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  • anhydrobiosis — n. [Gr. an, without; hydor, water; biosis, manner of life] A state of dormancy in various invertebrates due to low humidity or desiccation …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • anhydrobiosis — noun A form of cryptobiosis that occurs in situations of extreme desiccation. See Also: anhydrobiotic …   Wiktionary

  • anhydrobiosis — an·hy·dro·bi·o·sis …   English syllables

  • anhydrobiosis — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cryptobiosis — For the Doctor Who audio play, see Cryptobiosis (Doctor Who audio). v · dormancy topics …   Wikipedia

  • Desiccation tolerance — refers to the ability of an organism to withstand or endure extreme dryness, or drought like conditions. Plants and animals living in arid or periodically arid environments such as temporary streams or ponds may face the challenge of desiccation …   Wikipedia

  • Rotifer — Rotifera Temporal range: Eocene–Recent …   Wikipedia

  • Cytosol — The cytosol is a crowded solution of many different types of molecules that fills much of the volume of cells.[1] The cytosol or intracellular fluid (or cytoplasmic matrix) is the liquid found inside cells, that is separated into compartments by… …   Wikipedia

  • Tardigrade — Temporal range: Cretaceous–Recent[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Osmoprotectant — Osmoprotectants or compatible solutes are small molecules that act as osmolytes and help organisms survive extreme osmotic stress.[1] Examples include betaines, amino acids, and the sugar trehalose. These molecules accumulate in cells and balance …   Wikipedia

  • Microorganism — Microbe redirects here. For other uses, see Microbe (disambiguation). A cluster of Escherichia coli …   Wikipedia

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