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  • 21

    Zhou Dynasty vassal state in modern day Shandong Province
    alternative name for taro (old)
    * * *
    (古代齐人称芋为莒) taro
    (古国名) Ju, a state in the Zhou Dynasty
    (姓氏) a surname:
    莒诵 Ju Song
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 莒|莒 [Jǔ] Zhou Dynasty vassal state in modern day Shandong Province
    Ⅱ. 莒|莒 [jǔ] alternative name for taro (old)

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  • 22

    howl; yell, wail
    name, assumed name; alternative name; literary name
    sobriquet, business house
    mark; sign; signal, number, size, date, personnel, order, (used for workmen), examine (the pulse), any brass-wind instrument
    * * *
    n. number, mark, wail, name, horn, roar, howl
    v. coax, cry
    n. day of a month, numeric
    * * *
    roar, cry, CL:個, 个
    ordinal number, day of a month, mark, sign, business establishment, size, ship suffix, horn (wind instrument), bugle call, assumed name, to take a pulse, classifier used to indicate number of people
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 號|号 [háo] roar cry CL:↑ |↑ [gè]
    Ⅱ. 號|号 [hào] ordinal number day of a month mark sign business establishment size ship suffix horn (wind instrument) bugle call assumed name to take a pulse classifier used to indicate number of people

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  • 23 表字

    biao3 zi4
    literary name (an alternative name of person stressing a moral principle)
    * * *
    biǎo zì
    secondary personal name
    * * *
    表字|表字 [biǎo zì] literary name (an alternative name of person stressing a moral principle)

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  • 24 軒轅氏

    Xuan1 yuan2 shi4
    alternative name for the Yellow Emperor 黄帝
    * * *
    軒轅氏|轩辕氏 [Xuān yuán shì] alternative name for the Yellow Emperor ↑ 黄帝

    Chinese-English dictionary > 軒轅氏

  • 25 轩辕氏

    Xuan1 yuan2 shi4
    alternative name for the Yellow Emperor 黄帝
    * * *
    軒轅氏|轩辕氏 [Xuān yuán shì] alternative name for the Yellow Emperor ↑ 黄帝

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轩辕氏

  • 26 香草

    * * *
    herb; vanilla
    【医】 Vanilla planifolia Andrews
    相关词组: 食用香草
    * * *
    herb; vanilla
    * * *
    n. vanilla
    * * *
    xiang1 cao3
    aromatic herb, vanilla, alternative name for Eupatorium fortunei, (fig.) loyal and dependable person (old)
    * * *
    xiāng cǎo
    {植} sweetgrass; (sweet) herb
    (香草香精) vanilla:
    香草冰淇淋 vanilla ice-cream
    香草醇 vanillyl alcohol;
    香草基 vanillyl;
    香草精 vanillon; {食} vanilla extract;
    香草密饯栗色 marron glace;
    香草木碱 kokusagine;
    香草木宁 kokusaginine;
    香草醛 vanillic aldehyde; vanillin; 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde;
    香草酸 {化} vanillic acid;
    香草酸盐(酯) vanillate;
    香草酰 vanilloyl;
    香草酰甲烷 acetovanillone;
    香草香精 vanilla
    * * *
    香草|香草 [xiāng cǎo] aromatic herb vanilla alternative name for Eupatorium fortunei (fig.) loyal and dependable person (old)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 香草

  • 27 馬尾水師學堂

    Ma3 wei3 shui3 shi1 xue2 tang2
    Mawei River naval college, alternative name for Fuzhou naval college 福州船政學堂, 福州船政学堂, set up in 1866 by the Qing dynasty
    * * *
    馬尾水師學堂|马尾水师学堂 [Mǎ wěi shuǐ shī xué táng] Mawei River naval college, alternative name for Fuzhou naval college 福州船政學堂|福州船政学堂, set up in 1866 by the Qing dynasty

    Chinese-English dictionary > 馬尾水師學堂

  • 28 马尾水师学堂

    Ma3 wei3 shui3 shi1 xue2 tang2
    Mawei River naval college, alternative name for Fuzhou naval college 福州船政學堂, 福州船政学堂, set up in 1866 by the Qing dynasty
    * * *
    馬尾水師學堂|马尾水师学堂 [Mǎ wěi shuǐ shī xué táng] Mawei River naval college, alternative name for Fuzhou naval college 福州船政學堂|福州船政学堂, set up in 1866 by the Qing dynasty

    Chinese-English dictionary > 马尾水师学堂

  • 29 別稱

    alternative name, another name

    湘是湖南的別稱。 —

    Chinese(Traditional)-English Dictionary > 別稱

  • 30 國號

    Chinese(Traditional)-English Dictionary > 國號

  • 31

    I numeral
    order, number

    三十五號 —

    II verb

    號咷大哭 —

    III noun
    alternative name, title

    老字號 —

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  • 32 nàme

    [neɪm] 1. n; c
    1) [of person, thing] 名字 [míngzi]
    2) (reputation) 名声 [míngshēng]
    2. vt
    1) (give name to) [+ child, ship] 取名 [qǔmíng]

    Have they named the baby yet? — 他们给孩子取名了吗?

