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babinet s principle

  • 201 爱因斯坦

    【化】 einstein
    * * *
    * * *
    Ai4 yin1 si1 tan3
    Albert Einstein (1879-1955), famous Austrian physicist
    * * *
    ài yīn sī tǎn
    Einstein (Albert, 1879.3.14-1955.4.18, 德国出生的美籍著名理论物理学家)
    爱因斯坦比热方程 {固物} Einstein's equation for specific heat;
    爱因斯坦场方程组 Einstein's field equation; Einstein's law of gravitation;
    爱因斯坦定律 Einstein's Law;
    爱因斯坦方程(组) Einstein equation(s);
    爱因斯坦分布律 Einstein distribution law;
    爱因斯坦关系式 Einstein's relation;
    爱因斯坦光电定律 Einstein photoelectric law;
    爱因斯坦函数 Einstein function;
    爱因斯坦空间 Einstein space;
    爱因斯坦扩散方程 Einstein diffusion equation;
    爱因斯坦-麦克斯韦方程 Einstein-Maxwell equation;
    爱因斯坦粘度方程式 {物化} Einstein viscosity equation;
    爱因斯坦配分函数 Einstein partition function;
    爱因斯坦频率状态 Einstein frequency condition;
    爱因斯坦求和约定 {数} Einstein's summation convention;
    爱因斯坦升降机 Einstein elevator;
    爱因斯坦-斯莫洛科夫斯基方程 Einstein-Smoluchowski equation;
    爱因斯坦统一场论 Einstein's unified field theories;
    爱因斯坦位移 Einstein shift;
    爱因斯坦相对性原理 Einstein's principle of relativity;
    爱因斯坦系数 Einstein's coefficients;
    爱因斯坦效应 Einstein effect;
    爱因斯坦-薛定谔理论 Einstein-Schrodinger theory;
    爱因斯坦引力场方程 Einstein's equation of the field of gravity;
    爱因斯坦引力理论 Einstein gravitation theory;
    爱因斯坦宇宙 {天物} Einstein universe;
    爱因斯坦张量 Einstein tensor;
    爱因斯坦质能关系式 Einstein mass-energy relation
    * * *
    愛因斯坦|爱因斯坦 [Aì yīn sī tǎn] Albert Einstein (1879-1955), famous Austrian physicist

    Chinese-English dictionary > 爱因斯坦

  • 202 物质

    matter; substance, material, physical
    * * *
    material; matter; substance
    【化】 matter; substance
    【医】 hylo-; mass; massa; materia; material; materies; matter; principle
    substance; substantia
    相关词组: 非物质
    * * *
    matter; substance
    * * *
    adj. physical
    n. armamentarium, substance
    * * *
    wu4 zhi4
    matter, substance, material, materialistic, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    wù zhì
    matter; substance; material:
    可裂变物质 fissionable material; nuclear materials;
    物质以三种形态存在: 固态、 液态和气态。 Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas.
    物质补偿 material compensation; physical makeup;
    物质不灭定律 the law of conservation of matter;
    物质财富 material wealth;
    物质产品 physical product; material product;
    物质传递 mass transfer;
    物质传递机理 mass transfer mechanism;
    物质导数 {流} individual derivative; material derivative; substantial derivative;
    物质辐射器 {电} mass radiator;
    物质鼓励 material reward;
    物质光源 light; (劳动的)
    物质规定性 material characteristics of labour; material specification of labour;
    物质化 materialization;
    物质基础 material base;
    物质奖励 material reward;
    物质交换 interchange of material;
    物质结构 structure of matter;
    物质劳动 material labour;
    物质力量 material strength; material force;
    物质利益 material benefits; material gains; material interests; material well-being;
    物质名词 {语} material noun;
    物质喷射 surge;
    物质平衡方程 matter balance equation;
    物质坡移 mass wasting;
    物质权益 material equity;
    物质实体 subject;
    物质世界 the material world; the physical world;
    物质市场 physical market;
    物质守恒 conservation of matter;
    物质守恒定律 law of indestructibility of matter;
    物质损失 material damage;
    物质条件 material conditions (prerequisites);
    物质微粒 corpuscle;
    物质文化 material culture;
    物质文明 material civilization;
    物质形式 material form; physical form;
    物质性 {哲} materiality;
    物质需求 material requisite;
    物质宇宙 cosmosphere;
    物质运动 the motion of matter;
    物质运输 Translocation of solute (植物生理);
    物质资本 material capital; physical capital;
    物质资料 material goods; material values;
    物质资源 material resources; physical resources
    * * *
    物質|物质 [wù zhì] matter substance material materialistic CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 物质

  • 203 现实

    reality; actuality, real; actual; realistic
    * * *
    actuality; flesh and blood; real; realism; reality
    【法】 real; reality
    相关词组: 超现实主义
    * * *
    flesh and blood; praxis; realism
    * * *
    adj. real, actual
    n. reality, actuality, praxis, tangible
    * * *
    xian4 shi2
    reality, actuality, real, actual, realistic
    * * *
    xiàn shí
    (客观存在的事物) reality; actuality:
    客观现实 objective reality;
    面对现实 face the facts; bring sb. back to reality;
    脱离现实 be divorced from reality; be unrealistic;
    梦想变成了现实。 A dream has come true.
    (合乎客观情况的) real; actual:
    现实生活 real life; actual life;
    现实意义 practical or immediate significance;
    采取现实的态度 adopt a realistic attitude
    现实冲击 reality shock;
    现实感 {声} presence;
    现实感丧失 derealization;
    现实工作事先勘察 realistic job previews;
    现实购买力 current purchasing power;
    现实经济 applied economics;
    现实林 {林} actual forest;
    现实论 actualism;
    现实论者 actualist;
    现实吓阻战略 strategy of “realistic deterrence”;
    现实形态 real form;
    现实遗传力 realized heritability;
    现实原则 {心理} reality principle
    * * *
    現實|现实 [xiàn shí] reality actuality real actual realistic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 现实

  • 204 理则

    li3 ze2
    principle, logic
    * * *
    理則|理则 [lǐ zé] principle logic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理则

  • 205 理則

    li3 ze2
    principle, logic
    * * *
    理則|理则 [lǐ zé] principle logic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理則

