cycle; singular cycle;
    连续压按操作 continuous-pressure operation;
    连续压粉法 continuous compacting process;
    连续压裂作业 {油工} successive fracture treatment;
    连续压烧 continuous press burning process;
    连续压制 continuous compaction;
    连续压煮器组 continuous digester series;
    连续延拓{数} continuous extension;
    连续氧化同化(作用) continuous oxidative assimilation;
    连续窑 continuous kiln; progressive kiln;
    连续溢出法 consecutive spilling;
    连续音调静噪 {电子} continuous-tone squelch;
    连续引爆 {工} series firing;
    连续印片 continuous printing;
    连续影调 {摄} continuous tone;
    连续影片扫描仪 {电子} continuous film scanner;
    连续影片制 continuous film system;
    连续语句 continuous statement; continue statement;
    连续语言分离 continuous speech segmentation;
    连续预焙阳极 continuous prebaked anode cell;
    连续预测数据 continuously predicted data;
    连续预缩机 continuous shrinking machine;
    连续原理 principle of continuity;
    连续源 continuous source;
    连续圆形扫描 continuous circular sweep;
    连续运算 continuous operation;
    连续运行 continuous operation;
    连续运行方式 continuously-running duty;
    连续运用定额 continuous rating;
    连续运转 continuous duty;
    连续载荷 continuous load;
    连续载荷状态 continuous load condition;
    连续再生 cyclic regeneration;
    连续再生催化重整 continuous regenerative catalytic reforming;
    连续再循环 continuous recycling;
    连续皂化 continuous saponification process;
    连续噪声 continuing noise;
    连续增量调制 continuous delta modulation;
    连续轧钢机 {冶} continuous mill;
    连续轧制 continuous rolling;
    连续闸 continuous brake;
    连续照相机 {摄} sequence camera;
    连续照相片 chronophotograph;
    连续震动法 Vibroseis; vibroseis;
    连续震源 continuous seismic source;
    连续振荡 {电子} continuous oscillation; undamped oscillation; continuously-running oscillation;
    连续振动 continuous vibration;
    连续振铃 continuous ringing;
    连续阵挛 clonism(us);
    连续蒸馏 {化工} continuous distillation; continuous still battery;
    连续蒸馏器 {食} continuous still;
    连续直通软化 line softening;
    连续指令 continual command;
    连续指示器 continuous indicator;
    连续制 continuous system;
    连续制动器 {机} continuous brake;
    连续制板机 continuous sheeting machine;
    连续制醋法{食} continuous vinegar process;
    连续制管机 continuous tubing machine;
    连续重负荷运行 continuous heavy-duty service;
    连续轴 continuous axle;
    连续煮沸器 continuous boiling unit;
    连续煮练机 continuous boil-off machine;
    连续铸锭机 continuous casting machine;
    连续铸钢 {冶} continuous casting; continuous casting steel;
    连续铸钢机 continuous casting steel machine;
    连续铸坯 continuous billet casting;
    连续铸造 continuous casting;
    连续铸造法 continuous casting process;
    连续转动法 continuous rotation method (求稳定性的转动导数用);
    连续着陆起飞 touch-and-go landing;
    连续资料 continuous data;
    连续自动工作机床 {工} transfer machine;
    连续自动机 continuous automaton;
    连续自动烧成电极 continuous selfbaking electrode;
    连续自动钻床 station drilling machine;
    连续作业{工} continuous operation;
    连续作业式炉 continuous furnace
    * * *
    連續|连续 [lián xù] continuous in a row serial consecutive

    Chinese-English dictionary > 连续

  • 276 适用

    be suitable; be applicable, apply
    * * *
    apply; be applicable; bestow; hold good for; hold true; serve the turn
    【经】 appliance
    相关词组: 适用性
    * * *
    apply; be applicable; bestow; hold true; serve the turn
    * * *
    n. appliance
    v. be applicable, be suitable
    * * *
    shi4 yong4
    to be applicable
    * * *
    shì yòng
    suit; apply to; suitable for use:
    勤俭节约的原则适用于一切事业。 The principle of diligence and frugality applies to all undertakings.
    适用范围 scope of application; sphere of application; applicability;
    适用技术 appropriate (applicable) technology;
    (胶粘剂)适用期 pot-life;
    适用铁矿石 usable iron ore
    * * *
    適用|适用 [shì yòng] to be applicable

