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artificial vetilation

  • 21 人為

    artificial; man-made
    * * *
    ren2 wei2
    artificial, man-made, having human cause or origin, human attempt or effort
    * * *
    人為|人为 [rén wéi] artificial man-made having human cause or origin human attempt or effort

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人為

  • 22 人造

    man-made; artificial; imitation
    * * *
    adj. man made
    * * *
    ren2 zao4
    man-made, artificial, synthetic
    * * *
    rén zào
    man-made; artificial; imitation
    人造板 artificial board;
    人造宝石 imitation jewel; manufactured gem; hard mass;
    人造标石 {工} artificial monument;
    人造冰 artificial ice;
    人造冰晶石 cryolith;
    人造草 pedaline;
    人造草坪 (墨) chinampa;
    人造池塘 piscina;
    人造雌酚 synestrol; synestrin;
    人造磁场 artificial field;
    人造磁铁 artificial magnet;
    人造大理石 manu-marble; imitation marble;
    人造蛋白质纤维 azlon; azelon;
    人造地 man-made land;
    人造地球卫星 artificial earth satellite; sputnik;
    人造电离层 artificial ionization;
    人造冻土 artificial frozen soil;
    人造短纤维切断机 staple-fibre cutting machine;
    人造短纤维清洗机 staple-fibre washing machine;
    人造短纤维纱 fibrene; spun rayon;
    人造堆肥 artificial compost;
    人造反射层通信 artificial reflection communication;
    人造反射体通信 artificial reflection communication;
    人造凡士林 artificial vaseline;
    人造放射元素 artificial radioelement;
    人造放射性同位素 induced radioisotope;
    人造飞船 artificial spacecraft;
    人造沸石 artificial zeolite; permutite;
    人造肥料 artificial fertilizer; chemical fertilizer; artificials;
    人造蜂窝 foundation;
    人造辐射带 artificial radiation belt;
    人造富矿 agglomeration of iron ore;
    人造刚玉 Alundum; adamite; boules; corubin;
    人造刚玉磨料 (美) aloxite;
    人造革 artificial leather; leatherette; imitation leather; pegamoid; leatheroid; Cloth;
    人造拱形洞 grotto;
    人造关节 nearthrosis;
    人造光亮 luminary;
    人造光卤石 synthetic carnallite;
    人造光瞳 artificial pupil;
    人造光源 artificial light source;
    人造海水 artificial sea water;
    人造壕沟 sheugh; sheuch;
    人造红宝石 {宝} synthetic ruby;
    人造琥珀 ambroid; ambrain;
    人造花岗石面 granitoid;
    人造花岗岩 granolith;
    人造环形山 artificial crater;
    人造黄油 oleo oil; {食} margarin(e);
    人造回波 {电磁} artificial echo;
    人造彗星 artificial comet;
    人造尖晶石 {宝} synthetic spinel; emerada;
    人造胶体 artificial colloid;
    人造胶质 artificial gum;
    人造金刚石 diamond;
    人造金红石 synthetic rutile;
    人造晶体 artificial crystal;
    人造矿块 artificial rich ore;
    人造矿物 artificial mineral;
    人造扩展 F 层 artificial spread F;
    人造蓝宝石 {宝} synthetic sapphire;
    人造粒子 artificially produced particles;
    人造流星 artificial meteor;
    人造路标 landmark;
    人造绿宝石 igmerald;
    人造毛 artificial wool;
    人造毛皮 fake fur;
    人造毛皮润色 fur shading;
    人造煤气 {材} manufactured gas;
    人造棉 staple rayon;
    人造棉纱 spun rayon;
    人造棉细布 {纺} staple fibre;
    人造棉织物 {纺} spun rayon;
    人造磨料 manufactured abrasive;
    人造奶油 {食} margarine; butterine; oleotine;
    人造耐火绝缘油 artificial refractory insulating oil;
    人造耐油橡胶 Ameripol;
    人造皮 leatheret(te);
    人造皮肤 {医} artificial skin; man-made skin;
    人造皮革 dermatine; fun fur;
    人造偏振片 polaroid sheet;
    人造喷泉 (装置) fountain;
    人造品 synthetic;
    人造蹼 fin; flapper; flipper;
    人造器官 artificial organ;
    人造气氛 artificial atmosphere;
    人造羟基云母 synthetic hydroxyl mica;
    人造染料 {化} artificial dye-stuff;
    人造日光 {摄} artificial daylight;
    人造闪电发生器 {电工} lightning generator;
    人造闪长岩 haplodiorite;
    人造山岗 {考古} tel; tell (盖住古代社会遗迹的);
    人造射弹 man-made projectile;
    人造麝香 synthetic musk;
    人造神经纤维 neuristor;
    人造食物 artificial food;
    人造食用香料 artificial flavour;
    人造石 {房} {医}artificial stone; -lith;
    人造石墨{化} Delanium; Delanium graphite; synthetic graphite;
    人造石英 synthetic quartz;
    人造石英晶体 synthetic quartzcrystal;
    人造石油 artificial petroleum;
    人造树脂 artificial resin;
    人造双折射 synthetic birefringence;
    人造水晶 {宝} synthetic quartz;
    人造丝 artificial silk; rayon;
    人造丝纺绸 {纺} pine silk;
    人造糖 glutose;
    人造天体 artificial object;
    人造铁氧体 artificial ferrite;
    人造同位素 transmutation product;
    人造突触神经元 syneuristor;
    人造无机纤维 manmade inorganic fibre;
    人造吸烟材料 synthetic smoking material;
    人造细胞 artificial cell;
    人造纤维 {纺织} artificial fibre; manmade fibre;
    人造纤维板 beaver board;
    人造纤维换能火警预测器 synthetic-filament transducer;
    人造橡胶 artificial rubber; masticated rubber; synthetic chloroprene rubber; synthetic rubber;
    人造橡皮 ameripol;
    人造象牙 compo; composition;
    人造心脏 {医} artificial (man-made) heart;
    人造行星 {航空} artificial planet;
    人造玄武岩 haplobasalt;
    人造血管 artificial blood vessel;
    人造压电晶体 synthetic piezoelectric crystal;
    人造烟 synthetic smoking material;
    人造岩礁 rockwork;
    人造眼 synthetic eye; visilog;
    人造羊毛 artificial wool;
    人造鱼蝇 hackle;
    人造语 artificial language;
    人造云 cloudier;
    人造云母 artificial mica; micanite;
    人造鬃丝 {纺} artificial bristle;
    人造重力 {航空} artificial gravity;
    人造祖母绿 {宝} synthetic emerald
    * * *
    人造|人造 [rén zào] man-made artificial synthetic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造