  • 206 理学

    a rationalistic Confucian philosophical school that developed during the Song and Ming Dynasties, known to the West as Neo-Confucianism, natural science
    * * *
    Li3 xue2
    School of Principle, Neo-Confucian Rationalistic School (from Song to mid-Qing times, c. 1000-1750, typified by the teachings of Cheng Hao 程顥, 程颢, Cheng Yi 程頤, 程颐, and Zhu Xi 朱熹,)
    li3 xue2
    * * *
    lǐ xué
    {哲} a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 理學|理学 [Lǐ xué] School of Principle Neo-Confucian Rationalistic School (from Song to mid-Qing times, c. 1000-1750, typified by the teachings of Cheng Hao ↑ 程顥|↑ 程颢 [Chéng Hào], Cheng Yi ↑ 程頤|↑ 程颐 [Chéng Yí] and Zhu Xi ↑ 朱熹 [Zhū xī])
    Ⅱ. 理學|理学 [lǐ xué] science

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理学

  • 207 理學

    a rationalistic Confucian philosophical school that developed during the Song and Ming Dynasties, known to the West as Neo-Confucianism, natural science
    * * *
    Li3 xue2
    School of Principle, Neo-Confucian Rationalistic School (from Song to mid-Qing times, c. 1000-1750, typified by the teachings of Cheng Hao 程顥, 程颢, Cheng Yi 程頤, 程颐, and Zhu Xi 朱熹,)
    li3 xue2
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 理學|理学 [Lǐ xué] School of Principle Neo-Confucian Rationalistic School (from Song to mid-Qing times, c. 1000-1750, typified by the teachings of Cheng Hao ↑ 程顥|↑ 程颢 [Chéng Hào], Cheng Yi ↑ 程頤|↑ 程颐 [Chéng Yí] and Zhu Xi ↑ 朱熹 [Zhū xī])
    Ⅱ. 理學|理学 [lǐ xué] science

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理學

  • 208 理論

    theory; principle; reason
    * * *
    n. theory
    * * *
    li3 lun4
    theory, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    理論|理论 [lǐ lùn] theory CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理論

  • 209 理论

    theory; principle; reason
    * * *
    frame of reference; theoretics; theorization; theory
    【化】 Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel theoryRRK; theory
    【医】 rationale; theory
    相关词组: 纯理论
    * * *
    exoterica; frame of reference; theoretics; theory
    * * *
    n. theory
    * * *
    li3 lun4
    theory, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    lǐ lùn
    理论学习 study of the theory;
    理论联系实际 integration of theory with practice; unite theory with practice;
    理论脱离实际 theory divorced from practice; discrepancy between theory and practice;
    在理论上 in terms of theory; on the theoretical plane; theortically
    理论板 theoretical plate;
    理论边缘 theoretical margin;
    理论产量 theoretical yield;
    理论成本标准 theoretical cost standards;
    理论抽力 {流} theoretical draft;
    理论抽象 theoretical abstraction;
    理论大地测量学 theoretical geodesy;
    理论地理学 theoretical geography;
    理论地貌学 theoretical geomorphology;
    理论地平 rational horizon;
    理论地图制图学 theoretic cartography;
    理论地震学 theoretical seismology;
    理论点 mathematical point;
    理论队伍 theoretical contingent;
    理论分离系数 theoretical separation coefficient;
    理论福利经济学 theoretical welfare economics;
    理论概括 theoretical generalization; framework;
    理论根源 theoretical source;
    理论工作 theoretical work;
    理论公式 theoretical formula;
    理论化 theorization;
    理论化学 theoretical chemistry;
    理论基础 rationale;
    理论极限值 theoretical boundary;
    理论级数 theoretical stage;
    理论几何学 speculative geometry;
    理论计量学 theoretical metrology;
    理论计算机科学 theoretical computer science;
    理论家 theoretician;
    理论价格 theoretical price;
    理论截止频率 {电工} theoretical cutoff frequency;
    理论科学学 theoretical science of science;
    理论空气动力学 theoretical aerodynamics;
    理论框架 theoretical frame;
    理论力矩 ideal torque; theoretical torque;
    理论力学 rational mechanics; theoretical mechanics;
    理论流体力学 {流} theoretical fluid mechanics;
    理论轮廓 theoretical profile;
    理论逻辑学 theoretical logic;
    理论马力 indicated horse power;
    理论模型 theoretical mode; theoretical model;
    理论磨削量 theoretical stock removal;
    理论浓度 theoretical concentration;
    理论骗子 theoretical swindler;
    理论气象学 theoretical meteorology;
    理论曲线 theoretical curve;
    理论人类学 theoretical anthropology;
    理论生物物理学 theoretical biophysics;
    理论生物学 theoretical biology;
    理论示功图 theoretical indicator card;
    理论释放能力 {机} theoretically relieving capacity;
    理论视差 theoretical parallax;
    理论数学 pure mathematics;
    理论水力发电功率 theoretical water power;
    理论水平 theoretical level;
    理论思维 theoretical thinking;
    理论素养 theoretical attainment;
    理论塔板 theoretical plate; theoretical tray; theoretically perfect plate;
    理论塔板(等效)高度 height equivalent to a theoretical plate;
    理论塔板数 theoretical plate number;
    理论天体物理学 theoretical astrophysics;
    理论天文(学) theoretical astronomy;
    理论凸轮曲线 theoretical cam curve;
    理论图学 theoretical graphics;
    理论推力系数 theoretical thrust coefficient;
    理论物理学 {物} theoretical physics;
    理论线图 assumption diagram;
    理论有机化学 theoretical organic chemistry;
    理论有效指数 theoretical availability index;
    理论语言学 theoretical linguistics;
    理论值 theoretical value;
    理论指导 theoretical guidance;
    理论重力值 theoretical gravity value;
    理论阻尼 theoretical damping
    * * *
    理論|理论 [lǐ lùn] theory CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理论

  • 210 理论基础

    【计】 theoretical principle
    【经】 theoretical basis
    * * *
    li3 lun4 ji1 chu3
    theoretical foundation
    * * *
    理論基礎|理论基础 [lǐ lùn jī chǔ] theoretical foundation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理论基础

