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artificial vetilation

  • 61

    island; isle
    * * *
    【医】 insula; island; islet
    * * *
    is.; island
    * * *
    n. island
    * * *
    island, CL:個, 个,座
    * * *
    (被水环绕的比大陆小的陆地) island; isle:
    安全岛 safety island;
    半岛 peninsula;
    浮岛 floating island;
    交通岛 traffic island;
    列岛 archipelago;
    人造岛 artificial island;
    幽灵岛 spooky island
    * * *
    㠀|岛 [dǎo] variant of ↑ |↑岛 [dǎo]
    島|岛 [dǎo] island CL:↑ |↑ [gè],↑ [zuò]

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  • 62 引产

    induce labour
    * * *
    【医】 artificial labor; induced labor; odinopoeia; odynopoeia
    * * *
    yin3 chan3
    to induce labor (childbirth)
    * * *
    yǐn chǎn
    induced labour; odinopoeia
    引产术 induction of labour
    * * *
    引產|引产 [yǐn chǎn] to induce labor (childbirth)

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  • 63 强词夺理

    use lame arguments; resort to sophistry; reason fallaciously
    * * *
    chicanery; chop logic; reason fallaciously; resort to sophistry
    sophistication; stickle
    【法】 artificial argument
    * * *
    chicanery; chop logic; sophistication; stickle
    * * *
    qiang3 ci2 duo2 li3
    powerful words devoid of sense (idiom); sophistry, loud rhetoric making up for fallacious argument, shoving false arguments down people's throats, to argue illogically
    * * *
    qiǎng cí duó lǐ
    use lame arguments and perverted logic; chop logic; distort the right and talk speciously; exaggerate by rhetoric; One's words are overbearing and (he) distorts reason.; pervert reason; reason fallaciously; resort to sophistry in self-justification; snatch a victory in argument; swear black is white; argue irrationally; turn things upside down by a stretch of the language; twist one's principles in order to finish an argument
    * * *
    強詞奪理|强词夺理 [qiǎng cí duó lǐ] to twist words and force logic (idiom) sophistry loud rhetoric making up for fallacious argument shoving false arguments down people's throats

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  • 64 投保

    Insure: natural person or artificial person earns insurance benefit of insure oblects apply for insurance contract from assuror.
    * * *
    【经】 effect an insurance
    * * *
    v. insure
    * * *
    tou2 bao3
    to take out insurance, to insure
    * * *
    tóu bǎo
    insure; cover; take out (an insurance) policy; effect insurance
    投保单 insurance application; insurance cover note; insurance slip; proposal form; application form;
    投保价值 insured value;
    投保价值条款 insured value clause;
    投保通知 insurance instruction
    * * *
    投保|投保 [tóu bǎo] to take out insurance to insure

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  • 65 授粉

    * * *
    【医】 pollination
    * * *
    * * *
    n. pollination
    * * *
    shou4 fen3
    * * *
    shòu fěn
    {植} fertilization; pollination:
    人工授粉 artificial pollination;
    异花授粉 cross-pollination;
    自花授粉 self-pollination
    授粉树 pollinizer;
    授粉者 pollina
    * * *
    授粉|授粉 [shòu fěn] pollination

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  • 66 授精

    * * *
    【医】 fertilization; insemination; semination
    相关词组: 人工授精的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. insemination
    * * *
    shou4 jing1
    * * *
    shòu jīng
    人工授精 artificial insemination
    授精物 impregnation
    * * *
    授精|授精 [shòu jīng] insemination

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  • 67 推定

    elect; choose, infer; deduce
    * * *
    【法】 artificial presumption; praesumptio; presume; supposition
    相关词组: 推定的
    * * *
    * * *
    tui1 ding4
    to infer, to consider and come to a judgment, to recommend, to estimate, deduced to be
    * * *
    tuī dìng
    推定过失 constructive fault or privity;
    推定极限 {核} derived limits;
    推定价值 constructed value;
    推定交货 constructive delivery;
    推定结账 constructive closing;
    推定拒付或拒绝承兑汇票 constructive dishonour;
    推定欺诈 {律} constructive fraud;
    推定全(部)损(失) constructive total loss; technical total loss;
    推定全损理算 adjustment of constructive total loss;
    推定运费费率 constructed rate;
    推定运价 construction rate;
    推定证据 {律} presumptive evidence
    * * *
    推定|推定 [tuī dìng] to infer to consider and come to a judgment to recommend to estimate deduced to be

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  • 68 故作端庄

    gu4 zuo4 duan1 zhuang1
    artificial show of seriousness, to pretend to be solemn
    * * *
    故作端莊|故作端庄 [gù zuò duān zhuāng] artificial show of seriousness to pretend to be solemn

