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babinet s principle

  • 221 离散

    (of relatives) be dispersed; be scattered about; be separated from one another
    * * *
    disperse; scatter
    【计】 dissociaton
    【医】 straggling
    * * *
    disperse; scatter
    * * *
    n. scatter
    v. disperse, scatter
    * * *
    li2 san4
    discrete, scattered about, dispersed
    * * *
    lí sàn
    dispersed; scattered about; separated from one another; spread; debunching; straggling; fringing; straddling; variance:
    骨肉离散。 The family were scattered in different places.
    离散边缘 divergent boundary;
    离散变分法 discrete variational (molecular orbital) method;
    离散变量{数} discrete variable;
    离散变量法 discrete variable method;
    离散标度 discrete scale;
    离散表示法 discrete representation;
    离散采样 discrete sampling;
    离散参数 discrete parameter;
    离散地址信标系统 discrete-address beacon system (DABS);
    离散定律 dispersion law;
    离散度 divergence factor; dispersion;
    离散发射 spread (鱼雷的);
    离散分布 discrete distribution;
    离散分析 analysis of variance; discrete analysis;
    离散赋值 discrete valuation;
    离散规划 discrete programming;
    离散函数 discrete function;
    离散集 {数} discrete set;
    离散角 walk-off angle;
    离散控制 discrete control;
    离散控制器 discrete controller;
    离散逻辑 discrete logic;
    离散逻辑推理 discrete reasoning;
    离散脉冲 discrete pulses;
    离散命令 discrete command;
    离散模拟 {自} discrete analog; discrete simulation; event-oriented simulation;
    离散模型 discrete model;
    离散频率 discrete frequency;
    离散谱 discrete spectrum;
    离散时间 discrete time;
    离散时间控制 discrete-time control;
    离散时间序列 discrete-time series;
    离散数据 discrete data;
    离散数列 discrete series;
    离散数学 discrete mathematics;
    离散松弛时间 discrete relaxation time;
    离散随机变量 discrete random variable;
    离散随机过程 discrete random process; discrete stochastic process;
    离散锁相环 discrete phase-locked loop;
    离散通道 discrete channel;
    离散图表 discretization scheme;
    离散(逻辑)推理 discrete reasoning;
    离散拓扑结构 discrete topology;
    离散位势论 discrete potential theory;
    离散无噪声通道 discrete noiseless channel;
    离散系数 coefficient of dispersion; coefficient of variability;
    离散系统 {控} discrete system; discrete-time system;
    离散消息 discrete message;
    离散效应 walk-off-effect;
    离散谐波discrete harmonic;
    离散信(息通)道 discrete channel;
    离散信号 discrete signal;
    离散信息 discrete information;
    离散信息状态 discrete message state;
    离散信源 discrete source;
    离散性 discreteness;
    离散优化系统 discrete optimizing system;
    离散状态 discrete state;
    离散子群 discrete subgroup;
    离散自动机 discrete automat;
    离散字 discrete word;
    离散最大值原理 discrete maximum principle;
    离散作用 debunching action
    * * *
    離散|离散 [lí sàn] (of family members) separated from one another scattered about dispersed (math.) discrete

    Chinese-English dictionary > 离散

  • 222 积累

    accumulate; get together, accumulation (for expanded reproduction)
    * * *
    accumulate; fund; get together; pile; pile up
    * * *
    accumulate; fund; get together; pile; pile up
    * * *
    adj. accumulated
    n. accumulation
    v. accumulate, congest, flock
    * * *
    ji1 lei3
    to accumulate, accumulation, cumulative, cumulatively
    * * *
    jī lěi
    (逐渐聚集) accumulation; accumulate:
    积累了丰富的经验 have accumulated a wealth of experience;
    积累第一手资料 accumulate first-hand data;
    知识的积累 the accumulation of knowledge;
    资本的原始积累 primitive accumulation of capital;
    耐心地积累资料 patiently accumulate data
    {核子} build-up
    积累层 accumulation layer;
    积累抵消率 integrated cancellation ratio;
    积累方式 accumulative means;
    积累分布函数 cumulative distribution function;
    积累辐射剂量 cumulative radiation dose;
    积累规模 size of accumulation; amount of accumulation;
    积累基金 accumulation fund;
    积累寄存器 accumulation register;
    积累假说 accumulation hypothesis;
    积累扩散指数 cumulative diffusion index;
    积累率 rate of accumulation;
    积累器 integrator; summation instrument;
    积累时间 integration time;
    积累手段 means of accumulation;
    积累损耗(失) integration loss;
    积累误差 accumulated error;
    积累效应 build-up effect;
    积累因子 {核子} buildup factor;
    积累应力 cumulative stress;
    积累原理 storage principle;
    积累植物 {植} accumulator plant;
    积累最低限 minimum accumulation level
    * * *
    積累|积累 [jī lěi] to accumulate accumulation cumulative cumulatively