  • 23 人造丝

    A kind of rayon; a kind of filament made from fibrin; falls mainly into three categories, namely, viscose rayon, acetate rayon, cuprammonium rayon; widely used in the weaving and knitting industry.
    * * *
    【化】 artificial silk; rayon
    * * *
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 si1
    * * *
    人造絲|人造丝 [rén zào sī] rayon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造丝

  • 24 人造卫星

    A man-made satellite or other objects launched by rocket into the orbit of the planets or other secondary planets, usually of the earth and being used for communication, weather and military affairs, etc.
    * * *
    orbiter; satellite; sputnik
    【计】 artificial satellite
    * * *
    artificial satellite; orbiter; satellite
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 wei4 xing1
    artificial satellite
    * * *
    rén zào wèi xīng
    {航空} artificial satellite; satellite vehicle; man-made satellite
    人造卫星伴体 afterbody;
    人造卫星测地 satellite geodesy;
    人造卫星测高 satellite altimetry;
    人造卫星大地测量 satellite geodesy;
    人造卫星多普勒导航系统 satellite Doppler navigation system;
    人造卫星观测站 man-made satellite monitoring station;
    人造卫星跟踪 satellite tracking;
    人造卫星跟踪系统 tracking system for satellite; minitrack;
    人造卫星跟踪照相机 satellite tracking camera;
    人造卫星轨迹 perigeum;
    人造卫星激光测距 satellite laser ranging;
    人造卫星日冕照相术 satellite coronagraphy;
    人造卫星三角测量 satellite triangulation;
    人造卫星摄影机 cameras for observing satellite;
    人造卫星寿命 satellite life;
    人造卫星天线 satellite antenna;
    人造卫星照相机 satellite camera
    * * *
    人造衛星|人造卫星 [rén zào wèi xīng] artificial satellite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造卫星

  • 25 人造天体

    ren2 zao4 tian1 ti3
    artificial satellite
    * * *
    人造天體|人造天体 [rén zào tiān tǐ] artificial satellite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造天体

  • 26 人造天體

    ren2 zao4 tian1 ti3
    artificial satellite
    * * *
    人造天體|人造天体 [rén zào tiān tǐ] artificial satellite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造天體

