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  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ [atőĄm…ôs feriks, atőĄm…ôs fir‚Ä≤iks] pl.n. 1. Radio a) disturbances in reception, produced by natural electric discharges, as in a storm; static b) the phenomena producing these disturbances 2. prevailing mood or influence ‚Ķ   English World dictionary

  • Atmospherics ‚ÄĒ The controllable characteristics of a retail space that entice a customer to enter the store, and which are designed to influence a customer s mood so as to increase the odds of a purchase being made. Atmospherics include the store s layout,… ‚Ķ   Investment dictionary

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ [[t]√¶ŐĪtm…ôsfeŐĪr…™ks[/t]] N PLURAL Atmospherics are elements in something such as a piece of music or a book which create a certain atmosphere. ...Dickensian atmospherics ‚Ķ   English dictionary

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ /at meuhs fer iks, fear /, n. 1. (used with a pl. v.) Radio and Television. noise in a radio receiver or randomly distributed white spots or bands on the screen of a television receiver, caused by interference from natural electromagnetic… ‚Ķ   Universalium

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ at|mos|pher|ics [ ,√¶tm…ô sferńĪks ] noun plural the special way a piece of music is written to give you a particular feeling or mood: a smoky jazz sound and spooky atmospherics ‚Ķ   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ UK [ňĆ√¶tm…ôsňąfer…™ks] / US [ňĆ√¶tm…ôňąsfer…™ks] noun [plural] 1) continuous short sharp noises that you sometimes hear on a radio 2) music the special way a piece of music is written to give you a particular feeling or mood a smoky jazz sound and spooky… ‚Ķ   English dictionary

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ atmosferos trukdŇĺiai statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. atmospheric interference; atmospherics vok. atmosph√§rishe St√∂rungen, f rus. –į—ā–ľ–ĺ—Ā—Ą–Ķ—Ä–Ĺ—č–Ķ –Ņ–ĺ–ľ–Ķ—Ö–ł, f pranc. atmosph√©riques, m; parasites atmosph√©riques, m; perturbations… ‚Ķ   Radioelektronikos terminŇ≥ Ňĺodynas

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ atmosferiniai trukdŇĺiai statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. atmospheric interference; atmospherics vok. Atmosph√§rics, n; atmosph√§rische St√∂rungen, f; luftelektrische St√∂rungen, f rus. –į—ā–ľ–ĺ—Ā—Ą–Ķ—Ä–ł–ļ–ł, m; –į—ā–ľ–ĺ—Ā—Ą–Ķ—Ä–Ĺ—č–Ķ –Ņ–ĺ–ľ–Ķ—Ö–ł, f pranc.… ‚Ķ   Fizikos terminŇ≥ Ňĺodynas

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ noun plural Date: 1905 1. audible disturbances produced in radio receiving apparatus by atmospheric electrical phenomena (as lightning); also the electrical phenomena causing these disturbances 2. actions (as official statements) intended to… ‚Ķ   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ noun radio interference caused by pulses of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere as the result of lightning and other events (both natural and man made) ‚Ķ   Wiktionary

  • atmospherics ‚ÄĒ at|mo|spher|ics [ňĆ√¶tm…ôsňąferńĪks] n [plural] 1.) features or qualities in something, especially a piece of music or a book, that give you a particular feeling 2.) continuous cracking noises that sometimes interrupt radio broadcasts ‚Ķ   Dictionary of contemporary English

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