    Chinese-English dictionary > 积累

  • 223

    move; remove; shift; bring, change; alter
    * * *
    change; move; shift
    【医】 trans-
    * * *
    change; move; shift
    * * *
    v. shift, change, alter, move, remove
    * * *
    to move, to shift, to change, to alter, to remove
    * * *
    (移动) move; remove; shift:
    把枪从右肩移到左肩 shift a rifle from the right to the left shoulder;
    移沙造田 create farmland by removing sand drifts;
    移走 move away;
    会谈已由巴黎移到了伦敦。 The talks have been moved from Paris to London.
    摄影机向男主角移近, 准备拍摄一组特写镜头。 The camera moved in on the hero for a close-up sequence.
    他把沙发往左移了两米。 He moved the sofa two metres to the left.
    (改变; 变动) change; alter:
    矢志不移 vow to adhere to one's chosen course;
    富贵不能淫, 贫贱不能移, 威武不能屈。 Neither riches nor honours can corrupt him; neither poverty nor humbleness can make him swerve from principle; and neither threats nor forces can subdue him.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    移良 Yi Liang
    * * *
    移|移 [yí] to move to shift to change to alter to remove

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 224 税收

    tax revenue
    * * *
    【经】 revenue
    * * *
    * * *
    n. taxing, tax, customs, dues, duty, taxation
    * * *
    shui4 shou1
    * * *
    shuì shōu
    tax revenue
    税收参考价格 tax reference price;
    税收分享 tax sharing;
    税收负担 tax burden;
    税收杠杆 taxation lever;
    税收管理 tax administration;
    税收归宿 tax incidence;
    税收基点 rate base;
    税收减免 tax exemption; tax credit;
    税收局长 receiver general;
    税收会计 accounting for taxes;
    税收理论 taxation theory and principle;
    税收漏洞 tax loophole;
    税收收入 tax receipts; tax revenue;
    税收政策 tax policy;
    税收制度 tax structure; tax system
    * * *
    稅收|税收 [shuì shōu] taxation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 税收

  • 225 窜改

    alter; tamper with; falsify; doctor; juggle
    * * *
    interpolate; interpolation; tamper
    【法】 garble
    相关词组: 窜改的
    * * *
    alter; tamper with; falsify
    * * *
    v. doctor
    * * *
    cuan4 gai3
    to alter, to modify, to change, to tamper
    * * *
    cuàn gǎi
    alter; manipulate; tamper with; falsify:
    窜改记录 tamper with the minutes;
    窜改原文 alter the original text;
    窜改原则 adulterate a principle;
    窜改账目 falsify accounts;
    他们发现这份遗嘱被窜改了。 The falsification of the testament (will) was discovered by them.
    他被指控用欺骗手段窜改账目。 He was charged with some dishonest juggling with the accounts.
    窜改(账目)者 manipulator
    * * *
    竄改|窜改 [cuàn gǎi] to alter to modify to change to tamper

