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atmospheric transmission

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  • atmospheric transmission band — praleidžiamoji atmosferos juosta statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. atmospheric transmission band vok. atmosphärisches Durchlaßband, n rus. атмосферное окно, n; полоса атмосферного пропускания, f pranc. bande passante d… …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • List of atmospheric radiative transfer codes — this article contains list of atmospheric radiative transfer codes and their applications.ClassificationThe compilation contains information about the atmospheric radiative transfer, relevant databases, and atmospheric radiation parameterizations …   Wikipedia

  • List of atmospheric dispersion models — Atmospheric dispersion models are computer programs that use mathematical algorithms to simulate how pollutants in the ambient atmosphere disperse and, in some cases, how they react in the atmosphere. Contents 1 U.S. Environmental Protection… …   Wikipedia

  • Microwave transmission — The atmospheric attenuation of microwaves in dry air with a precipitable water vapor level of 0.001 mm. The downward spikes in the graph correspond to frequencies at which microwaves are absorbed more strongly, such as by oxygen molecules… …   Wikipedia

  • Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration — Pangasiwaan ng Palingkurang Atmosperiko, Heopisikal at Astronomiko ng Pilipinas Agency overview Formed …   Wikipedia

  • Friis transmission equation — The Friis transmission equation is used in telecommunications engineering, and gives the power received by one antenna under idealized conditions given another antenna some distance away tramitting a known amount of power. The formula was derived …   Wikipedia

  • Low Rate Picture Transmission — The Low Rate Picture Transmission (LRPT) is a digital transmission system, intended to deliver images and data from an orbital weather satellite directly to end users via a VHF radio signal. It is used aboard polar orbiting, near Earth weather… …   Wikipedia

  • Aqueous Transmission — is the final song from Incubus s 2001 album Morning View . It is notable for its length (7:47), calm sound, and stylistic elements. While not released as a single, Aqueous Transmission has gained a cult like underground following among music fans …   Wikipedia

  • N band — Atmospheric windows in the infrared. The M band is the transmission window centred on 10 micrometres In infrared astronomy, the N band refers to an atmospheric transmission window centred on 10 micrometres (in the mid infrared). Categories:… …   Wikipedia

  • Fiber-optic communication — An optical fiber junction box. The yellow cables are single mode fibers; the orange and blue cables are multi mode fibers: 50/125 µm OM2 and 50/125 µm OM3 fibers respectively. Fiber optic communication is a method of transmitting information from …   Wikipedia

  • GENLN2 — general purpose line by line atmospheric transmittance and radiance also*List of atmospheric radiative transfer codes *Atmospheric radiative transfer codes *Absorption spectrum *MODTRAN *HITRANReferences*Edwards, D. P. (1992), GENLN2: A… …   Wikipedia

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