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analogue method

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  • Analogue electronics — (or analog in American English) are those electronic systems with a continuously variable signal. In contrast, in digital electronics signals usually take only two different levels. The term analogue describes the proportional relationship… …   Wikipedia

  • Analogue television in the United Kingdom — includes terrestrial, satellite and cable services broadcasting using analogue television signals.Analogue terrestrial television in the United KingdomAnalogue terrestrial television in the United Kingdom is, traditionally, the method most people …   Wikipedia

  • Analogue terrestrial television in the United Kingdom — is, traditionally, the method most people in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man used to receive television. Analogue terrestrial television is currently being phased out in the UK and will be completely replaced by digital terrestrial… …   Wikipedia

  • BFGS method — In mathematics, the Broyden Fletcher Goldfarb Shanno (BFGS) method is a method to solve an unconstrained nonlinear optimization problem. The BFGS method is derived from the Newton s method in optimization, a class of hill climbing optimization… …   Wikipedia

  • Steffensen's method — In numerical analysis, Steffensen s method is a root finding method. It is similar to Newton s method and it also achieves quadratic convergence, but it does not use derivatives. The method is named after Johan Frederik Steffensen.imple… …   Wikipedia

  • Shock Pulse Method — Shock Pulse Method, also know as SPM, is a patented technique for using signals from rotating rolling bearings as the basis for efficient condition monitoring of machines. From the innovation of the method in 1969 it has now been further… …   Wikipedia

  • Glaciogenic Reservoir Analogue Studies Project — The Glaciogenic Reservoir Analogue Studies Project (GRASP} is a research group studying the subglacial to proglacial record of Pleistocene glacial events. It is based in the Delft University of Technology.Introduction to glaciogenic… …   Wikipedia

  • Linpe Method — induction of ovulation in aquaculture by injection of a combination of a synthetic gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (LHRN A) and the drug domperidone. The hormone stimulates the sex organs of the fish, while the drug inhibits the action of …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • FILCHAKOV — RUSSIA (see also List of Individuals) 24.9.1916 Petrograd/RU 17.8.1978 Kiev/RU Pavel Feodosevich Filchakov graduated in 1940 from Kiev University. From 1945 he was an associate of the Institute of Mathematics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences …   Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000

  • Delay line memory — Computer memory types Volatile RAM DRAM (e.g., DDR SDRAM) SRAM In development T RAM Z RAM TTRAM Historical Delay line memory Selectron tube Williams tube …   Wikipedia

  • Bourseul, Charles — SUBJECT AREA: Telecommunications [br] b. 1829 France d. 1912 [br] French engineer who in 1854 predicted the possibility of speech transmission. [br] Surprisingly, Bourseul s idea envisaged a digital rather than analogue method, with sound being… …   Biographical history of technology

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