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auxiliary ship station

  • 1 辅助

    assist; aid, supplementary; auxiliary; subsidiary
    * * *
    【计】 ADDIT; preemergency; SEC
    【医】 aid
    * * *
    * * *
    n. aid, aide, help, aider
    v. aid, assist, help
    * * *
    fu3 zhu4
    to assist, to aid, supplementary, auxiliary, subsidiary
    * * *
    fǔ zhù
    (从旁帮助) assist:
    这项任务由他辅助你去完成。 He will assist you to complete the task.
    你辅助他做修改校样的工作。 You assist him in correting the proof.
    (非主要的) supplementary; auxiliary; subsidiary:
    有了这些辅助人员, 我们的工作才顺利多了。 These auxiliaries have made our work much easier.
    辅助氨酶 contransaminase;
    辅助安全机构 secondary safety;
    辅助泵 auxiliary pump; jury pump; service pump; donkey; booster;
    辅助臂 sub-arm;
    辅助变量 auxiliary variable;
    辅助变量法 auxiliary variable method;
    辅助变压器 auxiliary transformer;
    辅助兵器 {军} secondary armament;
    辅助病毒 helper virus;
    辅助波道 auxiliary channel;
    辅助剥离 up-stripping;
    辅助材料 accessory material; auxiliary materials;
    辅助参考脉冲 auxiliary reference pulse;
    辅助(备用)仓库 substore;
    辅助操纵 assisted control; secondary control;
    辅助操纵杆 auxiliary operating rod;
    辅助操纵系统 secondary control system; auxiliary control system;
    辅助操作 {自} auxiliary operation; red-tape operation; nonproductive operation; overhead operation;
    辅助操作时间 overhead time;
    辅助操作字 auxiliary function word;
    辅助测潮站 {工} secondary tide station;
    辅助测量仪器 auxiliary measuring instrument;
    辅助厂房 auxiliary plant;
    辅助车道 auxiliary lane;
    辅助程序 auxiliary routine; bootstrap; bootstrap program; bootstrap routine; housekeeping program(me); housekeeping routine; red strap; service routine; utility routine;
    辅助程序存储器 bootstrap memory;
    辅助承力索 auxiliary carrier cable;
    辅助车间 auxiliary shop;
    辅助惩罚措施 auxiliary penal measure;
    辅助齿轮 equipment gear;
    辅助齿轮箱 auxiliary gearbox;
    辅助尺 auxiliary scale;
    辅助处理程序 support processor;
    辅助处理机(器) {自} auxiliary processor; peripheral processor; subprocessor;
    辅助触点 auxiliary contacts; arcing contact;
    辅助椽子 {房} auxiliary rafter;
    辅助传动轴 attachment driving shaft;
    辅助传动装置 auxiliary drive;
    辅助传音器 tape deck;
    辅助船 {船} auxiliary ship;
    辅助垂直面 auxiliary vertical plane;
    辅助垂直投影 auxiliary vertical projection;
    辅助磁化线圈 bias winding;
    辅助存储器 {自} auxiliary store; auxiliary storage; additional memory; auxiliary memory; backing storage; secondary memory; secondary storage; subsidiary storage; additional storage; supplementary storage;
    辅助存储装置 auxiliary storage unit;
    辅助单据 ancillary document;
    辅助单位 auxiliary unit;
    辅助单元 auxiliary unit;
    辅助导线 auxiliary conductor; pilot wire;
    辅助道路 service carriageway;
    辅助等高线 auxiliary contour; extra contour;
    辅助点 auxiliary point;
    辅助电池组 booster battery;
    辅助电磁铁 subsidiary magnet;
    辅助电动机 auxiliary motor;
    辅助电花隙 {电} auxiliary spark gap;
    辅助电机 stand-by motor;
    辅助电极 {物化} auxiliary electrode;
    辅助电极切割调容 capacitance-adjustment by cutting servo-electrode;
    辅助电力传动装置 auxiliary electric drive;
    辅助电力机组 auxiliary electric power unit;
    辅助电流 auxiliary current;
    辅助电流互感器 auxiliary current transformer;
    辅助电路 auxiliary circuit;