    Chinese-English dictionary > 故作端庄

  • 69 故作端莊

    gu4 zuo4 duan1 zhuang1
    artificial show of seriousness, to pretend to be solemn
    * * *
    故作端莊|故作端庄 [gù zuò duān zhuāng] artificial show of seriousness to pretend to be solemn

    Chinese-English dictionary > 故作端莊

  • 70 智能

    intellectual power; intellectual ability, things that have intellect and ability of man, intelligent
    * * *
    【医】 noopsyche
    相关词组: 人工智能
    * * *
    aptitude; brainpower; capacity
    * * *
    adj. intelligent
    * * *
    zhi4 neng2
    intelligent, able, smart (phone, system, bomb etc)
    * * *
    zhì néng
    intellect; intelligence; mind; brain power; intellectuality; mentality; noopsyche; brow
    智能标绘器 intelligent plotter;
    智能操纵器 intelligent controller;
    智能测试 intelligence test;
    智能测验 {心理} aptitude test;
    智能传感器 intelligence sensor;
    智能磁盘 intelligent disc;
    智能磁盘软件 intelligent disc software;
    智能存储器 intelligent memory;
    智能地图 mental map;
    智能电缆 intelligent cable;
    智能电子学 intellectronics;
    智能工艺学 intellectual technology;
    智能机 intelligence machine;
    智能机器人 intelligence robot; intelligent robot;
    智能结构 intelligence structure;
    智能科学 intelligence science;
    智能控制 intelligent control;
    智能控制系统 intelligence control system;
    智能模拟 artificial intelligence;
    智能缺陷 dysnusia; mental deficiency;
    智能衰退 hypophrenia;
    智能通道 intelligent channel;
    智能图 intelligent graphic;
    智能系统 intelligent system;
    智能行为 intelligent behavior;
    智能仪表(仪器) intelligent instrument;
    智能印字机 intelligent printer;
    智能终端 {自} intelligent terminal; smart terminal;
    智能终端设备 smart terminal;
    智能终端图形显示 intelligent graphic display;
    智能自动机 intelligent automaton
    * * *
    智能|智能 [zhì néng] intelligent able smart (phone, system, bomb etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 智能

