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  • Aviation and the environment — Aviation impacts the environment because aircraft engines emit noise, particulates, gases, contribute to climate change cite web|url =|title = Aircraft Engine Emissions |accessdate = 2008 03 19|last =… …   Wikipedia

  • forecast — A statement of expected meteorological conditions for a specified time or period, and for a specified area or a portion of airspace (ICAO). It includes terminal and en route weather, wind velocity at various heights, cloud amounts and types,… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Forecast Systems Laboratory — The Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) was a meteorological research and development laboratory in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR). In October 2005, it was merged with… …   Wikipedia

  • terminal area forecast — i. A weather forecast for the area around a specific airport, indicating conditions for several hours into the future. The same as a terminal forecast. ii. Historical and forecast data for enplanements, airport operations, and instrument… …   Aviation dictionary

  • terminal forecast — The forecast weather conditions at a given terminal aerodrome (usually the destination and diversion aerodromes) for a specified period of time. Terminal forecasts may be issued separately but more often form part of a flight, route, or area… …   Aviation dictionary

  • landing forecast — A forecast intended to meet the requirement of local users and of aircraft within about one hour’s flying time from the airport. Landing forecasts are of two types: self contained and trend type. A self contained forecast consists of a concise… …   Aviation dictionary

  • regional area forecast center — A meteorological center designated to prepare and supply area forecasts for flights departing from aerodromes within its service area and supply grid point data in digital form for up to world wide coverage (ICAO). A Contracting State, having… …   Aviation dictionary

  • world area forecast center — A meteorological center designated to prepare and supply upper air forecasts in digital form on a global basis to regional area forecast centers (ICAO). A contracting state, having accepted the responsibility for providing a WAFC within the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • long-range weather forecast — A weather forecast covering a period of more than forty eight hours from the time of the forecast. The term more often is applied to a thirty day outlook …   Aviation dictionary

  • medium-range forecast — A forecast of weather conditions for a period from 48 h to a week in advance. Also known as an extended range forecast …   Aviation dictionary

  • world area forecast system — A world wide system by which world and regional area forecast centers provide aeronautical meteorological en route forecasts in uniform standardized formats (ICAO). The objective of the world forecast system is to: i. Supply meteorological… …   Aviation dictionary

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