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aylık almak

  • 1 smell koklamak; kokmak; kokusmak, pis kokmak; kokusunu almak, sezmek

    koku alma duyusu; koku; koklama; iz, eser

    English to Turkish dictionary > smell koklamak; kokmak; kokusmak, pis kokmak; kokusunu almak, sezmek

  • 2 venture tehlikeye atmak; tehlikeye atilmak; cüret etmek, göze almak

    tehlikeli girisim, tehlikeli is, macera; girisim, tesebbüs

    English to Turkish dictionary > venture tehlikeye atmak; tehlikeye atilmak; cüret etmek, göze almak

  • 3 accept

    v. kabul etmek, kabullenmek; onaylamak, anlamak; katlanmak, hazmetmek, üstlenmek, almak;
    * * *
    kabul et
    * * *
    1) (to take (something offered): He accepted the gift.) kabul etmek, almak
    2) (to believe in, agree to or acknowledge: We accept your account of what happened; Their proposal was accepted; He accepted responsibility for the accident.) kabul etmek, üstlenmek
    - acceptably
    - acceptance
    - accepted

    English-Turkish dictionary > accept

  • 4 accommodate

    v. alıştırmak, uydurmak, uyum sağlamak, alışmak, bağdaştırmak; sağlamak, kalacak yer sağlamak; yerleştirmek, uzlaştırmak
    * * *
    1. yer sağla 2. yerleştir
    * * *
    1) (to find or be a place for: The house could accommodate two families.) yer bulmak, barındırmak, almak
    2) (to oblige: They did their best to accommodate him by carrying out his wishes.) memnun etmek
    - accommodation

    English-Turkish dictionary > accommodate

  • 5 accomplish

    v. başarmak, sonuçlandırmak, yapmak, yerine getirmek, üstesinden gelmek; almak (yol, zaman)
    * * *
    1. başar 2. sonuçlandır
    * * *
    (to complete (something) successfully: Have you accomplished your task?) başarmak
    - accomplishment

    English-Turkish dictionary > accomplish

  • 6 admit

    v. kabul etmek, itiraf etmek, almak, içeri almak, meydan vermek
    * * *
    1. içeri al 2. kabul et
    * * *
    past tense, past participle - admitted; verb
    1) (to allow to enter: This ticket admits one person.) içeri almak, kabul etmek
    2) (to say that one accepts as true: He admitted (that) he was wrong.) kabul etmek, itiraf etmek
    - admission
    - admittance
    - admittedly

    English-Turkish dictionary > admit

  • 7 advance

    n. ilerleme, gelişme, atılım, yükselme, avantaj, avans, artış, öncü
    v. ilerletmek, geliştirmek, yükseltmek, atamak, ilerlemek, artmak, gelişmek, ileri almak, öne almak [tar.], avans vermek, peşinat vermek, ileri sürmek, öne sürmek
    * * *
    1. ilerle 2. ileri git (v.) 3. peşin (n.)
    * * *
    1. verb
    1) (to move forward: The army advanced towards the town; Our plans are advancing well; He married the boss's daughter to advance (= improve) his chances of promotion.) ilerlemek
    2) (to supply (someone) with (money) on credit: The bank will advance you $500.) avans vermek
    2. noun
    1) (moving forward or progressing: We've halted the enemy's advance; Great advances in medicine have been made in this century.) ilerleme, ilerleyiş
    2) (a payment made before the normal time: Can I have an advance on my salary?) avans
    3) ((usually in plural) an attempt at (especially sexual) seduction.) baştan çıkarmaya çalışma
    3. adjective
    1) (made etc before the necessary or agreed time: an advance payment.) avans
    2) (made beforehand: an advance booking.) önceden
    3) (sent ahead of the main group or force: the advance guard.) öncü
    - in advance