  • 71 机器

    machine; machinery; apparatus
    * * *
    apparatus; enginery; machin; machine; machinery
    【计】 MEC configuration
    【化】 engineering; machine
    【医】 engine; machine
    【经】 machine
    相关词组: 吊木材机器
    * * *
    enginery; machine; machinery
    * * *
    n. machine, machinery, apparatus
    * * *
    ji1 qi4
    machine, CL:臺, 台,部,個, 个
    * * *
    jī qi
    (用来转换或利用机械能的机构) machine; machinery; engine:
    安装新机器 install new machinery;
    拆卸机器 take a machine to pieces;
    开动机器 start a machine;
    试验机器 test a machine;
    战争机器 the war machine;
    这机器是自动控制的。 The machine is automatically controlled.
    机器运转良好。 The machine works well.
    这个工厂拥有很多机器。 The factory contains much machinery.
    这机器是电动的。 The machinery is driven by electricity.
    (引申为机构) apparatus; organ:
    国家机器 state apparatus; state machine
    机器安装工 machine erector;
    机器扳手 machine wrench;
    机器版框 {刷} machine chase;
    机器保养 machine attendance; machine attention; machine maintenance; machine upkeep;
    机器报警信号 machine alarm;
    机器必要迟延的宽限 allowance for necessary machine delay;
    机器编码 {自} machine code (coding);
    机器表面 machine surface;
    机器表示法 machine notation;
    机器操作 machine operation; hardware operation;
    机器操作工 machineman;
    机器操作码 machine operation code;
    机器操作员 machineman; {计} machine operator;
    机器车间 machine shop;
    机器程序 machine program;
    机器磁带盘 machine reel;
    机器词典 mechanized dictionary;
    机器冲程 stroke of machine;
    机器处理 machine handling;
    机器错误 {计} machine error;
    机器锉 {设计} machine file;
    机器打包 machine press-packing;
    机器打麻 machine scutching;
    机器打样 {刷} machine proof;
    机器大工业 modern industry; mechanized big industry; large-scale mechanized industry;
    机器代码 basic code; absolute code; {计} machine code;
    机器代码程序 program in machine code;
    机器代码指令 {自} machine code instruction;
    机器单位 {自} machine units;
    机器底座 machine base; setting;
    机器地址 {自} machine address; absolute address;
    机器地址控制 hardware address control;
    机器雕塑 machine sculpture;
    机器定额 rating of machine;
    机器锻造 machine forging;
    机器翻译 {计} mechanical translation; machine translation;
    机器方程 machine equation;
    机器房 engine house; engine room; machine house; machine room; kiosk; kiosque;
    机器分析显示 machineability analysis display;
    机器缝纫 machine stitching;
    机器缝针 machine needle;
    机器负荷 machine burden;
    机器盖 machine cover;
    机器钢 machine steel;
    机器工作周期 machine cycle;
    机器功能 machine function;
    机器功能码 function code;
    机器故障 machine fault; machine malfunction; machine error; breakdown of machinery;
    机器故障免费时间 no charge machine-fault time;
    机器故障时间 machine-spoiled time;
    机器故障条款 breakdown clause;
    机器管理人 millwright;
    机器管理员 machine keeper;
    机器焊接 {冶} machine welding;
    机器基础 {冶} machine foundation;
    机器级 machine level;
    机器计算 machine computation;
    机器间 machinery compartment;
    机器检查 {自} hardware check; machine check;
    机器检查处理机 machine check handler;
    机器检查中断 {自} machine check interruption;
    机器检验指示器 machine check indicator;
    机器检验中断 machine check interrupt;
    机器剪毛 machine shearing;
    机器键 {设计} key; machine key;
    机器脚踏车 motorbike; motorcycle; autocycle; autobicycle;
    机器脚踏车边车 motorcycle side car;
    机器脚踏车车斗 bath tub;
    机器校验 machine check;
    机器校验扩充中断信息 machine check extended interruption information;
    机器校验中断 machine check interrupt; machine check interruption;
    机器校验中断屏蔽 machine check mask;
    机器校样 {刷} machine revise;
    机器结构 machine construction; machine organization;
    机器紧压包 machine press-packed bale;
    机器净重 machine net weight;
    机器可处理形式 {自} machine processible form;
    机器可读入媒体 machine-readable medium;
    机器可读数据 machine-readable data; mechanized data; machine script;
    机器可读信息 machine sensible information;
    机器可用工作时间 available machine time;
    机器可用时间 {自} machine available time; available machine time;
    机器刻印板 lathework;
    机器控制 hardware control; machine control;
    机器控制台 hardware console;
    机器浪费时间 {自} machine-spoiled time;
    机器劳动 machine labour;
    机器理解 machine perception;
    机器零件 machine components; machine part(s);
    机器螺钉 {设计} machine screw;
    机器螺栓 {设计} machine bolt;
    机器逻辑 {自} logic of machine;
    机器码 machine code; basic code;
    机器描述语言 machine description language;
    机器铭牌 duty plate;
    机器模型 machine mould;
    机器配置 machine configuration;
    机器平台 gallery;
    机器前进方向 direction of machine travel;
    机器潜力 machine potential;
    机器软件校验 soft machine check;
    机器扫除 machine sweeping;
    机器上胶 {化} engine sizing;
    机器设备 machine equipment;
    机器设计师 engineer;
    机器识别 machine recognition;
    机器识别系统 mechanical recognition system;
    机器视觉 machine vision;
    机器手柄 machine handle;
    机器损坏保险 machinery damage insurance; machinery breakdown insurance;
    机器损失 machine loss;
    机器思维 mind over machine;
    机器思维学 science of machine thinking;
    机器速度 machine speed;
    机器算子 machine operator;
    机器特性 machine characteristic;
    机器替身 augmentor;
    机器推理技术 mechanical reasoning technique;
    机器挖掘 machine excavation;
    机器外壳 machine casing;
    机器维修工 machine-man;
    机器无关性 machine independence;
    机器系列 machine series;
    机器小时法 machine hour method;
    机器小时率 machine hour rate;
    机器效率 machine efficiency;
    机器修理员 trouble-shooter;
    机器序列 machine sequencing;
    机器学习 {计} machine learning;
    机器压射容量 {工} machine shot capacity;
    机器样板 jig plate;
    机器艺术 machine art;
    机器优先中断 hardware priority interrupt;
    机器油 lubricating oil; lubricant; mobile oil;
    机器有效时间 machine available-time;
    机器有形(无形)损耗 physical (moral) depreciation of machinery;
    机器语言 machine-oriented language; machine language; computer language; absolute language;
    机器语言程序 machine language program;
    机器语言程序设计员 ML programmer;
    机器语言代码 {计} machine language code;
    机器语言学 mechano-linguistics;
    机器阅卷 machine scoring;
    机器运算 machine arithmetic;
    机器运行 machine run;
    机器运行比 {自} operating ratio;
    机器运转时间 machine hours;
    机器摘棉 sledding;
    机器噪声 machine noise;
    机器造型 machine moulding;
    机器指令 {计} machine instruction;
    机器指令码 machine instruction code;
    机器指令语句 {自} machine instruction statement;
    机器指令组 machine instruction set;
    机器制造 machine building; machine manufacturing;
    机器制造厂 engineering works; machine-building plant;
    机器制造业 machine-building; industry; machine manufacturing;
    机器制造者 machine maker; engineer;
    机器智能 machine intelligence; artificial intelligence;
    机器中断 {自} machine interruption;
    机器重量 machine weight;
    机器周期 {计} machine cycle;
    机器组 {自} machine group;
    机器组合 machine assembly;
    机器铸件 machinery casting;
    机器装配工 machine assembler; dresser;
    机器装配时间 machine improvement time;
    机器状态 machine state;
    机器字{计} machine word;
    机器字典 mechanical dictionary; (一段)
    机器字码 grapheme;
    机器自动翻译 automatic translation by computer;
    机器座坑 floor pit
    * * *
    機器|机器 [jī qì] machine CL:↑ |↑ [tái],↑ [bù],↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 机器