    Chinese-English dictionary > 窜改

  • 226 符合

    accord with; tally with; conform to; be in keeping with; square; check; satisfy; live up to; correspond, coincidence
    * * *
    accord; be consonant with; cohere; coincide; come up to; conform; correspond
    【计】 correspondency
    【医】 homology
    相关词组: 符合的
    * * *
    accord; accord with; answer for; tally with
    * * *
    n. coincidence
    prep. in keeping with, in accordance with
    v. manage, agree, handle, be in line with, accord, tally, conform, correspond
    * * *
    fu2 he2
    in keeping with, in accordance with, tallying with, in line with, to agree with, to accord with, to conform to, to correspond with, to manage, to handle
    * * *
    fú hé
    (相合) accord with; tally with; conform to; fit; coincide; correspond; satisfy; adjust to; fulfill; play up to; answer; yield; be in keeping with:
    符合标准 meet a criterion; be up to the standard;
    符合人民的愿望 be in keeping with the aspiration of the people;
    符合市场需求 accord with the demands of the market;
    符合民族利益 be in the interest of the nation;
    符合宪法 constitutionality;
    符合原则 be in conformity with the principle;
    符合实际情况 tally with the actual situation; conform to reality;
    符合货物样品规格 be up to sample;
    商品生产必须符合社会需要。 Production of the goods must fit in with the needs of the society.
    {物} coincidence
    符合摆 coincidence pendulum;
    符合边界 coincidence boundary;
    符合测量 coincidence measurement;
    符合测量法 coincidence method of measurement;
    符合陈列 coincidence array;
    符合传感器 coincidence senser;
    符合磁铁 coincidence magnet;
    符合点 corresponding points;
    符合点阵 coincidence lattice;
    符合电路 coincident circuit;
    符合定标器 coincidence scaler;
    符合度 conformity;
    符合发送应答机 coincident transponder;
    符合法 coincidence method; method of coincidence;
    符合光谱学 coincidence spectroscopy;
    符合光掩模 conformable optical mask;
    符合寄存器 coincidence register;
    符合计数 coincidence counting;
    符合计数器(管) coincide counter; coincidence counter;
    符合加法器 coincidence adder;
    符合加工尺寸 accurate to dimension; accurate to gauge;
    符合校正 coincidence correction;
    符合灵敏度分布 coincidence sensitivity distribution;
    符合论 correspondence theory;
    符合脉冲 coincidence pulse;
    符合门(电路) coincident gate; coincidence gate;
    符合内聚性 coincidental cohesion;
    符合器 coincidence apparatus;
    符合水准 contact level;
    符合水准器 coincidence level;
    符合说 doctrine of correspondence;
    符合卫生程度 wholesomeness;
    符合误差 coincidence loss;
    符合性 conformity;
    符合效应 coincidence effect;
    符合选择 coincide selection;
    符合译码 coincidence decoding;
    符合语法(性) grammaticalness; grammaticality;
    符合元件 equivalence element; equivalent-to-element
    * * *
    符合|符合 [fú hé] in keeping with in accordance with tallying with in line with to agree with to accord with to conform to to correspond with to manage to handle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 符合

  • 227 等价

    of equal value; equal in value
    * * *
    equal in value; equipollence; equivalence
    【计】 equifinality; equivalence
    【医】 equivalence
    相关词组: 等价物
    * * *
    equipollence; equivalence
    * * *
    n. equivalence, equivalency
    v. equal in value
    * * *
    deng3 jia4
    equal, equal in value, equivalent
    * * *
    děng jià
    of equal value; equal in value; equivalence
    等价变换 equivalence (equivalent) transformation;
    等价变数 equivalent variable;
    等价参数 equivalent parameter;
    等价测度 equivalent measure;
    等价超共轭 {物化} isovalent hyperconjugation;
    等价带宽 equivalent bandwidth;
    等价度量 equivalent metric;
    等价二进制位 equivalent binary digits;
    等价方程 equivalent equation;
    等价共轭 isovalent conjugation;
    等价构图 equivalent configuration;
    等价关系 {数} equivalence relation;
    等价轨道 equivalent orbital (EO);
    等价矩阵 equivalent matrice;
    等价空间 equivalent space;
    等价律 law of equivalence;
    等价条件 condition of equivalence;
    等价问题 equivalence problem;
    等价物 {经} equivalent;
    等价线 equivalent lines; isoline;
    等价形式 equivalent form of value;
    等价有偿 compensation of equal value;
    等价语句 {计} equivalence statement;
    等价原理 equivalence principle;
    等价运算 {数} bi-conditional operation; if and only if operation (双条件运算);
    等价自动机 equivalent automaton;
    等价组 equivalence group
    * * *
    等價|等价 [děng jià] equal equal in value equivalent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 等价