    English-Turkish dictionary > advance

  • 8 afford

    v. parası yetmek, gücü yetmek; bulabilmek; zaman ayırabilmek
    * * *
    gücü yet
    * * *
    1) ((usually with can, could) to be able to spend money, time etc on or for something: I can't afford (to buy) a new car.) gücü yetmek, bütçesi elvermek
    2) ((usually with can, could) to be able to do (something) without causing oneself trouble, difficulty etc: She can't afford to be rude to her employer no matter how rude he is to her.) elinden gelmek, göze almak

    English-Turkish dictionary > afford

  • 9 aim

    n. hedefleme, nişan alma, hedef, ideal, amaç, gaye, maksat, erek, niyet
    v. hedeflemek, nişan almak, kastetmek, niyet etmek, yöneltmek, doğrultmak, çalışmak ( e), fırlatmak (füze)
    * * *
    1. hedefle (v.) 2. amaç (n.)
    * * *
    [eim] 1. verb
    1) ((usually with at, for) to point or direct something at; to try to hit or reach etc: He picked up the rifle and aimed it at the target.) nişan almak, çevirmek, yöneltmek
    2) ((with to, at) to plan, intend or to have as one's purpose: He aims at finishing tomorrow; We aim to please our customers.) amaçlamak, niyet etmek
    2. noun
    1) (the act of or skill at aiming: His aim is excellent.) nişan alma
    2) (what a person intends to do: My aim is to become prime minister.) amaç, hedef, gaye
    - aimlessly
    - aimlessness
    - take aim

    English-Turkish dictionary > aim

  • 10 allow

    v. izin vermek, bırakmak, kabul etmek, imkân vermek; koyvermek, vermek, itiraf etmek; indirim yapmak; hesaba katmak, göz önüne almak, düşünmek, fikrinde olmak; ayırmak
    * * *
    izin ver
    * * *
    1) (not to forbid or prevent: He allowed me to enter; Playing football in the street is not allowed.) izin vermek
    2) ((with for) to take into consideration when judging or deciding: These figures allow for price rises.) gözönünde bulundurmak
    3) (to give, especially for a particular purpose or regularly: His father allows him too much money.) vermek
    - make allowance for

    English-Turkish dictionary > allow

  • 11 amputate

    v. organını almak; budamak, kesmek (ağaç, organ)
    * * *
    1. ampute et 2. kes
    * * *
    (of a surgeon etc) to cut off (an arm or leg etc): They are going to have to amputate (his left leg). (bir uzvu) kesip atmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > amputate

  • 12 annex

    n. ek, ilave, eklenti; ek bina
    v. eklemek, ilave etmek, katmak, topraklarına katmak; habersiz almak
    * * *
    1. ekle (v.) 2. ilave (n.)
    * * *
    1. [ə'neks] verb
    (to take possession of (eg a country).) ele geçirmek, topraklarına katmak
    2. ['æneks] noun
    (a building added to, or used as an addition to, another building: a hotel annexe.) ek bina, müştemilat

    English-Turkish dictionary > annex

  • 13 appease

    v. yatıştırmak, sakinleştirmek, bastırmak, gidermek, azaltmak, hafifletmek; gönlünü almak
    * * *
    1. gider 2. yatıştır
    * * *
    (to calm or satisfy (a person, desire etc) usually by giving what was asked for or is needed: She appeased his curiosity by explaining the situation to him.) yatıştırmak, sakinleştirmek

    English-Turkish dictionary > appease

  • 14 appreciate

    v. değer vermek, değerini bilmek, minnettar olmak, teşekkür borçlu olmak, değerlendirmek, takdir etmek, değer biçmek, değerlendirmek; değerini artırmak, fiyatını yükseltmek; beğenmek, zevk almak; anlamak, kavramak, değer kazanmak, değerlenmek
    * * *
    1. değerlendir 2. takdir et
    * * *
    1) (to be grateful for (something): I appreciate all your hard work.) müteşekkir olmak, teşekkür borçlu olmak
    2) (to value (someone or something) highly: Mothers are very often not appreciated.) değerini bilmek, takdir etmek
    3) (understand; to be aware of: I appreciate your difficulties but I cannot help.) anlamak
    4) (to increase in value: My house has appreciated (in value) considerably over the last ten years.) değeri artmak
    - appreciably
    - appreciation
    - appreciative
    - appreciatively