  • 211 生化

    【化】 biochemistry
    * * *
    sheng1 hua4
    * * *
    shēng huà
    生化聚合物 biopolymer;
    生化能力学 biochemical energetics;
    生化平衡 {医} biochemical balance;
    生化缺陷突变型 biochemically deficient mutant;
    生化燃料电池 {电工} biochemical fuel cell;
    生化试剂 biochemical reagents;
    生化突变 biochemical mutation;
    生化相促作用 allelocatalysis;
    生化相似原则 biochemical similarity principle;
    生化形态学 biochemorphology;
    生化性状 biochemical trait;
    生化需氧量 biochemical oxygen demand;
    生化需氧量测定 BOD determination;
    生化需氧量负荷 biochemical oxygen demand load;
    生化遗传学 biochemical genetics
    * * *
    生化|生化 [shēng huà] biochemistry

    Chinese-English dictionary > 生化

  • 212 生命

    * * *
    anima; blood; heart's-blood; life
    【医】 bio-; life; vita; vivi-
    相关词组: 生命垂危
    * * *
    anima; being; daylights; heart's-blood; life
    * * *
    n. life, anima
    * * *
    sheng1 ming4
    life, living, biological, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    shēng mìng
    life; vita; vivi-; bio-; -biotic:
    生命的本原 blood;
    视荣誉高于生命 value honour above life;
    生命是怎样起源的? How did life begin?
    月球上没有发现生命。 No life has been found on the moon.
    生命保障系统 life-support system;
    生命层 biosphere;
    生命传感器 biosensor;
    生命担保 vouch for sb. with one's own life;
    生命单元 bion;
    生命规律学 bionomy;
    生命呼吸 life breath;
    生命科学 life science;
    生命粒子 biomone;
    生命论 biognosis (pl. biognoses);
    生命起源 arohebiont;
    生命器官 vital organ;
    生命寿命学 chronobiology;
    生命素 biogen;
    生命统计 biostatistics; vital statistics;
    生命维持系统 {工} life support system;
    生命巷基 basic building blocks of life;
    生命小体 biosome;
    生命学 biotics; zoobiotism;
    生命医术派 vitapath;
    生命要素 vital principle;
    生命元精 vital spirits;
    生命元素 biological element;
    生命指数 vital index;
    生命指征 vital signs;
    生命中枢 vital center;
    生命周期假设 life cycle hypothesis;
    生命自在 biopoiesis (生物由无机物产生)
    * * *
    生命|生命 [shēng mìng] life living biological CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 生命

  • 213 用以

    in order to; so as to
    * * *
    conj. in order to, so as to
    * * *
    yong4 yi3
    in order to, so as to
    * * *
    yòng yǐ
    use sth. to achieve an end:
    我们要认真学习辩证唯物论,用以指导实践。 We must study dialectical materialism so that we can use it to guide our work.
    这就是林业工人用以运送木材的空中索道。 This is the cableway which the lumberjacks use to haul out their timber.
    in order to; so as to:
    略举数例,用以说明这一原理。 Here are few examples to illustrate this principle.
    * * *
    用以|用以 [yòng yǐ] in order to so as to