    辅助电容器 auxiliary capacitor;
    辅助电台 booster station;
    辅助电梯电动机 auxiliary lift motor;
    辅助电压 boost voltage;
    辅助电压互感器 auxiliary potential transformer;
    辅助电源 auxiliary power; auxiliary source; auxiliary power source;
    辅助电站 subsidiary power plant;
    辅助电阻 auxiliary resistance;
    辅助定理 lemma;
    辅助动力供应电池 auxiliary battery power supply;
    辅助动力装置(设备) {机}auxiliary power unit (APU); boost power plant; auxiliary power plant;
    辅助断流阀 auxiliary stop valve;
    辅助饵料 additive food;
    辅助二极管 booster diode;
    辅助发电机 pilot generator;
    辅助发电机组 auxiliary generator set;
    辅助发动机 {机} donkey engine; jack engine; donkey doctor; auxiliary engine; put-put;
    辅助发动机底架 donkey sled;
    辅助发射机 booster transmitter; satellite transmitter;
    辅助阀 auxiliary valve; booster valve; jockey valve;
    辅助阀座 auxiliary valve seat; (四角斜桁)
    辅助帆 jackyarder;
    辅助反馈 subsidiary feedback;
    辅助方案 subplan;
    辅助方程 auxiliary equation; subsidiary equation;
    辅助放大器 booster amplifier;
    辅助飞机场 satellite;
    辅助分区 subpartition;
    辅助风扇 auxiliary blower;
    辅助浮体 auxiliary float;
    辅助杆 auxiliary rod; subsidiary rod;
    辅助杆件 auxiliary bar;
    辅助格间 service compartment;
    辅助隔间 {采矿} shaft service compartment;
    辅助给水泵 auxiliary feed water pump;
    辅助耕作 supplementary tillage;
    辅助工 hodman; backman; auxiliary worker;
    辅助工具 doctor;
    辅助工人 underworker;
    辅助工作 {采矿} back work;
    辅助功能 miscellaneous function;
    辅助拱 {土} discharging arch; relieving arch;
    辅助钩 auxiliary hook;
    辅助构架 sub-frame;
    辅助鼓风机 {采矿} auxiliary blower;
    辅助挂索 auxiliary messenger wire;
    辅助关节 subjoint;
    辅助管道 {土} subsidiary conduit;
    辅助光 fill-in light; fill light;
    辅助光照 supplementary illumination;
    辅助辊 help(er) roll;
    辅助锅炉 donkey;
    辅助过程 supporting process;
    辅助函数符号 auxiliary function symbol;
    辅助行 secondary row;
    辅助航空站 subairport;
    辅助巷道 adit;
    辅助核 {数} auxiliary kernel;
    辅助横梁 gate beam;
    辅助横移 auxiliary rack;
    辅助呼吸 assisted respiration;
    辅助环 subring;
    辅助回路 subsidiary loop;
    辅助活塞 auxiliary piston;
    辅助火箭 ancillary rocket; auxiliary rocket;
    辅助基线 auxiliary base;
    辅助机 auxiliary machine;
    辅助机场 subairport;
    辅助机车 donkey engine;
    辅助机构 complementary unit; doctor; auxiliary body;
    辅助机械(机器) auxiliary machinery; assist;
    辅助机械设备 accessory machinery;
    辅助唧筒 auxiliary cylinder;
    辅助极 interpole; intensifying ring; commutation pole;
    辅助剂 adjuvant; assistant; auxiliary;
    辅助计量 submeter;
    辅助计数器 auxiliary counter;
    辅助计算机 secondary computer; satellite computer;
    辅助计算系统 auxiliary computing system;
    辅助寄存器 background register;
    辅助继电器 auxiliary relay; slave relay; pilot relay;
    辅助加热 auxiliary heating;
    辅助加速器 auxinotron; subsidiary accelerator;
    辅助架 auxiliary frame;
    辅助间隙 auxiliary gap;
    辅助键盘 auxiliary keyboard; companion keyboard;
    辅助舰 tender;
    辅助舰船 auxiliary ships; auxiliary vessels;
    辅助交换中心 secondary (switching) centre;
    辅助角 auxiliary angle; subsidiary angle;
    辅助绞车 auxiliary winch;
    辅助接触器 auxiliary contactor;
    辅助接地 auxiliary earth;
    辅助接收机 auxiliary receiver;
    辅助进给泵 auxiliary feed pump;
    辅助进给阀 auxiliary feed valve;
    辅助进气口 {航空} auxiliary air intake; intake auxiliary air;