    English-Turkish dictionary > appreciate

  • 15 approach

    n. yaklaşma, yanaşma, yaklaşım, benzerlik, ilk adım, teşebbüs, girişim, başlangıç, yol
    v. yaklaşmak, yanaşmak; benzemek, andırmak; ulaşmak, varmak, ele almak, koyulmak; girişmek, başvurmak, görüşmek, temasta bulunmak
    * * *
    1. yaklaş (v.) 2. yaklaşım (n.)
    * * *
    [ə'prəu ] 1. verb
    (to come near (to): The car approached (the traffic lights) at top speed; Christmas is approaching.) yaklaşmak, yanaşmak
    2. noun
    1) (the act of coming near: The boys ran off at the approach of a policeman.) yaklaşma, yakına gelme
    2) (a road, path etc leading to a place: All the approaches to the village were blocked by fallen rock.) giriş, giriş yolu
    3) (an attempt to obtain or attract a person's help, interest etc: They have made an approach to the government for help; That fellow makes approaches to (= he tries to become friendly with) every woman he meets.) başvuru
    - approaching

    English-Turkish dictionary > approach

  • 16 assume

    v. farzetmek, saymak, sanmak; hükmetmek, taslamak, addetmek; üstüne almak; takınmak; üstlenmek, almak
    * * *
    1. farzet 2. varsay
    * * *
    1) (to take or accept as true: I assume (that) you'd like time to decide.) varsaymak,...olduğunu düşünmek
    2) (to take upon oneself or accept (authority, responsibility etc): He assumed the rôle of leader in the emergency.) üstlenmek, yüklenmek
    3) (to put on (a particular appearance etc): He assumed a look of horror.) kendine...süsü vermek, var gibi göstermek, taslamak
    - assumption

    English-Turkish dictionary > assume

  • 17 assure

    v. garanti etmek, temin etmek, güvenceye almak, sağlamak, sigortalamak, sağlama almak, söz vermek; ikna etmek, inandırmak
    * * *
    güven ver
    * * *
    1) (to tell positively: I assured him (that) the house was empty.) güvence vermek, garanti etmek
    2) (to make (someone) sure: You may be assured that we shall do all we can to help.) inandırmak, ikna etmek
    - assured

    English-Turkish dictionary > assure

  • 18 avenge

    v. öcünü almak, intikamını almak; acısını çıkarmak
    * * *
    intikam al
    * * *
    (to take revenge for a wrong on behalf of someone else: He avenged his brother / his brother's death.) öcünü almak

    English-Turkish dictionary > avenge

  • 19 average

    adj. ortalama; sıradan
    n. ortalama, averaj, avarya; hasar, zarar; cari fiyat (borsa),
    v. ortalamasını bulmak, ortalama olarak almak
    * * *
    1. ortalama 2. ortalamasını al (v.) 3. ortalama (n.)
    * * *
    ['ævəri‹] 1. noun
    (the result of adding several amounts together and dividing the total by the number of amounts: The average of 3, 7, 9 and 13 is 8 (= 32:4).) ortalama
    2. adjective
    1) (obtained by finding the average of amounts etc: average price; the average temperature for the week.) ortalama
    2) (ordinary; not exceptional: The average person is not wealthy; His work is average.) sıradan, vasat
    3. verb
    (to form an average: His expenses averaged (out at) 15 dollars a day.) ortalama olarak tutmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > average

  • 20 batten

    n. tiriz; takoz; tahta parçası,
    v. sırtından geçinmek, semirmek, şişmanlamak, tıkınmak, tirizlerle; sağlamlaştırmak, sağlama almak
    * * *
    ensiz tahta parçası
    * * *
    (a piece of wood used for keeping other pieces in place: These strips are all fastened together with a batten.) ince tahta parçası, tiriz

    English-Turkish dictionary > batten

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