    Chinese-English dictionary > 适用

  • 277 逆流

    go against the current, adverse current; countercurrent
    * * *
    adverse current; countercurrent; backwash; eddy; refluence; reflux
    【化】 counter-current flow
    【医】 anarrhea
    相关词组: 逆流的
    * * *
    adverse current; countercurrent; backwash; eddy; refluence; reflux
    * * *
    n. adverse current, countercurrent
    * * *
    ni4 liu2
    against the stream, adverse current, a counter-current, fig. reactionary tendency, to go against the trend
    * * *
    nì liú
    anarrhea; backset; backwash; contra-flow; counter-flow; eddy; receding; counter current; reverse flow; opposite flow; upstream
    逆流靶风洞 counter flow range wind tunnel;
    逆流层 {地质} back-set bed;
    逆流抽提 counter-current extraction;
    逆流萃取 {化} countercurrent extraction;
    逆流阀 {土} reflux valve;
    逆流法 reverse flow process;
    逆流返混 counter-current backmixing;
    逆流分布 {物} countercurrent distribution;
    逆流分级机 countercurrent sizer;
    逆流分配 counter-current distribution;
    逆流分配法 counter-current distribution method;
    逆流干燥 counter-current drying;
    逆流干燥器 counter-flow drier;
    逆流管状换热器 {化} countercurrent pipe exchanger;
    逆流换气 counterflow scavenging;
    逆流换热 {机} countercurrent flow;
    逆流级 back current step;
    逆流级联 countercurrent cascade;
    逆流搅拌 countercurrent agitation;
    逆流截门 water check;
    逆流浸提 {化工} countercurrent leaching;
    逆流快速拌和机 counterflow rapid action mixer;
    逆流淋凝器 countercurrent jet condenser;
    逆流凝汽器 counterflow condenser;
    逆流喷射 {航空} upstream injection;
    逆流喷雾干燥器 {工} countercurrent spray dryer;
    逆流前进 stem;
    逆流送料法 {化} backward feed;
    逆流碎波 {海} overfalls;
    逆流塔 {化} countercurrent tower;
    逆流洗涤 countercurrent washing; backflush;
    逆流原理 {化} countercurrent action; countercurrent principle;
    逆流再生 counter-current regeneration;
    逆流制动开关 plugging switch;
    逆流注水冷凝器 {工} counterflow jet condenser;
    逆流自动断路开关 discriminating breaker
    * * *
    逆流|逆流 [nì liú] against the stream adverse current a counter-current fig. reactionary tendency to go against the trend