  • 72 模拟

    imitate; simulate
    * * *
    imitate; simulate; simulation
    【计】 A; analog; analogy; breadboarding; imitator; modeling; simulation
    【化】 simulation
    【医】 mimesis; mimicry; mimosis
    【经】 simulation
    相关词组: 飞行模拟装置
    * * *
    simulate; simulation
    * * *
    n. imitation, simulation
    v. imitate, simulate
    * * *
    mo2 ni3
    imitation, to simulate, to imitate, analog (device, as opposed to digital)
    * * *
    mó nǐ
    imitate; simulate; analog; analogy; imitation; simulation
    模拟比较电路 analog comparator;
    模拟比较器 {电子} analog comparator;
    模拟编译程序系统 analog compiler system;
    模拟变换器 analogue converter;
    模拟变量指定 analog variables assignment;
    模拟表示法 {自} analog representation;
    模拟舱 boilerplate;
    模拟测量法 analogy aerotriangulation;
    模拟乘法 analogue multiplication;
    模拟乘法器 analog multiplier;
    模拟程序 simulation program; simulator routine;
    模拟程序设计语言(SPL语言) simulation programming language;
    模拟抽样 simulated sampling;
    模拟除法器 analog divider;
    模拟处理 simulation manipulation;
    模拟传输系统 analog transmission system;
    模拟传输线段 {讯} nominal section;
    模拟存储器 analog storage; analog memory;
    模拟导弹 simulated missile;
    模拟地振动 artificial (simulated) ground motion;
    模拟电路 {电} circuit cheater; dummy load; artificial circuit; mimic buses; mimic channel; analogous circuit;
    模拟电路板结构 bread board construction;
    模拟电压 analog voltage;
    模拟电阻 artificial resistance;
    模拟定时脉冲 analogue timing pulse;
    模拟定位机 radiotherapy simulator;
    模拟发生器 simulative generator;
    模拟反馈系统 analog(ue) feedback system;
    模拟反应堆 {核} mock-up reactor;
    模拟方程解算器 analog equation solver;
    模拟方法 analogy method;
    模拟方法学 simulation methodology;
    模拟放射效应 radiomimetic effect;
    模拟飞行 simulated flight;
    模拟仿真 {自} analog(ue) simulation;
    模拟分权 {政} simulated decentralization;
    模拟分析 simulation analysis;
    模拟负载 fictitious load;
    模拟管理作业 simulated management operation;
    模拟轨道电路 artificial track circuit;
    模拟函数发生器 analogue function generator;
    模拟航向 false course;
    模拟核爆炸 simulated-nuclear explosion;
    模拟话音发生器 artificial voice generator;
    模拟缓冲器 analogue buffer;
    模拟汇编程序 simulate assembler;
    模拟火箭 simulated rocket;
    模拟机 analog machine; analogue machine;
    模拟积分器 analog integrator;
    模拟集成电路 analogue integrated circuit;
    模拟技术 analogue technique; simulation technique;
    模拟继电器 analogue relay;
    模拟记录器 analog (data) recorder;
    模拟加法器{电子} analog adder;
    模拟加速器 analogue accelerator;
    模拟监督 simulation monitoring;
    模拟建模 simulation modeling;
    模拟教学 simulation teaching;
    模拟开关 analogue switch;
    模拟考试 mock examination;
    模拟控制 analog control;
    模拟控制设备 analog control equipment; model and control equipment;
    模拟理论 analog theory;
    模拟立体象对 simulated stereo pair of images;
    模拟滤波器 analog filter;
    模拟-脉冲变换器 analog-to-pulse converter;
    模拟脉冲功率 analogue pulse power;
    模拟酶 analogue enzyme;
    模拟门 analog gate;
    模拟模型 simulation model;
    模拟内插法 analog interpolation;
    模拟粘性项 {数} simulated viscosity term;
    模拟炮 artillery simulators; simulated gun;
    模拟炮弹 analog cartridge;
    模拟器 simulator; imitator; emulator;
    模拟潜水 simulated diving;
    模拟求解 analog approach;
    模拟人 anthropomorphic dummy;
    模拟软件 simulation software;
    模拟软件程序 simulator software program;
    模拟设备 analog machine; simulation equipment; simulator;
    模拟设计 board design;
    模拟神经元 imictron; neuromine;
    模拟实验 simulated experiment;
    模拟试验 analogue test; analogue experiment; prevaluation test; simulated test; simulation experiment; simulation test;
    模拟试验台 simulator stand;
    模拟寿命(器件的) agree life;
    模拟输出 analog output;
    模拟数据 anolog data; simulated data;
    模拟数据信道 analog data channel;
    模拟-数字变换 analog-to-digital conversion;
    模拟-数字变换器 analog-to-digital converter; analogue-to-digital converter; A-D converter; digitalyzer;
    模拟-数字混合仿真 analog digital simulation;
    模拟-数字混合式模拟 hybrid analog-digital simulation;
    模拟-数字计算机 analog-digital computer;
    模拟-数字计算系统 analog-digital computing system;
    模拟-数字-模拟转换器 analog-digital-analog converter (ADAC);
    模拟-数字数据变换 analog-digital data interconversion;
    模拟-数字元件 analog-digital element;
    模拟双板式移相器 analog twin-slab phase shifter;
    模拟伺服机构 servosimulator;
    模拟伺服系统 analogue servo system;
    模拟锁式移相器 analog latching phase shifter;
    模拟锁相环 analog phase-locked loop;
    模拟桃花心木 mahoganize;
    模拟天然色图像 simulated natural colour images;
    模拟条件 simulated conditions;
    模拟调制系统 analog modulation system;
    模拟通道{讯} analog channel;
    模拟通信{讯} analog communication;
    模拟通信量 artificial traffic;
    模拟投弹练习 dry run;
    模拟图 mimic diagram;
    模拟网络 analog network; artificial network; model network; simulative network;
    模拟微波接力通信系统 analog microwave relay system;
    模拟微波系统 analogue microwave system;
    模拟微分分析器 analog differential analyzer;
    模拟物 analogies; simulatives;
    模拟系统 analog system;
    模拟系统图 sight-reading chart;
    模拟线 artificial line; bootstarp;
    模拟相关器 analog correlator; analogue correlator;
    模拟像 likeness; effigy;
    模拟斜坡函数 analog ramp function;
    模拟信道 analog channel;
    模拟信号 analog signal; analogue signal;
    模拟信息 analog information;
    模拟信息-数字信息变换器 analogue to digital convertor;
    模拟型 analogue type; mimotype;
    模拟训练电视系统 television system for simulation training;
    模拟研究 analog study; simulation study;
    模拟样板 breadboard;
    模拟样机研制 simulator prototype development;
    模拟遥测 {自} analog telemetering;
    模拟遥测计 analog telemeter;
    模拟移动床吸附分离 analog moving bed adsorption separation;
    模拟移相器 analog phase shifter;
    模拟译码器 analogue translator;
    模拟游戏法 simulation gaming;
    模拟译码器 analogue translator;
    模拟“与”电路 modified “and” circuit;
    模拟语声 artificial voice;
    模拟语言 simulation language; analogous language; simscript;
    模拟原子爆炸 atomic blast simulation;
    模拟运动 simulated motion;
    模拟运算装置 analog operational unit;
    模拟运行 dry run;
    模拟真彩色图像 simulated normal colour image;
    模拟振荡器 simulative generator;
    模拟值 value of simulation;
    模拟指挥仪 analog fire control computers;
    模拟指示器 {电子} analog indicator;
    模拟转换器 analog converter;
    模拟装置 analog device; analog equipment; simulator; analogue device; simulant; simulator rig;
    模拟状态 emulation mode;
    模拟准则 simulation rules;
    模拟作战演习 war-game
    * * *
    模擬|模拟 [mó nǐ] imitation to simulate to imitate analog (device, as opposed to digital)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 模拟

