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auroral substorm

  • 1 极光

    aurora; polar lights
    * * *
    aurora; polar lights
    【电】 aurora; aurora polaris
    相关词组: 北极光
    * * *
    aurora; polar lights
    * * *
    n. polar lights
    n. aurora polaris, bands of light which appear in the northern sky at night
    * * *
    ji2 guang1
    aurora (astronomy)
    * * *
    jí guāng
    {地物} aurora; aurora polaris; {天} polar light:
    北极光 aurora borealis; northern lights;
    南极光 aurora australis; southern lights
    极光暴 auroral storm;
    极光层 aurorasphere;
    极光带 auroral zone;
    极光等频数线 auroral isochasm;
    极光等频(率)线 isaurore; isoaurore; isochasm;
    极光地带中断 auroral zone blackout;
    极光电喷流 auroral electrojet;
    极光电射流 auroral electrojet;
    极光反射 auroral reflection;
    极光光谱 auroral spectra;
    极光弧 auroral arc;
    极光回声 auroral echo;
    极光极 auroral poles;
    极光粒子 auroral particle;
    极光亮度 auroral brightness;
    极光卵(形带)(椭圆区) auroral oval;
    极光幔 auroral cap;
    极光冕 auroral corona; auroral crown;
    极光频数 auroral frequency;
    极光谱线 {光谱} auroral line;
    极光区(域) auroral region; auroral zone;
    极光纬(度)区 auroral latitude;
    极光温度 auroral temperature;
    极光吸收 auroral absorption (AA);
    极光吸收事件 auroral absorption event;
    极光形状 auroral forms;
    极光亚暴 auroral substorm;
    极光质子流量 auroral proton flux
    * * *
    極光|极光 [jí guāng] aurora (astronomy)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 极光

  • 2 磁层

    ci2 ceng2
    magnetosphere, magnetic layer
    * * *
    cí céng
    (在太阳风作用下地球磁场被局限的范围) magnetic layer; magnetic coating; magnetosphere
    磁层等离子体 magnetospheric plasma;
    磁层电阻 magnetic coating resistance;
    磁层顶 {地物} magnetopause;
    磁层厚度 magnetic coating thickness;
    磁层环流 {地物} magnetospheric ring current;
    磁层模型 magnetospheric model;
    磁层粘牢度 magnetic coating anchorage;
    磁层尾 {地物} magnetotail;
    磁层物理学 magnetospheric physics;
    磁层亚暴 magnetospheric substorm
    * * *
    磁層|磁层 [cí céng] magnetosphere magnetic layer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磁层

  • 3 黎明

    dawn; daybreak
    * * *
    dawn; twilight; daybreak; dayspring; sunrise
    相关词组: 黎明的
    * * *
    dawn; daybreak; dayspring; sunrise; twilight
    * * *
    adj. twilight
    n. dawn, dayspring, sunrise, daybreak, twilight
    * * *
    li2 ming2
    dawn, daybreak
    * * *
    lí míng
    {天} auroral; dawn; daybreak
    黎明侧 {天} dawn side
    * * *
    黎明|黎明 [lí míng] dawn daybreak

    Chinese-English dictionary > 黎明

  • 4 晨侧

    chén cè
    晨侧磁层 dawnside magnetosphere;
    晨侧磁尾 dawnside magnetotail;
    晨侧极光卵 (形带) dawnside auroral oral

    Chinese-English dictionary > 晨侧

  • 5 磁亚暴

    cí yà bào
    magnetic substorm

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磁亚暴

  • 6 昼侧

    zhòu cè
    day side
    昼侧磁层 dayside magnetosphere;
    昼侧极光卵 dayside auroral oval

    Chinese-English dictionary > 昼侧

  • 7 玫瑰色的

    auroral; rose-colored; roseal; roseate
    * * *
    adj. auroral, rose, rose coloured, rose colored, roseate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 玫瑰色的

  • 8 曙光的

    * * *

    Chinese-English dictionary > 曙光的

  • 9 极光的

    * * *

    Chinese-English dictionary > 极光的

  • 10 极光吸收

    【电】 auroral absorption

    Chinese-English dictionary > 极光吸收

  • 11 极光磁暴

    【电】 auroral storm

    Chinese-English dictionary > 极光磁暴

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