    2) (identify) [+ accomplice, victim, criminal] 确定 [quèdìng]

    The victims have not been named. — 遇难者的身份还没有确定。

    3) (specify) [+ date, place, price] 说定 [shuōdìng]

    Name the place, we'll be there. — 说定个地方,我们会在那儿。

    * what's your name? — 你叫什么名字?

    * my name is Peter — 我叫彼得

    * to mention sb by name — 指名道姓

    * in sb's name — 以某人的名义

    * crimes committed in the name of freedom — 以自由为名违法犯罪

    * to call sb names — 嘲弄某人

    * to give one's name and address — 留下姓名和地址

    * to make a name for o.s. — 成名

    * to give sb/sth a bad name — 损害某人/某事的声誉

    * the name of the game — ( inf) 最要紧的方面

    * to be named after or US for sb/sth — 以某人/某事物的名字命名

    * to name sb as sb — 确认某人是某人

    The victim was named as John Smith. — 遇难者被确认是约翰史密斯。

    * to name sb as sth — 任命某人某种职务

    McGovern was named as the new chairman. — 麦戈文被任命为新的主席。

    * * *

    Chinese-English dictionary > nàme

  • 33 alternative

    [ɔl'təːnətɪv] 1. adj
    1) ( BRIT) [+ plan, method, solution] 另外的 [lìngwài de] [美 = alternate
    2) (non-conventional) + technology, energy] 非常规的 [fēi chángguī de]; [+ comedy, comedian] 另类的 [lìnglèi de]
    2. n; c

    * (an) alternative (to) —...的替代 [ tìdài]

    * to have no alternative (but to) — (除...外)别无选择

    Chinese-English dictionary > alternative

  • 34 first name

    n; c
    名 [míng]

    * to be on first-name terms (with sb) — (与某人)关系亲密

    Chinese-English dictionary > first name

  • 35 middle name

    n; c
    中间名字 [zhōngjiān míngzi]

    * trouble is her middle name — 麻烦是她的突出特征

    first name 是由父母取的名字。 last name surname 是家族的姓氏。在说英语的国家中,名在姓之前。在 first name last name 之间,还可能有 middle name (中名),这是你父母给你取的第二个 "名"。 middle name 通常只用于正式场合,例如,选课或签署文件时。

    Chinese-English dictionary > middle name

  • 36 Christian name

    n; c
    教名 [jiàomíng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > Christian name

  • 37 last name

    n; c
    姓 [xìng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > last name

  • 38 maiden name

    n; c
    娘家姓 [niángjiā xìng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > maiden name