  • 73 气胸

    * * *
    【医】 aeropleura; aerothorax; pneumatothorax; pneumothorax; Px.
    * * *
    n. pneumothorax
    * * *
    qi4 xiong1
    pneumothorax (medicine)
    * * *
    qì xiōng
    {医} aerothorax; pneumothorax:
    人工气胸 artificial pneumothorax
    气胸穿刺全套器械 pneumothorax puncture outfit
    * * *
    氣胸|气胸 [qì xiōng] pneumothorax (medicine)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 气胸

  • 74 法人

    person; artificial person; corporation
    * * *
    legal person
    【经】 artificial person; juridical person; juristic person; legal body
    legal man; legal person
    相关词组: 法人的
    * * *
    artificial person; corporation; fictitious person; juridical person
    * * *
    fa3 ren2
    legal person, corporation, see also 自然人
    * * *
    fǎ rén
    juridical person; artificial person; legal person; corporation; body corporate; corporate body; fictitious person; juristic person; legalis homo
    法人代表 legal representative;
    法人地位 status of a legal person;
    法人公司 incorporated company;
    法人身分 status of a legal person;
    法人税 corporation tax;
    法人团体 body corporate; corporate body; incorporated association;
    法人资格 legal personality; corporate capacity; qualification of a legal person
    * * *
    法人|法人 [fǎ rén] legal person corporation see also ↑ 自然人 [zì rán rén]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 法人