    辅助进汽管 supplementary live steam pipe;
    辅助警报器 auxiliary alarm;
    辅助镜头 (透镜) attachment lens;
    辅助开关 auxiliary switch; pilot switch;
    辅助课程 cocurriculum;
    辅助空气室 air storage chamber;
    辅助孔 via hole;
    辅助控制 sub-control;
    辅助控制部件(器) auxiliary control unit;
    辅助控制电源 auxiliary control source;
    辅助控制杆 auxiliary control rod;
    辅助控制机构 auxiliary controls;
    辅助控制台 auxiliary console; subconsole;
    辅助矿井 {采矿} service shaft;
    辅助快门 auxiliary shutter;
    辅助缆索 guest rope; guess-rope; guesswarp; guess rope;
    辅助劳动 auxiliary labour; auxiliary jobs;
    辅助劳动力 subsidiary labour power;
    辅助雷达 backup radar;
    辅助冷凝器 auxiliary condenser;
    辅助励磁绕组 auxiliary exciting winding;
    辅助例行程序 {自} auxiliary routine;
    辅助连杆 auxiliary connecting rod;
    辅助连接器 subconnector;
    辅助量 auxiliary quantity;
    辅助疗法 nypurgia;
    辅助流 auxiliary flow;
    辅助滤波器 extension filter; accessory filter;
    辅助螺钉弧形板 {讯} auxiliary screw arc;
    辅助螺旋桨 auxiliary propeller; auxiliary rotor;
    辅助罗盘 gyro (compass) repeater;
    辅助马达 servo-motor;
    辅助面 secondary surface;
    辅助面板 sub-panel;
    辅助模座 subbolster;
    辅助母线 auxiliary bus bar;
    辅助盘 bracket panel;
    辅助炮弹 auxiliary cartridge;
    辅助炮眼 easer; helper;
    辅助喷管 auxiliary jet;
    辅助喷射口 cap jet;
    辅助频率 quenching frequency;
    辅助平巷 by-level;
    辅助平衡 auxiliary balance;
    辅助平面 auxiliary plane;
    辅助起落装置 auxiliary landing gear;
    辅助起重机 auxiliary hoist; donkey crane;
    辅助起重绞车 auxiliary crab;
    辅助气阀 auxiliary air valve;
    辅助气球 saloon; satellite balloon;
    辅助汽轮机 auxiliary turbine;
    辅助腔 compensated cavity;
    辅助切换阀 auxiliary changeover valve;
    辅助驱动气轮机 auxiliary drive turbine;
    辅助全息图 auxiliary hologram;
    辅助燃料箱 auxiliary fuel tank;
    辅助燃烧器 additional burner; auxiliary burner;
    辅助绕组 split-phase winding; auxiliary winding;
    辅助人员 auxilian; auxiliary staffmembers; paraprofessional;
    辅助熔断器 auxiliary fuse;
    辅助溶剂 secondary solvent;
    辅助乳化剂 coemulsifier;
    辅助润滑油泵 auxiliary lubrication pump;
    辅助刹车 auxiliary brake;
    辅助塞孔 auxiliary jack;
    辅助色素 accessory pigments;
    辅助扇风机 auxiliary fan;
    辅助设备 accessory equipment; accessories; additional equipment; adjustage; aid; auxiliary apparatus; auxiliary device; auxiliary equipment; auxiliary facility; auxiliary installation; auxiliary means; auxiliaries; maintenance facility; service equipment; slaving;
    辅助设计 aided design;
    辅助声道输入插孔 auxiliary channel input jack;
    辅助生产部门 auxiliary production unit;
    辅助时间 non-cutting time;
    辅助噬菌体 helper phage;
    辅助视图 auxiliary projection; auxiliary view;
    辅助手段 aid; supplementary means;
    辅助授粉 supplementary pollination;
    辅助输入输出语句 auxiliary input output statement;
    辅助树种 accessory species;
    辅助数据 auxiliary data;
    辅助水平投影 auxiliary horizontal projection;
    辅助水准 auxiliary level;
    辅助伺服电动机(马达) auxiliary servomotor;
    辅助随动活塞 auxiliary follow up piston;
    辅助索引 secondary index;
    辅助弹簧 secondary spring;
    辅助弹簧垫片 auxiliary spring plate;
    辅助弹簧夹 auxiliary spring clamp;
    辅助弹簧片 rebound leaf of the spring;
    辅助天线 auxiliary antenna;
    辅助条件 subsidiary conditions; supplementary conditions;
    辅助调节器 auxiliary governor;