    Chinese-English dictionary > 用以

  • 214 电磁

    * * *
    【医】 electromagnetism
    相关词组: 电磁波
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. electromagnetic
    * * *
    dian4 ci2
    * * *
    diàn cí
    {电} {物} electromagnetism
    电磁安(培) abampere (电磁系电流单位);
    电磁泵 electromagnetic pump;
    电磁闭合装置 solenoid-operated closing mechanism;
    电磁操作阀 electromagnetic control valve;
    电磁操作机构 electromagnetic operating mechanism;
    电磁测量 electromagnetic measurement;
    电磁测流厚度 electrical thickness;
    电磁测试仪器 electromagnetic instrument;
    电磁常数 electromagnetic constant;
    电磁成型 electromagnetic forming;
    电磁传播 electromagnetic propagation;
    电磁传动装置 electromagnetic gear;
    电磁冲击波 electromagnetic shock wave;
    电磁传感器 electromagnetic sensor;
    电磁传声器 electromagnetic microphone; magnetic microphone; reluctance microphone; variable-reluctance microphone;
    电磁传输线存储器 electromagnetic transmission line storage;
    电磁船速仪 electromagnetic log;
    电磁单位 electromagnetic unit;
    电磁单位制 system of electromagnetic units; electromagnetic system of units; electromagnetic units;
    电磁地震仪 electromagnetic reluctance seismometer;
    电磁动量 electromagnetic momentum;
    电磁对抗 electromagnetic countermeasure (EMC);
    电磁耳机 magnetic earphone;
    电磁阀 {机} magnetic valve; magnet-valve; solenoid-controlled (operated) valve; solenoid valve; solenoid pilot actuated valve;
    电磁反馈式振荡器 electromagnetic feedback type generator;
    电磁放大透镜 electromagnetic amplifying lens;
    电磁放电 electromagnetic discharge;
    电磁分离 solenoid release;
    电磁分离法 electromagnetic separation;
    电磁分离器 electromagnetic separator;
    电磁分量 electromagnetic component;
    电磁风阀 electromagnetic air valve;
    电磁伏 abvolt (电磁系电势单位);
    电磁辐射 electromagnetic radiation;
    电磁负载 electromagnetic load;
    电磁复合材料 magnetoelectric composites;
    电磁干扰 electromagnetic interference (EMI);
    电磁感应 (electromagnetic) induction;
    电磁感应地震计 electromagnetic inductance seismometer;
    电磁感应定律 law of electromagnetic induction;
    电磁感应加速器 rheotron;
    电磁感应圈 electromagnetic coil;
    电磁钢材分类仪 magnetic comparater;
    电磁跟踪 electro-magnetic tracking;
    电磁共振器 vibrotron;
    电磁惯量 electromagnetic inertia;
    电磁惯性原理 principle of electromagnetic inertia;
    电磁过滤 electromagnetic separation;
    电磁海流计测流 {航海} geking;
    电磁亨利 abhenry (电磁系电感单位);
    电磁环境 electromagnetic environment;
    电磁换能器 electromagnetic transducer;
    电磁活门 solenoid valve;
    电磁积分器 electromagnetic integrator;
    电磁激波器 electromagnetic shock tube;
    电磁集合体 electromagnetic complex;
    电磁计量器 electromagnetic counter;
    电磁计数器 message register;
    电磁继电器 electromagnetic relay;
    电磁继电器存储器 electromagnetic relay memory;
    电磁加速风洞 magnetohydrodynamic wind tunnel;
    电磁监测器 electromagnetic monitor;
    电磁兼容 electromagnetic compatibility;
    电磁兼容系统分析 electromagnetic compatibility system analysis;
    电磁兼容系统性能 electromagnetic compatibility system performance;
    电磁兼容性 electromagnetic compatibility;
    电磁兼容整形脉冲 shaped pulse for electromagnetic compatibility;
    电磁检测 electromagnetic test;
    电磁搅拌 electromagnetic stirring;
    电磁搅拌器 magnetic stirrer;
    电磁镜 electromagnetic mirror;
    电磁聚集式电子枪 electromagnetic focus electron gun;
    电磁聚焦 electromagnetic focusing;
    电磁聚焦组件 focus-coil assembly;
    电磁开关 electromagnetic (solenoid) switch;
    电磁勘探器 {采矿} electromagnetic detector;
    电磁空气制动器 electromagnetic air brake;
    电磁控制离合器 solenoidoperated clutches;
    电磁控制光阀 electromagnetic light valve;
    电磁喇叭 electromagnetic horn;
    电磁离合器 electromagnetic clutch;
    电磁理论 electromagnetic theory;
    电磁力学效应 electromagnetic mechanical effect;
    电磁联轴节 {机} electric (electro; electromagnetic; magneto) coupling;
    电磁联轴器 electromagnetic coupling;
    电磁流 electromagnetic current;
    电磁流槽 electromagnetic conveyor;
    电磁流量计 electromagnetic flowmeter; electrical flowmeter;
    电磁流体力学 electromagnetic hydromechanics;
    电磁录音机 electromagnetic recorder;
    电磁脉冲 radioflash (核爆炸);
    电磁脉冲模拟器 electromagnetic pulse simulator;
    电磁脉冲声源 thumper;
    电磁密度计 electromagnetic densitometer
    电磁模拟律 electromagnetic scaling law;
    电磁粘度计 electromagnetic viscosimeter;
    电磁欧姆 abohm (电磁系电阻单位);
    电磁耦合 electromagnetic coupling;
    电磁耦合测试器 electromagnetic coupling meter;
    电磁偏转 electromagnetic deflection;
    电磁偏转管 electromagnetic deflection tube;
    电磁偏转灵敏度 electromagnetic deflection sensitivity;
    电磁屏蔽 {电磁} electromagnetic shielding;
    电磁气流扬声器 stentorphone;
    电磁绕组 magnet winding;
    电磁容量 electromagnetic capacity;
    电磁扫雷器 electromagnetic minesweeping gear;
    电磁色散延迟线 electromagnetic dispersive delay line;
    电磁声学仪器 electromagnetic acoustical instrument;
    电磁声源 thumper source;
    电磁声子 polariton;
    电磁拾声器 electromagnetic pick-up;
    电磁示波器 electromagnetic oscillograph;
    电磁势 (位) electromagnetic potential;
    电磁受话器 electromagnetic receiver;
    电磁水准 electromagnetic level;
    电磁说 electromagnetic theory;
    电磁输送装置 electromagnetic transfer device;
    电磁送话器 electromagnetic microphone;
    电磁衰变 electromagnetic decay;
    电磁探测飞机(车辆; 船只) ferret;
    电磁探伤机 electromagnetic inspection machine;
    电磁同位素分离法 electromagnetic isotype separation;
    电磁透镜 electromagnetic lens;
    电磁污染源 electromagnetic pollution source;
    电磁吸盘 magnechuck; electromagnetic chuck;
    电磁线 electromagnetic wire;
    电磁线圈 magnet coil;
    电磁相互作用 electromagnetic interaction;
    电磁相容性 electromagnetic compatibility;
    电磁信号 electromagnetic signal;
    电磁性质 electromagnetic property;
    电磁学 electromagnetism; electromagnetics; magneto-electricity; galvano magnetism;
    电磁压力计 electromagnetic pressure gage;
    电磁延迟线 electromagnetic (time-)delay line;
    电磁扬声器 {工声} magnetic speaker; (electro)magnetic loudspeaker; magnetic armature loudspeakers;
    电磁引信 electromagnetic fuze;
    电磁闸 electromagnetic brake;
    电磁真空变速装置 electrovacuum gear shift;
    电磁振荡 electromagnetic oscillation;
    电磁振荡器 hertz oscilltor;
    电磁振动器 electromagnetic vibrator;
    电磁整流器 electromagnetic rectifier;
    电磁制 electromagnetic system;
    电磁制动器 (electro)magnetic brake; solenoid brake; magnet stopper;
    电磁质量 electromagnetic mass;
    电磁轴承 electromagnetic bearing;
    电磁转差离合器 electromagnetic slip clutches;
    电磁自力 electromagnetic selfforce;
    电磁阻尼 electromagnetic damping
    * * *
    電磁|电磁 [diàn cí] electromagnetic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 电磁

