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  • Apocrine — is a term used to classify exocrine glands in the study of histology. Cells which are classified as apocrine bud their secretions off through the plasma membrane producing membrane bound vesicles in the lumen. Examples of an apocrine gland… …   Wikipedia

  • apocrine — ● apocrine adjectif Se dit des glandes dont le produit de sécrétionsuinte à travers le pôle sécréteur de chaque cellule, sans que les structures cellulaires soient détruites …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • apocrine — [ap′ə krīn΄, ap′əkrin] adj. [< APO + Gr krinein, to separate: see CRISIS] designating a type of glandular secretion in which part of the secreting cell is thrown off along with the secretion, as a type of sweat with a strong odor from large,… …   English World dictionary

  • apocrine — Denoting a mechanism of glandular secretion in which the apical portion of secretory cells is shed and incorporated into the secretion. SEE ALSO: a. gland. [G. apo krino, to separate] * * * apo·crine ap ə krən, .krīn, .krēn adj producing a fluid… …   Medical dictionary

  • apocrine — adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary apo + Greek krinein to separate more at certain Date: 1926 producing a fluid secretion by pinching off one end of the secretory cell while leaving the rest intact < an apocrine gland >;… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • apocrine — /ap euh krin, kruyn , kreen /, adj. Physiol. 1. of or pertaining to certain glands whose secretions are acted upon by bacteria to produce the characteristic odor of perspiration (distinguished from eccrine). 2. of or pertaining to such secretions …   Universalium

  • apocrine — adjective Of or pertaining to an apocrine gland, or to its secretions …   Wiktionary

  • apocrine — adj. 1) describing sweat glands that occur only in hairy parts of the body, especially the armpit and groin. These glands develop in the hair follicles and appear after puberty has been reached. The strong odours associated with sweating result… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • apocrine — Form of secretion in which the apical portion of the cell is shed, as in the secretion of fat by cells of the mammary gland. The fat droplet is surrounded by apical plasma membrane, and this has been used experimentally as a source of plasma… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • apocrine — [ apəkrʌɪn, krɪn] adjective Physiology relating to or denoting glands which release some cytoplasm in their secretions, especially sweat glands in the armpits and pubic regions. Origin early 20th cent.: from apo + Gk krinein to separate …   English new terms dictionary

  • apocrine — ap·o·crine …   English syllables

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