  • 27 人造纤维

    A kind of synthetic fiber; fiber artificially made from natural macromolecular or the ramification.
    * * *
    【化】 artificial fiber; man-made fibre; rayon
    【经】 manmade staple fiber; staple fiber
    * * *
    rayon; synthetic fiber
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 xian1 wei2
    synthetic fiber
    * * *
    人造纖維|人造纤维 [rén zào xiān wéi] synthetic fiber

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造纤维

  • 28 人造衛星

    A man-made satellite or other objects launched by rocket into the orbit of the planets or other secondary planets, usually of the earth and being used for communication, weather and military affairs, etc.
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 wei4 xing1
    artificial satellite
    * * *
    人造衛星|人造卫星 [rén zào wèi xīng] artificial satellite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造衛星

  • 29 人造語言

    n. artificial language, constructed language
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 yu3 yan2
    artificial language, constructed language
    * * *
    人造語言|人造语言 [rén zào yǔ yán] artificial language constructed language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造語言

  • 30 人造语言

    n. artificial language, constructed language
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 yu3 yan2
    artificial language, constructed language
    * * *
    人造語言|人造语言 [rén zào yǔ yán] artificial language constructed language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造语言

  • 31 仿制

    copy; imitate; be modelled on, imitation
    * * *
    be modelled on; copy
    【医】 imitation
    相关词组: 仿制品
    * * *
    be modelled on; copy; strypped-down
    * * *
    v. copy
    n. artificial intelligence
    * * *
    fang3 zhi4
    to copy, to imitate, to make by imitating a model
    * * *
    fǎng zhì
    copy; be modelled on:
    他们寻找曾经仿制过古代器皿的陶工。 They sought out potters who had once made copies of the ancient vessels.
    仿制品 imitation; replica; copy
    * * *
    仿製|仿制 [fǎng zhì] to copy to imitate to make by imitating a model

    Chinese-English dictionary > 仿制

  • 32 仿真

    Simulation: to simulate a system by using a model for experimental research., Simulative.
    * * *
    【计】 emulate; emulation
    【化】 simulation
    * * *
    n. emulation
    v. emulate
    n. emulation, simulation, phantom
    v. emulate, simulate
    * * *
    fang3 zhen1
    to emulate, to simulate, emulation, simulation
    * * *
    fǎng zhēn
    simulation; emulation; phantom; emulate; simulate
    仿真程序 simulated program; emulation program; emulator;
    仿真传输线 artificial transmission line;
    仿真地平仪 artificial horizon;
    仿真电缆 artificial cable;
    仿真电路 artificial circuit;
    仿真电源网络 artificial mains network;
    仿真电阻 artificial resistance;
    仿真耳 artificial ear;
    仿真二极管 dummy diode; artificial diode;
    仿真发生器 simulative generator;
    仿真方式 {自} emulation mode; emulator mode;
    仿真负荷 artificial load;
    仿真喉 artificial throat;
    仿真口声 artificial voice;
    仿真命令 emulation command;
    仿真模拟 analogue simulation;
    仿真脑 artificial brain;
    仿真器 emulator; simulator;
    仿真天线 artificial antenna; dummy antenna; phantom antenna;
    仿真头 artificial head;
    仿真网络 artificial network;
    仿真系统结构 emulate system architecture;
    仿真线 artificial line;
    仿真线机 artificial line; simulated line; line build-out network; bootstrap;
    仿真线路振荡器 bootstrap generator;
    仿真信息 artificial intelligence;
    仿真语声 artificial voice;
    仿真语言 emulational language; artificial language;
    仿真指示器 dummy indicator;
    仿真总线跟踪 emulation bus trace;
    仿真嘴 artificial mouth;
    仿真作业 emulation job
    * * *
    仿真|仿真 [fǎng zhēn] to emulate to simulate emulation simulation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 仿真

  • 33 伪迹

    wei3 ji4
    artifact (artificial feature)
    * * *
    偽迹|伪迹 [wěi jì] artifact (artificial feature)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 伪迹

