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at the last moment

  • 1 moment

    1) c (period of time) 片刻 [piànkè]

    It lasted only a moment. — 只持续了片刻。

    2) c (point in time) 瞬间 [shùnjiān]

    That was the moment I understood. — 在那一瞬间我明白了。

    3) u ( frm) (importance) 重要 [zhòngyào]

    * for a or one moment — (showing disbelief) 一刻

    I don't for a moment think there'll be a divorce. — 我一刻都没想过会离婚。; (showing relief) 有那么一刻

    For a moment I thought he wasn't going to make it. — 有那么一刻我还以为他不会来了。; (briefly) 一会儿

    She stared at him for a moment, then turned away. — 她盯着他看了一会儿,然后转过身。

    * for the moment — 暂时

    * in a moment — (explaining when) 马上; (explaining duration) 一瞬间

    * one moment, please — (on the telephone) 请稍等

    * the moment (that)... — 一...,就...

    * at that moment — 当时

    * at the/this (present) moment — 此刻/当前

    * (at) any moment (now) — 随时

    * at the last moment — 在最后一刻

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  • 2 moment

    moment mo∙ment noun 1. a very short period of time • 片刻;瞬间:
    »Could you wait a moment, please?
    »One moment, please (= Please wait a short time).
    »He thought for a moment before replying.
    »Iˈll be back in a moment.
    »We arrived not a moment too soon (= almost too late).
    »Moments later (= a very short time later), I heard a terrible crash.
    --› see also senior moment 2. [sing.] an exact point in time • 准确时刻;正是时候:
    »Weˈre busy at the moment (= now).
    »I agreed in a moment of weakness.
    »At that very moment, the phone rang.
    »From that moment on, she never felt really well again.
    3. a particular occasion; a time for doing sth • 时机;机遇;时光;做某事的时刻:
    »Iˈm waiting for the right moment to tell him the bad news.
    »That was one of the happiest moments of my life.
    »Have I caught you at a bad moment?
    【IDIOMS】 (at) any ˈmoment (ˈnow) • very soon • 很快;随时:
    »Hurry up! Heˈll be back any moment now.
    at this moment in ˈtime •(informal) now, at the present time • 现在;此时此刻:
    »At this moment in time, I donˈt know what my decision will be.
    for the ˈmoment / ˈpresent • for now; for a short time • 目前;暂时:
    »This house is big enough for the moment, but weˈll have to move if we have children.
    have its / your ˈmoments • to have short times that are better, more interesting, etc. than others • 有短暂的好时候:
    »The job isnˈt exciting all the time, but it has its moments.
    the ˌmoment of ˈtruth • a time when sb / sth is tested, or when important decisions are made • 考验的时刻;(决策的)关键时刻 the moment (that)... • as soon as... • 一…就…:
    »I want to see him the moment he arrives.
    ˌnot for a / one ˈmoment • certainly not; not at all • 当然不;一点也不:
    »I donˈt think for a moment that sheˈll accept but you can ask her.
    of ˈmoment • very important • 非常重要:
    »matters of great moment
    of the ˈmoment (of a person, a job, an issue, etc. 人、工作、议题等) • famous, important and talked about a lot now • 红极一时;盛行一时;广为谈论:
    »Sheˈs the fashion designer of the moment.
    --› more at just adv., last ¹ det.
    --› more at notice n., psychological, spur n., wait v.
    * * *
    adj. 片刻的, 瞬間的, 力矩的
    n. 瞬間

    English-Chinese dictionary > moment

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