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axle differential

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  • axle differential — See rear axle differential …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • inter-axle differential — Gear device equally dividing power between the axles and compensating for unequal tire diameters. Also called center differential …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • rear axle differential — A differential situated in the final drive of the transmission assembly in a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • differential — [1] The temperature or pressure difference between cut in and cut out temperature or pressure of a control. [2] A unit that takes the power of the rotating driveshaft at right angles to the rear axle and passes it to the axle. It will not only… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • axle — An axle is a shaft on which the wheels revolve. A full floating axle is used to drive the rear wheels. It does not hold them on nor support them. A semi floating or one quarter floating axle is used to drive the wheels, hold them on, and support… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • differential gear — or differential gearing n. a certain arrangement of gears (epicyclic train) connecting two axles in the same line and dividing the driving force between them, but allowing one axle to turn faster than the other: it is used in the driving axles of …   English World dictionary

  • Differential (mechanical device) — For other uses, see Differential. A cutaway view of an automotive final drive unit which contains the differential Input …   Wikipedia

  • Axle — For other uses, see Axle (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Axl (disambiguation) or Axel (disambiguation). Train wheels are affixed to a straight axle, such that both wheels rotate in unison. This is called a wheelset. An axle is a… …   Wikipedia

  • differential gear — Mach. 1. differential (def. 7). 2. any of various comparable arrangements of gears, as an epicyclic train. [1885 90] * * * In automotive mechanics, a gear arrangement that transmits power from the engine to a pair of driving wheels, dividing the… …   Universalium

  • axle housing — An American term indicating a tubular housing which encloses the differential and half shafts along with their bearings. The British term is axle casing. Also see rear axle housing, banjo type rear axle housing rear axle housing, split type …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • differential cage — The rotating metal fram which encloses the differential side gears and pinion gears inside the axle casing. Also called the differential carrier …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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