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bù xiāng róng

  • 1 不相容

    * * *
    * * *
    adj. incompatible
    * * *
    bu4 xiang1 rong2
    * * *
    bù xiāng róng
    incompatible; incompatibility:
    不相容事件 mutually exclusive event;
    水火不相容 incompatible as fire and water; mutually antagonistic
    不相容方程 {数} incompatible equations;
    不相容性 {化} incompatibility; incongruence; inconsistency;
    不相容有限元 incompatible finite element; (泡利)
    不相容原理 {物} (Pauli) exclusion principle;
    不相容语句 inconsistent statements
    * * *
    不相容|不相容 [bù xiāng róng] incompatible

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不相容

  • 2 不相容原理

    【化】 exclusion principle
    * * *
    bu4 xiang1 rong2 yuan2 li3
    (Pauli) exclusion principle (physics)
    * * *
    不相容原理|不相容原理 [bù xiāng róng yuán lǐ] (Pauli) exclusion principle (physics)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不相容原理

  • 3 冰炭不相容

    as incompatible (or irreconcilable) as ice and hot coals
    * * *
    adv. as incompatible as ice and hot coals
    * * *
    bing1 tan4 bu4 xiang1 rong2
    as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals
    * * *
    冰炭不相容|冰炭不相容 [bīng tàn bù xiāng róng] as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals

    Chinese-English dictionary > 冰炭不相容

  • 4 欣欣向榮

    thriving; flourishing; prosperous
    * * *
    xin1 xin1 xiang4 rong2
    luxuriant growth (idiom); flourishing, thriving
    * * *
    欣欣向榮|欣欣向荣 [xīn xīn xiàng róng] luxuriant growth (idiom); flourishing thriving

    Chinese-English dictionary > 欣欣向榮

  • 5 欣欣向荣

    thriving; flourishing; prosperous
    * * *
    flourishing; prosperous; thriving
    * * *
    flourishing; prosperous; thriving
    * * *
    xin1 xin1 xiang4 rong2
    luxuriant growth (idiom); flourishing, thriving
    * * *
    xīn xīn xiàng róng
    thriving; flourishing; prosperous; shoot up; be rapidly moving towards prosperity; grow luxuriantly; growing more prosperous; full of life and vigor; a lively (invigorating) atmosphere; thriving with each passing day:
    一派欣欣向荣的景象 a picture of prosperity; scenes of flourishing life;
    各行各业都欣欣向荣。 Every trade is thriving.
    * * *
    欣欣向榮|欣欣向荣 [xīn xīn xiàng róng] luxuriant growth (idiom); flourishing thriving

    Chinese-English dictionary > 欣欣向荣

  • 6 相容

    xiang1 rong2
    compatible, consistent, to tolerate (each other)
    * * *
    xiāng róng
    consistent; compatible; tolerant
    相容逼近(数) consistent approximation;
    相容次序 consistent order;
    相容次序矩阵 consistently ordered matrix;
    相容单位 consistent unit;
    相容电路 compatible circuit;
    相容方程 compatible equations; consistent equations; consistency equation;
    相容估计 consistent estimate;
    相容观察 compatible observations;
    相容集成电路 compatible integrated circuit; compatible IC;
    相容检定(验) consistent test;
    相容矩阵模数 consistent matrix norm;
    相容散热器 {半} compatible heat sink;
    相容条件 {数} consistency condition;
    相容性质 consistency property;
    相容元(数) consistent element; conforming element;
    相容元素 {数} compatible element; conforming element
    * * *
    相容|相容 [xiāng róng] compatible consistent to tolerate (each other)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相容

  • 7 相容条件

    xiang1 rong2 tiao2 jian4
    conditions for consistency
    * * *
    相容條件|相容条件 [xiāng róng tiáo jiàn] conditions for consistency

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相容条件

  • 8 相容條件

    xiang1 rong2 tiao2 jian4
    conditions for consistency
    * * *
    相容條件|相容条件 [xiāng róng tiáo jiàn] conditions for consistency

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相容條件

  • 9 分享荣华

    fēn xiǎng róng huá
    share sb.'s wealth and splendor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分享荣华

  • 10 毫不相容

    háo bù xiāng róng
    be utterly incompatible with...:
    他们毫不相容。 They are utterly incompatible with each other.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 毫不相容

  • 11 水火不相容

    be incompatible as fire and water
    * * *
    shuǐ huǒ bù xiāng róng
    be incompatible like water and fire; no intercourse (merging) between water and fire

    Chinese-English dictionary > 水火不相容

  • 12 同居不相容

    tóng jū bù xiāng róng

    Chinese-English dictionary > 同居不相容

  • 13 相溶物

    【机】 solutrope
    * * *
    xiāng róng wù
    {化} solutrope

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相溶物

  • 14 相容性

    【化】 compatibility
    【医】 compatibility
    * * *
    xiāng róng xìng
    {免疫} compatibility; consistency; consistence
    相容性试验 compatibility test;
    相容性条件 compatibility condition

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相容性

  • 15 箱容量

    xiāng róng liàng

    Chinese-English dictionary > 箱容量

  • 16 油水不相融

    yóu shuǐ bù xiāng róng
    Oil and water have a mutual antipathy.; Water repels oil.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 油水不相融

  • 17 自相容

    zì xiāng róng

    Chinese-English dictionary > 自相容

  • 18 róng

    , // , , , , // , , , , , , // , , , , , , // , //

    Chinese-English dictionary > róng

  • 19 rǒng

    Chinese-English dictionary > rǒng

  • 20 róng'ān

    Chinese-English dictionary > róng'ān

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