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  • 1 arrive

    arrive ar∙rive verb [V] 1. (abbr. arr.) arrive (at / in / on...) to get to a place, especially at the end of a journey • 到达;抵达:
    »Iˈll wait until they arrive.
    »I was pleased to hear you arrived home safely.
    »to arrive early / late for a meeting
    »Sheˈll arrive in New York at noon.
    »The train arrived at the station 20 minutes late.
    火车迟了 20 分钟到站。
    »By the time I arrived on the scene, it was all over.
    »We didnˈt arrive back at the hotel until very late.
    »The police arrived to arrest him.
    2. (of things 东西) to be brought to sb • 送达;寄到:
    »A letter arrived for you this morning.
    »Send your application to arrive by 31 October.
    申请信要在 10 月 31 日前寄到。
    »We waited an hour for our lunch to arrive.
    »The new product will arrive on supermarket shelves (= be available) early next year.
    3. (of an event or a moment 事件或时刻) to happen or to come, especially when you have been waiting for it • 发生;到来:
    »The wedding day finally arrived.
    »The baby arrived (= was born) early.
    【IDIOMS】 sb has arˈrived •(informal) somebody has become successful • 某人成功了:
    »He knew he had arrived when he was shortlisted for the Booker prize.
    【PHR V】 arˈrive at sth • to decide on or find sth, especially after discussion and thought • 达成(协议);作出(决议等);得出(结论等) 【SYN】 reach:
    »to arrive at an agreement / a decision / a conclusion
    »to arrive at the truth
    * * *
    vi. 到達, 抵達

    English-Chinese dictionary > arrive

  • 2 arrive

    (to reach (a place, the end of a journey etc): They arrived home last night; The parcel arrived yesterday.) 到達
    - arrive at

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > arrive

  • 3 arrive at

    (to reach: The committee failed to arrive at a decision.) 達成,得出

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > arrive at

  • 4 arrive

    1) [+ person, vehicle] 到 [dào]
    2) [+ letter, meal] 来 [lái]
    Phrasal Verbs:

    English-Chinese new dictionary > arrive

  • 5 arrive at

    v. 到達, 達到

    English-Chinese dictionary > arrive at

  • 6 arrive in

    v. 到達

    English-Chinese dictionary > arrive in

  • 7 arrive


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > arrive

  • 8 arrive at

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ idea, decision] 达到 [dádào]

    English-Chinese new dictionary > arrive at

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