  • 215 直线

    straight line, steep; sharp (rise or fall), linear
    * * *
    beeline; straight line
    【计】 directed line
    相关词组: 垂直线
    * * *
    * * *
    n. bee-line, straight line
    * * *
    zhi2 xian4
    straight line
    * * *
    zhí xiàn
    (不弯曲的线) straight line
    (急剧的) steep; sharp:
    生产直线上升 sharp rise in production
    直线把 bundle of lines;
    直线倍增加速器 linear multiple accelerator;
    直线笔 {图} ruling pen; lining pen;
    直线编码 straight-line code;
    直线标度 line scale;
    直线不重合度 misalignment;
    直线布置 straight-through arrangement;
    直线步进电动机 linear stepping motor;
    直线长 length;
    直线程 crow-flight path;
    直线尺 straightedge rule;
    直线传播 rectilinear propagation; straightline propagation;
    直线淬火 straight-line hardening;
    直线单链 single-stranded-linear;
    直线电动机 linear motor;
    直线电机 linear electric motors;
    直线电容式可变电容器 linear capacitance variable capacitor;
    直线定律 straight-line law;
    直线度量具 straightness measuring tool;
    直线度量仪 straightness measuring intrument;
    直线段 staightway; tangential path;
    直线对准 {采矿} adjusting to a line; alignment; align;
    直线对准器 aligner alinear;
    直线发送 linear transmission;
    直线反映 line reflection;
    直线飞行 rectilinear flight;
    直线缝隙天线阵 linear-slot array;
    直线浮筒导轨 linear float guide;
    直线杆塔 straight line pole;
    直线公路赛 straightaway (摩托车运动);
    直线箍缩 {等离子} linear pinch;
    直线箍缩机 linear pinch machine;
    直线箍缩装置 linear pinch device;
    直线 Z箍缩装置 linear Z pinch device;
    直线关系公式 straight-line formula;
    直线管理人员 {管} line manager;
    直线光栅 linear grating;
    直线滚花 straight-line knurling; straight-line knurls;
    直线滚花头螺钉 screw with straight-line;
    直线焊缝 straight bead;
    直线焊接 straight bead welding;
    直线痕迹 (或切口) streak;
    直线滑槽连杆 straight link;
    直线回归 linear regression;
    直线回旋加速器 linatron;
    直线洄游 linear migration;
    直线火花计数管 linear spark counter;
    直线机构 {机} straight-line mechanism;
    直线加速器 linac; linear accelerator;
    直线角 rectilinear angle;
    直线角向箍缩装置 linear theta pinch device;
    直线绞合幼虫 straight hinge larvas;
    直线近似法 straight-line approximation method;
    直线晶格 line lattice;
    直线径向扫描 linear radial sweep;
    直线聚焦式倍增系统 linear-focused dynode system;
    直线距离 air line distance; crow-fly distance; straight-line distance;
    直线刻度长度 lineal scale length (仪表);
    直线刻划 linear graduation;
    直线扣杀{排球} astraight kill;
    直线连杆运动 straight-line link motion;
    直线流动 rectilineal flow;
    直线流水作业 straight conveyer;
    直线路线 {电工} direct route;
    直线螺旋磁阻电动机 rectilinear screw-thread reluctant motor;
    直线螺旋箍缩装置 linear screw pinch device;
    直线盲目着陆 {航空} linear blind landing;
    直线面 planarea;
    直线扭动构造体系 structures resulting from linear shearing;
    直线喷流 (彗星) rectilinear jet;
    直线膨胀 linear expansion;
    直线膨胀系数 linear expansivity;
    直线偏振波 linearly polarized wave;
    直线偏振光 rectilinearly polarized light;
    直线频率(式) straight-line frequency;
    直线频率式电容器 straight-line capacitor; straight-line frequency capacitor;
    直线频率式可变电容器 straight-line frequency variable condenser;
    直线坡 straight slope;
    直线迁移 linear migration;
    直线切削 straightaway cut;
    直线球 straight shot;
    直线区域 linearity region;
    直线驱动原理 linear motor principle;
    直线扫描 {工} linear scanning; linear sweep; linear time base;
    直线扫描发生器 linear sweep generator;
    直线上下灯丝 {电工} straight-up-and-down filament;
    直线生成元 {数} rectilinear generator;
    直线时基 linear time base;
    直线速度 space rate (沸腾焙烧炉的);
    直线速度测算法 linear speed method;
    直线特性 linear characteristic; straight-line characteristic;
    直线天线阵{电磁} collinear array; linear array;
    直线条式建筑 rectilinear style;
    直线透镜 rectilinear lens;
    直线透视图 linear perspective;
    直线图 {数} rectilinear; alignment chart;
    直线外推长度 linear extrapolation length;
    直线弯曲 straight-line bending;
    直线涡流 rectilinear vortex;
    直线系 system of straight lines;
    直线下降 linear decrease;
    直线相关 linear correlation;
    直线 V形底 straight-line vee bottom;
    直线硬芯箍缩装置 linear hard core pinch device;
    直线运动 {力} linear motion; rectilinear motion; rectilinear movement; straight-line motion;
    直线运动促动器{机} linear actuator;
    直线运动机构 straight-line motion mechanism;
    直线运动式取出装置 straight-line type unloader;
    直线运动支承 rolling bearing for straight line movement;
    直线丈量 linear measurement;
    直线折旧法 straight-line depreciation;
    直线振动 straight-line oscillation;
    直线阵列 linear array;
    直线阵天线 linear array antenna;
    直线整流 straight-line commutation;
    直线正齿 straight spur gear teeth;
    直线主运动 straight main motion; straight main movement;
    直线自整角机 linear selsyn;
    直线总收缩 linear total shrinkage;
    直线坐标 rectilinear coordinates
    * * *
    直線|直线 [zhí xiàn] straight line