  • 34

    false; fake; sham; phoney; artificial; unreal; dummy, if; in case; suppose, borrow; avail oneself of
    holiday; vacation, leave of absence; furlough
    * * *
    artificial; fake; false; furlough; holiday; if; sham
    【计】 F
    【医】 pseud-; pseudo-
    * * *
    artificial; fake; furlough; holiday; sham
    * * *
    adj. false, artificial, sham, phony, suspended, fallacious, phoney
    conj. if
    v. fake, make use of, borrow, suppose, avail oneself of
    n. vacation, holiday, leave of absence, furlough, leave
    * * *
    fake, false, artificial, to borrow, if, suppose
    * * *
    (按照规定不工作或不学习的时间; 假期) holiday; vacation:
    寒(暑)假 winter (summer) vacation;
    今年夏天你去哪儿度假? Where are you going for your vacation this summer?
    学校自7月12日到9月1日放假。 Schools give a vacation from July 12 to September 1.
    (经过批准暂时不工作或不学习的时间; 休假) leave of absence; furlough:
    病假 sick leave;
    超假 overstay one's leave of absence;
    请假 ask for leave;
    事假 leave of absence;
    休假 be on leave (furlough);
    我每三年休假一次。 I have a furlough every three years.
    另见 jiǎ。
    2) 假(叚)
    (虚伪的; 不真实的; 伪造的; 人造的) false; fake; sham; phoney; artificial; counterfeit; forged:
    假和平 phoney peace;
    假检讨 insincere self-criticism;
    假民主 bogus (sham) democracy;
    假腿 artificial leg;
    以假乱真 create confusion by passing off the spurious as genuine;
    作假证 bear (give) false witness
    (借用) borrow; avail oneself of:
    假革命之名 usurp the name of revolution;
    久假不归 keep putting off returning sth. one has borrowed; appropriate sth. borrowed for one's own use
    (假如) if; suppose:
    假令 in case
    (姓氏) a surname:
    假仓 Jia Cang
    另见 jià。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 假|假 [jiǎ] fake false artificial to borrow if suppose
    Ⅱ. 假|假 [jià] vacation
    叚|假 [jiǎ] variant of ↑假 [jiǎ] to borrow

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 35 假手

    do something through somebody else; make a cat's-paw of somebody
    * * *
    make use of sb.
    【医】 artificial hand
    * * *
    make use of sb.
    * * *
    v. do something through someone else, make cat's paw of someone
    * * *
    jia3 shou3
    by proxy, acting via sb else
    * * *
    jiǎ shǒu
    (利用别人做某种事来达到自己的目的) do sth. through sb. else; make a cat's paw of sb.
    (人造的手) artificial hand; hand prosthesis
    * * *
    假手|假手 [jiǎ shǒu] by proxy acting via sb else

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假手

  • 36 假牙

    dental prosthesis; false tooth; dentures
    * * *
    dental prosthesis; denture; false tooth
    【医】 artificial teeth; false teeth
    * * *
    false teeth
    * * *
    n. false tooth, denture
    * * *
    jia3 ya2
    false teeth, dentures
    * * *
    jiǎ yá
    dental prosthesis; false tooth; denture; artificial tooth
    假牙固定术 odontropy;
    假牙修复术 prosthodontia; prosthodontics;
    假牙修复学 prosthodontia; prosthodontics;
    假牙修复学家 prosthodontist
    * * *
    假牙|假牙 [jiǎ yá] false teeth dentures

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假牙

  • 37 假眼

    ocular prosthesis; artificial eye; glass eye
    * * *
    artificial eye; ocular prosthesis
    【医】 artificial eye; ocular prosthesis
    相关词组: 玻璃假眼
    * * *
    artificial eye; ocular prosthesis
    * * *
    n. ocular prosthesis, artificial eye, glass eye
    * * *
    假眼|假眼 [jiǎ yǎn] artificial eye glass eye

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假眼

  • 38 假肢

    artificial limb
    * * *
    artificial limb
    【医】 artificial limb
    * * *
    artificial limb
    * * *
    n. artificial limb
    * * *
    jia3 zhi1
    artificial limb, prosthetic
    * * *
    jiǎ zhī
    artificial limb (旧称“义肢”)
    假肢器官(学) prosthetics
    * * *
    假肢|假肢 [jiǎ zhī] artificial limb prosthetic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假肢

  • 39 假腿

    【医】 artificial leg; jury leg
    * * *
    jia3 tui3
    false leg
    * * *
    jiǎ tuǐ
    {医} artificial leg; leg prosthesis; counterflange
    * * *
    假腿|假腿 [jiǎ tuǐ] false leg

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假腿

  • 40 做作

    affected; artificial; unnatural
    * * *
    affectation; airs and graces
    相关词组: 矫揉做作
    * * *
    affectation; airs and graces; overdo
    * * *
    adj. affected
    n. affectation
    * * *
    zuo4 zuo5
    affected, artificial
    * * *
    zuò zuo
    affected; artificial:
    他老是那么做作。 He's always affected.
    她演得太做作。 She overdoes her acting.
    做作行为 apopathetic behaviour
    * * *
    做作|做作 [zuò zuõ] affected artificial

    Chinese-English dictionary > 做作

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