  • 75 游泳池

    An artificial pool for swimming; swimming pool
    * * *
    swimming pool; natatorium
    【医】 swimming pool
    * * *
    * * *
    you2 yong3 chi2
    swimming pool, CL:場, 场
    * * *
    yóu yǒng chí
    swimming pool:
    室内游泳池 indoor pool; swimming bath;
    室外游泳池 outdoor pool; open air pool
    * * *
    游泳池|游泳池 [yóu yǒng chí] swimming pool CL:↑ |↑ [chǎng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 游泳池

  • 76

    tooth, tooth-like thing, ivory, middleman; broker, bite
    * * *
    cuspid; tooth; tooth-like thing; tusk
    【医】 dens; dent-; dental ivory; dentes; denti-; dento-; odont-; odonto-
    teeth; tooth
    * * *
    tooth; tooth-like thing
    * * *
    n. ivory, tooth, tooth like thing
    * * *
    tooth, ivory, CL:顆, 颗
    * * *
    (牙齿) tooth:
    拔牙 extract (pull out) a tooth;
    假牙 artificial (false) tooth;
    门牙 front tooth; incisor;
    臼牙 molar tooth;
    刷牙 brush (clean) one's teeth
    (象牙) ivory:
    牙筷 ivory chopsticks;
    牙章 ivory seal
    (形状像牙齿的东西) tooth-like thing:
    轮牙 cog
    (姓氏) a surname:
    牙健 Ya Jian
    * * *
    牙|牙 [yá] tooth ivory CL:↑ |↑ [kē]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 77 生命力

    life-force; vitality
    * * *
    libido; life; vital force; vitality
    【医】 biod; bionergy
    * * *
    libido; life; life force; life-force; vital force; vitality; zing
    * * *
    n. vitality
    * * *
    sheng1 ming4 li4
    * * *
    shēng mìng lì
    vitality; bionergy; entelechy; breath; spirit; juice; life; sap; life force:
    生命力强 (弱) good (low) vitality;
    显示了新的生命力 show renewed spirit;
    人为的语言缺乏生命力。 An artificial language has no vitality.
    生命力缺失 abiosis
    * * *
    生命力|生命力 [shēng mìng lì] vitality