    Chinese-English dictionary > 逆流

  • 278 选择

    select; choose; opt; elect; go for;pick, choice;option
    * * *
    select; choose; elect; pick; staple; choice; selection
    【计】 ALT; selecting
    【医】 selection
    【经】 pick; select; selecting; selection
    相关词组: 别无选择
    * * *
    choice; choose; culling; elect; opt; select; staple; tap; wale
    * * *
    n. picking
    v. select, choose, opt, pick, make a choice
    * * *
    xuan3 ze2
    to select, to pick, choice, option, alternative
    * * *
    xuǎn zé
    select; choose; opt; election; choice; culling; alternative:
    选择日期 choose a date;
    选择一本书 select a book;
    自然选择 natural selection;
    进行选择 make one's option;
    没有选择的余地 have no choice at all;
    去留任你选择。 Go or stay where you are, as you choose.
    我们有30多种美丽的图案可供选择。 We have over 30 beautiful designs to select from.
    选择板 option board;
    选择本领 {物} selectivity;
    选择崩落 selective breaking-out;
    选择比 selection ratio;
    选择边带接收 selectable sideband reception;
    选择变速器 {机} selective transmission;
    选择标记(基因) selected marker;
    选择标记插入 selective mark insertion;
    选择布线法 {半} discretionary wiring method;
    选择布线机 discretionary wiring machine;
    选择擦除 selective erasing;
    选择参数 selection parameter;
    选择测量系统 selective measuring system;
    选择场地 {体} choice of ends;
    选择成本 alternative costs;
    选择程序 option program;
    选择程序计算机 selective sequence calculator;
    选择抽样 selective sampling;
    选择磁心 selection core;
    选择磁心矩阵 selection core matrix;
    选择萃取 {化} selective extraction;
    选择(性)电极 selectrode;
    选择电路 selection circuit; selected circuit;
    选择定则 {物} selection rule;
    选择定址 selective addressing;
    选择毒性 selective toxicity;
    选择度 {电} selectance;
    选择镀 {冶} selective plating;
    选择断路 selective tripping;
    选择断路系统 selective tripping system;
    选择发射频率 select transmit frequency;
    选择发生 elective genesis;
    选择法院 choice forum;
    选择反射 {电} selective reflection;
    选择反应 choice reaction;
    选择放大器 selective amplifier;
    选择放松 relaxation of selection;
    选择费 sorting charge;
    选择分类 selection sort;
    选择风化 selective weathering;
    选择辐射 {物} selective radiation;
    选择辐射计 selective radiometer;
    选择辐射体 selective radiator;
    选择辐射压力 selective radiation pressure;
    选择杆 selector;
    选择港 optional port;
    选择跟踪 selective trace;
    选择功能 selection function;
    选择公理 axiom of choice;
    选择共振 {物} selective resonance;
    选择函数 choice function; selection function;
    选择合并器 selection combiners;
    选择呼号 selective call;
    选择还原 selective reduction;
    选择机构 selection mechanism;
    选择激发 selective excitation;
    选择继电器 selective relay; selector;
    选择计数器 {物} gated counter;
    选择加氢 selective hydrogenation;
    选择检验 {计} selection check;
    选择鉴别特征 {电子} selective identification feature;
    选择交代(作用) selective metasomatism; selective replacement;
    选择交配 assortative (preferential) mating;
    选择校验 selection check;
    选择接口 option interface;
    选择结晶 selective freezing;
    选择解扣 selective tripping;
    选择解扣系统 selective tripping system;
    选择精制 selective finishing;
    选择开关 selective switch; select switch; option switch;
    选择控制 selection control;
    选择扩散 {半} selective diffusion;
    选择连词 alternative conjunctions;
    选择滤波器 selective filter;
    选择码 option code;
    选择脉冲 strobe pulse;
    选择脉冲延迟 trigger-gate delay;
    选择门电路 select gate;
    选择命令 select command;
    选择模拟程序 case simulator;
    选择模式 preference pattern;
    选择培养 {化} selective culture;
    选择培养基 selective media;
    选择侵蚀 selective etching;
    选择散射 {电} selective scattering;
    选择渗透性 differential permeability;
    选择试剂 selective reagent;
    选择受精 selective fertilization;
    选择疏伐 {林} selective thinning;
    选择税 alternative duty; optional duty;
    选择顺序 selecting sequence;
    选择提单 optional bill of lading;
    选择调制 selective modulation;
    选择停机指令 optional-stop instruction; optional-halt instruction;
    选择通道 selector channel;
    选择透过度 permoselectivity;
    选择透过膜 permselective membrane;
    选择外延 {半} selective epitaxy;
    选择位 select bit;
    选择问题 choice problem;
    选择物 candidate;
    选择吸附(吸收) {化} selective absorption;
    选择吸收器 selective absorber;
    选择系数 selective coefficient;
    选择线 selection wire;
    选择效应 selection effect;
    选择项目 option;
    选择谐振 {电} selective resonance;
    选择卸货港 optional discharging port; optional port of discharge;
    选择信标雷达 selective beacon radar (SBR);
    选择信号装置 selective signalling;
    选择需要 option demand;
    选择学说 selection theory;
    选择寻址系统 adsel;
    选择压力 selection pressure;
    选择氧化 selective oxidation;
    选择硬化 {物} selective hardening;
    选择语句 case statement;
    选择育种 {生} selective breeding;
    选择原则 {物} selection principle;
    选择元件 selection element;
    选择增效 selective advance;
    选择者 optant;
    选择振铃 {电} selective ringing;
    选择阵列法 discretionary array method;
    选择指令 selection instruction; select order;
    选择指数 selection index;
    选择指数法 selection index method;
    选择转储 selective dump;
    选择装置 strobe unit;
    选择追踪程序 selective tracing routine;
    选择子句 choice clause;
    选择字块 selector block;
    选择纵标法 selected ordinate method;
    选择作用 {遗} selection
    * * *
    選擇|选择 [xuǎn zé] to select to pick choice option alternative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 选择

  • 279 透視圖

    The perspective drawing; a picture or drawing made according to the principle of perspective, generally applied in mechanical and architectural engineering.
    * * *
    tou4 shi4 tu2
    a figure in perspective, perspective drawing
    * * *
    透視圖|透视图 [tòu shì tú] a figure in perspective perspective drawing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 透視圖

  • 280 透视图

    The perspective drawing; a picture or drawing made according to the principle of perspective, generally applied in mechanical and architectural engineering.
    * * *
    rendering; scenograph
    【电】 profile chart
    * * *
    rendering; scenograph
    * * *
    tou4 shi4 tu2
    a figure in perspective, perspective drawing
    * * *
    透視圖|透视图 [tòu shì tú] a figure in perspective perspective drawing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 透视图

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