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at the back of the classroom

  • 1 at the back of the classroom

    в конце класса/на задних партах

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > at the back of the classroom

  • 2 teachers complain that nothing is feeding back to them from the classroom

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > teachers complain that nothing is feeding back to them from the classroom

  • 3 house

    1) дом, жилище, здание, квартира, постройка, строение

    Who occupied this house before? — Кто раньше жил в этом доме?;

    We're going to set up house in Paris. — Мы собираемся поселиться в Париже.

    The whole house is a mess. — В доме всё вверх дном.

    - little house
    - town house
    - big house
    - clapboard house
    - frame house
    - stone house
    - large house
    - unpretent house
    - private house
    - gay-roofed house
    - tower house
    - scattered houses
    - box-like houses
    - menshion house
    - ill-furnished house
    - overheated house
    - conspicuous house
    - underheated house
    - stately house
    - log house
    - corner house
    - three family house
    - next to this house
    - historic house
    - doll's house
    - enchanting house
    - ruined house
    - small rented house
    - dwelling house
    - continental house
    - furnished house
    - rooming house
    - spooky house
    - house slippers
    - house dress
    - house sewerage
    - house plant
    - house painter
    - house party
    - house agent
    - house garden
    - house to let
    - house in a ruinous state
    - house of mud and straw
    - house of brick
    - house with small rooms
    - house for rent
    - house situated on the top of the hill
    - house of cards
    - purchase price of the house
    - far from his house
    - on the door steps of the house
    - at smb's house
    - ask smb into a house
    - be under house arrest
    - build multistoried houses
    - call at smb's house
    - change houses
    - complete multistoried house
    - design a house
    - do up clean a house
    - drive smb out of the house
    - enter a house by force
    - face the house to the south
    - find the house empty
    - go from house to house
    - have a house of one's own
    - have one's house decorated
    - alarm the house
    - have a house in town
    - have one's house redecorated
    - have neither house nor home
    - heat a house
    - keep to the house
    - keep house
    - lease a comfortable house
    - leave the house early
    - let a house
    - rent a house
    - live in the next house but one
    - look for a house to rent
    - mistake a house
    - move house
    - move into this house
    - paint a house white
    - pass smb's house
    - pull down shabby houses
    - put up one's house for sale
    - raise the house upon the fire
    - renovate a house
    - set up house
    - show smb over the house
    - shut smb up in the house
    - take a house to pieces to set up elsewhere
    - house is pretty small
    - house looks south-west
    - houses are springing up all over
    - house is let
    2) нора, вольер, берлога
    - hen house
    - poultry house
    - monkey house
    - deer house
    - cow house
    - bird house
    3) семья, род, династия

    Ours is a noisy/cheerful house. — У нас шумное семейство/шумный дом.

    Theirs is a social house. — У них очень общительная семья.

    He was afraid to wake up the whole house. — Он боялся разбудить весь дом. /Он боялся поднять всех на ноги.

    The whole house was down with the flu. — Весь дом свалился/слег с гриппом. /Все домашние заболели гриппом.

    - reigning house
    - royal house
    - ancestral house
    - parental house
    - Stuart House
    - respectable house
    - religious house
    - great houses of France
    - son of a noble house
    - break the house
    4) общественные здания, учреждения (и все, что связано с ними)

    A policeman took him to the station house. — Полицейский отвел его в участок.

    - fashion house
    - factories and commercial houses
    - British houses
    - rival house
    - mad house
    - public house
    - beer house
    - car house
    - carriage house
    - death house
    - supply house
    - wholesale house
    - licensed house
    - refreshment house
    - coffee house
    - tea house
    - treasure house
    - finance house
    - branch house
    - one's business house
    - export house
    - jewelry house
    - picture house
    - movie house
    - music house
    - mail-order house
    - customs house
    - slaughter house
    - deck house
    - summer house
    - treasure house
    - Opera House
    - tool house
    - publishing house
    - printing house
    - packing house
    - boarding house
    - clearing house
    - eating house
    - counting house
    - sporting house
    - banking house
    - bathing house
    - gambling house
    - selling house
    - house magazine
    - house proof
    - house correction
    - house of refuge
    - house of God
    - House of worship
    - house of detention
    - house of correction
    - rules of the house
    5) правительственное здание (и всё, что связано с ними)
    - White House
    - Lower House
    - Upper House
    - council house
    - House bill
    - House resolution
    - Houses of Parlament
    - House of Lords
    - House of Commors
    - House of Representatives
    - House of Deligates
    - House of Assembly
    - members of the House
    - divide the House
    - enter the House
    - keep a House
    - members drawn equally from both Houses
    6) зрительный зал театра; публика, находящаяся в зале (и всё, что связано с ними)

    The whole house laughed. — Все зрители смеялись.

    He stood at the back of the packed house to listen to the orchestra. — Он остановился в конце переполненного зала, чтобы послушать оркестр.

    The play is attracting/draws full/immense houses. — Пьеса делает полные сборы.

    The first house was sold out. — Все билеты на первый спектакль были проданы.

    The whole house enjoyed the play. — Пьеса понравилась публике.

    - appreciative house
    - full house
    - poor house
    - first-run house
    - crowded house
    - house lights
    - house dramatist
    - house seats
    - house manager
    - house telephone
    - bring the house down
    - carry the house
    - dress the house
    - play to an empty house
    - house is getting packed
    - house hushed
    7) домашнее хозяйство, дом

    Who keeps house for you? — Кто у вас ведет хозяйство? /Кто вам ведет хозяйство?

    She keeps house and I go out to work. — Она ведет хозяйство, а я хожу на работу.

    A man's house is his castle. — Мой дом - моя крепость.

    We are safe as houses here. — Мы здесь, как за каменной стеной.

    - house allowance
    - house servant
    - house furnishings
    - house work
    - keep a good house
    - keep house for smb
    - mind the house
    (1.) Русское словосочетание "я живу в большом доме" соответствует английским сочетаниям I live in an apartment house (in a block of flats или in a big building). (2.) House 7. - неисчисляемое существительное и употребляется без артикля: to keep house (for smb) вести (у кого-либо) хозяйство/дом. (3.) See classroom, n

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > house

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