    Chinese-English dictionary > 直线

  • 216 相互

    mutual; reciprocal, mutually; reciprocally; each other
    * * *
    one another
    * * *
    adj. mutual, reciprocal
    adv. mutually
    * * *
    xiang1 hu4
    each other, mutual
    * * *
    xiāng hù
    mutual; reciprocal; each other:
    相互扭打 pitch into each other;
    相互依存,相互促进 (politics and economics are) interdependent, mutually promotive;
    相互影响 influence each other; interact;
    相互关系 mutual relation; interrelation;
    相互尊重领土完整和主权 mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty
    相互保险 mutual insurance;
    相互保险公司 mutual insurance company;
    相互保险会社 mutual insurance society;
    相互比较 intercomparison;
    相互参照 cross-reference;
    相互承兑 mutual acceptance;
    相互传染性 intercommunicability;
    相互重叠 interlap;
    相互重组 reciprocal recombinant;
    相互出借协定 interlending agreement;
    相互储蓄银行 mutual savings bank;
    相互串音 interaction crosstalk;
    相互催化 allelocatalysis;
    相互达到 interavailability;
    相互代词 reciprocal pronoun;
    相互抵消 cancel out;
    相互抵销债权 claims set-off (against each other);
    相互调车 reciprocal switching;
    相互订货 cross order;
    相互对照 cross-reference;
    相互对照表 cross reference list;
    相互发价 cross offer;
    相互反射 interreflection;
    相互反应 mutual exchange reaction;
    相互方位 mutual bearings;
    相互分保 reciprocal reinsurance;
    相互分歧 reciprocal divergence;
    相互服务数据交换程序 interservice data exchange program;
    相互干扰 {信} mutual interference;
    相互感染(交互感染) aleopatior;
    相互更替 interlayering;
    相互公司 mutual company;
    相互关联目标 interacting goal;
    相互关系 correlations;
    相互关系分析 interaction analysis;
    相互贯通 {数} interpenetration; intersection; correlation;
    相互核对 cross check; cross reference;
    相互混频 reciprocal mixing;
    相互嫁接 intergraft;
    相互交换位置 transplace;
    相互结合 coalesce;
    相互结晶 intercrystallize;
    相互扩散 interdiffusion;
    相互利用 interavailability;
    相互联系 interassociation; interrelation;
    相互连接 interconnection; interjoin;
    相互连系 intercoordination;
    相互目标确定 mutual goal setting;
    相互啮合 mesh;
    相互耦合 intercoupling; interconnection;
    相互盘绕 mat;
    相互配合的决策规则 conjunctive decision rule;
    相互平衡 balance;
    相互评价 mutual rating;
    相互迁徙 intermigration;
    相互渗入 interpenetration;
    相互失谐级联电路 staggered circuit;
    相互适应 interadaptation;
    相互特许 cross-licence;
    相互调制 intermodulation;
    相互通信 intercommunicate;
    相互同意注销条款 mutual cancellation;
    相互吸引 interattraction;
    相互吸引作用 adelphotaxy; adelphotaxis;
    相互行为 interbehavior;
    相互需求 reciprocal demand;
    相互需求规律 law of reciprocal demand;
    相互业务 reciprocity;
    相互依存原则 principle of interdependence;
    相互依赖(性) interdependence;
    相互抑制 {心理} reciprocal inhibition;
    相互易位 reciprocal translocation;
    相互因果律 reciprocal causation;
    相互引力 mutual attraction;
    相互影响 influence each other; interplay; interrelationship;
    相互诱导 reciprocal induction;
    相互债务 cross liabilities;
    相互酯化 interesterification;
    相互注销 reciprocal cancellation;
    相互组合 intercombination
    * * *
    相互|相互 [xiāng hù] each other mutual

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相互

  • 217 相似

    akin; resemble; be similar; be alike, affinity; similarity; parallel, resemblance; likeness
    * * *
    analogy; conformity; kindred; resemble; similitude
    【计】 homeosemy; homo-
    相关词组: 相似处
    * * *
    conform; kindred; resemble; similitude
    * * *
    adj. similar, like
    n. resemblance, similarity, semblance
    v. resemble
    * * *
    xiang1 si4
    to resemble, similar, like, resemblance, similarity
    * * *
    xiāng sì
    (相像) resemble; be similar; be alike:
    和... 略微相似 be slightly similar to...;
    和... 有点相似 be somewhat alike to...;
    相似的情况 similar cases;
    面貌相似 look alike;
    何其相似乃尔? What a striking similarity!
    他们的性格很相似。 They are much alike in character.
    (相像处; 类似物) similarity; similitude; analogue:
    他看各种文化之间的相似点比看其相异点更为透彻。 He has a better eye for similarities among cultures than for diversities.
    相似比 ratio of similitude;
    相似比率检定法 likelihood ratio method;
    相似变换 {数} similarity transformation; transformation of similitude; equiform transformation;
    相似表示 similar representation;
    相似导线 similars;
    相似点 similitude;
    相似定理 correspondence theorem; similarity theorem;
    相似度 similarity;
    相似多边形 similar polygon;
    相似多面体 similar polyhedron;
    相似法 analogue method; likelihood method; similitude;
    相似光束 alike beam;
    相似化合物 {化} analogue compounds;
    相似化简 similarity reduction;
    相似检定(验) similar test;
    相似件 similar part;
    相似矩阵 similar matrix;
    相似理论 {数} theory of similarity;
    相似律 law of similitude; similarity law;
    相似孪(双)生 concordant twin;
    相似面 similar face;
    相似内插法 analog interpolation;
    相似群 similarity group; equiform group;
    相似三角形 similar triangles;
    相似树 {计} similar tree;
    相似数系 similar system of numbers;
    相似态 analog states;
    相似特性法 similitude method;
    相似图形 similar figures;
    相似系数 similarity factor; {分类} similarity coefficient;
    相似形 {数} similar figures;
    相似原理 {物} principle of similitude;
    相似褶曲 similar fold;
    相似褶皱 similar fold;
    相似中心 centre of similarity; centre of similitude
    * * *
    相似|相似 [xiāng sì] to resemble similar like resemblance similarity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相似

  • 218 相对论

    the theory of relativity; relativity
    * * *
    【计】 relativity theory
    【化】 relativity(theory); theory of relativity
    * * *
    principle of relativity; relativism; relativity; theory of relativity
    * * *
    n. relativity
    * * *
    xiang1 dui4 lun4
    theory of relativity
    * * *
    xiāng duì lùn
    {物} the theory of relativity; relativity; relativity theory:
    广义相对论 the general theory of relativity;
    狭义相对论 the special theory of relativity
    相对论等离子体 relativistic plasma;
    相对论电动力学 relativistic electrodynamics;
    相对论激波 relativistic shock waves;
    相对论极限 extreme relativistic limit;
    相对论简并性 relativistic degeneracy;
    相对论粒子事件 relativistic particle event;
    相对论力学 relativistic mechanics;
    相对论量子力学 relativistic quantum mechanics;
    相对论能区 relativistic range;
    相对论天体物理学 relativistic astrophysics;
    相对论位移 relativity shift;
    相对论宇宙论 (学) relativistic cosmology;
    相对论运动学 relativistic kinematics;
    相对论者 relativist
    * * *
    相對論|相对论 [xiāng duì lùn] theory of relativity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相对论