  • 228

    simple; simplified; brief, bamboo slips (used for writing on in ancient times), letter, select; choose, Jan
    * * *
    bamboo slips for writing on; brief; letter; simple
    * * *
    bamboo slips for writing on; brief; letter; simple
    * * *
    adj. simple, simplified, common, brief, biographical
    n. letter
    * * *
    simple, uncomplicated, letter, to choose, to select, bamboo strips used for writing (old)
    * * *
    (简单) simple; simplified; brief:
    从简 conform to the principle of simplicity;
    简而言之 in brief; in short; put it in a nutshell
    (使简单; 简化) simplify:
    精兵简政 better troops (staff) and simpler administration; streamlined administration
    (书) (选择人才) select; choose:
    简拔 select and promote
    (古代用来写字的竹片) bamboo slips (used for writing on in ancient times):
    木简 inscribed wooden slip
    (信件) letter:
    书简 letters; correspondence
    (姓氏) a surname:
    简师父 Jian Shifu
    * * *
    簡|简 [jiǎn] simple uncomplicated letter to choose to select bamboo strips used for writing (old)

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 229 简则

    jian3 ze2
    general rule, simple principle
    * * *
    簡則|简则 [jiǎn zé] general rule simple principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 简则

  • 230 管理学

    guan3 li3 xue2
    management studies
    * * *
    guǎn lǐ xué
    管理学家 managerialist;
    管理学原理 principle of management
    * * *
    管理學|管理学 [guǎn lǐ xué] management studies

    Chinese-English dictionary > 管理学

  • 231 節操

    high moral principle; moral integrity
    * * *
    jie2 cao1
    integrity, moral principle
    * * *
    節操|节操 [jié cāo] integrity moral principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 節操

  • 232 簡則

    jian3 ze2
    general rule, simple principle
    * * *
    簡則|简则 [jiǎn zé] general rule simple principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 簡則

  • 233 精简

    retrench; simplify; cut; reduce; downsize
    * * *
    cut; reduce; retrench; simplify
    【计】 compaction
    相关词组: 精简的
    * * *
    cut; reduce; retrench; simplify; condense
    * * *
    v. simplify, oversimplify, streamline, prune, abridge, reduce, diminish, constrict
    * * *
    jing1 jian3
    to simplify, to reduce
    * * *
    jīng jiǎn
    retrench; simplify; cut; reduce:
    精简(行政)机构 simplify (streamline) the administrative structure;
    精简、统一、效能的原则 principle of simplified administration, unified action and higher efficiency;
    精简报表 reduce the number of forms; cut down paper work;
    精简会议 cut (the number of) meetings to a minimum;
    精简开支 retrench expenses; cut down the outlay;
    精简礼节 attenuate formalities;
    国家机关必须实行精简的原则。 Every organ of state must apply the principle of efficient and simple administration.
    精简机构, 减少人员和建立公务员制度 streamline government organizations, reduce personnel and mtroduce a new system of public service
    * * *
    精簡|精简 [jīng jiǎn] to simplify to reduce

    Chinese-English dictionary > 精简

  • 234 系统性

    Property of an interrelated and interacting organic whole.
    * * *
    xi4 tong3 xing4
    * * *
    xì tǒng xìng
    系统性红斑狼疮 {免疫} systemic lupus erythematosus;
    系统性原则 principle of systematization
    * * *
    系統性|系统性 [xì tǒng xìng] systematic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 系统性

  • 235

    the headrope of a fishing net, key link; guiding principle, outline; programme, class
    * * *
    n. main headings
    * * *
    head rope of a fishing net, guiding principle, key link, class (taxonomy), outline, program
    * * *
    綱|纲 [gāng] head rope of a fishing net guiding principle key link class (taxonomy) outline program

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 236 綱領

    programme; guiding principle
    * * *
    gang1 ling3
    program, guiding principle
    * * *
    綱領|纲领 [gāng lǐng] program guiding principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 綱領

  • 237 總方針

    general policy; general principle
    * * *
    zong3 fang1 zhen1
    general policy, overall guidelines
    * * *
    總方針|总方针 [zǒng fāng zhēn] general policy overall guidelines