  • 39 简单

    simple; uncomplicated; straightforward, oversimplified; casual, simply
    * * *
    相关词组: 简单测验
    * * *
    briefness; simpleness
    * * *
    adj. simple, uncomplicated, common, casual
    n. simpleness, briefness, simplicity
    * * *
    jian3 dan1
    simple, not complicated
    * * *
    jiǎn dān
    (不复杂) simple; uncomplicated; plain; simplicity:
    构造简单 simple in structure;
    头脑简单 simple-minded; seeing things too simply;
    学习简单明了地讲话 learn to speak plain;
    一项简单的工作 a straightforward job;
    事情没那么简单。 There is more to it.
    (平凡, 多用否定式) commonplace; ordinary:
    不简单 not simple; fairly complicated; remarkable;
    她的枪法那么好, 真不简单。 She's marvel to be able to shoot with such accuracy.
    (草率; 不细致) oversimplified; casual:
    简单从事 do things in a casual (perfunctory) way;
    简单地看问题 take a naive view; oversimplify a problem;
    不能用简单的方法去解决这个问题。 This matter cannot be settled in a summary fashion.
    这篇文章我只是简单地看了看。 I only skimmed through this article.
    简单爆发 simple burst;
    简单备选假设 {统} simple alternative;
    简单闭曲线 {数} simple closed curve;
    简单变量 simple variable;
    简单变量表 type list;
    简单表达式 simple expression;
    简单表格 simple list;
    简单表结构 simple list structure;
    简单布尔表达式 simple Boolean expression;
    简单插入 simple insertion;
    简单插入编辑 simple insertion editing;
    简单插入字符 simple insertion character;
    简单参数 simple parameter;
    简单程序结构 simple program structure;
    简单重复式机器人 simple repeatable robot;
    简单传动轴 simple live axle;
    简单搭接缝 plain overlap seam;
    简单带式制动器 simple band brake;
    简单蛋白质 simple protein;
    简单导管 plain conduit;
    简单底座 simple footing;
    简单地震仪 seismoscope;
    简单点阵 simple lattice;
    简单定义(法) simple defining;
    简单动力车床 simple power lathe;
    简单短语 simple phrase;
    简单断层 simple fault;
    简单断面型钢 simple shape;
    简单多数 simple majority;
    简单多头自动机 simple multi-head automata;
    简单二进计数制 pure binary number base;
    简单方法 straightforward procedure;
    简单分布 simple distribution;
    简单分齿法 single dividing method;
    简单分度法 simple indexing;
    简单封闭曲线 simple closed curve;
    简单复测 {地测} repetition;
    简单负荷 monotonic loading;
    简单干涉仪 simple interferometer;
    简单钢轮缘 plain steel rim;
    简单管式汽化器 plain tube carburet(t)or;
    简单宏(功能)方案 simple macroscheme;
    简单宏调用 simple macro-call;
    简单弧 simple arc;
    简单花岗岩 haplite;
    简单环形构造 elementary ring structure; {天} simple ring;
    简单缓冲 (法) {自} simple buffering;
    简单回归 simple regression;
    简单货币流通 simple money circulation;
    简单机械 simple machine;
    简单积 simple product;
    简单积分 simple integral;
    简单几何花纹 {纺} dice-pattern;
    简单记数记号 simple tally mark;
    简单假设 {统} simple hypothesis;
    简单价值形式simple of value;
    简单检波 simple rectification;
    简单间断性 simple discontinuity;
    简单溅油法 simple splash system;
    简单绞合 simple twist;
    简单结果 { 统} simple result;
    简单结构 simple structure;
    简单襟翼 camber flap; {航空} plain flap;
    简单晶胞 simple unit cell;
    简单静像管 monoscope; phasmajector;
    简单锯床 plain saw bench;
    简单绝对表达式 simple absolute expression;
    简单均匀收敛 simply uniformly convergent;
    简单壳式蒸镏釜 shell still;
    简单劳动 simple labour;
    简单立方点阵 (晶格) {晶} simple cubic lattice;
    简单立体测图仪 stereosimplex;
    简单孪晶 simple twin;
    简单醚 simple ether;
    简单瞄准器 {采矿} lining sight;
    简单名 simple name;
    简单命名表达式 simple designational expression;
    简单模 single die;
    简单喷射器 simplex injector;
    简单平衡 simple balance;
    简单起重滑车 single purchase;
    简单气缸罩螺母 nut for plain cylinder cap;
    简单汽化器 simple carburetor;
    简单切变 {地物} simple shear;
    简单区域溶炼 simple zone melting;
    简单曲面 simple surface;
    简单曲线 simple curve;
    简单确定语言 simple determination language;
    简单燃气轮机循环 simple gas turbine cycle;
    简单绕法线圈 bank-winding coil;
    简单绕组 simplex winding; banked winding;
    简单商品经济 simple commodity economy;
    简单深拉延 plain deep drawing;
    简单事件 simple event;
    简单受力 simple stress;
    简单数组赋值语句 simple array assignment statement;
    简单算术表达式 simlpe arithmetic expression;
    简单算术平均数 simple arithmetic mean;
    简单算术平均指数 simple arithmetic index number;
    简单随机抽样 simple random sampling;
    简单伺服机构 simple servomechanism;
    简单台锯 plain saw bench;
    简单天线 simple antenna; plain antenna;
    简单添纱 plain plating;
    简单条件 simple condition;
    简单条件表达式 simple conditional expression;
    简单调谐旋钮 direct selector;
    简单酮 simple ketone;
    简单投影测图仪 aerosimplex;
    简单显微镜 hand lens; magnifier; magnifying glass; {光} simple microscope;
    简单相移网络 simple lag network;
    简单协作 simple coordination;
    简单循环 simple cycle;
    简单形式参数 simple formal parameter;
    简单修改指数增长 simple modified exponential growth;
    简单盐 {化} simple salt;
    简单应变 simple strain;
    简单优先技术 simple precedence technique;
    简单优先文法 simple precedence grammar;
    简单语句 simple statement;
    简单运动 simple motion;
    简单再生产 simple reproduction; steady reproduction;
    简单褶皱 {地} simple sold;
    简单蒸馏 simple distillation;
    简单蒸汽机 {工} simple steam-engine;
    简单正弦值 simple-sinusoidal quantity;
    简单组织 {植} simple tissue;
    简单资本结构 simple capital structure;
    简单自动电子计算机 simple automatic electronic computer;
    简单自动症 simple automatism
    * * *
    簡單|简单 [jiǎn dān] simple not complicated

    Chinese-English dictionary > 简单

  • 40 野天鵝

    ye3 tian1 e2
    Wild Swans, family autobiography by British Chinese writer Jung Chang 張戎, 张戎, alternative title 鴻, 鸿 after the author's original name 張二鴻, 张二鸿
    * * *
    野天鵝|野天鹅 [Yě Tiān é] Wild Swans, family autobiography by British-Chinese writer Jung Chang ↑ 張戎|↑ 张戎 [Zhāng Róng] alternative title ↑ |↑ 鸿, after the author's original name ↑ 張二鴻|↑ 张二鸿 [Zhāng Èr hóng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 野天鵝

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