  • 219 相干

    (used in the negative or in a rhetorical question) have something to do with; be concerned with, coherent
    * * *
    be concerned with
    * * *
    be concerned with
    * * *
    adj. coherent
    * * *
    xiang1 gan1
    relevant, to have to do with, coherent (Physics: light etc)
    * * *
    xiāng gān
    (多用于否定句或疑问句) have to do with; be concerned with:
    那与她不相干。 That does not concern her.
    这件事与你有何相干? What has this to do with you?
    {物} coherent
    相干波 coherent wave;
    相干参考 {电} coherent reference;
    相干参考载波 coherent reference carrier;
    相干长度 coherence length;
    相干场 coherent field;
    相干存储滤波器 coherent memory filter;
    相干动目标显示 coherent MTI;
    相干断续波 coherent interrupted wave;
    相干发射机 coherent transmitter;
    相干反射 coherent reflection;
    相干辐射 coherent radiation;
    相干光束放大器 coherent beam amplifier;
    相干函数 coherence function;
    相干红外雷达 coherent infrared radar;
    相干回波 {电子} coherent echo;
    相干积分 coherent integration;
    相干激光器 coherent laser;
    相干激光输出 coherent laser output;
    相干技术 coherent technique;
    相干加速器 coherent accelerators;
    相干加速原理 coherent-accelerating principle;
    相干检波 coherent detection;
    相干检波器 coherent detector;
    相干检(探)测 coherent detection;
    相干接收 coherent reception;
    相干解调 coherent demodulation; coherent detection;
    相干矩阵 coherence matrix;
    相干雷达 coherent radar;
    相干孪晶间界 coherent twin boundary;
    相干脉冲法 coherent impulse method;
    相干脉冲积分 coherent pulse integration;
    相干脉冲雷达 coherent pulse radar;
    相干面积 {物} coherent area;
    相干频率 coincidence frequency;
    相干扰动 coherent turbance;
    相干散射 coherent scattering;
    相干散射束缚振幅 coherent-scattering bound amplitude;
    相干散射振幅 coherent-scattering amplitude;
    相干时间 coherence time;
    相干视频信号 coherent video;
    相干输出 coherent output;
    相干态 coherent states;
    相干通信系统 coherent communication system;
    相干系统 {电} coherent system;
    相干效应 coherent effect;
    相干信号 coherent signal;
    相干性 coherence; coherency;
    相干液滴模型 coherent drop model;
    相干影像 coherent video;
    相干应答(转发)器 coherent transponder;
    相干(辐射)源 coherent source;
    相干载波(器) coherent carrier;
    相干载波系统 coherent carrier system;
    相干噪声 coherent noise;
    相干振荡 coherent oscillation; coherent generation;
    相干振荡器 coherent oscillator; coherent generator; coho;
    相干中频振荡器 coherent IF oscillator;
    相干转发器 {电} coherent transponder
    * * *
    相干|相干 [xiāng gān] relevant to have to do with coherent (Physics: light etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相干