    辅助调式设施 debugging aid facility;
    辅助调谐设备 tuning auxiliaries;
    辅助通道 accessory channel;
    辅助通风 secondary ventilation;
    辅助通风机 auxiliary ventilator;
    辅助通气 assisted ventilation;
    辅助投影面 auxiliary projection plane;
    辅助投资 ancillary investment;
    辅助头 auxiliary head;
    辅助透镜 attachment lens; auxiliary lens;
    辅助图 auxiliary chart;
    辅助推进 auxiliary propulsion;
    辅助推力 augmented thrust;
    辅助拖拉机 complementary tractor;
    辅助望远镜 auxiliary telescope;
    辅助桅纵帆 spencer;
    辅助位 service bit;
    辅助温度计 {工} auxiliary thermometer;
    辅助文件 {计} secondary file;
    辅助武器 {军} secondary weapon;
    辅助物镜 attachment objective;
    辅助物料 supplies;
    辅助系绳装置 auxiliary rope fastening device;
    辅助系统 accessory system; subsystem;
    辅助细胞 {植} auxiliary cell;
    辅助线 boost line; auxiliary line;
    辅助线圈 auxiliary coil;
    辅助线组 {电} supplementary group;
    辅助箱 auxiliary tank; (汽车)
    辅助消声器 rosonator;
    辅助小水泵 {采矿} gathering pump;
    辅助新汽进汽阀 auxiliary live steam admission valve;
    辅助信号 auxiliary signal; cue signal;
    辅助信号灯 auxiliary pilot lamp;
    辅助信用贷款(证) subsidiary credit;
    辅助旋臂 supplementary radial arm;
    辅助选择器 auxiliary selector;
    辅助循环泵 auxiliary circulating pump;
    辅助循环锅炉 associated circulation boiler;
    辅助巡洋舰 auxiliary cruiser;
    辅助压力泵马达 pilot pressure pump motor;
    辅助压缩机 auxiliary compressor;
    辅助压缩空气电动机 auxiliary compressor motor;
    辅助眼 reliever;
    辅助阳极 auxiliary anode;
    辅助液力控制 hydraulic pilot control;
    辅助医务人员 paramedical personnel;
    辅助仪表 supporting instrument;
    辅助仪器 supplementary instrument;
    辅助翼梁 secondary spar;
    辅助因素 hypurgia;
    辅助因子 cofactor;
    辅助营救设备 {工} secondary rescue facilities;
    辅助硬化 post-curing;
    辅助用具 auxiliary set;
    辅助油泵 auxiliary oil pump;
    辅助渔具 accessory gear;
    辅助圆 {数} auxiliary circle;
    辅助运动 synkinesia;
    辅助运输 {采矿} subsidiary transport;
    辅助运算 auxiliary operation;
    辅助增塑剂 {材} extender plasticizer; secondary plasticizer;
    辅助轧机 supplementary mill;
    辅助账户 subsidiary account;
    辅助着陆装置 {航空} auxiliary landing gear;
    辅助照明 floor light; auxiliary lighting;
    辅助照明装置 auxiliary lighting apparatus;
    辅助针阀 auxiliary needle valve;
    辅助蒸汽闸阀 auxiliary sluice valve;
    辅助整流极 interpole;
    辅助正视图 auxiliary elevation;
    辅助枝 accessory shoot;
    辅助支撑 {房} ancillary shoring;
    辅助支架 auxiliary stand; auxiliary support;
    辅助支柱 {航空} jury strut;
    辅助指令缓冲器 ancillary instruction buffer;
    辅助指示符 secondary indicator;
    辅助纸盒 subcone;
    辅助制动 auxiliary braking;
    辅助制动器 auxiliary brake;
    辅助中继电台 {讯} booster station;
    辅助终端 accessory terminal;
    辅助轴 accessory shaft;
    辅助轴线 auxiliary axis;
    辅助柱塞 kicker ram;
    辅助主动者角色 coagent case;
    辅助转储系统 secondary dump system;
    辅助装定器 {军} aided matching;
    辅助装配 auxiliary assembly;
    辅助装置 auxiliary assembly; aid; service;
    辅助子程序 supplementary subroutine; interlude;
    辅助字 optional word;
    辅助字符 additional character; special character;
    辅助总成 auxiliary unit;
    辅助总账 subsidiary ledger;
    辅助纵梁 false longeron;
    辅助钻眼 breakers;
    辅助作业 less important work
    * * *
    輔助|辅助 [fǔ zhù] to assist to aid supplementary auxiliary subsidiary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 辅助