    Chinese-English dictionary > 總方針

  • 238

    the headrope of a fishing net, key link; guiding principle, outline; programme, class
    * * *
    key link; outline
    【医】 class
    * * *
    key link; outline
    * * *
    n. main headings
    * * *
    head rope of a fishing net, guiding principle, key link, class (taxonomy), outline, program
    * * *
    (提网的总绳, 多用于比喻) the headrope of a fishing net:
    提纲挈领 take a net by the headrope or a coat by the collar; bring out the essentials
    (比喻事物最主要的部分) key link; outline; programme:
    提纲 outline;
    总纲 the general programme
    {生} (动植物分类系统上所用的等级之一) class:
    哺乳动物纲 the class of mammals
    (旧时成批运输货物的组织) transportation of goods under convoy (in feudal China):
    盐纲 salt convoy; salt transported under convoy
    (系束) tie
    (纠正) correct
    * * *
    綱|纲 [gāng] head rope of a fishing net guiding principle key link class (taxonomy) outline program

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 239 纲领

    programme; guiding principle
    * * *
    creed; guiding principle; programme
    * * *
    * * *
    gang1 ling3
    program, guiding principle
    * * *
    gāng lǐng
    creed; programme; guiding principle:
    发表施政纲领 announce the ministerial programme;
    最高纲领 the maximum programme
    * * *
    綱領|纲领 [gāng lǐng] program guiding principle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 纲领

  • 240 线

    thread; string; wire, line, sth. shaped like a line, thread, etc., route; line, demarcation line; boundary, (political) line, brink; verge, clue; thread, (used with numeral 一 before abstract things, indicating very little)
    * * *
    clue; line; string; stringy; thread; tie; verge; wire
    【医】 line; line Of occlusion; linea; lineae; lineae poplitea; mito-; nemato-
    soleal line; strand; thread
    【经】 line
    * * *
    line; thread; string; route
    * * *
    n. filament, thread, string, wire, line, route, boundary, something shaped like a line
    n. coil, roll
    * * *
    variant of 線, 线
    thread, string, wire, line, CL:條, 条,股,根
    * * *
    (用丝、棉、金属等制成的细长的东西) thread; string; wire:
    棉(丝)线 cotton (silk) thread;
    铜线 copper wire;
    针眼太小线穿不进去。 The needle-eye is too small to hold the thread.
    {数} (一个点任意移动所构成的图形) line:
    曲线 curve; curved line;
    直线 straight line
    (用棉线做的) made of cotton thread:
    线手套 cotton gloves;
    线衣线裤 cotton knitwear
    (细长像线的东西) sth. shaped like a line, thread, etc.:
    光线 ray;
    线香 a slender stick of incense
    (交通路线) route; line:
    长大线 the Changchun-Dalian Railway (line);
    供应线 supply route (line);
    航线 airline or shipping line;
    铁道线 railway line
    (边缘交界的地方) demarcation line; boundary:
    边界线 boundary line;
    海岸线 coastline;
    军事分界线 military demarcation line
    (所接近的某种边际) brink; verge:
    生命线 lifeline; lifeblood;
    在饥饿线上 on the brink of starvation;
    在死亡线上 on the verge of death
    (思想上、政治上的路线) (political) line:
    上纲上线 raise to a higher plane of principle and two-line struggle
    (线索) clue; thread:
    案子的线儿断了。 The clue could not be followed up.
    (用于抽象事物, 数词限用“一”):
    一线光明 a gleam of light;
    一线生机 a slim chance of life;
    一线希望 a ray (gleam) of hope
    * * *
    綫|线 [xiàn] variant of ↑ |↑线 [xiàn]
    線|线 [xiàn] thread string wire line CL:↑ |↑ [tiáo],↑ [gǔ],↑ [gēn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 线

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  • Bistatic radar — is the name given to a radar system which comprises a transmitter and receiver which are separated by a distance that is comparable to the expected target distance. Conversely, a radar in which the transmitter and receiver are collocated is… …   Wikipedia

  • Бистатический гидролокатор — гидролокатор, приёмник(и) и передатчик(и) которого разнесены в пространстве на расстояния, сравнимые с расстоянием до цели[1]. Содержание 1 Сра …   Википедия

  • Optical fiber — A bundle of optical fibers A TOSLINK fiber optic audio c …   Wikipedia

  • Science and the Church — • Dicsusses the relationship between the two subjects Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Science and the Church     Science and the Church      …   Catholic encyclopedia

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