  • 220 离子

    * * *
    【化】 ion
    【医】 ion
    相关词组: 离子化
    * * *
    hydronium; ion
    * * *
    n. ion (Physics, Chemistry); hydronium
    * * *
    li2 zi3
    * * *
    lí zǐ
    {物} ion:
    氩离子 argon ion;
    阳离子 cation;
    阴离子 anion
    离子斑 {电子} ion burn; ion spot;
    离子斑点 ion spot;
    离子半导体 ionic semiconductor;
    离子半径 {晶} ionic radius;
    离子崩溃 avalanche;
    离子泵 {电子} ion pump;
    离子比色计 ionocolorimeter;
    离子比值 {海} ionic ratios;
    离子波 {等离子} ion wave;
    离子波不稳定性 ion wave instability;
    离子不稳定性 ionic unstability;
    离子捕集 ion trapping;
    离子层 {电子} sheath;
    离子成对 ion pairing;
    离子成三 ion triplet;
    离子冲压式发动机 {航空} aeroduct;
    离子畴 ionic domain;
    离子传导 {化} ionic conduction;
    离子抽运 ionic pumping;
    离子簇 {化} ion cluster;
    离子催化剂 ionic catalyst;
    离子氮化 ionic nitriding; ionitriding;
    离子当量电导 {物化} ionic equivalent conductance;
    离子导电体 ionic conductor;
    离子导电性 ionic conductivity;
    离子等离子体波 ion plasma wave;
    离子等离子体频率 {等离子} ion plasma frequency;
    离子缔合 ion association;
    离子电导 {物化} ionic conductance;
    离子电导率 {化} ionic conductivity;
    离子电导性 ionic conductivity;
    离子电镀法 ion plating;
    离子电荷 {物} ionic charge;
    离子电流 {电子} ionic current; gas current;
    离子电流率 {电子} gas ratio;
    离子电渗疗法 ionotherapy; iontherapy; iontophoresis;
    离子电泳 ionophoresis;
    离子电泳作用 ionophoresis;
    离子电子复合 recombination of ion and electron;
    离子电子光学式分析仪器 ion-electron-optical analytical instrument;
    离子动能度谱术{光谱} ion kinetic energy spectrometry;
    离子动能谱(法) ion kinetic energy spectroscopy;
    离子镀 ion plating;
    离子发动机{航空} ion engine;
    离子发光 ionoluminescence;
    离子发射 {物} ion emission;
    离子反流 backlash;
    离子反射板 repeller;
    离子反射器 ion repeller;
    离子反向散射 {固物} ion backscattering;
    离子反应 ionic reaction;
    离子方程式 {化} ionic equation;
    离子放大管 ion amplifying tube;
    离子飞弧 ionization arc-over;
    离子分离{化工} ion fractionation;
    离子-分子反应 ion-molecule reaction;
    离子-分子复合体 heteroion;
    离子氛 ionic atmosphere;
    离子辐射{物} ion irradiation;
    离子浮选 {化} ion flotation;
    离子浮选法 ion floatation method;
    离子腐蚀 ion etching;
    离子共振 ion resonance;
    离子共振现象 synionism; syniony;
    离子共振原理能谱计 ion-resonance-principle spectrometer;
    离子光电池 gas cell;
    离子光电管 gas-filled phototube;
    离子光学 ion optics;
    离子轰击 ion bombardment; ion bombarding;
    离子轰击浸蚀 ion-bombardment etching;
    离子化(作用) ionization; electrolytic dissociation;
    离子化合物 {化} ionic compound;
    离子回旋波 {等离子} ion cyclotron wave;
    离子回旋共振加热 {等离子} ion cyclotron resonance heating;
    离子回旋共振谱(法) ion cyclotron resonance spectroscopy;
    离子回旋加速器 ion cyclotron;
    离子回旋频率 {物} ion cyclotron frequency;
    离子活度 ionic activity;
    离子活度计 ionic-activity meter;
    离子火箭 (发动机) {航空} ion rocket;
    离子基 ion radical;
    离子积 {化} ionic product; ion product;
    离子激发发光 ionoluminescence;
    离子激光器 {光} ion laser;
    离子极化 ionic polarization;
    离子极化率 ionic polarizability;
    离子计 ionometer; iontoquantimeter;
    离子计法 ion meter method;
    离子计数管 ion counter;
    离子继电器 gas-filled relay; ionic relay;
    离子加工{工} ion machining;
    离子加热{电子} ionic heating;
    离子加热阴极 {电子} ionic-heated cathode;
    离子加速器 {核} ion accelerator; ionic accelerator;
    离子间距 interionic distance;
    离子检测器 {分化} ion detector;
    离子溅射泵 {工} getter pump; getter-ion pump; sputter-ion pump;
    离子交联聚合物 Zetabon;
    离子胶束 ionic micelle;
    离子晶体 ionic crystal;
    离子晶体半导体 ionic crystal semiconductor;
    离子聚合物 ionomer;
    离子聚焦 ion focusing;
    离子聚束 ion bunch; ion bunching;
    离子开关 ionic switch;
    离子刻蚀 {半} ion etching;
    离子空间晶格 ionic space lattice;
    离子空气疗法 aeroionotherapy;
    离子扩散 diffusion of ion;
    离子离心机 ionic centrifuge;
    离子离子碰撞 ion-ion collision;
    离子理论 {化} ionic theory;
    离子励磁 ionic excitation;
    离子脉冲电离室 ion-pulse ionization chamber;
    离子脉冲电离箱 ion pulse chamber;
    离子密度 {物} ion concentration; ion density; ionic density;
    离子膜 {化工} ionic membrane;
    离子膜电解 electrolysis with ion-exchange film;
    离子凝胶 {化} ionic gel;
    离子凝聚限 ion limit;
    离子浓度 ion concentration;
    离子浓度测定仪 ion concentration gauge;
    离子偶 ion-pair;
    离子偶极 ion dipole;
    离子偶极键 {化} ion-dipole bond;
    离子排斥 {化} ion exclusion;
    离子排斥色谱法 {分化} ion-exclusion chromatography;
    离子配偶 ion pairing;
    离子碰撞 ion collision;
    离子碰撞解吸 ion impact desorption;
    离子碰撞频率 collision frequency of ion;
    离子漂移 {半} ion drift;
    离子漂移法 ion drift technique;
    离子平衡 {物化} ionic equilibrium;
    离子谱 ionic spectrum;
    离子谱法 {分化} ionography;
    离子气体激光器 ion gas laser;
    离子迁移 {电工} ionic migration;
    离子迁移管 {化} transference tube;
    离子迁移率 {物} ionic mobility (离子淌度);
    离子枪 ion gun;
    离子强度 {物化} ionic strength;
    离子强度调节剂 ionic strength adjustor;
    离子鞘 ion sheath;
    离子三聚体 ion triplet;
    离子散射分析 ion scattering analysis;
    离子散射能谱 ion scattering spectroscopy;
    离子色谱法 {化} chromatography of ions;
    离子筛 ion sieve;
    离子栅极说 ion grid theory;
    离子伤 ion burning;
    离子渗氮炉 ion-nitriding furnace;
    离子渗透压 {化} ionic osmotic pressure;
    离子渗析 ionodialysis;
    离子声波 {等离子} ion acoustic wave; ion sound wave; pseudosonic wave;
    离子声速 ion-acoustic velocity; ion sound speed;
    离子声湍流 ion-sound turbulence;
    离子蚀刻机 ion etching machine;
    离子实 ion core;
    离子势垒 {半} ion barrier;
    离子收集极(器) ion collector;
    离子水合(作用) ionic hydration;
    离子速度 {化} ion velocity;
    离子探测 ion detection;
    离子探测器 ion detector;
    离子探针 ion probe;
    离子探针分析器 ion microprobe analyzer;
    离子探针质谱计 ion probe mass spectrometer;
    离子透入 penetration of ions;
    离子透射法 ion transmission technique;
    离子透射金相学 ion transmission metallography;
    离子推进 {航空} ion propulsion;
    离子推力室 ion thrustor;
    离子拖带加速器 ion-drag accelerator;
    离子微探针分析 ion microprobe analysis;
    离子微探针分析法 ion microprobe analysis method;
    离子微探针质谱仪 {工} ion microprobe mass spectrometer;
    离子温度 {等离子} ion temperature;
    离子雾 {化} ion-atmosphere;
    离子吸泵 ion-sorption pump;
    离子吸气泵 ion getter pump;
    离子铣技术 ion milling process;
    离子徙动 ion migration;
    离子显微镜 ion microscope;
    离子线 ion line; ionic line;
    离子消除器 iontron;
    离子选择电极 ion-selective electrode;
    离子选择电极法 ion selective electrode method;
    离子雪崩 {核} ion avalanche; avalanche;
    离子压力计 ion gage;
    离子扬声器 ionophone;
    离子移变(作用) ionotropy;
    离子移动 {医} phoresis;
    离子引发聚合作用 {化} ionic polymerization;
    离子荧光 ion fluorescence;
    离子-原子碰撞 ion-atom collision;
    离子源 ion gun; ion source; {电子} ionization source;
    离子云 {地物} ion cloud;
    离子运动模型 ion motion model;
    离子载体 ionophore;
    离子再生塔 ion regenerator;
    离子噪声 ion noise;
    离子折射 ionic refraction;
    离子振荡 ion oscillation;
    离子致双折射 ionic birefringence;
    离子致折射 ionic refraction;
    离子质谱仪 ion mass-spectrometer;
    离子滞留作用{化工} ion retardation;
    离子柱 {地物} ion column; meteor trail;
    离子注入 {工} ion implantation;
    离子注入掺杂 ion implantation doping;
    离子注入工艺 ion implantation technology;
    离子注入机 ion implantation apparatus;
    离子注入技术 ion implantation technique;
    离子注入器件 ion-implanted device;
    离子专性电极 ion specific electrode;
    离子状态 ionic condition;
    离子灼伤 ion burns;
    离子阻塞效应 ion blocking effect
    * * *
    離子|离子 [lí zǐ] ion

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