  • 2 备用

    reserve; spare; alternate; auxiliary
    * * *
    【计】 preemergency; stand-by; stand-by application
    【经】 stand by
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. reserve, spare, alternate, backup
    * * *
    bei4 yong4
    reserve, spare, alternate, backup
    * * *
    bèi yòng
    reserve; spare; alternate; backup; standby application; standby
    备用泵 jury pump; emergency pump; reserve pump; reserved pump;
    备用变电所 auxiliary substation;
    备用波道 standby channel;
    备用补充品 refill;
    备用部件 spare unit; spare part;
    备用操作程序 operational standby program;
    备用柴油机 auxiliary diesel engine;
    备用柴油机发电机组 diesel-electric emergency set;
    备用成本 standby cost;
    备用存储器 shelf storage;
    备用堤 spare dike;
    备用电厂 reserve power station;
    备用电池(组)standby battery;
    备用电路 standby circuit; redundant circuit;
    备用电源 emergency power supply;
    备用动力 standby power;
    备用发电厂 auxiliary power station;
    备用发电机 standby generator;
    备用发电机组 emergency generating set; spare generating set;
    备用发射阵地 alternate firing position;
    备用锅炉 auxiliary boiler;
    备用方案 alternative scheme;
    备用工具 cutfit;
    备用功率 standby power;
    备用锅炉 auxiliary boiler;
    备用航空站 alternate airport;
    备用回采工作面 spare face; standby face;
    备用活字 outside sorts; side sorts;
    备用基地 alternate base;
    备用机场 alternate aerodrome;
    备用机器 standby machine;
    备用机组 standby set; reserves set;
    备用寄存器 standby register;
    备用计算机 standby computer;
    备用件 backup;
    备用款项 reserve funds;
    备用量 reserve level;
    备用零件 replacement parts;
    备用轮胎 spare tyre;
    备用罗盘 standby compass;
    备用模 standby set of dies;
    备用燃油 reserve fuel;
    备用燃油箱 reserve fuel tank;
    备用设备 standby facility; standby; backup; reserve equipment; spare equipment; standby equipment;
    备用数据块 block standby;
    备用梭子 extra shuttle;
    备用位 {计} spare bit; standby redundancy;
    备用文件 duplicated file;
    备用无幅条轮胎 stepney; stepney wheel;
    备用系统 back-up system;
    备用系统程序库 back-up system library;
    备用线对 reserve pair;
    备用线路 spare line;
    备用信贷 standby credit;
    备用信道 alternate channel; spare channel;
    备用烟囱 donkey stack;
    备用仪表 appliance; appendage;
    备用引出端 emergency exit;
    备用元件 spare part;
    备用着陆机场 alternate airport;
    备用指挥所 alternate command post
    * * *
    備用|备用 [bèi yòng] reserve spare alternate backup