    Chinese-English dictionary > 生命力

  • 78 电子

    * * *
    【化】 electron
    【医】 e.; electron
    相关词组: 电子的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. electronic
    n. electron
    * * *
    dian4 zi3
    electronic, electron
    * * *
    diàn zǐ
    {物} {电} electron:
    电子爱好者 electrophile
    电子半径 electron radius;
    电子半身模型 electronic dummy;
    电子保密(措施) electronic security;
    电子倍增器 electron multiplier;
    电子比热 electronic specific heat;
    电子笔 electronic pen (stylus);
    电子表 digital (electronic) watch;
    电子波 electron waves;
    电子波长 electron wavelength;
    电子波函数 electron wave function;
    电子捕鱼 electrofishing;
    电子布告栏 Bulletin Board System; BBS;
    电子材料 electronic material;
    电子测距高程导线测量 EDM-height traversing;
    电子测距仪 electronic distance meter;
    电子测试图发生器 electric testing pattern generator;
    电子秤 electronic scale;
    电子传导 electron conduction; thermionic conduction;
    电子传递 electron transfer;
    电子磁矩 electron magnetic moment;
    电子词典 electronic dictionary;
    电子村社 electronic commune;
    电子打印机 electronic printer;
    电子带光谱 electronic band spectrum;
    电子等高线仪 electronic contourliner;
    电子等离子体波 electron plasma wave;
    电子点火装置 electronic ignition device;
    电子电报交换机 electronic telegraph switching equipment;
    电子电传机 electronic teleprinter;
    电子电荷 electron charge;
    电子电话交换机 electronic telephone switching system;
    电子电路 electronic circuit;
    电子渡越时间 electron transit time;
    电子对 duplet; electron pair;
    电子对抗 electronic countermeasure (warfare);
    电子发射 electron emission;
    电子反导弹装置 electronic countermeasure;
    电子反对抗 electronic counter-countermeasures;
    电子反应 electron reaction;
    电子分离 electron separation;
    电子方程 {化} electronic equation;
    电子放电 electron discharge;
    电子放电加工 {冶} electron (electrical) discharge machining;
    电子分布 electron distribution;
    电子封装 electronic packaging;
    电子伏(特) eV (electron volt);
    电子伏特计 electronic voltmeter;
    电子俘获 electron capture;
    电子干扰 electronic interference;
    电子应加速器 betatron;
    电子钢琴 electronic piano; panotron;
    电子给予体 electron donor;
    电子跟踪 electronic tracking;
    电子工程 electronic engineering;
    电子贯穿 electron tunneling;
    电子光谱 electronic spectrum;
    电子光谱学 electron spectroscopy;
    电子光学 electron optics;
    电子轨道 electron orbit;
    电子行扫描 electronic line scanning;
    电子荷质比 electron charge-mass ratio;
    电子核双共振 electron nuclear double resonace;
    电子恒湿器 electronic humidistat;
    电子轰击感生电导 electron-bombardment-induced-conductivity;
    电子化合物 {冶} electron compound;
    电子化装 electronic masking;
    电子换向器 electronic commutator;
    电子回旋共振 electron cyclotron resonace;
    电子回旋加速器 {核} microtron; betatron; induction accelerator;
    电子机械化 electromechanization;
    电子肌动记录仪 electromyography;
    电子极光 electronic auroras;
    电子极化 electronic polarization;
    电子几何光学 electron geometrical optics;
    电子计时 electric time-keeping (timing);
    电子计时器 electric time-keeping device;
    电子计数器(管) electronic counter;
    电子计算单元 electronic computing units;
    电子计算机 (electronic) computer;
    电子计算器 electronic calculator;
    电子记事本 electronic notebook;
    电子加热 electronic heating;
    电子加速器 {核} electron accelerator;
    电子家庭 electronic family;
    电子监听装置 electronic listening device;
    电子交流电压表 (伏特计) electronic alternating-current voltmeter;
    电子胶合 electronic gluing;
    电子交换 electron exchange;
    电子角动量 electronic angular momentum;
    电子教师 electronic tutor;
    电子接受体 electron acceptor;
    电子结构 electronic structure;
    电子金相学 {冶} electron metallography;
    电子聚焦 electron focusing;
    电子开关 electronic switch;
    电子壳层 electron shell;
    电子刻版 {印} electronic engraving;
    电子控制 electronic control;
    电子控制器 electronic controller;
    电子快门 {摄} electronic shutter;
    电子冷阱 {核} electron sink;
    电子理信盖销机 electronic letter facing cancelling machine;
    电子励磁系统 electronic excitation system;
    电子联锁 electronic interlocking;
    电子流 election current;
    电子录像 EVR (electronic video recording);
    电子录像机 EVR (electronic video recorder);
    电子媒介 electronic media (电子舆论工具);
    电子密度 electron density;
    电子模拟 electronic simulation;
    电子能级 electron energy level;
    电子能谱 electron spectrum;
    电子能谱仪 electron spectrometer;
    电子能态 electron energy state;
    电子浓度 {半} electron concentration;
    电子耦合 electron (electronic) coupling;
    电子偶素 positronium;
    电子排版 {刷} electronic composition;
    电子排版机 electronic composition machine;
    电子配对法 {化} electron pairing method;
    电子碰撞 electron collision;
    电子漂移 electron drift;
    电子平衡 {核} electronic equilibrium;
    电子谱法 electron spectrometry;
    电子曝光 electron exposure;
    电子欺骗 electronic deception;
    电子器件 electron device;
    电子气 electron gas;
    电子汽车仪表 electronic automobile instrument;
    电子迁移率 {半} electron mobility;
    电子枪 electron gun;
    电子亲和势 electron affinity;
    电子亲合性 electron affinity;
    电子琴 electronic (electric) organ;
    电子情报 electronic intelligence (ELINT);
    电子情报舰 elint ship;
    电子全息照相 electron holography;
    电子热压力 thermal pressure of electron;
    电子人工喉 artificial throiat;
    电子闪光 {摄} electronic flash; speed light;
    电子闪光灯 electronic flasher; strobe light;
    电子扫描 electronic scanning;
    电子扫描器 electronic scanner;
    电子摄像机 electron camera;
    电子摄影 electronic photography;
    电子射线管 electron ray tube;
    电子设备 electronic equipment;
    电子石英 electronic quartz;
    电子石英表 electronic quartz watch;
    电子石英钟 electronic quartz clock;
    电子手表 electronic watch;
    电子受体 electron acceptor;
    电子数字计算机 electronic digital computer;
    电子双共振 electro double resonance;
    电子水准器 electronic level;
    电子顺磁共振 EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance);
    电子顺磁性 electron paramagnetism;
    电子隧道效应 electron tunneling effect;
    电子损失 electron loss;
    电子锁定 electronic locking;
    电子态 electronic state;
    电子探测 electron detection;
    电子探鱼 electronic fish detection;
    电子探针 electron probe;
    电子探针微量分析 {化} electron probe microanalysis;
    电子陶瓷 electronic ceramics;
    电子陶瓷器件 electronic ceramic device;
    电子提示器 autocue;
    电子天平 electronic balance;
    电子调谐 electronic tuning;
    电子同步加速器 {核} electron synchrotron;
    电子统计机 electronic statistic machine;
    电子投影印刷法 electron projection printing;
    电子透镜 electron lens;
    电子图书馆 electronic library;
    电子图像处理 electronic image processing;
    电子推进控制系统 electron propulsion control system;
    电子望远镜 electron telescope;
    电子微探针 electron microprobe;
    电子伪装 electronic camouflage;
    电子温度 electron temperature;
    电子温度计 electronic thermometer;
    电子稳压器 electronic voltage regulator;
    电子污染 electronic pollution (空间大量电磁波影响人体健康);
    电子吸收光谱 electronic absorption spectrum;
    电子显微镜 EMS (electron microscope);
    电子显微射线照相术 electronic microradiography;
    电子陷阱 {半} electron trap;
    电子相关 electronic correlation;
    电子相角计 electronic phase-angle meter;
    电子效应 electronic effect;
    电子信函 electronic letter;
    电子衍射 electronic diffraction;
    电子仪表 electronic instrument;
    电子艺术 electronic art;
    电子异构现象 {化} electron isomerism;
    电子音乐 electronic music;
    电子印刷机 electronic printing machine;
    电子印相机 {摄} electronic printer;
    电子游戏 video games;
    电子游艺 electronic game; TV game;
    电子游艺机 video game machine;
    电子元件 electronic component;
    电子跃迁 electron transition;
    电子乐队 electronic band;
    电子乐器 electronic musical instrument; electrophone;
    电子云 electron cloud;
    电子战 electronic warfare;
    电子真空计 electron vacuum gauge;
    电子侦察 electronic reconnaissance;
    电子振荡 electronic oscillation;
    电子直线加速器 {核} electron linear accelerator;
    电子智能 electronic intelligence;
    电子质量 electron mass;
    电子钟 electronic clock;
    电子注入 {半} electron injection;
    电子住宅 electronic cottage (具有全套电子设备的住房);
    电子转移 electron transfer;
    电子转移器件 {半} electron transfer device;
    电子资料处理 electronic data processing (EDP);
    电子自旋共振 electron spin resonance;
    电子组态 electron configuration
    * * *
    電子|电子 [diàn zǐ] electronic electron (particle physics)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 电子