    Chinese-English dictionary > 备用

  • 3 辅助舰

    auxiliary ship

    Chinese-English dictionary > 辅助舰

  • 4 船舶电台

    【电】 ship station

    Chinese-English dictionary > 船舶电台

  • 5 auxiliary

    [ɔːg'zɪlɪərɪ] 1. adj
    1) [+ staff, service, force] 辅助的 [fǔzhù de]
    2) [+ equipment] 备用的 [bèiyòng de]
    2. n; c
    1) (person) 助手 [zhùshǒu]
    2) (in grammar) 助动词 [zhùdòngcí]

    * auxiliary verb — 助动词

    Chinese-English dictionary > auxiliary

  • 6 filling station

    (esp BRIT); n; c
    加油站 [jiāyóu zhàn] 美 = gas station

    Chinese-English dictionary > filling station

  • 7 gas station

    (US); n; c
    加油站 [jiāyóuzhàn] 英 = filling or petrol station

    Chinese-English dictionary > gas station

  • 8 petrol station

    ( BRIT); n; c
    加油站 [jiāyóuzhàn] 美 = gas station

    Chinese-English dictionary > petrol station

  • 9 service station

    n; c
    1) (petrol station) 加油站 [jiāyóu zhàn]
    2) ( BRIT) (on motorway) 路边服务站 [lùbiān fúwù zhàn] 美 = rest area

    Chinese-English dictionary > service station

  • 10 ship

    [ʃɪp] 1. n; c
    船 [chuán]
    2. vt

    * to ship sb/sth to — 运送某人/某物到 [yùnsòng mǒurén/mǒuwù dào]

    * to be on board ship — 在船上

    Chinese-English dictionary > ship

  • 11 station

    ['steɪʃən] 1. n; c
    1) (railway station) 车站 [chēzhàn]
    2) (police station) 警察局 [jǐngchá jú]
    3) (on radio) 电台 [diàntái]
    2. vt
    1) (position) 安置 [ānzhì]
    2) ( MIL) (base) 驻扎 [zhùzhā]

    * to marry/be educated above one's station — (o.f.) 与高于本人地位的人结婚/受到高于本人地位的教育

    * to station o.s. somewhere — 呆在某处

    Chinese-English dictionary > station

  • 12 bus station

    n; c
    公共汽车车站 [gōnggòng qìchē chēzhàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > bus station

  • 13 comfort station

    (US); n; c
    公共厕所 [gōnggòng cèsuǒ]

    Chinese-English dictionary > comfort station

  • 14 fire station

    n; c
    消防站 [xiāofángzhàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > fire station

  • 15 police station

    n; c
    警察局 [jǐngchá jú]

    Chinese-English dictionary > police station

  • 16 polling station

    ( BRIT); n; c
    投票站 [tóupiào zhàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > polling station

  • 17 power station

    n; c
    发电厂 [fādiàn chǎng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > power station

  • 18 radio station

    n; c
    广播电台 [guǎngbō diàntái]

    Chinese-English dictionary > radio station

  • 19 railway station

    ( BRIT); n; c
    火车站 [huǒchēzhàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > railway station

  • 20 station wagon

    (US); n; c
    旅行车 [lǚxíng chē] 英 = estate car

    Chinese-English dictionary > station wagon

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