  • 79

    eye, look; glance, a small hole; aperture, key point, (weiqi) trap, an unaccented beat in traditional Chinese music, (used for wells, cave dwellings, etc.)
    * * *
    aperture; eye; key point; look; small hole
    【医】 eye; oculi; oculo-; oculus; ophthalm-; ophthalmo-; ophthalmos
    * * *
    aperture; eye; key point; look; small hole
    * * *
    adj. intraocular
    n. eye, look, small hole, trap, key point
    * * *
    eye, small hole, crux (of a matter), CL:隻, 只,雙, 双, classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
    * * *
    (眼睛) eye:
    瞪了他一眼 give him a hard look;
    假眼 artificial eye;
    两眼无神 with dull eyes;
    亲眼所见 see with one's own eyes;
    瞥了他一眼 shoot a glance at him;
    一夜没合眼 have not slept a wink the whole night;
    独眼总比全瞎好。 Better to have one eye than be blind altogether.
    她两眼含泪。 Her eyes were wet with tears.
    (小洞; 窟窿) small hole; aperture:
    打个眼 bore a hole;
    耳朵眼儿 earhole;
    泉眼 the mouth of a spring;
    网眼 mesh (of a net);
    针眼 the eye of a needle;
    炮眼 porthole; borehole;
    钮眼 buttonhole
    (事物的关键所在) key point:
    节骨眼儿 critical juncture
    {围棋} (成片的白子或黑子中间的空儿) trap
    (戏曲中的拍子) an unaccented beat in traditional Chinese music:
    一板三眼 one accented beat and three unaccented beats in a bar
    (姓氏)a surname:
    眼宁 Yan Ning
    两眼井 two wells;
    这眼泉干涸了。 The spring has run dry.
    * * *
    眼|眼 [yǎn] eye small hole crux (of a matter) CL:↑ |↑ [zhī],↑ |↑ [shuāng] classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 80 矫揉造作

    affected; artificial; theatrical; precious
    * * *
    jiao3 rou2 zao4 zuo4
    pretension, affectation, putting on artificial airs
    * * *
    jiǎo róu zào zuò
    try to deceive by covering up one's real purpose; behave in an affected way; done for effect; extremely unnatural and affected; falsify; made-up; the affectedness of one's manner; unnatural
    * * *
    矯揉造作|矫揉造作 [jiǎo róu zào zuò] pretension affectation putting on artificial airs

    Chinese-English dictionary > 矫揉造作

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